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Jul. 21, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) I'd played this before, but just noticed on replaying how the heroic looking guy always runs ahead and leads the way, until enemies show up when he runs to hide behind you. It's a really nice touch. This game does a great job of telling a story without words, through music and character and player actions. Definitely one of the best "art" games out there

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Nov. 2, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) farmer guy took a bullet to the head and survived, real trooper there

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Mar. 16, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) There is an alternate ending. When the family dies except the girl, she will stay instead of running away from the dead alien.

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Jan. 17, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) Its rare to come across a game where you literally sit there after its completed, and you just think. You can tell the developer of this game really wanted to say something, and he did it in such a unique, philosophical way, that you can't help but feel bad for the alien, the girl, and people in general. 5/5

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Aug. 21, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) Did anyone else cry? I chose to play this game just once and save them all. Even when the lil girl is going offscreen, she is still mourning.. That was sad..

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May. 18, 2010

Under rating threshold (show) This... is an intresting game. It's an expression. An alien arrives, a stranger to the world, & is loved instantly by the girl. The alien is then loved by her family, & it grows, until they become war torn, & it protects them... Until it's eventually killed... They mourn it... but not long after, it's forgotten. It's a beuatiful game, but... tragic, at the same time. To anyone who finds this a boring game, imagine the humans you're protecting to be your own family... I did that, it made me feel awful about war. 5/5

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Mar. 6, 2015

Under rating threshold (show) Each of them has their own personality and it's great. I still can't get over it! The little girl is just so close to you, she is always right in front of or behind me. The little boy stays a little behind his sister, not as close to me, but close to her. He's the one that gets the others on your side. The older girl (mom/big sister) stays in the back-at first I thought maybe she didn't trust me-she did throw a vase at me, but really she was making sure nobody was left behind. When I die, she mourns longer than everyone but the little girl, I guess she appreciated me too. The man leads the way, his chest is wide, whether with muscles or air I don't know, but he always runs back when things get dangerous. They all stayed closer to me as time passed, which was good because I had to slow down, and I couldn't stay straight anymore. I really hope they're all okay-will they miss me? Will the bad guys go after them now that I can't protect them? I really hope they're all okay.

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Apr. 6, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) This game is amazing...Philosophical...It's beatifully made, and the first time I played it, it brought a tear to my eye. It makes me really think about life, and what it stands for, and what we should do with it. As good as The Company of Myself.

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Sep. 7, 2010

Under rating threshold (show) This game is amazing. So many underlying messages that really make you think. 5/5

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Apr. 14, 2010

Under rating threshold (show) This is a beautiful game. The mere aspect of it, a girls extra terrestrial friend protecting her family from their own kind. Such a beautiful and moving game. I don't care what all the people have said bellow, all they want is violence and endless onslaught. This is definately getting a 5/5 as the idea and beauty of this game is amazing. It's also a real eye opener, of what we are actually doing to ourselves. Bravo!

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Jun. 7, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) Beautiful, yet very sad.

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Jun. 5, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) this game is make me sad..

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Jun. 30, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) I almost cryed..... Why the alien died :( He was soo good he did nothing wrong and yet the still killed him 5/5

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Aug. 13, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) SPOILERS Here's all the endings: 1. None of them dies: They will mourn you but forgets you in a short while. 2. The parents die*: The boy will leave but the girl will sit next to you forever. 3. The girl (& boy) dies: ? (I haven't been able to figure this out; the kids stay too close to the parents) 4. They all die: Nothing. The soldiers will just eventually overwhelm you and you'll die alone. * I suppose the same will happen if only the mom, dad or boy dies. The parents will forget about you quickly for sure, and so will the boy.

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Nov. 6, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) You know you can survive right? If you go back after the first time a soldier appears, you can board your ship and leave; three of the family members run away, and the little girl kneels there crying; it breaks my heart, but it's one way you won't die. + to let others see this.

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Dec. 23, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) I've never felt more awful in a video game than in this when the girl who first accepted my strange form died because I couldnt save her in time and the family wept over her. Truly an emotional piece of art. I replayed it just to see that when I did protect her, she was the one who stayed last when the alien died.

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Oct. 20, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) This game puts a spin on the "aliens crash to earth and kill everyone" plot. In this game, aliens aren't the bastards here. Its the soldiers,tanks, and planes shooting at you. This isn't your typical game where you can shoot all you want. Its a game about defending the family, and survival. Eventually, you die, and the surviving members of the family mourn you as it starts snowing... The game is awesome when you put some thought into it.

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Apr. 10, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) NO I hate my Badge Take it back you kiled him and rewarded me for it.

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Apr. 28, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) Firstly, I thought dying was my own fault, not that it was supposed to happen. Which ties in with what I'm going to say. He stood there, taking the hits for this family, when he dies, they mourn for a bit, none longer than the girl, and simply walk away, as do we. This game makes me think of how people in wars lose a friend or something and are convinced that it was going to happen anyway, so they forget it. All the good deeds he's done, and you forget him.

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Dec. 21, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) Touching. Good job on making me cry man. One of the best art games out there, there should be a tag for games like this.

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May. 8, 2010

Under rating threshold (show) Agreed, you hating noobs need to leave. This game is not the blood and gore and TD you're used to, so you rate it down for being "Boring". Yet this game has a meaning to it like most other games. Except most other games say "KILL KILL KILL!". This game simply says, "Why?"

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Dec. 27, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) I love how the alien gets slower and more slumped the more damage he takes.

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Oct. 21, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) Beautiful story, people loving a giant blob instead of fearing it and being hostile is something that should happen more often. Sure the alien could have been a monster that kills everything in sight, but by giving it a chance these people let it show how courageous it could be. Giving the ultimate sacrifice to save the ones you love is an admirable trait that I wish more humans had. 5/5.

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Mar. 17, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) I love this game but it makes me kinda sad..

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Dec. 7, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) This was a very nice and moving game and it made me cry. You did what many people have attempted to create with words but failed horribly. Great job and very good insight into humanity. 5/5

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Nov. 15, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) This was really depressing. I wish I knew what happened to the family after I died though. I mean, since the soldiers weren't shooting at you specifically, I'm assuming the war wasn't about OMFGALIEN. Does the family survive the war once you're gone? D:

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Aug. 29, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) I think most people did not notice that there are different endings to be achieved!

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Dec. 27, 2010

Under rating threshold (show) This game is so great. For people who think this game is boring because your not fighting I don't care This came is great! Truely Great I give it a 6/5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mar. 22, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) Easy badge ? Since when watching an innocent friendly alien getting horribly slaughtered is easy ?

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Jan. 16, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) The fact that they walk away at the end doesn't mean that it's "forgotten." If someone dies protecting you, you don't forget that. It doesn't mean they stop caring either. People will stop crying about things after a while, even if they are extremely sad about it. Also, to Cobra Lionsfist, that heroic looking guy would die for nothing if he charges the enemy (or if the alien moves out of the way.) Nothing is accomplished whatsoever, his life is just thrown away. Good thing he hid behind the alien. Great game, it was really sad though.

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Mar. 19, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) I agree with childofthenight this game is very unique and it derserves a 5/5

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Apr. 15, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) A single tear came out of my right eye when I finished the game.I don't know why,but I felt very sad for the alien.

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Apr. 13, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) :'(

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Dec. 9, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) this alien has the best qualities of humanity. along with everything everyone talked about, it shows another virtue: pacifism. The alien did not show any aggression towards the enemy soldiers, just bore it and trudged on, always protecting, always being there. In literature, this alien would be called a christ-figure.

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Oct. 14, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) If only the girl survives in the end she will not leave the body of alien when snow starts raining, instead she just cries there as she got nothing else left and gets burried by the snow.

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Jan. 13, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) I consider this kind of games to be truly a magnificent piece of art. The music is absolutely amazing, especially when there is some sort of 'drama'/'feelings' attached to the music if you even get hit, or a human dies. The story, the art, the music all in all a MASTERPIECE! Favorited 5/5

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Oct. 22, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) " I saw the girl, and she saw me. She took me in, she loved me. She showed me to her brother, and we became quick friends too. I scared her parents, I never had any myself. But they soon realized that I was harmless and nice. They were kind to me... But that all ended... With the war... I saw the bombs and bullets fly by my friends... I took those small lead pellets for them. I protected them... Though they shot bullets, though they even shot warheads and monstrous things... I stopped them. They loved me, and I loved them, but I didn't die... I slept. Forever in their hearts... Forever in their memories... Forever immortal..." ~Immortall 5/5 stars... So sad but so amazing... this rating remains... forever immortal :')

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Dec. 12, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) i love how the alien can move much faster when enemies are attacking - too protect the family..

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Sep. 8, 2010

Under rating threshold (show) Such a beautiful, yet tragic story this game tells...5/5 I almost cried >.>

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Dec. 28, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) I loved it. It was so simple and moving. I'm glad to find a game that gets away from the norm., but does it correctly. Most 'different' games fail or are just play weird, but something else, something better. It's a great game to teach about life, no matter what form it comes in.

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Sep. 27, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) This game is so awesome, it's simply beautiful and I find myself coming back to play it again at least once every six months, it's just so well done, I LOVE it. Also this last time I played it I got a very sad ending, as I died having protected everyone a bullet passed through my dying corpse and killed the girl, just so very very sad, all my efforts and she still died T-T

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Mar. 11, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) The first really good game I dont want a sequel for.. it just doesnt need one, the message has been given.. amazing

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Aug. 26, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) I started to play this game for the badge. but when it started it hit me. the music, the idea of protecting people. the fact that the alien died for them, and in the end was left, only the girl really proving she loved him. And im a "kill kill kill destroy" type of gamer, but i liked this. Thank you for making this. Its games like these that make the gaming world worth it to me.

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May. 5, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) If just the little girl helping it made him grow... Then maybe it wasn't the bullets that killed him, but the hatred...

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Jul. 13, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) Right in the feelings...This game makes me wanna cry... So short, yet so beautiful...

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Nov. 2, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) this is a beautiful game, all I am going to say

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Oct. 21, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) Can you guys stop moving around so much, I'm trying to protect you here.

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Dec. 15, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) I'm not crying, I just decided to let my bodily fluids escape from my's just a coincidence. *Sniff*

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Sep. 17, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) Wow, I don't think a game has ever moved me so much. The beautiful artwork matched with the extremely emotional story just about brought me to tears. This game just shows how selfish and heartless we have become... This is totally getting a 5/5 from me not because of the game, but the message it sends. *sniff* :'(

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Apr. 19, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) I think it wasn't the bullets that killed it, it was its sadness about this cruel world.

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