Only auth integration. Possible?

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We are doing a review for a SSO implementation for one of our games for Kongregate and we were wondering if we can start only with an Auth implementation for now (no iframe embeding, just a “Login with Kongregate” button on our game website)?

Or do we have to go through this entire checklist (it would take massive amount of time to modify our game before we can start this full integration)?

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I read more the documentation meanwhile, and also considering the Game upload form and the checkboxes the only way is to have the game “connected” to Kongregate is to be implemented at least inside an iframe, to disable any other login methods and any other payment methods and eventualy to implement the Kongregate payment API.
There is not such thing as standalone Kongregate SSO – just have only a login button on our game website.

Is this right? :)