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We know what you're thinking. How could Kongregate possibly get any better? Our team has spent about 20 minutes putting together this brilliant idea for an improved Kongregate experience for basically everyone, and have added a host of ways to make your day just a little harder.

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  • Free Ads for Gameplay and Browsing

    Kong Minus gives you bonus ads!Sometimes, less is more. This time, more is more! With Kong Minus, you get more ads AND more gaming! It's more of everything so that you can get the best of all worlds!

  • Exclusive Username Icon

    Get another icon, the ultimate Kong bragging right.There's nothing like showing off how cool you are, and Kong Minus will help you showcase your dedication to Kongregate. It's even cooler than Kong Plus!

  • One Global Chatroom

    Yes, you get to have one room!It's hard to coordinate your friends into one chatroom, and now, you don't have to! With Kong Minus, everyone is placed in the same chatroom so that you can talk with people speaking all kinds of languages. It's a cultural melting pot!

  • Subpar Profile Skin

    Make your profile the butt of jokes! Minus members can choose from a narrow selection of one profile skin made for absolutely everyone by the “artist“ who had about five minutes to spare yesterday. Don't worry, there won't be anything complex like art from your favorite games!

  • Beta Blocking

    Be the ultimate game snob with zero beta access. Why play games before they're finished? You don't want a game just for you; you want a game everyone will enjoy. With Kong Minus, you won't get to play any beta games at all, and game developers will never hear your feedback!

  • Penalty Kreds

    Because we really, really like you… As a “thank you“ for signing up for Kong Minus, we'll lighten your load by taking 50 Kreds out of your account, just because we care! We'll save them and buy ourselves some black diamond armor in the games we love!

Try your free KongMinus trial now!