Quasi-Programmer seeks more proficient "code-starter"

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I have a base-defense game but my programming skills were kind of stunted when AS3 came out. I haven’t had the time (real life interferes) to learn it and it is not related to my work anymore (so no chance for me to “learn it just ’cuz” while on the job).

The basics that I would need is:
Tower and Enemy array
- Ability to change the amount of towers available
- Each tower/enemy has properties/records of their capabilities and records stats
- Limited AI (target selection, movement parameters would be good)

Obstacle properties
- Solid object properties (wall, bullets, etc)
- Area object properties (explosions, gas, water/puddles)

Game Environment
- Levels
- Score
- Awards/Achievements

I’m a good artist.

I know some programming. I’d give you top billing for programming the core engine and if there was money to be made on it (doubt it) I’d be sure to give you a good percent and move on to the next iteration of this (which I already have planned).

Anyone interested?

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Oh. I missed the “game collab” section…