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avatar for darkcloud3

Apr. 9, 2015

Under rating threshold (show) The energy model for this game was a lot better than the new one. Shame this one is being replaced with a more pay-to-win version. You should've scrapped the energy system, or at least make it easier, not harder. Ten minutes was a forgivable amount of time, but 30? Guess you didn't realize you NEED free users for the paying users to fight against. RIP Tyrant.

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avatar for stompy80

Oct. 9, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) Bring back the 25 wbs in crates

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avatar for Gamesuser201

Apr. 16, 2015

Under rating threshold (show) It's ironic if they think the other version will replace this one or even earn them more fans,let alone profits.

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avatar for creator44

Nov. 23, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) All the decks that cost war bonds should still have a gold bar cost that's sorta high like the HOMELAND one that way you can still get it but requires lots of work. Hope everyone agrees and pluses this.

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avatar for Turtlehead

Aug. 9, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) For new players, Tyrant 101: Skip Arctis raid. Don't join any of the other raids until you have done most or all core missions. Use your gold to buy gold packs. Don't sell ANY cards. Save your WBs! They're precious and best used for specific cards once you know the game. Never WB a card which can eventually be gotten with gold. There's a wiki which lists all the cards, do a search. I loathe rate up requests but this will mean I can stop telling every new player the same things, so please do so.

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avatar for fiestaenmicasa

Oct. 29, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) sweet got one more WB in a crate...just another 6-7 months and I may have enough to buy a card

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avatar for Spanktolker

May. 1, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) Receive 2,000 gold for five war bonds? No thanks... How 'bout I receive 5 war bonds for 2,000 gold instead?

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avatar for Gordon1982

May. 13, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) it would be good if we could sort cards from newest to oldest (newest addition to our collection, through to oldest). too often, I get awarded a card for completing a mission, but have already accidentally clicked "do again" without even seeing what the card was.

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avatar for Hellder

Oct. 23, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) Tournament reward cards should be updated since their value awfuly decreased !

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avatar for Emerald_M

Feb. 2, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) Just a suggestion. How about if we have a card but it is in another deck it appears when we search for it but it is greyed out. Then by prompt we are given the option to pick it out of the other deck. It isn't an issue but it would be really convenient.

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avatar for ShadowPhex

Jan. 23, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) is it me or are packs expensive. $10=100kreds=60 warbonds = 2 packs. that is $5 per VIRTUAL pack. That is way too expensive for a virtual set of cards. If we are going to support you, give us some support.

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avatar for MuffinMan739

Jun. 6, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) Some of the other card packs should be priced in gold, so that the gap between 10,000 and 60,000 would be filled better.

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avatar for Emerald_M

Dec. 30, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) selling is currently a completely useless feature. 1k gold for a legendary? You kidding me? I would love to see an updated selling feature with cards having a more acceptable value.

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avatar for SushiKing500

Nov. 14, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) The "Special Promotion" of buying 10000 gold for 20 WB... CAN we also get a "Special Promotion" That you can buy 20 WB for 10000 gold????

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avatar for killeracura

Oct. 1, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) I remember when this game started it was so easy to get free war bond from crates now you pay for them -.-

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avatar for samsung180

Oct. 7, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) 130 War Bonds for 200 Kreds, which is $20. So, for over $20, you can buy a fictional card. Hmm, I think I'd rather buy, say food, or clothing.

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avatar for Altanom

May. 19, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) The moment in the daily chance when you pick the crate with the generator, and all the crates around it are either 1 or 5 wb.

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avatar for 1stworldproblems

Jun. 18, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) you know, i really would like the developer to answer some of the top comments...

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avatar for Spader85

Jan. 21, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) If you're going to get rid of crafting, make sure faction wars give more money, and maybe, reward the completion of a quest with a chance of getting a warbond or two.

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avatar for meop79

Mar. 10, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) Achievements should award war bonds as well as cash rewards....

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avatar for benoz11

Nov. 2, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) Why is there even an option to spend 5 war bonds on a bronze pack. At what point in this game is it going to be more likely to come by 5 warbonds than 200 gold?

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avatar for 3discool

Dec. 16, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) I feel like common/uncommon cards aren't being used as much (besides in Tournaments) as rare cards do, so I just like to suggest - Why not put a tile in conquest that only allows common or uncommon cards to be played in that tile? It'll give a nice refreshing and strategic twist in the conquest.

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avatar for George_1982

Apr. 22, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) The cards you get from daily chance should atleast match our level. I mean if you are not getting a component or WB, you don't want a card that you already have 35 copies of.

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avatar for Blurrr2

Apr. 3, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) Cards sell for way too little.  Buying a homeworld pack costs 60,000 gold, and selling all the cards you get (assuming no legendaries), will only give you 210 gold.  That's almost three hundred times less than the buy price.  A higher sell price, or a trading system (like turning in a card for a random one in the same pack 1 rarity down) would be much appreciated.

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avatar for neosapian6

May. 7, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) trade gold for warbonds? or put a gold price as alt for warbonds? i mean come on, its hard to get gold to begin with, why not just put stuff for gold instead of always warbonds...

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avatar for Liquifactor

Jun. 3, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) Just at least increase the chances of getting wbs since theres no more 25wbs.x.x

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avatar for Gaarashatan123

Oct. 16, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) i wish we could buy all card packs with gold at least :*(

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avatar for casmouse

Apr. 4, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) There should be a little bio on all the commanders like where they are from, how they joined that faction that sorta thing

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avatar for IMirage12

Oct. 30, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) please add raid chat

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avatar for Masterdindin

Jan. 12, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) How about after you beat the campaign associated with a card pack, that set is unlocked to be purchased with gold? Seems unfair that only 2 specialty packs can be bought with gold when war bonds take forever to get.

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avatar for shermjoe

Dec. 17, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) 10% chance a day for 1 wb and 1% chance for 5. why even bother. like if you want the odds considerably increased.

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avatar for ozzy0

Oct. 2, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) what about a double xp weekend or something like that?

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avatar for greatniss

Feb. 10, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) A suggestion: create a keyboard shortcut for the "Skip" button, perhaps the spacebar.

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avatar for DANzam222

Jul. 1, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) I personally have no problem with pay to play people having a competitive edge, but with 5 full sets being warbond exclusive, and an entire armada of exclusive promo cards, and more decks, energy, multiple refills. Frankly, warbonding players have an extremely unfair advantage over people who just want to have fun. Synapticon, if you're going to listen at all, please make the rest of the packs gold buyable.

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avatar for Bunnyboiler

Nov. 4, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) Fair warning to new players- be advised game is shutting down August 1st 2015. Be mindful of Kred purchases with this game, they will disappear!

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avatar for xufeitan

Oct. 20, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) It would be nice if we earned extra loyalty from surging.

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avatar for Kanga2Roo123

Dec. 10, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) it would be nice if in factions it could show the activity of each player so you can tell which person to kick and which person not to kick.

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avatar for Smartass300

Dec. 16, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) Me: "I can't take it any more! I'm buying the bloody war bonds!" *looks at prices* "Neever mind." Honestly Synapticon, if you must remove all free WBs, at least make them cheaper.

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avatar for klaasdeboer

Nov. 4, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) @bean how about you try to obtain cards yourself in stead of buying everything with WB? Legendary means legendary, not "available at your local store".

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avatar for Vandal_Unknown

Apr. 6, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) Needs a better way to sort cards according to wait, activation/passive skill, attack/health, card rarity,... I'd even take simple "sort alphabetically" button.

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avatar for thetoofatman

Jan. 14, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) NEXUS FOR GOLD!! the developers acutally listened to us! *a tear of joy rolls down my face*

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avatar for SkyLightMuse

Oct. 28, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) I've been playing for about 2 months... guess how many WB's i've gotten! *Drum roll*.... One. A single WB... I know you guess don't want to re-add 25 WB crates, but what about 10? or make 5 a bit more common- hell! make 1 WB crates more common at least.

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avatar for Arsenus

Mar. 2, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) Summary of suggestions & wishes: Easier/other (free) ways to obtain bonds // faster/more (max) energy (mabye 2/min and +5 max for each lvlup?) AND less energy for missions // live PvP/defence // definately (not maybe) stamina for faction wars // card trading or at least a lot more gold for selling // more content, a use for arena beyond 5k rating // more faction benefits (faction trading) // more benefits for lvlup (12+), other than only a refill // idle bonus (gold, faster energy regen, chance for WB etc.) // XP/gold for arena battles and lost missions // no FP loss in faction wars.

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avatar for BlackWargreymon6

Feb. 4, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) Feb.18,2013, Tyrant's 2nd birthday, i wonder if synapticon will launch a new event, new missions/achievements or give all players full capacity of shards. Don't expect free warbonds, obviously we won't get them.

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avatar for xSlySpyx

Jun. 5, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) 10 wb for a random rare?! its a trap!

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avatar for dobson27

Jun. 12, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) need new ways to get wbs

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avatar for lukeskulla

Nov. 18, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) So I was thinking. Since the game is shutting down why don't we get stats as a reminder of all the shit we've been through. I'm talking about something like gold spent, gold earned, how many of each pack have we bought, how many cards sold etc. At least then we can be proud of ourselves.

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avatar for TrueTyrant

Nov. 12, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) An "Epic Arctis Vanguard" Raid Would Be Interesting, lol, Something Like "Elite Safeguard" As One Reward. Just Sayin', Though

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avatar for kinthaph

Feb. 2, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) @Ctrl V: if you copy a high rated comment, your comment will just get voted down.

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avatar for Xaysh

Nov. 26, 2011

Under rating threshold (show) @Telapoopy ALL packs should be buyable with gold.

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