Ideal Length of This kind of game?

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Ive got pretty much everything I want to have in my game in it. Aside from it saving data, so that you dont have to complete it in 1 sitting, and a progression of difficulty, Im done. The progression of difficulty is the reason I am here as it is diectly related to the length of the game. (graphics are the final thing Im going to work on)

Thats the game. Basic concept, shoot asteroids until you die.
Buy upgrades
Survive longer
Buy more upgrades
ect ect ect

Ive got a question of length on 2 main things.
Ideal length getting to max upgrades
Ideal length for getting from the beginning of when you hit “Play” to the end (supposing you dont die). I am also going to have an endless mode once the game is beaten, but I want the main mode to have a defining end.

I was thinking for this kind of game something between 5-15 minutes from where I hit play to when I am able to complete the game.

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In terms of game design, if you want players to be sustained, they generally have to be immersed. You’d need to integrate some sort of incentive to keep the players in the game, otherwise they’ll leave.

I suggest maybe making a couple of improvements to the art (although I don’t think that’s a number one priority.) Definitely add special effects – glowing, creating a scrolling space background. Special effects are key to any form of game immersion; they create a more realistic environment. In fact, they are the base foundations of horror movies.

Sound effects, maybe? There are some free ones at some place called the Sound Project (but you can always ask someone to make some for you).

Anyway, if you want players to get involved, the experience has to be one easily touchable by players. It’s one thing to get players, it’s totally another thing to connect with them. I mean, for example you could easily say, “Raze is a multiplayer shooter game that has been copied several times.” And you’d be right. But the art, the plot-line, all the little experience touch-ups add up to make a memorable experience.

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All things like sound effects and graphics are something I plan to add later on for fine tuning. I want to have everything else done before that.

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Nothing against the game. I just seem to die fast. Might want to reduce the amount of asteroids spawning or increase the speed of the player.

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The time to get all the upgrades should take multiple game sessions. I suggest 5-6 hours for a flash game. The players (the general ones, not the gifted and extremely skilled) should have to have at least half the upgrades to get to the end. This shouldn’t an adamant thing however, just the difficulty should increase to the point where you need a lot of upgrades. The completion time for the main mission with half-upgrades should be 10 (suggested)-15 mins. If you want to get extreme go for 20 minutes, this is NOT suggested.

Your game also lacks Suzzah. It’s fun, but needs a theme to go with the bad art. Doodle Jump gets away with the bad art with no rap because the theme is a doodle on a piece of paper. Because your art is all black and white I suggest a theme similar to Doodle Jump.