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No longer up for beta testing. Check out the last posts.


Tribulation v1.0 (Requires FP 10.1+)

Game Play

Tribulation is ProfusionGames’ best effort at a flash game so far using the popular Zombie theme. The game is meant to be fast as well as strategic. Of course while taking out zombies you have to manage skill points and gun purchases all of which can affect your overall gameplay if you choose the wrong combination.


I’d love to see some cool screenshots of your game as well as a little bit of what can be improved. We are focusing mainly on game play and making sure it is fun to play. Also, mentioning some area that we can polish would be great.

Current Todo List

Feedback we know about and working on currently:
-Gun Sounds: Making them sound smoother, same volume, and not repetitive
-Shell Sounds: Pick a new one or remove
-Blood Sounds: Making them not repetitive
-Music: Finding the right track or list of sounds to play intermittently
-Blood on the Ground: Adding variety to it

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I can promise anyone who gives feedback a link out of my site on the release page when the game is released out if they would like. Or they can just do it out of the kindness of their hearts. <3

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This is boss

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The upgrade system is a nice though and the sound effect for when they get shot is rather satisfying. The shotgun shells hitting the ground (though realistic) was rather displeasing to me.

I await further progress.

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For some reason on the default gun it takes quite a long while to reload. The word “reload” blinks many times before it actually reloads.

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Originally posted by Altiarshadow:

For some reason on the default gun it takes quite a long while to reload. The word “reload” blinks many times before it actually reloads.

3 users report this, but others do not. Odd.

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Alright then… Running the latest flash player.

Technical Stuff:

  • Options button does nothing when clicked
  • I also get really long reload with the first weapon. This is caused because the weapon only reloads when the mouse is down
  • The same problem above might apply to crits. Haven’t confirmed. (Hold mouse down, if you get a crit, you keep it until you release mouse)
  • The feedback menu (From pressing ESC apparently) autoresumes the game when closed (even if Pandora’s Box is open)


  • More interesting zombie attack paterns. “Run towards you in a straight line”, while very zombie-like, is not fun
  • Gimme a tutorial, or a “This is your HUD” or something. I had like 400 souls before I realised I could click Pandora’s Box
  • Starting weapon is underpowered
  • The game starts quite slow (probably can be solved by fixing the above point)
  • Make it clear that an upgrade requires ALL previos upgrades, not one
  • Give me a “rage” key. I don’t like my whole rage being wasted reloading
  • Shotgun is overpowered. It’s better than the Uzi for 1/4 the price
  • M16 is horribly underpowered. Weaker than the Uzi even
  • Chainsaw is a MASSACRE, for only 200 souls. It’s better then everything up to the sniper rifle, at least.
  • I’d like to be able to pause with P or U or something
  • Reload should start right when you fire your last bullet, not the shot after.
  • Are these upgrades stacking? Clarify.
  • When you get rage mode, you have to release the mouse and click again to get the effects, else you’ll continue firing with regular damage
  • Holy stuff, what have you done? Spawn rate says “exponential”. It literally tripled over about 10 seconds. (779 kills on that run)
  • 10s invulnerability when your health drops to 1 does not work. (well, maybe it works if your health drops to EXACTLY one)
  • I want some kind of collisions! I don’t care if they’re zombies, they can’t walk through trees. I also want to hide behind things.


  • Main menu buttons aren’t centered.
  • Some more animations on the menu would be good. The buttons should “boop” or something. Not just static 3-frames
  • Title logo looks a bit “sterile”. Some selective smudging or softening could fix that up.
  • Upgrade and Shop menu should transition in
  • Make it more apparent what the green bar does
  • Pause enemy animations when the game is paused.
  • Show a magazine that lets the user know how much ammo they have
  • Red cursor on red blood background is not cool. Make it blue or something
  • Zombies should not have a different layer for each type. It becomes apparent when more zombies come, and the stacking order is obvious.
  • Almost all the sounds need to be redone
  • The blood should smudge, blur, and in general look less sterile. Chainsaw produces entirely too much. It needs more “splatter”
  • Possibly mask a global texture over the blood with some transparency
  • Too many red blood zombies, not enough green. The green is quickly overridden later on.
  • Shooting should be more flashy and varied. Plain White lines with a little barrel flash for everything is boring.
  • “Make Your Wish” in the upgrade menu could use a bevel on it.
  • Transitions, transitions transitions. Your menus need to transition in/out. When you start the game, it should have a transition. Transition between menu pages.
  • Animations. Let’s have a little shine and bounce when an upgrade is purchased. maybe a screen flash. When you purchase a weapon, make it blink or something. The buttons should go “bloop” when you mouse over them.
  • The purchased upgrades and weapons should stand out more. A simple brightness change is not enough. I recommend scaling up icons for purchased upgrades, and adding a medium-heavy glow to purchased weapons.
  • Square boxes are ugly. Use rounded rectangles in most situations (Individual windows are the exception)


  • Nobody wants to go to an external link to view credits.
  • Poison damage? On Zombies? Nono. How about fire damage or something? Flame suit? Justify it however you want.
  • Since recovery is denomenated with a number, give us a number on our healthbar. Or change recover to a %.

Summary of important gameplay changes (my recommendations):

  • Skills should go through some fine-tuning and minor tweaking to make them all worthwile. Pretty spot-on here.
  • Upgrades: Increase chainsaw price to 5000. Shogtun price should be around 2000. Increase damage and fire rate of Uzi and M-16. Minigun needs some kind of mob-hit, else it’s inferior to chainsaw
  • Tweak your spawning algorithm majorly, oh geez. Run this through TONS of itterations. It’s VERY important.
  • Make it more clear how the gameplay goes. One instruction “overlay” at the beginning of the game should do.
  • Fix some other minor problems (see the list)

Currently the “winning strategy” is as follows:

Weapons: Get shotgun first. Pwn for the first several waves. Get chainsaw next. Pwn for ages. You can get whatever you want from now on, but you’ll just keep using the


Upgrades: Criticals can help. Might as well get them first. Then get the healing (all the way up to the 10/second one). After that, get to the invulnerability at 1HP (Once it

works, atleast. As of now, fairly useless) The poisons really help later on too. Then go for the defense upgrades, then the rage ones.

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I’m more of a gameplay kind of guy so expect more of a general/design critique than a bug-hunt from me.

Enemies are a bit monotonous. Just a few reskins of zombies, plus some faster birds. I know it’s a zombie game but add in a few unique ones. A few that jump right into where you’re running, for example. Maybe ones that hide under trees and jump out at you, but are weak and can be taken out pretty easily if you think ahead. Maybe the blood from the green guys should be poisonous. Maybe some should come in closely bundled groups right from the spawning. Stuff like that would shake things up big time.

Well, maybe it’s just me, but the upgrades seem a bit samey. IMO the upgrades should have a lot more variety, like “less firing spread on rifles” and whatnot.

Personally… I’d like headshots. It would give us a much better reason to use rifles, plus it’s just more satisfying to kill a zed by blowing its head off than by whittling its health down.

Totally weird request, I know, but the guns and the damage should really feel a bit more powerful. Make the zombies react to being shot, for example. A bit of a shake or a stutter would do nicely. Maybe make the shooting sounds a bit louder. Also, as a personal preference, if it’s going to be a pump action shotgun, make sure to add in that “ka-klik” noise between shots. I also think that, in general (at least for the first few weapons) they should be a bit slower but a bit more powerful, especially the shotgun.

Make the gameplay have a few more ups and downs. If I’m just fighting against one constant wave that’s slowly building up I get a bit bored. There’s a reason the wave-based zombie style caught on, and that’s because it just tends to captivate the player a lot more. Plus it lets you do some more fun design stuff, like special waves with only certain types of enemies and whatnot.

I’d say the zombies should be a bit faster so the player at least has some threat from them. Currently you just have to gather them up in one ball and walk away and you can survive indefinitely. They should also spread out a bit, maybe a few should try to flank your guy. There you go, there’s another zombie type right there, flankers.

I haven’t experienced it myself, but from what I’ve heard you’ll pretty much only use one type of gun, and only the most advanced version of it you can afford for the bulk of the game. That should really change. Give us more reason to use a variety of weaponry. This will probably come naturally as you add more zombie types to the game, but if not, tweak the weapons around to accentuate their flaws and their strengths. Shotgun can be slower but stronger and shoot more bullets per shot, rifle can reload more quickly and get headshots more easily… yeh that sort of stuff.

That said, it seems like a pretty good start. Should be interesting to see the final result!

Oh, one more thing, though this doesn’t have to carry over to the finished game: For future testing, you should probably keep the prices of the weapons quite low so that I don’t have to play a beta for a rather long time to get the megaweapon so I can tell you what I think of it. XP

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Flamethrower + rage is quite ridiculous. I basically got 5 level-ups during a single rage (and my game ended there because both my skill trees were filled and had nothing to spend my last skill point on). Other than that, truefire pretty much covers most issues I have with the game.

I’ll just add that unless you’re planning to add limited ammo or something, I would recommend you throw in an auto-fire key. Because holding down that mouse button for 30 minutes straight gets quite annoying.

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It looks pretty good so far. Here’s my thoughts:

  • In the release version, you should have different stages with varying degrees of difficulty as well as a clear goal for players to reach for. What you have now could be a survival mode/bonus stage, which is cool to include but it really shouldn’t be the sum of the game itself. This one is really important too, because people may play a survival-only game once and move on, but completionists will likely find themselves coming back to finish the game if they like it.
  • The zombies visually have variety. I like that. However, aside from health and movement speed, they’re all the same. They run toward me and sap my health when they’re in my face. This means the only strategy I need is “run around them in circles to wrangle them up for my chainsaw/flamethrower aoe.” Maybe some could spit stuff, another type could stop and start spawning weak things, etc.
  • It seems like you’re only allowed to play so far before the game says all right, it’s time to kill you off by flooding you with an impossible amount of zombies. The slowdown from this is pretty brutal, too.
  • The weapons don’t seem very well balanced, but I think somebody’s already mentioned that. The flamethrower and chainsaw are amazing, however some of the other stuff, not so much. This is mostly due to the fact that when zombies are coming at you in groups, a gun that only hits 1 at a time is useless.
  • Switching weapons is awkward. When I got my flamethrower, I had to just press number keys (while running around and not shooting because I only have 2 hands) until I found it. Consider adding an option to equip a newly-purchased weapon right after you buy it.
  • Pause button please? Pandora’s box is the closest thing there is so far.
  • This assumes a pause option is added: Allow me to switch weapons while paused.
  • The zombie blood is neat but it lacks variety. They all ooze red except for one type, which oozes neon green. Let’s have some nasty stuff, like black, vomit yellow, brown, pickle green, etc. Let’s step it up with some guts, too! ^^
  • Tutorial please, or at least a basic explanation of what does what, a zombie bestiary, or other things like that. I still don’t entirely know what the 2 bars below my health are for.
  • Like most games with a talent system, some are OP and others are UP. The health regen is incredible and you’d be a fool not to start with that. The passive damage talents could use some sort of visual effect on things when they work too, so I know they’re actually working. A little flash of light for the revenge, a greenish hue on zombies affected by the poison, extra spatter from a critical hit, etc would all work fine.

Truefire’s list is pretty long too, and upon glancing at it, I see much of what else I’d like to pick apart has already been covered. So yeah, nice game so far, just fix some of the badstuff. :D (I’d mention the options menu too, but I assume it’s NYI. Hmm, too late, I indirectly mentioned it just now. Oh well!)

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Maybe some could spit stuff

When zombies somehow get razor spikes, acid spit, laser eyes, projectile vomit, etc, I generally feel like they’re not zombies, but some kind of mutant. No projectile zombies, IMO.

The health regen is incredible and you’d be a fool not to start with that.

Actually, it’s not useful early on as you don’t get hit much. I find that you can get the crit skils first and still get health by the time you need it.

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The crit stuff never did anything noticeable for me. On the other hand, having health regen as early as possible allows you to be a bit lazy, since all you have to do is stop when you get the chance to recover any lost health.

Mutated zombies are pretty common in the genre, and often expected.

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For music Kevin MacLeod has some really good horror ones.

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Great game, I like the graphical effects, which are somewhat realistic. The flamethrower looks really awesome as well. But in any case, let me get down to what I think needs to be improved.

So, I started the game… and the basic gun… is well… very underpowered. Which it probably should be, that’s a good thing. And then… I bought the chainsaw. The chainsaw is probably the most powerful weapon in the game… or at least it seemed to be while I was testing. It was stronger than the flamethrower and the minigun… and even though you had to get close (which was risky), it seemed to be a very easy weapon to use. It also was one of the fastest killing weapons as well. Obviously though, it wouldn’t be good to go through the game only using that weapon. I was able to achieve 8000-9000 kills before switching to another weapon (which didn’t really help anyways because they had lower DPS), but I am sure I could have got to 10,000 if I had wanted too.

In any case, I played the game four times. One thing I noticed is that there is in a sense, probably too much blood. It just covers EVERYTHING. See here, for instance
Imo, that is just too much blood and/or goo for the zombies. I do like that the green ones had different colored blood, but it still was overhwhelming… especially with the relatively few number of shells being spit out when you used the gun. Perhaps make less blood come out of the zombies as you go on, that way it still looks quite blood-full in the beginning, but then, as time progresses, it doesn’t overwhelm the screen. This isn’t exactly necessary, of course… it just would probably be good to have.

Another thing… the wave of bats… is far too easy. At first I thought it was just a glitch because of where I was standing… but as I played again, I realized that wave has just bats. Considering bats slow down before they hit you, it’s just a matter of turning… the bats don’t really have any threat they offer. Screeny here

The next thing to fix is the absolute zombie spam that occurs at the end… it lags the game horribly… and it’s almost impossible to defeat. I think it would be better to increase the numbers a tiny bit, but also to increase the health rather than stuff massive numbers of zombies on the screen. Perhaps make them colorTransformed so they are darker or something to make them look different or something, to indicate they have more health… but really… it was difficult to deal with the zombie swarm spam… even with the epic chainsaw. Screeny

I did get to purchase both the minigun and the flamethrower… I got sticky keys on the flamethrower so I died too quickly to see how well it worked, but the minigun was far too slow. It needs much better speed… and perhaps even bullet piercing or higher damage to make it worth what it cost. It just doesn’t do much to the crowds of zombies, and chainsaw kills things tons faster, and considering how slow the zombies are, it’s easier to use that instead. Screeny

This last set of screenys has to do with a glitch I found when I last played… it allowed me to ‘die’ but to still run around shooting… basically… it was lagging greatly, the zombies got me while I was standing still. I just sat there while they kept swarming around me, and nothing popped up. I curiously pressed my mouse to see if I still could, and, yes, I could… and I could even still gain souls! I could also switch weapons to the other weapons I had already bought. I got 10,000 souls and tried to buy Pandora’s Box… but it wouldn’t let me. Which is a good thing. In any case, I decided to stop standing still and move…. and I regained full health. I tried buying Pandora’s Box… still didn’t work. I eventually let the zombies kill me again… and I moved again, to regain full health. Not being able to die, I just exited at that point =P. So yeah… it’d be good to figure out why someone wouldn’t die… I mean it was fun… but was lagtastic and rather pointless to kill zombies at that point.

Other things I want fixed:
-The skill that gives you 10 second immunity at 1 health doesn’t work. Perhaps it is because you wrote it as if it was equal to one health, rather than last lethal hit… or is it because it wasn’t initialized yet?
-Poison needs to be visible on the zombies… if that means a small circle radius on you to see which are getting poisoned, do that, or else, ColorTransform Green perhaps.
-When you get damaged, have a blood splatter appear on your screen or something… to indicate you have gotten damaged… and then have it slowly fade away
-When you go into rage, have a similar red outline appear on the screen, to show you are in rage mode… and have it fade out once you leave rage mode (because currently you can’t tell how long it will last)
-Make there a shortcut to entering and exiting pandora’s box.
-Make it clear instruction wise how to exit pandora’s box
-Make exiting the upgrade screen done in the same way as exiting pandora’s box, rather than immediately closing upon upgrade
-You don’t need upgrades to rage damage, as rage almost immediately kills most zombies… rather… increase rages length instead or something
-Make it so you are automatically switched to the weapon you buy (has been mentioned before)
-Make the weapons which have been bought look brighter or something to indicate they have been boughten
-Add zombies that do other things… more than just move around… currently it’s just avoiding zombies… which isn’t perfectly fun.
-Boss Zombie???

Hope your game goes well, and if I think of anything else, I’ll edit.

Best Wishes,

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Awesome feedback guys! We will have all your suggestions in mind :)

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It’s a pretty solid game engine, and the basic gameplay is good. But it isn’t balanced, and there’s not much feeling of progression, or a goal to progress towards.

The zombies are too easy to herd into a group, and you can just strafe round in circles with the starting gun and pick them off one at a time if you really want to. You won’t kill them fast, but you’re never in danger.

I didn’t see an ammo counter when I played the other day, so I never knew how long was left til I had to reload, either.

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Good point. Also make there a button/shortcut for reloading when you want to, rather than having to wait till your out of ammo.

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Zombie amount quadrupled right after I get flame thrower

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The game seems alright.
I don’t like the style of it, I think it is extremely stupid.
This game has already been made.
But good luck on the game.

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Great graphics, everything looks very polished.

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Needs more pacing adjustments; Art style needs to be more flashy; gameplay need to be more dynamic; more areas + weapons;

Can’t be a game where you always do some stuff and get upgrades; need more content :) good luck.

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So I went in, and went Starting gun → Chainsaw → Flamethrower. Killed some 1500 zombies before my game slowed to a halt…

Bugs a-plenty, as described above… I’d say most improvements have been covered. But I will say this:

Remove/change the “zombie was hit” sound for the flamethrower…

I didn’t really enjoy the game at all, there was nothing to really do; What I did for the first few minutes I did for the entire duration of the game: strafe while holding the fire button.

I’d say cut the entire mid- to end-game, and give the user a large area to explore, perhaps some objective… Maybe make him run through sewers, or a temple, or anything but what you have right now. One endless wave is just not a good way to go.

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Great points guys, thanks a bunch for the feedback. I’m working on a second version right now.

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Originally posted by UnknownGuardian:

Great points guys, thanks a bunch for the feedback. I’m working on a second version right now.

You need to come up with non-cliche mechanics, IMO, other wise you need a lot of content.

The game seems alright.
I don’t like the style of it, I think it is extremely stupid.
This game has already been made.
But good luck on the game.

How does that help?

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- THe UI looks good but its incomplete , i need to know how much ammo until next reload
- the reloading time is to much and zombies ghater around in a overlaping party and i can newer kill that crowd wich again it is overlaping
- bats? maybe make crows bats is to much into vampire buysniss
- excuse my bad english
- make a faster reload skill(also teh default reloading faster)
- reloading AGAIN because at a time i tought i run out of ammo, reload time is realy to much

Good luck, im into making a zombie game myself but mein is up for testing only on fgl