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Let’s dig a bit in that sentence: “and one building would be 10 tiles big.” Is that a standard for all buildings, as in ‘and one electron has a charge of 1.602 10^-19 C’? Apparently not since you next say “buildings vary tile size [sic]”, so apparently you envision different buildings having different sizes. So which building is the one you’re talking about? Is it the largest one, the smallest one, the first one the player builds, the one which is built most often, or just the one you happened to think of?

Next is the question of ‘size’. In a previous post, you talked about how the view would be isometric. In that case, any object in the world has two sizes in tiles, its length and width.* So what is this size 10 building exactly? Is it a building that occupies 5 tiles by 2, or a square building of 10 tiles on a side, or is this just the length of the building, the width being assumed to be 1 tile, or something else entirely?

You have to understand that the size of any one particular building defines the scale of all buildings. This scale defines how many buildings can reasonably fit on the screen and this, in turn, determines how big a city can be while retaining the ability of being all seen at once by the player. And you want the player to be able to see any city in its entirety without having to scroll or zoom out, otherwise the interface will be cumbersome and the players will hate you.

*: Unless you want to get real fancy and also have a height, in which case they have 3.

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“And you want the player to be able to see any city in its entirety without having to scroll or zoom out, otherwise the interface will be cumbersome and the players will hate you.”

Not so sure about that, many successful games ended up with ‘cities’ you’d have to scroll around. eg, Age of Empires, which this is beginning to sound like….

But again, this is why I say draw the game as step one…..

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Originally posted by Lime_:


I wont but the more the faster we will do this I’m saying 2 maximum programmers

Okay, just be aware that some programmers programming styles are different and the other programmer’s work might be confusing for them.
Anyway good luck with the project!!

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Thanks for your advice, I appreciate your help.

I will be updating the main page. Look there. I will put it up in about 1 day or so I have stuff to do

I am going to do some kind of poll for your of Ideas so please tell me any of your Ideas and I will put them up together and we will vote on them.

good point amibtious

Here’s the general Idea sketch for placing buildings. Tell me what you think, and tell me what you think is missing, and/or shouldn’t be there.

I’ve decided the screen will be 2000 by 1000 pixels

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concept art

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“I’ve decided the screen will be 2000 by 1000 pixels”

Kong doesn’t accept swfs more than 800 wide, and most people select 600 tall to go with this, as a good width/height ratio that’ll fit on peoples screens (taking into account the amount of screen height task bar & browser take up). 2000*1000 pixels will not fit on anyone’s screen. Check out this page:

The concept art is pretty helpful, it looks very much like you’re going for either a turn based or real time strategy game, in the same vein as Age of Empires.
Which is a very ambitious project…..but doable. So: turn based or real time?

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It will be real time

please send me age of empires I would like to check that out.(you know maybe get some inspiration)

I believe it will end up like Warcraft (like my favorite game since i was 5)

plus Simcity plus Civilization beacause those all inspired me to make this… I’m still poofing up concept art also I’ll get that home page done onece I can give them a visual so keep commenting game in progress also just a warning I will be looking for an artist soon

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I can not send you age of empires, it’s not a free game, but a series. Google image search it you’ll see what I mean.

FYI, you’ll need to either be a contributing artist or programmer yourself….and I suspect you’d be better going for artist.

I certainly don’t think you should start looking for an artist until you know how many & what sizes of image you’ll need….which you don’t, as your previous plan was to use an impossible resolution.

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yes I’m going to need help deciding how big the tiles are going to be :/

screen res will be 800 600

I’ve got a building done at my school and I’ve decided to base all tile size off of my first building.

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“yes I’m going to need help deciding how big the tiles are going to be :/”

I’d suggest you make them the size of your smallest unit, but it’s not an absolute rule. Work out the rough size in pixels of your various buildings & units & bits of terrain (trees etc), then pick a tile size that fits with that. And when designing your buildings:make ‘em short. It’s awkward to have tall buildings in an isometric game, ‘cos you can’t see behind them.

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Thanks, I know exactly how I want the game now. I will bring up a new thread when Im finished with the Demo, I will keep this forum up though for anybody who has a good idea to share with me.

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I will postpone the making of this game until further notice. I have been playing civilization and Warcraft (old version)
and have been getting some inspiration I have also been working on a stencyl version of this game as a bit of a preveiw which I will release before the actual game

I have postponed the making of this game until may 30th

also anyone who posts useful information in this forum will be added in the credits of the game

expected game release is unknown

one last thing, sorry for the punctuation and grammer im in a hurry

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Dude this sounds awesome ive always wanted a game like this on kong go for it!

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Go for it!

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I never posted here sorry for those who were waiting but this game cannot be made yet but I am reserving this idea for later.

don’t worry I promise this game will be made in a few years. I am not prepared nor do I have the skill to make this game yet i am working on it, and no I have not forgotten about it.

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sorry dub post

i may bring this up in quite a bit

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hey lime I will help you out with art if you need any help.