[WIP] Frank's Day Out - 3D Adventure Game

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Frank’s Day Out will play a little bit like The Secret of Monkey Island crossed with Zelda. In the game you take on the the role of Frank, a guy that owns his own island, but decides to go on an adventure to find a shirt…

With 3D cel-shaded characters and objects designed by illustrator Billy Mather, it will offer players a chance to explore a world full of unique creatures and environments whilst using crazy transports such as the GO-Kopter™.

Frank’s Day Out – Web player demo

The intention is to get this game on Kongregate. So far we have basic character models, collision, controls and cameras set up.

Frank’s current animation cycles:

A scene composition:

Testing 3rd person camera:

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Looking good. keep it up.

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That dude freaks me out.

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Originally posted by TyrantMaster22:

Looking good. keep it up.


Originally posted by starfiregold:

That dude freaks me out.

Yes, he is rather freaky.

Got a few screenshots of progress. Made a camera that detects whether objects are between camera and player, and if so renders the object transparent:

A screenshot of how this works:

And a screenshot of the placeholder objects in the graphics demo:

There is also a playable graphics demo at 8bitape.net/demos

Any feedback appreciated!

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A quick update. There is now a day / night cycle in game with a pretty sunset and sunrise:

This highlights that I need to create some models for the sun and moon, which I am really looking forward to!

Also, a quick glimpse at what the starting area of the game will look like:

Any feedback as always appreciated!

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New screens! I’ve worked on the in game renderer quite a bit, as well as the first island, Title Screen and GUI.

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So, the basic storyline goes:

Pirates have invaded Frank’s island and have stolen all of his most valuable modern art and designer clothes! Quickly, help Frank catch up with them using the GO-kopter™. But, oh no! Frank has lost the keys! They must be somewhere on the island. Quickly find them so that he can pursue the pirates!

We’ve been working on a vehicle that Frank will get to drive / sail / fly. Thoughts so far?