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well it should be saturdays , and sunday on cw weeks , but …
r2 said all cross server gbs be hold on sundays , and thers few posts from greenfire confirming it for sundays , but better be ready on saturday too , r2 give to much suprise and bad wording !

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Topic: Red Crucible / Red Crucible: Firestorm Wishlist

Originally posted by Dozrock:


Good call.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / 7e11 recruitment page

Originally posted by RustyMetalBox:

In-game Name: RustyMetalBox
Facebook Name: Murray Cheng
Current Level: 59
K/D: 2.32
% of contribution: 40%? Not entirely sure what this is. I’m thinking it’s percent of the XP that I accrue?

This is my first account, and so the K/D is significantly hampered. I have a second facebook account that I started, just to see what it would be like working back up through. That one is at 37, K/D 2.87, and actually have a few prokills there. :) But I won’t play that one further.

Please send in-game join request

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Topic: Red Crucible / boats

Don’t forget submarines.

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Topic: Off-topic / Anime Addicts Anonymous (AAA)

Originally posted by CyanCyanide:
Originally posted by Meistheman:

Whew, after watching the whole TWGOK series I am asking myself: “What’s up with that ending?”

I found the anime pretty fun, but the ending for me was a plothole, to be honest.

How was it a plot hole? It was sad, but it made sense.

I mean I would have wanted to know what happened afterwards.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Christians and Atheists have one thing in common.

Originally posted by WorthoftheGirth:

anyone who ever argues with you is wrong because they’re shoving their views down your throat therefore they don’t know what they’re talking about and you can ignore them because of that fact. Am I right?

From experience discussing with him, Aleazor doesn’t work like that. Sure his statement could mean that, but discussing a concept with Aleazor, it is just necessary to know what you are talking about, and to have your bases covered before you try to convince him of anything.

If there’s a potential hole in your argument, it’ll be found. Typically a concept is only ‘dismissed entirely’ if it’s way above his level, and then it’s the duty of the person making the argument to try and make it as accessible as possible if they wish it to be understood.

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Topic: Kongregate / Reminder: October is CROW avatar month

That is such a beautiful pumpkin. It’s such a shame that it will eventually rot.

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Topic: Off-topic / Honeybooboo's Mom and Dad (Big Obese Mama June & Diabetes Sugarbear) Split Up

Originally posted by abraaz:
Originally posted by Meistheman:
Originally posted by Pokerpo:

You should start watching TLC then. The #1 Program focusing on Education-

I prefer watching MTV. The #1 Channel focusing on Music.

What about The History Channel?. #1 Channel focusing on history (And aliens, obviously).

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Topic: Red Crucible / Golden Dragon

That’s what I thought.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Bug "suicide"

There’s also a wall in Kiev that you can jump onto that will get you killed.

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Guild recruitment

kong2024129 lvl20

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / How do I make FFT forums better?


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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / S&W Python Elite Shooter?

Please do inform us what happens when you complete it. I would be most interesting.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Assassin bundle : thoughts ?

Originally posted by Skyalice:

not available for purchase with HP, at least for now.

Still hoping although who knows, maybe they’ll bring out more preferable bundles later.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Gold Contract #33 Help

Here’s how I did it. Evac, the hill spawn by the helicopter. You know the wall with the barrels where people climb and headglitch on people in the hangar? They like to have their back turned to the helicopter, you can easily get a doubleheadshot by flanking them all the way from the back and coming behind them. Also when they spawn in the valley down behind the helicopter, you can shoot them down from several positions on the helicopter and transformer hill and net a doubleheadshot since they won’t know where you’re shooting them from.

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Topic: Red Crucible / Knife only matches tips

I’m waiting for a knife tutorial too.

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Topic: League of Angels / Missing Diamonds

Yeah, Kong and R2 are on opposite sides of the planet, so round-trip time for messaging isn’t optimal…

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Topic: Kongregate / The TriKongregator Tournament - Pre-Round [15 HOURS LEFT]

Welp third time playing, only posting since I noticed the kills. :>

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Topic: Forum Games / [RPG] Heroes of Patheus - Chapter 1 (Introductions)

Lorcrux Makineite
Well, something stupid happened, and some guy wearing a gold mask with black gemstones imprinted into it made an ass of himself. Honestly, I couldn’t care less; there are many people I’ve known who simply cracked under the pressure of constant hardship, training, and life-or-death situations, and became far stranger than he. Far crueler, too. Given the expensive-looking mask, though, I’m willing to bet that he’s from one noble family or another, born of some incestuous union no doubt. Really, when you’re looking upward from the very bottom of the barrel, everyone at the top looks the same to you.
I can’t imagine I’m going to get along very well with him, lest he can prove that there’s more under the mask than some clueless womanizer.

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Topic: Off-topic / Darude-Sandstorm

Originally posted by VanHalen1:


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Topic: Red Crucible / The AK74u

Must…. not…. feed… the troll….

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / why this game dying ?

f2p need godlikes, period. Give 1 ruby to every1, could be a 30 day login.

watched post season yesterday, what a leap from a few months ago, i counted 6 godlikes average per player. I thought i was on the chinese server !

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / How do I make FFT forums better?

Originally posted by abraaz:

Can I haz ur whatsapp’s plz

I am not giving you my whatsapp.

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Topic: General Gaming / "Learn to Fly" in 13 days - A detailed guide

16 Days, thanks, this helped a lot. It took me a few tries to get the techniques down, but I would just restart early if I needed to.

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Topic: Off-topic / You get raided by the SWAT

I’d just walk out with my hands up.