Anyone got ideas for a game?

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Well, I’m still noob at using flash as3 and stuff like that. I’ve been using them for quite a while but i still don’t know much about them like especially coding actions(I guess im below average of drawing the art).So, I’m just asking if anyone knows what kind of flash game or animation i should start off with that will help me get more used to art and more used to the action codes. I want it to be a short game maybe one that could be finished in <10minutes by the average gamer. The game doesn’t have to be an original idea. Maybe it should have a money system because i don’t know how to do that yet. I just need ideas because i can’t think of any >_> this might help me think of more original ideas and motivate me to make more flash games/animations. Thx in advance for any help.

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make a few simple, not-for-distribution games like mazes and avoiders to get your feet wet. Then move on to a simple puzzle or platformer once you gain some confidence. Complex behaviors are nothing but combinations of simple behaviors when you think about it, and the more simple things you know to do the more complex you can go. Your games should naturally improve in complexity and quality as you practice and hone your craft. Good luck.

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Start off with the shootorials that this website provides. They teach you enough about classes and basic code to get you going. Ultimately you will end up turning to Google regardless of the type of game you make.

Don’t worry about drawing your own art. You are a programmer.

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One of the tricks I use is come up with this really awesome game that you know you can’t even come close to doing.

Then break it up into different parts. Start with a simple part and work on that. Turn that simple part of your bigger project into a small game. Then take a look at your next part and then build a game around that. It doesn’t even have to relate to the first part at all. Just make it work and work good.

Being a programmer myself I use this idea quite a bit. It also helps me learn how to recycle code so I can just go into one of my old games and pull the code I need and put it into a new game. Once you have figured out how to do all the parts of your big game in smaller games then take all those smaller bits and plug them together and make a much larger game.

Remember to always start small, but keep that big game you want to build in the back of your mind when you do these smaller games.

The one thing you really don’t want to do (I know from experience because I did this) is to start off in one programming language and then decide to switch over to another part way through. You will spend more time trying to convert it over than you would on actually progress of your big game.

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