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Ben Vinson

Software Engineer since Dec. 2006

Ben has worked on many of the features that make Kongregate unique: chat, achievements, badges, Kongai, the Konduit platform, and developer APIs. He is passionate about developing efficient client/server solutions which scale to handle many thousands of concurrent users.

One of the great things about Kongregate is the fact that players can earn cards, badges, and other achievements while playing their favorite games. Ben created and documented the foundation for an elegant and simple API which allows developers to easily add this type of functionality to their creations.

Kongregate's chat platform is based upon several open-source projects. The back-end XMPP server is a customized version of Openfire, and the client side uses the XIFF library. Ben has actively contributed improvements and bug fixes to these projects as a way of giving back to the community.

Ben also did a significant amount of work on Kongregate's collectible card game Kongai. Kongai is one of the highest rated multiplayer games on Kongregate, and is approaching 10 million gameplays.

While studying for his B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Colorado, Ben was a major contributor to the book Software Engineering for Game Developers. He also worked for the Center for Severe Weather Research writing software for the Doppler on Wheels mobile radar trucks (as seen on the Discovery show Storm Chasers). After graduating, Ben started work as a game developer at Electronic Arts. He was also the creator of the Leeroy Jenkins video, which is probably his greatest achievement to date.