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Greg McClanahan

Games Director since Aug. 2006

Best known as "that one guy who does all the achievements," Greg is the driving force behind all of Kongregate's badges and sponsorships, in addition to managing Kongregate's front-page content.

Greg's life has always revolved around gaming in one way or another. An avid gamer since a childhood with Commander Keen, he later worked at GameStop for 3 years in high school and college. It was there that he met his future wife, his supervisor at the time.

While double majoring in psychology and human development at UC Davis, Greg spent much of his time working at the university's student-run newspaper, The California Aggie. He worked as a copy editor, layout artist and videogame reviewer -- writing highly popular weekly game reviews that were often picked up by wire services to run across other publications nationally.

Immediately after graduating from college, Greg jumped into the casual gaming industry, spending a few months contracting for NHN USA before joining Kongregate as the first employee.

Greg started as the copywriter and community manager, filling out the site with text while appointing and overseeing Kongregate's volunteer chat moderators.

Once Kongregate's achievement system was introduced and the sponsorship program was started, Greg took over both, juggling them along with community management until the latter responsibilities were passed on to Alison Huffman and Rebecca Stanis (a detail often overlooked by users pleading with him for the chance to wield moderator powers in Kongregate chat).

Greg has since become an expert in achievement design and the Flash game sponsorship industry. He wrote an often-referenced guide to achievement design and spoke on a panel about sponsorships and licensing at the 2010 Flash Gaming Summit. He also spoke alongside Jim Greer about fatal flaws in Flash game design and development at Casual Connect in 2009.

Over the course of creating more than 1000 achievements (earned 100 million times by Kongregate players) and managing more than 150 game sponsorships (collectively driving 30 million referral clicks), Greg has seated himself at the core of the Flash gaming industry, forging working relationships and friendships with many of the biggest indie Flash developers across the world.

Kongregate's user community has also honored Greg by declaring August Greg Month, in which the site is flooded once a year with players stealing his avatar and posting horrifying Photoshopped images of his likeness.