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My names Rob Hayes and I’m working on my first game with a friend of mine, Ted Zolotarev. As you can tell were a small team, I’m the creative and he’s the coder.
Mo’Mentum is a 2D platform game, with classic 8-bit graphics. The aim is to avoid obstacles, fight skeletons and get the highest score possible!
We will be releasing a free version of the game on the web and in time a mobile version with a couple of extra features.

Now why I’m posting is I’m hoping to get some more people to test the game out before we release.
We’re interested in finding out how difficult or easy you found the game.
For instance we’re interested in if you have been able to reach the vertical sections and if so on how many attempts?
Also which events did you find the hardest (spikes, skeletons, boulders, or platforms)?
Were you willing to try again after dying? If not, what put you off?

Find our game at

Thanks for the time
Rob Hayes

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When you press S to stick to the roof, you should adjust the animation when you also press D because it jumps. When you press S and A he faces left and stops and I would expect when you press S and D that he faces right and stops.

I was not able to do anything. I can jump around the screen, but it doesn’t scroll. It gets stuck to the right and when I go left I get a game over. Sorry, I wasn’t able to review it because of that.

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sorry to hear that you were unable to play. The super jump you got from pressing S will be removed in the final release, its is simply there for testing. As to your problem of being unable to do anything, I believe this is due to the fact that the tutorial was still up. You can close it by pressing enter or clicking the cross. To combat problems like this in the final release we have added a caption explaining how to close the tutorial.

I hope that with this information you are able to play the game.