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Andrew Grim

Technical Director since Sept 2006

Andrew is the Technical Director at Kongregate and is dedicated to scaling its systems to enable continued growth of our community. He has spearheaded efforts to scale a founder's vision into a site that receives over 5m daily statistic submissions and 9mm unique visitors each month.

Andrew worked on the launch of zap2it.com in while working at Tribune Media Services in 2000, and spent years developing websites as a freelance developer. He studied math and computer science at Portland State and is moderately obsessed with the twin prime conjecture.

In his spare time he loves outdoor adventures and hacking on open source projects, include Ruby on Rails. He regularly attends and speaks at pdx.rb and enjoys sharing his experiences with scaling a large Ruby on Rails site. Andrew is also an avid gamer and one of his crowning achievements is beating Orbox-B.

Andrew's LinkedIn profile

Andrew blogs at www.stopdropandrew.com