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Well, I have just played this tiny game:

which unites “match 3” and “tower defence” principles, and then I suddenly came to an idea: why don’t make Armor games collaborate with other game developers, to show the world something absolutely epic and FREE, which could make people feel, how huge, actually, infinite the world of gaming has become?

We have some awesome games like Cursed Treasure series, Epic War, Gemcraft, Monster’s Den, Burrito Bison, some nice shooters, TDs, City development games, etc. So I think now: why don’t mix it seriously to make a totally awesome and complex thing so that every gamer had to spend months of labour to develop his own understanding of this all, to develop his own strategies, etc?

The basic Idea is something like this:

So we have a match-3 and TD mixed. Now add there the ability to construct a city behind the wall and monsters slowly destroying your buildings once they break through. Add resources, produced by buildings (and accessible by other means). Add around 20 types of buildings, including some barracks, temples and armories. Make it possible to build Towers and develop them like in TD games. Then add some ITEMS and GEARS. Helmets and armour, increasing your hero’s def, Swords for your Hero and your fighters. Then add Incursion or Kingdom rush concept – and place movable warriors between towers. Add mazing. Add other sides of the tower that monsters can come towards.

Then add some separate branches of development – integrate smth like Monsters Den to get Equipments and resources, add around 20 minigames, each one detailed and full like Burrito Bison or Learn to Fly or even smth like Knightmare Tower, and each one leading to achievements/resources/equipments/special abilities/ etc. Each one being able to be developed with special resources. Each of the minigames can be played depending on what resources you earn daily, like in Anti-Idle: the Game for example. Then add some shooter-TD game principles, like in Bunny Invasion series. Add technological advancement, leading to using lasers and rockets in the end. Add a ton of Achievements, unlocking additional stats/powers. And the player can always select only, say, 10 achievements as active boosts. Add principles of Gemcraft with mugring elements you earn from Match-3 and other sources. make a huge crafting system for Gems and a huge skill tree, so that people could hunt for ingredients through all other opportunities of the game.

Finally, the game will need around 10 types of losing. For example while defending city from monsters you can run out of gold and the city will revolt. Also add principles of Cursed Gems: For example, some enmies are invulnerable to most element types, but when they reach tower, they don’t attack it, but steal some special gems, which also influence your power a little, but when they run off, it’s a game over. Also make different penalties for different GameOvers, some heavy, some not, so that players should understand that losing a city to enemy is worse then revolution, and revolution, in it’s turn, is worse then having all your gems stealed, etc.

Then add some totally huge events and challenges, like in Epic War, when you have an absolutely uncontrollable enemy force moving towards you. Perhaps, at this point the game will stop being a flash one. Anyway, mixing best of the ever developed games into a huge thing like this could be an epic thing in gaming in the world, and I absolutely understand that the united abilities of developers can lead to this product. It should obviously be absolutely free.

Make a game that no gamer can ever finish completely. Make a game, that will require each player some huge work, never seen before, to understand and discover everything the game has to offer. Make a lot of secrets. Make ability to decorate your tower with elements of furniture, that can also influence any other stats in game. Make some integrated CCGs, add some other Multiplayer principles and make it an online thing… My life will probably end, if the world ever sees a huge and awesome product like I described :) Just imagine thousands of skills, tens of thousands of achievements, and days and months of intense AND constantly interesting, developing and breathtaking gameplay. I wish developers could realise the potential of working alltogether on some absolutely free project. It could just blow the whole world off.

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Actually, I can say that I once had a profile of lvl 50 or smth like that on Kongregate (I played games here for about 5 years), and tried nearly all games that had badges, so the thoughts are not from some newcomer, but from a hardcore gamer, who wants to see some epic final hardcore, so that noone could think of a more complicated game for the next , say, 10 years after this one is made :)

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But when players cap their max skills, how do we keep them from winning too much? This game will obviously be multiplayer, and also it must have the best internet connection in it. but I think with so many developers we can definitely make a fast enough internet connection for evreyone to play the game. But the question is, when they beat the others, how do we stop it from unbalancing too much onto one side? I don’t think having unity of all the developers is good enough, but also, we need designers and maybe even some psychologists probably. Because they can do things like – analyze the players and so they can see how they will behave, so we can make sure the game is balanced for every player.

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By the way when I say balance I mean like the game is not too difficult but also like the players dont get too strong weapons all the time either so its perfect. Not like the balance in a table when you put all the stuff on one side of it how its not balanced.

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And make sure the shotguns shoot far enough, I hate when they shoot 10 ft. Oh and make sure that in the snow world the monsters deal freezing damage, and make fire do lots and lots of damage too them. :D

Dude, no one’s going to make the game for you. ;)