So serious I don't even know where to ask

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I have this very serious thing I want to discuss with someone who develops games like those “free” multiplayer games that actually cost $100+ because you have to buy special in-game credit after playing it for a short while…

But the thing I want to discuss is like… really brilliant, but it’s so brilliant that I’m amazed that it hasn’t been done already. So I’m concluding that it hasn’t been done because there’s some sort of issue with it. Something I don’t know about.

And IF no one has actually thought about it, then I don’t want to give away my idea. While at the same time, I don’t want to invest any time in it just to find out that it was a waste of time, because of these issues that I don’t know about.

Any ideas!?!?! :D

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A wise assumption, but a poor place to post it.
I’d recommend here.
Or perhaps here.
Most likely the second one.

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Thank you very much.