Camaraderie is now recruiting

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We are the Camaraderie and we are recruiting here are our standards we are a guild of english speaking fun loving people that are 2 star and up.We have rule of corse and we ask you to follow them
we will do daily boss runs and lockdown and such

Are you a active player:
Why would you like to join Camaraderie?:
What other guilds have you been in?:

1.Be respectful of others.
2.Fun to be around
3.Be a active player
5.Must be 2 star or higher
6.Last but not least have fun

Recruit : you have been approved (fighting wise) by someone high up and is 2 star or more

Member : you have been here for a day and is respectful of rules

Veteran : can do JK with officer (or the closest boss to your rank )

Officer : just all around helpful and fun help with guild runs as a veteran

Guild Master: you have been in the guild for at least 3 months have asked at least once as officer and we have voted and you won the vote

Mail in game your application to Epic-Dragon-Bear and we will see if you can join =D

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I might consider joining, how large is your guild? My in-game name is the same as my name here, and I am 4-5 star.

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sorry dude it was disbanded a while ago D=