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Over the past 10 years, Kongregate has grown into a fantastic community of gamers and game developers. 10/10 Would Play Again is our 10th anniversary celebration event, in which we reveal 10 things for you to enjoy and participate in throughout the month. Have fun, and keep on playing!

LIVE STREAM! Check out the forum post for more info!
Extra Life

We're pledging to play games for 24 hours straight on Nov. 5, 2016, and we'd love your support!

Make a charitable donation to our local children's hospital for Kongregate profile awards, and other rewards and prizes. Plus, we'll stream our whole 24 hour event, and you can cheer us on as we fight off sleep and do silly things (including some user suggestions) as donations rise! All donations go straight to the hospital to help them pay for expensive equipment and cover costs for children who can't afford the care they need.

Visit the forum thread for more info on donation rewards, and feel free to ask questions or share ideas!

START: November 4th, at 5pm PST // DUE: November 11th, by 5pm PST
10th Anniversary Game Jam

We're hosting our second ever game jam to celebrate our 10th anniversary, and it's gonna be SWEET!

A game jam is an event where game developers challenge themselves to make a game in a short period of time. You can do it by yourself or with a group (so if you can't program, you can team up with a programmer to make music or game art). If you can't do any of those things, don’t fret! At the end of the jam, we'll pick winners in various categories, including a crowd favorite game, and award them prizes! So stick around and play the games when they're done and vote!

Visit the forum thread for more info on prizes as well as tips on how to have a fruitful game jam.

START: October 14, at 10am PST // DUE: October 28, by 10am PST
Profile Skin Contest

We're holding our second profile skin design contest, and winners will get to see their work on profiles all around the site!

Users with Kong Plus get access to a set of profile skins to make their profile super cool, and we want you to make some new ones! Five winners get their profile skins added to the list that tens of thousands of users across the site can use. Each winner will also get two years of Kong Plus, so that they can use their skin, or one of many others. In addition, one lucky winner will get a brand new Wacom Intuos Draw tablet!

Visit the forum thread for more information on profile dimensions, pre-made assets, and prizes.

Help make a new Kongregate badge quest!
Design the Anniversary Quest

We're creating a celebratory anniversary badge quest, and we want you to help! Work with Greg and your fellow players to help design the 10th Anniversary quest.

A badge quest is a set of badges with a common theme, like physics games or games with achievements or the best games of 2012. If you complete the quest by earning all the badges, you get bonus points and are awarded a shiny medal for your efforts.

This quest's theme is the 10th anniversary, and we want to pick one badge from each year that Kongregate has existed, 2006-2016. Help us choose which games to include, and your efforts will be a part of Kongregate forever!

Visit the forum thread for more information on eligible games, badge quests, and Head Achievement Addict Greg.

START: October 19, at 10am PST // END: October 21, at 10am PST
Kongregate Chat Filter

We're replacing some of your words with other words! Visit Kongregate chat today, and see if you can find all the things we switched out.

We won't tell you what they are, but we trust that you'll find them. Try posting common internet terms into chat! Perhaps something tasty, we wouldn't lie to you. And don't forget to think of those wonderful Kongregate achievements. What is that thing you can earn by doing well in a game?

Visit the forum thread to share your discoveries with your fellow gamers and chatters.

START: October 21, at 10am PST
Game Tournament

We're pitting player vs. player in the 51st Kongregate game tournament, starting TODAY! Come and compete with your fellow gamers and win Kreds, or even a Kongregate t-shirt prize pack.

This tournament is hosted by Lebossle and back900, two prominent forumgoing gamers in the Kongregate community. The Overachievers tournament revolves around achieving difficult challenges in games. The winner of the tournament will get a Kongregate t-shirt prize pack and 500 Kreds. Four runners-up and one random raffle winner will receive 100 Kreds. Good luck!

Visit the forum thread to discuss the tournament and enter the competition!

START: Friday, October 28, at 4pm PST
Dognilo's Kongregate Trivia

We're testing you on your Kongregate and gaming knowledge with a trivia contest! Check out our livestream to answer questions as a community, and earn a community prize.

The first three rounds will cover general gaming knowledge, Kongregate history, and Kongregate games, followed by a mystery round, to be announced on stream. If you, as a community, successfully answer 70% or more of the questions correctly, we'll release the long-awaited ant Kongpanion! On top of that, we'll also give out random prizes along the way. As a stretch goal, we challenge the Kongregate community to score above 80% so everyone can vote for an "extra" prize!

Visit the forum thread to discuss and study Kongregate trivia, find out more about prizes, and to get further details on the trivia format!

START: Monday, October 31 at 11am PST
Reddit AMA - Ask Kongregate Anything

We're opening ourselves up so you can learn more about us! On Halloween morning, Kongregate is hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit, where you can ask us all the burning questions you've had for years.

This month marks ten years of us being a gaming community. Our original goal was to be a place where developers can create and try new things, and where they can be fairly compensated for their work, unlike most of the early days of Flash gaming. In the ten years since then, we've evolved into a deep and involved community revolving around hundreds of thousands of gamers and game developers. So come and ask us questions about the past ten years, or about the future, or what Greg's favorite badge is, or what Emily's favorite flavor of ice cream is!

Visit the forum thread to discuss the AMA or ask questions about the AMA. If you can't make it to the AMA, you're welcome to leave your question in the thread in the hopes that someone else asks it for you!

START: October 28, at 10am PST // DUE: November 11, by 10am PST
New Default Avatar Contest

We're updating our pool of default user account avatars, and we want you to see your art all over the site!

New Kongregate accounts are assigned one of many default avatars upon registering, and every few years, we add new avatars to that group. We've made all the ones in the past, but this site revolves around its community, so we want to let you participate! Five (or more) winners will get their art added to the default avatar pool to see on thousands of accounts across the site. Each winner will also get two years of Kong Plus, so they can enjoy recent profile skins made in our other anniversary art contest among other benefits. On top of that, one lucky winner will get a brand new Wacom Intuos Draw tablet!

Visit the forum thread for more information on file types and sizes, prizes, and inspiration.

By popular request/demand...
Level Cap Increase

We're increasing the level cap, as so many people have wished for over the years! As the final celebration point for Kongregate's 10th Anniversary and appropriately aligned with our theme of 10, we're increasing the user level cap by 10 levels, up to a maximum of 75!

Way back in 2006, we set the maximum user level to 65, and figured it would be awhile before anyone got there. Naturally, people rocketed up to the top, especially Jayisgames with all of his referrals from his popular game review site. As other people have hit the cap, they've requested that we add more levels so that they can keep on achieving, and finally, we've made it happen. Please enjoy this new potential achievement, and thank you for celebrating our 10th anniversary with us! We wouldn't be where we are without you, our community. <3

Visit the forum thread to share your thoughts on the 10th anniversary, and to share your plans for getting even more points here on Kongregate.

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