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Enter for a chance to win prizes! To enter in our sweepstakes, reach level 5 in Epic Battle Fantasy 2. Each person who qualifies by November 16th, 2009 will earn the Phantasy Star Ø ticket and be automatically entered in our sweepstakes. See complete rules and eligibility »

Win Prizes!

5 Lucky winners will receive Nintendo DS, plus a copy of Phantasy Star Ø Congrats to our winners! gabbrio; zxcvasdf; sentenel; Superhook; goldemblem

About Phantasy Star Ø

The first true sequel to the award-winning Phantasy Star Online, Phantasy Star Ø is an online RPG for the DS that brings back everything fans loved about PSO. From the reintroduction of timed combat, the revival of the small robotic creatures known as Mags, and free, global online play from anywhere in the world - Phantasy Star Ø is back to break some barriers, and is the game that PSO fans have been clamoring after for years.

Players can create their own custom characters and take them through both offline and online adventures. Trade items with your friends, take on challenging missions, or see if you can collect all the extra titles and hidden items that Phantasy Star Ø offers to the most dedicated of explorers - there are rares aplenty to be found, but you'll need to work together if you want to find them all and complete your collection.

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