[WIP] Frank's Day Out - 3D Adventure Game

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Frank’s Day Out is an open world exploration game. Playing like a cross between The Secret of Monkey Island and The Legend of Zelda with narrative driven gamplay.

With 3D cell shaded characters and environments designed by illustrator Billy Mather it offers players a chance to explore a world full of unique characters and environments using Frank’s GO-Kopter™.

Frank’s Day Out – Web player demo

The intention is to get this game on Kongregate. So far we have basic character models, collision, controls and cameras set up.

Frank’s current animation cycles:

A scene composition:

Testing 3rd person camera:

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Looking good. keep it up.

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That dude freaks me out.

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Originally posted by TyrantMaster22:

Looking good. keep it up.


Originally posted by starfiregold:

That dude freaks me out.

Yes, he is rather freaky.

Got a few screenshots of progress. Made a camera that detects whether objects are between camera and player, and if so renders the object transparent:

A screenshot of how this works:

And a screenshot of the placeholder objects in the graphics demo:

There is also a playable graphics demo at 8bitape.net/demos

Any feedback appreciated!

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A quick update. There is now a day / night cycle in game with a pretty sunset and sunrise:

This highlights that I need to create some models for the sun and moon, which I am really looking forward to!

Also, a quick glimpse at what the starting area of the game will look like:

Any feedback as always appreciated!

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New screens! I’ve worked on the in game renderer quite a bit, as well as the first island, Title Screen and GUI.

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So, the basic storyline goes:

Pirates have invaded Frank’s island and have stolen all of his most valuable modern art and designer clothes! Quickly, help Frank catch up with them using the GO-kopter™. But, oh no! Frank has lost the keys! They must be somewhere on the island. Quickly find them so that he can pursue the pirates!

We’ve been working on a vehicle that Frank will get to drive / sail / fly. Thoughts so far?