Hand Of God Game Design Preview

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Hand Of God :HOG

It is a smartphone tower defence game.Unlike most of the tower defense game,this game require you to tap to kill monster instead of building tower.It allow you to have more interaction with the game compared to just building tower and watch the towers in action in waves of monsters.

These pictures are some of the preview of the game:

For testing of the game since it is a smartphone game and currently I can only build the android version out,for those who are interested in testing the game free to pm me or email me (wanxiang91@hotmail.com) and I will send you the link or if you just want to try out the game on a web version you can also pm me……..

Any Ideas for the game is welcome as I am still trying to make the game better and more balanced in gameplay……

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Uhm, I myself would not recommend calling it Hand of God, unless it relates to Maradona.

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There’s a whole world of people out there, almost full of people who, sadly, aren’t English.

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Dude… Its Maradona. . . Just as (if not more) famous than Michael Jordan. . .
And the event happened in the world cup as well. . .