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This is the current game demo being release on

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More About the story of the game:
Zeroline: Adventure of little Luka is a small adventure, treasure hunting game. You play as a character named Luka.
Luka is a litte boy, son of respective adventurer John Luke. Luka and his father has discovered a magic caves of king Karuda.
John Luke went in the cave to explore and left behind Luka outside the cave.After one day,Luka is still waiting for his father outside the cave.
Worrying about his father,Luka went inside the cave to look for his father.Your job is to help Luka find his way out and reunion with his father.

This game targets on smartphone but it is portable to most platform,Thank to unity!:D

Getting feedback on the game demo…

Due to it being targets at the smartphone market,the control for the web version may need improvement which we did some changes to the control system in the web version as people give their opinion on the game.A big thank to those who comment on the game as it make us realise what work and what don’t work which is beneficial to us.

This game demo is consist of 3 demo level.

Control System:
Left,Right Arrow to Rotate the camera view
Up Arrow to Move Forward
SpaceBar to Jump

Need opinion on the game design aspect of the game……

Thank for your time!