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Jan. 26, 2016

Under rating threshold (show) the badges do not seem to work :/

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Feb. 20, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) well thanks pterodactyl but you dropped me in a pit

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Nov. 5, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) ....I just saw a stegosaurus get struck by a metor.....and it survived......

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Sep. 24, 2010

Under rating threshold (show) Hey! Triceratops! You're running the wrong way idiot!

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Jan. 26, 2010

Under rating threshold (show) Some pointers: Jumping over hills and up ridges is often faster Duck to avoid rocks and red dactyls and fall faster Jumping into the ceiling in caves can speed you up Repeatedly play challenge on Easy. Seek worms, eggs and fish, and get the lizards that are easy. Level 4 you can climb the rocks of the waterfall and get birds behind the trees (bird milestones were hardest). Hard Super Eggs: Level 2 fall in pit and go left Level 4 in cave under waterfall Level 5 in gray meteor Level 6 in volcano An extra egg or two in Medium With maxed stats: you can probably do all speedruns on Insane except Twin Peaks. For the Doom Surfing use challenge level 1 on easy and crawl so you don't outrun doom. Store 500 DNA in addition to maxed stats, then try Twin Peaks until you beat it. Finish the milestones and beat challenge on Insane for Bronto egg and final speedrun. IF THIS WAS HELPFUL PLEASE REPOST

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Nov. 30, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) Hey why is everyone runni..OH MY GOD! :O

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Aug. 24, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) Is it just me or is the doom wall genuinely scary? You are sprinting as fast as you can, running from a red wall of destruction. Anxiety ftw

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Apr. 23, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) This game is so goddamn hard on insane I had to call mom to pick me up-from my own house

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Feb. 21, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) Dear all you Bronchiosauruses who gave your lives to make a bridge so I could safely cross, you are my heroes :')

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Jul. 16, 2010

Under rating threshold (show) "Yeah, theres a giant cloud of doom coming, i think ill stand and look at it"

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Jan. 6, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) In speedruns, the dino is shown as a blue dot in the progress bar. Maybe indicate where the doom is by a red dot?

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May. 21, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) All the passwords for this game: Result Password ------------------------------------------ Low Gravity - astrosaur Huge Jump - leapinliz High Speed - dinoracer All Rocks = ballons - goofballs No Doom Wall - explore Super Strong - calcium Lots of Meteors - smokey No Sun - goodbyesun Lots of Hats - don8tosaur Extra Hat (might be outdated) - totinos Plus this so everyone can see!

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Jan. 15, 2016

Under rating threshold (show) the medium badge should be an impossible badge

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May. 11, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) Cheat codes Top Speed: dinoracer Mega Jump: leapinliz Super Strength: calcium Goodbye Doom: explore Low Gravity: astrosaur Boulders=Balloons: goofballs Lights Out: goodbyesun Meteor Storm: smokey Enable Hats: don8tosaur Enable More Hats: totinos Your Welcome ;)

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Jul. 22, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) I love how the dino has time to pause for small snacks while running for his life.

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Nov. 11, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) And I thought that 'Tower of Greed' was frustrating, boy was I wrong. IMO the medium badge doesn't match up to the difficulty at all. Bye bye Pixel badge.

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Apr. 16, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) Unbeknownst to scientists until the discovery of 65 million year-old screenshots were found, proving that the Triceratops was in fact the stupidest dinosaur ever to walk the Earth, in the wrong direction, Of course.

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Jan. 9, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) ***************HOW TO ESCAPE THE HAVEN(SAFE ZONE)************* If you complete hard mode in challenge,once you make it to the haven, sometimes you have to wait a minute, though if you jump onto the first platform, then jump onto the next one (or you can just find it, you see some of the roof above you is light brown, then immediately dark brown, seperarated by a distinctive line. If you jump in - between the 2 colours above you, you go inside the wall.then travel to your left(above the roof) you can eventually see the oustside. If you jump up the wall towards the outside, if you jump high enough you get out!!!! It also works on the speed run high rolling(I don't know any others)

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Jun. 28, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) I am a Ste-go-saurus! *crunch*

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Nov. 18, 2010

Under rating threshold (show) Yeah...I think I'll just let the poor bird carry me all the wa---DON'T DROP ME YOU BUG BRAIN!

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Jan. 5, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) I really want an on-screen timer for Doom Surf. I've had so many 59-second doom surfs I'm starting to find it highly suspicious (the gold milestone is at 60, for those who don't know).

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May. 8, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) Has anyone noticed that if you hold 1,it will make a exclamation mark. 2 for question mark, and 3 to make your dino angry. Perfect when dinos get in your way :P

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Jul. 23, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) What's the point of saving the Tricera Egg? It's just going to run right into the doom wall as soon as it hatches.

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Jun. 18, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) Scientists are still researching, but dinosaurs may have become extinct due to poor acceleration.

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Jan. 25, 2016

Under rating threshold (show) are the badges working?

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Jul. 11, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) I'd like to know why natural selection deemed this dinosaur's time travel organ as something not worthy of passing on to its ancestors.

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Jul. 5, 2015

Under rating threshold (show) passwords for mods: Top Speed: dinoracer Mega Jump: leapinliz Super Strength: calcium Goodbye Doom: explore Low Gravity: astrosaur Boulders=Balloons: goofballs Lights Out: goodbyesun Meteor Storm: smokey Enable Hats: don8tosaur Enable More Hats: totinos If this helped, please like this so that others can see!

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Oct. 24, 2015

Under rating threshold (show) Cheats: "don8tosaur" - Hats, "goodbyesun" - Lights Out, "astrosaur" - Moon Gravity, "leapinlis" - Super Jump, "smokey" - Meteor Storm, "totinos" - Robot Hat, "goof balls" - Boulders Become Balloons, "explore" - Goodbye Doom, "calcium" - Super Strength, and "dinoracer" - Top Speed. Please + to keep this post alive.

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Jan. 5, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) You can leave SHIFT pressed: speed boost will then automatically activate when ready.

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Jan. 2, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) Hello dino news. news update RUNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!

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May. 18, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) It's all fun and games until a stegosaurus won't move out of the damn way

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Mar. 18, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) Unfortunately, a majority of the dinosaurs died because they did not have a complex system of DNA upgrades.

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Apr. 4, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) Dinosaurs all went extinct attempting to Doom Surf.

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Feb. 15, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) Don't forget to press shift to boost, it really helps. You can use it once every 15 seconds.

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Jun. 19, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) Okey I finall got it... just a few things to say to those attempting the Imp: 1:Dont waste your DNA on early upgrades, try to get them maxed or nearly maxed and dont upgrade anything inbetween. The game is harder this way at the beggining, but its also less grindy... 2:This is quite a GRIND FEST. Be patient. It isnt so much about skill but rather be patient on this whole thing... 3:Twin Peaks is EVIL. Its probably the last true challenge to get the impossible badge in the whole game. If you CAN beat this level on Insane, then the rest of the game is a cakewalk compared to it so you can do everything else, and the grind... well its just grind, you are bound to get the impossible eventually when you beat this level. 4: F*** Twin Peaks. No seriously, everyone should hate that level. As for the game itself... well it was fun despiste the grind. 5/5- could be a little less luck based at times but okkk

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Jun. 26, 2015

Under rating threshold (show) I always wondered why there weren't any triceratops in the world anymore, and after this game, I know it's because they all went the wrong way.

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Jan. 9, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) Pterodactyls are the worst. "Haha, we can fly! We can escape the wall of doom! NOW WE WILL DROP ROCKS ON YOU!!!"

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Jan. 8, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) I own several Multiplayer-Games. MW3 for example. Or Assassin's Creed. So WHY DO I END UP PLAYING DINO RUN ALL THE TIME??

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Aug. 12, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) i was surprised at how easy the hard badge was. At first I thought, oh man, this will be impossible. But then i loaded up easy challenge and got 36 seconds on my 4th try. wait until doom catches up, and stay as close to the black falling rocks as you can. crawling can also help.

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May. 22, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) I'm stuck between a rock and a very hard place...

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Apr. 9, 2015

Under rating threshold (show) what if everyones going the wrong way and the one triceratops is going the right way...

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May. 30, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) why does almost everyone go the wrong way? at least the bird understands but still, the bird is so selfish to fly away so fast that i cannot even jump on it...

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Jun. 22, 2010

Under rating threshold (show) Cheats:speed run-dinoracer mega jump-leapinliz super strength-calcium goodbye doom-explore low gravity-astrosaur boulders=ballons-goofballs lights out-goodbyesun meteor storm-smokey enable hats-don8tosaur all cheats press "+" if it heped u :P

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Mar. 30, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) Glitch: i was on level 3 ( in the big tunnel on medium run ) and a boulder came down and i got on it and it bounced me into the ceiling and there was no way out :( plz fix

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Sep. 5, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) crap, I just fell right through the game!! and it was my last life!! and it wouldnt let me upgrade anything!! im gonna forget the pixel quest if I gota complete this stupid games challenge -_-"

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Dec. 16, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) Here are the cheats (dinoracer - top speed) (leapinliz - mega jump) (calcium - super strength) (explore - no doom wall) (astrosaur - low gravity) (goofballs - boulders turn to baloons) (goodbyesun - lights out) (smokey - meteor shower)

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Aug. 13, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) I counted 120 seconds of doomsurfing. My computer's so slow, it said 8 seconds.

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Aug. 3, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) I got stuck in a ditch and a triceratops fell on me...

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Jun. 18, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) The final days of the Parkourasarus...

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Dec. 6, 2010

Under rating threshold (show) Here are some pointers: 1) Press [Shift] every 20 seconds for a short speed boost. 2) Collect yellow flowers for longer speed boosts. They are low to the ground so you have to duck to get them. Try to keep your feet on the ground, it is only effective if you are running. 3) If you jump over something press down to reconnect with the ground so that you can continue running and regain speed. 4) If you just miss a valuable item don't be afraid to turn around and grab it really quick, especially if it is a yellow flower, you can easily make up the time. 5) If you are stuck behind a triceratops, stegosaurus, or whatever, you have to run back a little bit to jump over/onto them. Both of the other dinos are affected by objects colliding with them so try not to push them from behind but instead jump onto them, at least half way over. If this was helpful to you, rate it up [+] so that others can read it too. :D

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