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Topic: Contract Wars: General / 20 quads in TC

Originally posted by LPAMCREW:

I dont think so, they would have to rework the entire contract system for that as is not the only “impossible” contract. Even if this is the only impossible one.

It is the only impossible contract. I’ve done all the others on multiple accounts.

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Topic: Helmet Heroes / Can't kick guild members

Kong players also can’t leave a guild on thier own. I would like to see that fixed as well if possible.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Obscure is More [Round 3 - #1 Albums]

I know Thriller is the one with 1 point but thats the only one I actually know, oh well

Thriller = Michael Jackson

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Topic: Star Era / Listing WB Box Drops

Originally posted by Ayrcast:
Originally posted by CommandEConquer:
Originally posted by pepinhus:


Awesome post, very insightful.
Now the WB contents have changed and I have gotten a Shadow Adeline from a lesser I’m going to keep record of them this season to check what do they have inside.

Thanks CC.

(and grats on LBS)

To be honest, I wanted more card max more than LBS XD.
Didn’t know you could get Shadow Adelin from lesser though,
I’m guessing it didn’t give out named cards before? Didn’t really pay attention.

until you reach the cap of 999 max card +5 is good, but anyway lb sirius is always better. When you reach the point, like me, that card maximum +5 gather uselessly in your bag because you can’t go over 999, then you’ll regret to have said this thing.

Well I’m semi-casual with Star Era, I don’t really care about getting top ranks in PvP or World boss so I don’t really need LBS.
I just get top 87(?) or top 150 if I’m lazy in evp ranks which is pretty easy to get. Getting top 50 in WB is easy since there’s not much people doing it (which is kinda sad). As for card slots, I’m only at 450ish slots atm so probably won’t get 999 any time soon lol.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Eredan Arena Patch Notes - Nehantist

^ and here is an example of constructive criticism.
if you’re not rude, you dodn’t even need to be polite.
straight to the point without any agressive aura. that’s constructive criticism and i approve of it (and appreciate albert pointing out my flaw for me to correct it)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why do we value authenticity?

I think that’s really interesting, IoD.

Uncanny Valley is certainly how we define monsters. Frankenstein and zombies are creepier than The Blob because of the distortion. It’s how we identify and define a “freak.” Humans are social and relate to other humans, and feel threatened by non-humans that appear to be trying to interrupt this organic relationship through disguise.

I can totally see that.

In non-human situations we still tend to prefer original objects over replicas.

If we were presented with two identical paintings by Degas and told that one was an imposter and the other was the original, why would we feel that the original were more valuable than the imposter? What is the inherent quality of “originality” that makes adds value? I don’t really understand that. (I’m not denying that original objects ARE more valuable; I’m just unclear on why.)

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / 20 quads in TC

I dont think so, they would have to rework the entire contract system for that as is not the only “impossible” contract. Even if this is the only impossible one.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Is there any point to ascend when we can get HS from rubies?

I’m static around z1150 currently, i get around 25k+ HS per run, each run takes an hour if I’m paying attention, more if I’m not. The dark ritual rush will work eventually, but in order to first get all your max-able ancients maxed that you want your’re going to need 200k+ HS, so ascend my dear friend.

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Topic: Technical Support / banned?! wth 4 plz!!!

i see. so ur just in the habit of categorizing ppl as so. It is evident there is a good reason u work online pip. if u worked face to face u would get slapped. ur so insulting. idk what kids and their parents have to do with here. and i dont care. im a grown man. R u telling me that u guys are so careless at ur job u didnt even take a look at my age?

here is kongs reply

Kongregate <>
10:29 AM (49 minutes ago)

to me
##- Please type your reply above this line -##
Your request (#92228) has been marked solved. To reopen this request, simply reply to this email.

idk what that means. ALL OF U JUST KEEP GIVING ME THE RUN AROUND AND U TELL ME TO WAIT AND WATCH?! NONE OF U ARE DOING ANYTHING TO GET MY ACCOUNT BACK TO ME!! its raining here today so i got nothing else to don but take care of this. im gonna leave message after message at the # where im spose to contact ppl

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / 'Never Gonna Blast You Up' vs Tank Team

K guys, let’s talk strategy here. Obviously, put the suppressors out if tanks reach. Spamming mines may be enough to take out a shell. R spam for blazers is a good defense tool (best used against bubbles). Assassins will have to panic spam and needler spam to get as many de buffs (you’re not here to kill). Everyone stay safe until you can capture. I actually think the flag thing you can stand on would be good for techs.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Exact Business Price Research Center

Originally posted by KLouD_KoNNeCteD:

How is he a racist?

Check your PM. So we don’t derail the research center. We could crash into something.

Originally posted by KLouD_KoNNeCteD:

4,11O Car Wash 18.48 Octosexagintillion
5,O1O Hockey Team 4.46 Octosexagintillion
6,11O Bank 16.16 Octosexagintillion
6,988 Oil Company 6.73 Novemsexagintillion
7,35O Lemonade Stand 46.71 Novemsexagintillion
6,2OO Bank 3O.66 Novemsexagintillion
5,525 Movie Studio 521.12 Octosexagintillion

Unless you prove otherwise, you are once an arsehole, always an arsehole. I would honestly add all your input if you did prove that.

And to all others, well done!

Here’s mine now:

Newspaper Stand #201 – 82.74 trillion
Shrimp Boat #161 – 22.21 trillion
Oil Company #141 – 355.22 trillion
Donut Shop #202 – 801.06 trillion

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Topic: Mecha Galaxy / HONOR GUARDS

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Bizon 2B Review

Originally posted by AndrewLyssunov:
Originally posted by Musicus:

Good Guy Andrew. Inserts own ID so he can be banned for haxing with Bizon.


inb4 Nqss bans Andrew for MLG hacking.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Dev] Upcoming PVP Update

Devs can we get more back and forth on the PvP change?

Again, it sounds like you weren’t going to implement 15 minute, 3x gold.

I think the 15 minute, 2x gold could’ve been floated better if combined with

  • “players will earn more gold as they hit higher PvP ranks”
  • “players will earn more SP in newer systems coming soon! We are excited to propose new changes!” (like Daily guild quests)
  • “In addition to this, we want to lessen the dependence on pvp being the main source of SP”

Any or all of these would’ve helped. Players would still be unhappy with the 2x, but less so.

And honestly, this is one thing where I think Quality of Life overrides the demand from a relative minority of hardcore grinders or botters.

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Topic: Mecha Galaxy / HONOR GUARDS

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Topic: Realm Grinder / "Best" Faction

Can barely do the three-combo with Druid, at the moment.

I’m kinda thinking they’re still worth it, but I was wondering if there’s anything near their level that could potentially be worth switching for?

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / AK 105, A Guide and Review

the pk-as’ x1.4 or smt zoom makes it quiet odd to use in the beginning and it’s visual recoil is comparatively more than CompM4 and for HC, its all your wish :P. i use the 3rd muzzle breaker (idk its name) and comp m4.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / The New EBR Marksman

not that much tho. The stock sight it`s still too sensitive xD
But one can get use to it.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / SR3M GOT BUFFED

Originally posted by JensK26:
Originally posted by Saturn5:

Haven’t used it much, but…
- Stats are the same.
- Awesome red dot is gone, now there’s a smaller green T. Hope WC overcomes that.
- Recoil is a slight vertical displacement, and gun doesn’t move at all. In other words, visual recoil is almost none and very predictable. It’s actually better than before.

I think the KP SR2 collimator is very similar to the old red dot. But still, I hope they add the old red dot again.

I actually like the green T.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The General Thread

Originally posted by BLOODYRAIN10001:
Originally posted by myhome16:
Originally posted by graveyard890:

I do feel like an idiot now, I read his post wrong, or I didnt [sic] actually understand his post too well, meh, its Monday, I have an excuse

Everyday is Monday to me. And when you’ve been around as long as I have been, you learn to search first and ask later. Also, …/forums/7099 apparently cleanses me of those needlessly crowding forums.

@Bloody: I remember when you had 1k posts. How Have I managed to let this slip this quickly?? You’re almost passing me.

Well, at least I still have my 6th place overall win reco-HEY WAIT WHEN DID KADLEON TIE ME!? <./surprise>

And I remember when Adeeb, Firespread, and the other old regs used this forum, it was more active, and Darkspell was a thing. We both miss the past. RIP FGF of 2011.
I also remember zotzot

Oh god the memorieeeees

I agree, earlier FGF and its regs will be sorely missed :c

Originally posted by myhome16:


Forget what I just said, the regs are coming back anyway

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist Mobile: General / How can I make more progress?

Nope…. Just wait it out

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / What Your Best Gun On This Game

till now-

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / PLEASE NQS READ THIS

Well…im tired of dealing with this so here is a “request” for you dear Moderator.

You can`t deal with stack, you can`t deal with renters, im fine with that.

BUT YOU CAN AND YOU SHOULD deal with the damn ppl playing with high ping.
Decrease the limit to 250 ping to be automatically off the match. Its impossible to play a good match with a server full of pingers (70% of players playing).



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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / AK 105, A Guide and Review

Originally posted by Twisted_Killer:
Originally posted by Nqss:

PK-AS + GK00, small brusts, i won

No :C

PK-AS is a cheap and easy collimator which have a tiny red dot and like CompM4 does block area around a bit, also good stats
GK00 is the best choice out there simply because it doesn’t reduce the damage of ak105 (since it fires slower then m4), increases range (which increases damage at disstance) and reduces recoil a whole lot!
I usually play it at HC so i don’t care much about skills to use with it, but this combo does do damage

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / AK 105, A Guide and Review

Originally posted by AncientMinion:

This won’t be the type of guide I’ll be doing.

That’s why mine is Unique <3