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Hi there, Kongregates developer revenue thing requires a US tax ID, but I am a Canadian citizen, I have chosen that I lived in Canada, but it continues to require a W-8 form and it’s saying that %30 of my revenue will be held, how can I get rid of this tax, it says if you’re a canadian citizen you may do this, but how?

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It doesn’t really need a W-8 form, it need some info that Kong enters into an electronic version of the W-8 form for the USA tax authorities.

Kong thinks it has to do this (or send the IRS 30% of your share) legally*….simplest way is just to give them the info they need.

The only dodgy bit is that Kongs form has a ‘US tax ID’ slot, and won’t accept leaving it blank even though for many nations citizens it’s supposed to be optional (don’t know about Canada). You can try to get Canadian tax advice on whether the tax ID is optional, and then try to get Kong & the IRS to talk to each other and accept without if it isn’t…….but it’s probably far simpler just to fill in the form.

*because the servers are in the usa I assume……it’s a legal grey area, but Kong’d rather play it safe and not piss off the taxman.

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Kongregate tells me that it REQUIRES it, and on the help forum thing for it, it says Canadian Citizens can void this %30 revenue cost, but doesn’t say how.

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Fill in the info….it’s the payment info section of your account settings. If you still can’t find it, you’d be better asking in the Kongregate forum than in Game Design…..a Kong admin is bound to see your post there.

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Double reply for more emphasis. ;) Reading is everyone’s friend.

Please read the FAQ on the side of the payout page. It has this problem in bold multiple times on the side.

It links you to the International Tax FAQ page which has a lot of information regarding your problem.