Connecting through Unity in an iFrame

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Hey there guys!
I have the Kongregate API integrated into a Unity game I’m working on, though I’d like to have it in an iFrame so that I can customize the pre-loader. When I tested this, though, my game failed to connect to the API.

I assume I need to add some kind of in-between code to my html file to allow Unity and Kong to communicate – has anyone here done this before?


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I guess not? Sorry about the bump, I just could really use some info on this if anybody has it :)

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Try using this implementation and see if it helps you.

The best way to customize your preloader with Unity is to make the preloader its own scene and stream the rest of the levels. You will see the default preloader while your custom preloader loads, but if you are smart about it you can keep the scene file size down.

Ultimately you can create your own iFrame. Unity lets you create a custom html frame. See here.