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Topic: Off-topic / What's that sound?

Papyrus Containing the Spell to Preserve Its Possessor from Attacks from He Who is in the Water?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should anti-vax people be banned from traveling and having children?

Originally posted by Jantonaitis:
Originally posted by yeasy:

Your question is in form ‘Should A & B’, A & B = logical statement C
Logical statement C consist of A, which states they should be banned from having children.

It’s limitation of the most basic human freedom/function.
Therefore, I won’t care about anyone’s argumentation.
Such banishment is simply inhuman and it’s not thing for debate.

I don’t have to refer to B, as invalidity of A already implies invalidity of C.

but you haven’t shown logical invalidity for either of the premisses. you trotted out the vocabulary – and then resorted to a value claim.

I don’t have to. It’s matter of personal ethics/morality, you either agree me or not.
Here’s invalidity:“’It’s limitation of the most basic human freedom/function.”

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed / Possibly the most OP card so far?

this card loses vs anything 5 armor or more.

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics / The Sanctum

I didn’t expect o finish, buts looks like I made it as far as I can. Just not strong enough for the sanctum. Seems like device could matter? I get this hoard coming at me no meter what I do; no way to avoid, no safe zones.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Ask darkfag

Originally posted by yeasy:

What you consider as topic worth locking?

PsychoRaito threads and Hunterhogan threads are notorious for being off-topic to Tyrant, so probably #1 on my list.
Carlos/jose/Chief/KapKur threads are quite humourous (if not also notoriously bad) so #2
Anything else depends on T&C

Originally posted by CadillacJenkins:

What’s a meta surge deck these days?

Thules, Imperial Raptors/Marms, depends so much on the faction imho since theres a lot more emphasis of def decks being not really useful for surge and therefore more specialised, I don’t see seers being used anymore :(

Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:

Couldn’t you have waited longer before opening your third thread in 2 hours?

Pls no more double standards, you said make thread after a AMA thread went off 1st page, and now it has so if u want to keep trolling then ur not welcome to any questions

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Topic: Contract Wars / STOP USING SNIPERS.

There are few maps where snipers are usefull. Don’t like snipers play on Bay5

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Ask Shderpful

In this thread, who actually won between the two competitors?

Given that both participants in the aforementioned thread have retired from the competition, what two active players would you personally like to see battle in a hypothetical future round?

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Topic: Contract Wars / Ban appeal

See, you are a sniper and you know how to hide and kill a lot, I was doing the same, I didn’t had one tree, but several safe spots. I was sniping from there, and when I go to the game next day it shows “Get lost You are banned”. WTF man, you know the feeling. It hurts when you play without breaking any rule and get banned for no reason. I don’t know why developers don’t understand. "

Originally posted by nacimex:
Originally posted by poopgloo:
Originally posted by ahbil:
Originally posted by Thilinas:

No way man, I can’t just redo the hard work. I played about 5 nights straight to get to level 20.

Originally posted by Herkuzz:
Originally posted by Thilinas:

my id 11112430
nikname : Thilinas

Reason: no reason.

Im a sniper in the game so I know how to hide and kill well. I don’t know any glitches. Just hiding under trees.

You’re level 20. just start another account/..

lol… 5 whole days? i can get to 59 in less than 2…


I got my main alt to level 30 in less than a day. I am also a sniper, and with my tree, i get 100% accuracy on first shot and double exp for longshots. Whenever you snipe, just aim for the head and/or follow my tree with your new account. Ign is snipernac.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed / you gon take it

Need infinate inventory space.

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Topic: Wartune / ROAAAR finally passed sky trail 2-10 as 140K Knight!

colud you share skills that you did used ? seems i got bit more def/attack but little less crit/block nd hp, and it does murder to easy , hope whit your help i do it too :P

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Abuse of power + Discrimination

Why did yeasy go from quirky/weird but with some interesting posts to 100% whiny/bitchy? What happened? The people want to know!

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Topic: Contract Wars / How to get that special skill behind the name..?

Oh that is called a “Class”, not a “skill” :P

There are five classes in game, Scout, Assault, Destroyer, Sniper, and Gunsmith.
What class you are depends on how much SP you spent on each skill tree.

But there are clan skills though,

From NQSS:

Why some skills dont apply to me?
There is skills in clan which applies to specific class only, which counts by amount of SP spent for a single class.
This way you may achieve clan bonus from skills related to certain classes.
If you are Clan leader and bought leadership skills, those apply only for your clanmates, while you are in the game. Leadership skills dont benefit clan leader.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Ask darkfag

Couldn’t you have waited longer before opening your third thread in 2 hours?

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Originally posted by storn42:
Originally posted by noone6:

I thought it was going to be a video of the mortar/nade shaking that is an actual earthquake in bay5.

Originally posted by TheDutchSoldier:

I expected 25 mortars.

Have mortars But just look at that recoil though. that thing is stupidly bouncy.

Or only realistic?
Hope that devs will implement real recoil, not only the teoretical we have now.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed / Possibly the most OP card so far?

Let’s use barracus as commander and the damage dealth by this card
1st turn: 16 damage
2nd turn: 11 damage
3rd turn: 13 damage
4th turn: 35 damage?
5th turn: game over

Possibly any of your cards will be able to activate after 3rd or 4th turn.

Also in each turn all your other cards will be enfeebled by 3 or 5 points

My math may be wrong by the numbers should be very close to the real damage.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Abuse of power + Discrimination

If you allow only 3 AMA’s, people will bump their topics or increase activity artificially.
That way, you’re allowing those ‘favored’ creators to postcount stay for years, while other users are not allowed to do anything.

I think, we should look for better solution or leave full freedom of speech.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed / [Dev] Brawl update

I would like to congrat you guys on adding a new event since it was getting kind of boring doing the same ones over and over. Like everyone else has said in the pages before mm and prize gaps is what needs improvement for the next brawl. Overall though I enjoyed the new event and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next weekend.

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Topic: Dungeon Rampage / Dragon Knight Alliance[Enlist Now]

Edit again: Level 60 on sorcerer now, sorry if im spamming. =)

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed / Brawls Rewards Inevntory Space

Sp cap is way different then inventory space. Personally, i care much more about card space then sp, but both are nice of course.

Rewards are going to keep comming which is a good thing! Help us enjoy the game more devs and dont put restrictions on how other people like to play your awesome game!

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Topic: Kongregate / Rage & Grace, 42nd Kongregate Tournament. First Team Competition. -Qualifier- With a New Amazing Layout 8 spots left

Do I get a no-friends & other room bonus? :)

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Ask Shderpful

Originally posted by OOHnirav:

Why are all my threads so brilliant? (reference to first post of the thread)

Because you have that controlled flair that allows you to express your hatred and apathy for everyone else in a way that is a joy to read.

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Abuse of power + Discrimination

Originally posted by darkfang77:
Originally posted by OOHnirav:

If you have a problem with the actions of a mod, go to Tricky or Candyman about it.

why lol? it was them who allowed them to be chosen in the first place.

btw, i dont know anything about world affairs

Because it would do more good than posting in an inflammatory thread that is created by someone with a long-standing history of spamming multiple threads while literally saying “postcount”.

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Topic: Wartune / Blessed with all Geared Down TOK NM!!! :D

and today we got 3 geared in tok nm and tok hard this is like meh :

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed / I WANT YOU!! In our guild

Alright. I actually did download Kakao to my PC but it still wanted a mobile account, so I couldn’t log in.

Yep, Blingbling79 is my in-game name.