What do you look for in a sound designer / composer?

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I’ve been a gamer for a long time, but for the last 6 years i’ve worked in the music industry, working as an A&R, designer, publisher, and band member. I’ve worked on projects which have involved top 10 chart releases across the world and also been editor of a music magazine putting out 110,000 copies.

I havent been doing much creative music for a while, and really miss it, and im just working a a soundtrack ‘portfolio’, i’ve always been more of a fan of the more experimental / post-rock end of the music spectrum, and i want to combine this new creative direction with my love of games and film.

Im currently building a portfolio, what do you look for in your sound design?

What experience / skills / factors do you value highest in a sound designer?

As part of my portfolio, im planning on taking existing trailers for games or films and re-designing the soundtrack from the ground up. This way its easier for potential clients to see the potential of any work i do in context. I understand the reasons to upload tracks to soundcloud, but for me, you will rarely listen to a soundtrack out of context, and without context a soundtrack is pretty hard to judge.

Any feedback / thoughts / experiences with sound designers you have had would all be invaluable!


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1) Well categorised. Lots of tags so I can find what I’m looking for. If an artist specialises in a particular genre or style, I’m more likely to remember them when I’m looking for that kind of music.

2) Cheap. If a game earns $500, I don’t want to spend more than $25 on music for it. Have a look at audiojungle to see what prices you’re completing against.