'A Rabbit Fable' my game trailer

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Hi everyone, I’d like to share with you this trailer from a point-and-click flash game I made. I think these days I’ll summit it to Kongregate.
Well, I’d like to hear what you think,


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Creative ‘art’ games are becoming too mainstream :\

But it looks like it’ll be a good game though.

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Oh gosh, I think its adorable! There are some excellent point and click games on Kongregate and I think yours would fit right on in!

I would definitely play it.

Bunnehs are cute also <3

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Originally posted by MlleBunneh:


Are those photos with animations on top, because the graphic style looks awesome.

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Looks good!

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The trailer didn’t really seem to show too much outside of the visual style, which was very pleasing. Hope to see it on Kong soon!