I pubulished the game after it can show the Leaderboard but I don't earn extra 10%

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Hi all!

I managed to integrate this API on my new game (Unity3d,it really hard to me) ,and the Leaderboards also show the scores of players.


This is my new game(I pubulished this game after it can show the Leaderboard.)
Now it had played 300 times,but the revenue is only 40%,I don’t earn extra 10% on my revenue. Why? Should I contact Kongregate or just wait?


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Your game automatically earns 25% ad revenue just for being uploaded on Kongregate, it can then earn another 15% for exclusivity and another 10% for having the Kongregate API integrated. If you’ve have might all of these requirements you should be earning the 50% ad revenue.

Also please consult this FAQ answer:

Originally posted by Kongregate Developer FAQ:

Why is my game not getting the 10% ad revenue bonus?
The system looks for a small number (50) of successful statistic submissions to confirm that the API is consistently working well. To ensure that you reach this easily, don’t require users to press a “submit score” button – just do it automatically for them. They won’t mind, I promise. If your game is hard and only submits a stat if you beat it, then you’re also going to have a hard time hitting that limit.

Also, please be patient – we only update revenue once a weekday, so don’t freak out unless it’s been at least a day. Your revenue will show as $0.00 and 0% revenue share until we update it, even if the report shows gameplays.

If you still aren’t receiving the 10% try contacting support@kongregate.com