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No. You did at least 7k.

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Goliath…You’re kinda wrong.

-Don’t fight hammers unless you have one
-Don’t fight toothpicks unless you have one
? Whut? Brandishes are perfectly fine against toothpicks and hammers. Sealed, Grint, and Khor all do fine against these. Alchemers do well against these. Even spamming a pulsar can annoy them more than they annoy you. Toothpicks and Hammers can be deadly, but they’re not god weapons. I’ve seen a guy take out hammers and toothpicks using a cautery sword.

-Shield Canceling is the most important skill in the game.
Not really. Shield cancelling is good, and some people know how to use it effectively, but using full combos has its benefits. The final swing is always the most powerful. If you can time it right, the last swing will have more than enough knockback on the enemy to permit you to recoil and be ready to attack again. Ever been in T3? A Skolver/Snarby GF combo can usually kill anyone. It’s unbalanced, but it’s effective to use full combos (especially since the second hit can curse). I’m not endorsing full combos, but it’s a perfectly plausible method of attacking.

-T1 and T3 Lockdown are bad. Play T2 Lockdown

-Use charge attack if you have a good weapon like the brandish, troika, or hammer. But beware of being backstabbed.
Hammer charges are ineffective. It takes too long to initialize, and people can just walk around and hit you 3-4 times while you’re using the charge and recoiling from it (and I think you mean the recoil when you say backstabbed) Troikas aren’t the greatest either, they take too long to deliver a hit. They’re effective for their first and second swing, but the charges aren’t quite as potent.

-Heavy swords are suggested over fast swords
Why, then, do so many people choose toothpicks over sealed/troika lines? Brandishes too? Brandishes and toothpicks are both fast and strong. They leave little recoil provided you don’t use the full combo. Their charges are faster, more effective, and also have less recoil.

-Capturing is 2nd, helping is 1st
No no no no no no no!!!! You can’t help much as a recon. Deathmarking? That takes a long time, and if you’re hit by ANYTHING, you’re screwed. No shield, no invisibility, and an angry enemy tailing you. Deathmarking can work sometimes, but capping is always, ALWAYS first. You can’t win if you don’t cap.

-Probably the worst of the 3 unique class
WHAAAAAT???? Face it, strikers rely as much on connection as they do on skill. Without one, you’re doomed to suffer against those who have both. Guardian, on the other hand, only needs skill. I’ve been a striker for a LONG time in T2, and have done decently. I tried being a guardian, and found it being MUCH better for slower connections. They are excellent support classes, and they are very effective for healing teammates, capping, and the guardian mechanic parallels the CW shielding, so it’s a straightforward but powerful class. (By the way, guardian provides an Attack speed DECREASE for Guns, not increase)

-Always have heavy and a fast sword as your loadout
Why? Look at T3, many bombers choose to go the guardian path because they can drop a VT and then shield from strikers until the bomb activates. Fast guns that don’t suffer much from a small ASD work as good sidearms with a fast sword. Brandishes are not super fast or super heavy, but they also work as swordies.

-Never, I mean never take off your shield
How will we attack then…Guardians can be good at offense, too. Don’t even try to tell me that you’ve never been killed or seriously damaged by a guardian.

Guns are probably almost useless as a recon, first off. Recon has slow speed equivalent as a guardian.
Recon gives an ASI Medium for guns, along with a CTR Med for all weapons. Ever heard of a T3 gunner named Seiran? He/she gets easy 5 digit damages as a recon, because (s)he can shoot quickly and use the recon shield to quickly change weapons. Thelhawk in T2 is a great recon gunner. Gunning and recon is just as plausible as gunning and striker.

When invisible, it is almost as slow a guardian shield.
? Your movement speed isn’t affected by the recon cloak. You move at normal speed, while guardian shields decrease your speed.

So if you shoot and a striker charges upon you. There is a 75% chance they will find you while you cloak.
Did you know the human brain, when playing games, has a tendency to follow patterns and predict occurrences? When someone attacks and then uses their cloak, their main problem is that they follow a fixed pattern, usually a circle, and strikers can guess where they are and strike. Recons have to be unpredictable. If they can be unpredictable, they have a very high chance of survival, and most swordies cannot hit them that easily.

These are just some of the most prominent errors I’ve seen in your logic. I understand that you’re trying to help others in lockdown, and I respect that, but forcing your viewpoints on them isn’t the best way to help them learn. Lockdown is a game, let them play and learn a style for themselves. It’s more fun that way, and helps them develop their own innovative methods and strategies.

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is it possible we do some 1v1? o;

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Recons do move slower when cloaked, all pros know that obviously. Go play as recon more please and you will understand.

There is a really good chance of a striker finding you. Look, almost all recons know that unless your a real pro.

Go ask pieispie in the beginning of the forum, he got 7K almost gunning using striker today. Dizzymoon aslso got almost 8K using striker as gunning. Perhaps you should think again about being a recon gunner.

If you read earlier in my forum, I said when you stand on a Base or POC.

My combination are commonly used by many pros with spiral knights lockdown.

But at the end, who kills who? Which is better? Guardians will almost die anytime against recon and strikers.

I’m not talking about deathmarking. Recons are used to help Strikers in battle, not go cap and die solo against a striker.

Toothpicks aren’t the best weapons cause they need AT too much. So if they miss and your out of juice to shield, run, or cloak your dead. Brandish on the other hand is the average sword, not heavy or fast. Troika, hammer, and sealed sword are used by pros to deal the killing blow as i said before.

Dude, if you don’t shield cancel good enough, you will most likely die. Yeah you might hit your opponent with a devastating combo. Then all of a sudden he hits you 6 times with a streak of strikes using shield canceling to cut short reload time. That deals more than than a full combo.

Brandishes cannot fight hammers and toothpicks without shield cancel most of the time. Hammers will technically kill you even if the brandish manage to hit. Due to the fact that hammers are a shield, since they have even bigger range than the troika lines. Toothpicks have bigger range and plus it has faster speed to shield cancel than brandishes. Which makes it a bad weapon with out its 3* star form

T1 and T3 are pointless. Trinkets don’t even work there as a hit from a final flourish can take out your maxed out trinket in one shot. In T1, the battle lasts so long that it takes over 10secs to kill someone. Thats even more pointless to play. Buyers in T! using hammer will take you out instantly and static bomb. Since there is no real shock resistance or good armor that can withstand it.

Its obvious that you don’t have as much experience as I do though. I hope that sums it for you, without offending you either.

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Originally posted by pieispie:
Originally posted by Ernest1998:

Yeah I watched Pie play just now
He is epic. nearly 9k as gunner in T2

o-o when did you watch me, my max i did with guns that day was 6.8k with 4 caps and 10 defeneds, you might have been watching a different pie. (my IGN is the same as my name) My top max in T2 with guns is 10k thats about it(dual alchemers).

Lol, your alchemers are powerful. Practice more dodging pie and shield canceling! Oh yeah the double alchemers look like bad boys to me.

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Recon doesn’t slow you down when you use the shield. Try it out if you must, or check out a youtube video. You move the same speed with or without the cloak.

Once again, strikers will only find you if you’re predictable. While that is the majority of recons, it’s not correct to say that the recon class stinks because any striker can find and kill you.

Yes, many people use striker and gunning. But I’m saying that there’s nothing wrong with recon gunning. You’re saying that it’s a recipe for disaster, but both of the people you mentioned are among the best T2 LD players, they’re already skilled in using a striker boost and dodging, they’re just gunning instead of using swords. I’m not saying the skills are transferrable, but take ANYONE you deem as a “pro” and give them guns, and see if they can or can’t get at least 2k (which is a pretty high damage for gunners).

“My combos are used by pros”-What? Your combo being a heavy and a fast sword combo? That’s just a generic swordie loadout. Have you not seen any strikers going for a tootpick/gun combo? And if you want to throw names, consider Summus. He ONLY uses a flourish, and I’ve seen him get 13k without breaking a sweat in T2. Leadmonkey has a bunch of Brandishes, and he’s also one of the best T2 LD players. You’re basically saying “To be pro, use a toothpick, heavy, hammer, and pulsar”, and that’s not true at all. Other weapons have their merits too. Nottheanswer trolls people with his Arc Razor all the time. Also, are you calling it “pro” to go “clickclickclickclickclick” with a hammer? Face it, ANYONE can use full hammer combos and get well over 5k. I’ve seen it plenty of times. Is that “pro” in your book?

Face it, there are at least 80 good strikers for every good guardian in T2. You clearly haven’t faced any of the good guardians. If I go and kill 50 strikers in a row, does that mean the striker class stinks? You can’t draw conclusions when you haven’t even faced any of the “pro” guardians. And ask any of your “pros”, almost all will say that Recon is the most underpowered class of them all.

And how do Recons help? Recons are generally bombers or gunners, because of the sword ASD VH. Are you saying that gunners and bombers exist solely to support swordies in being “pro”? Recon hammerers can annihilate strikers. Recon gunners can shock a guy easily, freeze chain them to death, set them on fire, or just super blaster them repeatedly, which with the knockback would keep strikers away and help waste their boost.

Toothpicks aren’t the best weapon? The highest score in T2 LD to date is over 19k, achieved by Kevthebot. With only a toothpick. That score hasn’t been beaten. I’ve already mentioned Summus and his toothpick-only scores. I’ve also already mentioned Lead and his brandishes. Furthermore, brandish charges are one of the fastest sword charges, and are devastating. I’ve tested: Nightblade charges can deliver well over 8 pips of health with one charge, not including the subsequent explosions. Brandishes deal ele/shadow (not including cautery), which dusker clones don’t resist. True, they resist the normal half of the brandishes, but they resist ALL of a toothpick and ALL of a heavy sword. And hammers are just overpowered, there’s no helping that.

Like I said, if you use a full combo the knockback is enough to allow you to recoil. Your argument of a “6 streak combo” can only be accomplished by the top .01% of LD players, AKA the mega-“pros”. Also, toothpicks can only deal 3 blows before you have to take a slight recharge, even with shield cancelling.

I’m talking about the 3* brandishes whenever I say brandish. They’re strong, capable of dealing some heavy damage, and if you time it right you can hit an enemy with all three of the combo hits, and move away before their hitlock wears off.

T1 is pointless? Hammers kill you? Not exactly. Have you ever heard of a guild called Rogue? Apparently the T1 hammer is banned in there, and they destroy hammers using Thwacks and Edges. Hammers are insanely overpowered in T2, too. You can do 11.5 pips of health with a single hammer combo. Does that mean we should stop playing T2? And the vast majority of people play T3. Two trinkets give you +12 health, which means you can survive 2 extra FF hits. T2 +8 trinkets only help with 2.3 swifty/barb hits, there’s not much of a difference. Also, there’s something called “volt breaker” armor in T1. As you can tell from the name, it has shock resistance.

I may not have as much experience as the weathered vets of T2, but I’m fairly certain I know more about game mechanics than you do. I don’t mean to offend you or anyone else, but what you’re saying with this thread is that the only way to win in LD is to be a full-dusker-full-trinkets-toothpick-heavy-hammer-pulsar who devalues everything that doesn’t follow this recipe. Your strategies and techniques are idealistic expectations that don’t work against the mega-“pros” of T2, and have little effect against the new people who aren’t able to put up much of a fight yet. I can guarantee you right now that I can join a T2 LD game, rightclick over and over again with my flourish or hammer and get 5k. Does that make me a “pro”? I don’t consider myself a pro, I admit to being easily taken apart by the real ones. Does damage really dictate what makes a pro? And do you consider yourself and everyone else a pro because they can get damage by following a standard recipe for success? You can solve a math problem using a standard formula, or certain people can figure out ways of cleverly isolating an answer using different, nonstandard methods. By following the accepted strategy of dusker cloning, you’re blockading innovation and creativity, and basically claiming that their is no point in trying anything besides being a standard clone who uses standard weapons to get standard damage.

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For swordies, go youtube search Canozo Spiral Knights Lockdown
For gunners, go youtube search Damon180 gun fun

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:O my friend just killed me with a Dual Pierce set, 2 flourishes for faster switch. looks like a neat set to use!

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You know I have to agree with you on some parts, but most of what you say, i did not type that on my tips. This is a guide for noobs not for mega pros. Read the top of my guide. Reread it over and over again. Most of is right for noobs.

I’m a pro myself. I can 1v1 almost every player in the game. I almost beat Summus when we were fighting over a base. He had way more hp than I. Guess what? I died and he only have 2 bars of hp left.

1v1 me someday. I will prove you how good I am. Don’t mess with me in lockdown. As I’m top 20 in LD.

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hey who is SUmmus
sorry I don’t really do T2 :P

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GoliathAA doesnt figure in tops of LD ur in place 1947 en Leaderboards T2 _

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Lol, I’m sorry, but I don’t play after midnight. Cause the people in the other time zones got a 12 hours headstart in the beginning of each week.

By the way, some pros use a combo like this:

(Fast Sword)→(Fast Sword)→(Fast Sword)→(Half-Second Switch)→(Fast Gun)→(Half Second Switch)→
(Combo Sword(Optional)

The total time for this combo is about 4-5 seconds. Stops the opponents from attacking after you finish fast sword triple shield cancel. After that you can use a fast or slow sword to accompany the final strike. The total damage in T1 would be about 7 pips. In T2 is about 15 pips. T3 on the other hand deals more 20 pips.

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Originally posted by Ernest1998:

hey who is SUmmus
sorry I don’t really do T2 :P

Summus is a mega pro toothpick player. He doesn’t come online that much, so I understand.

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This is not weekly is in the story of LD and Summus is N° 1824

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oh and the first in T2 LD is HommingMissile _
Being sure he is in my guild (Old School)

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