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Oct. 29, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) this game needs to work on the matches, and what i mean is when i play a bunch of 63 level and up people are on the other team but on my team we are all level 60 and below, this makes the game less fun because its not an even match what-so-ever, these guys could really do alot of people a favor by doing something about this, thanks.

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Jun. 15, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) I suggest that a firing range is added where you can test weapons that you don't have or the weapons you have so a person can experience the fire rate and/or get used to the iron sight and practice aiming with guns from unlocked sets. This could help players determine what gun to buy.

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Sep. 26, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) I don't mind the roulette having uneven odds, they have a good reason for it but... I think the random weapon reward chance is way too low (less than 0.5%). I think it shouldn't be that rare. I wish it had at least a 3% chance. 3% chance is basically 1 in 33. Since we get 3 spins a day, that's 11 days worth of spins. Meaning on average with 3spins/day you'd get that reward 2~4 times a month. I don't think that would be broken.. do you guys?

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Aug. 13, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) Some achievements should give a small amount of gp as an award. Some people finish a really hard achievement (dark star, dragonstar, some classified etc) and then the game goes "oh , here have some cr which you get everyday from roulette and by playing" and it just feels empty.

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avatar for ErikohlsReborns

Dec. 9, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) 1. Need a way to create you own game room. 2. Need a way to compare 2 weapons. 3. Make longshots count as headshots in contracts. 4. Add the climb up ladders skill on skill tree. 5. Need a 'tutorial' to explain wath are ragekill, stormkill, longshots, etc. Click + if you agree. 5/5 game

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avatar for Waffleischeezey

Sep. 7, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) The roulette table always seems to sneak past the good things

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avatar for reukies

Sep. 14, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) How about a feature that can be used to compare 2 different guns?..i am tired of scrolling over guns to see their stats

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Apr. 15, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) Here an ideal for the contracts if you don't complete the contract in a 3 to 5 days period the contract will change so you don't have to stare at the screen wondering how I will complete this contract

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Developer response from tfender

we'll think about this

avatar for Dregamus

Feb. 26, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) *BRAINEXPLODE* I'm now stuck on the 15th bronze contract --- get 4 ragekills on the parkside_dm map. How am I supposed to do this with the anti-farming countermeasures? Every ragekill i get on that map now fails. At first i was happy to see the devs trying to counter the farming problem. I hated hopping into a game and having everybody tell me they're farming. I do everything legit and now that the anti-farm stuff affecting me, i hate it. I'd almost rather have half of the maps full people farming again. This seriously makes me regret spending kreds on this game, and I kind of want to take down my youtube vids of it and quit playing now. AT LEAST change the contracts so that they don't conflict with the anti-farming countermeasures.

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avatar for Godunited

May. 23, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) There should be a GP award if you log in every day for a week.

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avatar for HaywireBear

Apr. 8, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) Good game. However, I think there needs to be a mode called; Firing Range. Where you can set up weapons, test them out to see if you'll save up to buy them, or ignore their existence. That, and to test the W-rank parts [The additional gun add-ons for basic GP Purchased guns] Keep up the good work!

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avatar for jmora_s

Mar. 17, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) Minor suggestions: 1. Let the preferred firemode be stored in the weapon set profile DB as well: if you set full auto/single shot during a game, it will remember, so you don't have to go switching all the time - which by the way, is bugged (won't always change firemode, must press the assigned key many times); 2. I'm sure you've thought of this, but taking into account the remote chance you haven't hehe: isn't it possible to let players create their own rooms? (decide on room name, map, game mode, number of players, password, etc..) 3. W-tasks are great, but it'd be good if you had for the same weapon, more than one W-Task - I mean, a different W-Task for a different weapon modification. Example: HK416c - w-task1=collimator=70longshots, wtask2=silencer=20 doublekills, wtask3=... etc. [I obviously haven't gone through all the suggestions already made, so I apologise if I'm repeating any]

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Developer response from tfender

thanks for your suggestions 1. cando 2. not now, but it'll be possible later 3. there will be weapon customization feature

avatar for Foxhound_Hunter

Nov. 20, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) I enjoyed this game and I look forward to killing by the hundreds!

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avatar for soilder112

Jul. 5, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) God.... That roulette is so cruel.... I was about to get Black division... Then it skipped like a troll....

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avatar for GoodGun5

Feb. 10, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) The chances of getting something other than nothing and CR should increase the more consecutive days we log on.

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avatar for GameBuilder15

Sep. 6, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) You should be able to see if the server fills up while waiting for the map to load. Seriously.

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avatar for AllanD14

May. 13, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) I think a new idea for expanding on the Clans would have to be adding a messaging area, where you can leave inbox messages to your clan mates or personally message specific people in your clan. It would lead to better communication about EXP. Sharing and heck, even congratulating them on the position you finished in during the Clan wars

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Developer response from tfender

this is planned. thanks! also there will be unique clan skill system, weapons and camo

avatar for Thierteen

Oct. 3, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) To devs: Contracts should rotate at the same skill level... im tired of seeing the same contracts that I cant complete becasue I dont have GP

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avatar for notmyid

May. 14, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) Here's an idea: Give out a daily trial period for any premium gun, like one game or 30 minutes, and when you've tried all the guns, you can't try anymore. Doesn't harm anybody and will SURELY increase your revenue. +No more rants about weapons being crappy. If you support this idea, you know what do, Kongre-gators, unite!

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avatar for zxcvzxcvzxcvzcv

Jun. 22, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) Hooray for the extra spin. I get twice as much nothing now :D

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avatar for wertykauhan

Sep. 10, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) i saw how the roulette table rolled a milimeter backwards even though the picture changed to black division it rolled backwards to CR

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avatar for PR0KI11A

Nov. 3, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) i think as you do parts of the w task the price to task it should go down for example i have w tasked my colt python elite revolver 44% so i think the cost of the w task should go down 44%

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avatar for yogoho

Oct. 19, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) They should make long shots count as headshots

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avatar for jasperdog50

Jul. 18, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) They need to fix the longshots not being headshots. Cause a longshot IS still a headshot .

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avatar for manion123

Nov. 17, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) give us 10 seconds of invulnerability cause there are so many retarded bitches that think they are so awesome when they are spawn killin

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avatar for PhilippineFury

Apr. 1, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) Suggestions: 1. We should be able to buy character skins and clothes to be able to blend into the surroundings. 2.We should be able to sell old weapon. and 3. Weapon Modifications

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avatar for IR0NSIGHT

Nov. 9, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) A smoke grenade in any of the skill tree would be great.

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avatar for TheForcer

Dec. 28, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) Have you considerd putting in a testing game mode where we can test out guns before buying them???

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Developer response from tfender

yes, it's planned

avatar for imoner

Jan. 31, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) You could add a weapon comparison option.

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Developer response from tfender

we'll do it later

avatar for FrostedCherry

Aug. 21, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) 2 things please. 1: In Hardcore please remove the penalty of -10 if we get team killed, it makes no sense whatsoever to get a penalty by dying at the hands of your teamate. 2: Please,Please,Please lower the cost of repairing the IWI x95r , the prices are crazy high. Thank you Devs keep up the good work

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avatar for mudtrooper

Feb. 25, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) I just want to say that the indicators for the vip and the conquest stuff blocks the view of enemy. My only suggestion is to either find a way to make them transparent when you are aiming in that direction or raise them to be above the person or area

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Developer response from tfender

it'll be fixed in nearest update

avatar for beachboy007

Jul. 13, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) It says there's a free skill reset but they charge 100k cred?!

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avatar for 0val

Nov. 15, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) @BloodAssassin72 I agree. A campaign would be awesome since we know little about the story itself. Although it will probably never happen.

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avatar for Dilwo

Nov. 25, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) Please for the love of god. Make longshots count as headshots towards contracts.

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avatar for mooneyesoul

Mar. 18, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) How about the longer you stay the VIP the more EXP you gain

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Developer response from tfender

that's a good suggestion thanks

avatar for Crankoa

Dec. 26, 2012

Under rating threshold (show) Should fix the ladder, Its really risky going down it

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Developer response from tfender

we'll fix it a bit later

avatar for xcldx

Jan. 8, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) Awesome game. I would definitely want to have the ability for private games (for friendly games or clan practices). Like others have said, a comparison feature and a practice range for stuff you already own and what you plan on getting is a plus. Also, I definitely would like to be able to add custom attachments on the areas I want, instead of pre-bundled mod sets. Also, the fact that you can't make a short-ranged sprint in-game is another thing to add. Other than that, it's a great game with really nice gameplay.

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avatar for owenknewson3

May. 17, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) i think gp should be given when u level up.

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avatar for Awesomeshooters

May. 9, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) Capture The Flag would be awesome!

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avatar for troopdude

Nov. 29, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) Can we PLEASE have a contract refresh button? Something where we can refresh our contracts once a week or something. It took me FOREVER to do the contract I just did, and I feel like if I could have refreshed it, I could have completed a lot of other contracts.

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avatar for GoodGun5

May. 27, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) The roulette should be divided into spaces based on the chance of getting it i.e. higher chance of getting = bigger space. Lower chance = smaller space. Similar to the Wheel of Fortune. It bugs us how both the Gp and NOTHING are close, yet we always get ripped off because the roulette is rigged to only give us nothing.

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avatar for MewyCo

Apr. 21, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) There's a QR code on the Colp Phyton. Does anyone know about it?

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avatar for Homeless_Joe

Nov. 12, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) You need to work on the f***ing knife hit registering system.

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avatar for Balistiko6

Jun. 25, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) they need to add server hosting so I can actually play with my friends. regardless of their level.

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avatar for killer69251

May. 22, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) more SP points or lower the cost of the skill points also add like at least a bit more inflation and make more killstreaks

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avatar for EXFusion900

Nov. 30, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) Suggestion: A large portion of your audience wants all quests to rotate. I suggest they all rotate every week but they don't repeat. This will make the game fair and balanced. I am tired of trying to complete a quest but cant because for whatever reason. Please change your contract system.

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avatar for Dalorian

Feb. 26, 2013

Under rating threshold (show) I want to sell My Crap Weapons!

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Developer response from tfender

ok we got it

avatar for CaptainMethod

Sep. 21, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) Back when I started playing in January, I played this non stop. Now, I am getting my first PS3 and probably will not play this game anymore. Not because I am getting a PS3, because how downhill this game went. You do not give attention to the players anymore who give wondeful advice and would probably make this game a lot better. First you give us a daily bonus then you dont then you do then you dont. You guys need to get your priorities straight. You guys aslo make the roulette rigged. Im starting to think you guys dont care anymore and just use this game for money.

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avatar for Feniter

Aug. 29, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) .-. no servers on old_sawmill it was the most popular map(Before this Update)

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avatar for SirKasm13

May. 27, 2014

Under rating threshold (show) I agree with GoodGun5. Change the Roulette Table so that it uses like a needle that spins clockwise at a randomized speed, at a random starting position, and the spaces are sized according to rarity. I've been ripped off by getting a small amount of CR or Nothing in general, despite it slowing down and SHOULD BE stopping on the GP.

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