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Topic: Wartune / Class Wars Return July 24th!

Apollo and Hades Sylphs not evolved-need too much stuff with low return-horns great for sep and mahra but crap for anything actually sylph evolve related-heaven help those who did not have 2 extra sylphs to exchange-horrible chance to lose good skills trying to add new ones even if they were evolved. Didn’t spend 800 bucks to get all the big spender crap either-so NOPE not gonna do it-sitting CW out until further notice.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who's That OTer?!

Originally posted by Hallucent:

Elisa was a 12/13 year old blond girl with mild-to-severe mental disabilities.
Always talked about cats and some imaginary place (but I forget what it was called).

Your description fit her pretty well.

She is younger than 12 I think, probably 9

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Arena suggestions

I totally agree with your suggestions guys :)
I remember live battles and they were fun.
+ a diamond reward for reaching 8500 stars is good idea aswell.

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Topic: Off-topic / If you woke up at 1:00 am and heard a noise outside your bedroom door what would you do ?

Keep sleeping like nothing happened

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Topic: Forum Games / [LABYRINTHIUM] Heroes - Day 12: Trap

End of the day 12

Spikeabc (6% chance success…) deals (3+3+2+3+2+4)x1.3×1.2 (27) area damage (Total: 63)
I’m seriously starting to doubt this RNG… maybe, I’ll change it.
Ark deals 7 dmg.
Dathen deals 6 dmg.

[I may nerf exp for aoe damage to 0.75x or 0.5 later, but I don’t think it’ll be necessary (yet). These all attacks were very lucky and early executed.]
[I’ll have to recalculate math on mechanics. Might nerf/increase cost of minor fireball. If interessted, discuss in OOC.]
[Exp for enemy in side-quest will be rewarded after it’s over!]

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Topic: General / Glitch

I have a glitch where it says 450/5 on upgrading cards to lv 5. Seams like I’m owed a ton of gold

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@CraigDeannaM I have applied again through the google forum link, as you said but because of the 500 max. words limit, I coudn’t post the links containing proof that I don’t play bad…please accept me, I really want to become part of Figa.

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Topic: Off-topic / It seems school values grades more than actual knowlege.

You don’t say?

Seriously though, I’m glad you realize that

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / GillT's League of Captains (4v4 alternative)

we tried this and it’s really FUN!!!!!
it takes a lot of skill to be a captain, picking a balanced but strong team, communicating, encouraging team morale, thinking on the fly with ony limited time to prepare, making the best of the decks AND players abilities you have. its like the ultimate test of mythos skill, i think it actually has a much higher theoretical skillcap than the vanilla game, i found my brain working much more than usual :-o

tomorrow we will announce some major changes to the league system and update the thread. obviously we will still have to make more changes as we go and there will need to be some extra rules for this, but I’m really excited! thanks giilt for answering our prayers.

this can definitely be a format that other people can replicate easily on other servers.

lets start the revolution and make the most challenging, balanced yet unrestrictive competitive mode in the game! Gillt’s captains league is mythos pro-mode for sure

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Topic: Off-topic / Every regular user on OT and a paragraph about them (FINALLY 10K POST MILESTONE THREAD!!!!)(WALL OF TEXT INCOMING!!!)(NOW WITH RANDOM CLUSTERFUCK)

Originally posted by denamo:
Originally posted by Seesine:

I am so proud of this thread .

and i’m no less proud of you ~

I’m also proud of you, nice work .

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Off-Topic] Friendly contest R2-5: darkfang77 vs supermooo (for entertainment only)

Originally posted by darkfang77:
Originally posted by kapitalkurderer:
Originally posted by darkfang77:
Originally posted by whore:
Originally posted by darkfang77:
Originally posted by kapitalkurderer:

darkfag > moo

wow rly? disrepekt

lol this is really bad.

staph shit stirring :<

lol I dun no wat 2 say.

we can still be m8s :D?

nly if u do dis

im srry m8 but all u ever said 2 me was K and maybe like 4 other things D:

I feel bad now :c if I change my vote now will it make it all better?

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Topic: Contract Wars / looking for the thread about buggy maps

The other one was tur2

Originally posted by mejorqvos:
Originally posted by GreekRage:

Hi guys i want to help some clanmates that lost SP award for contracts and was looking for the thread someone made about certain maps that dont update player profile.
Please point me to it…

It was BR2, and the other one i dont remember

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Guild recruitment (get invites here)


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Topic: General / A personal gripe of mine.

Nice! They should have used willis for the second Image as well.

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Only pikamon

Originally posted by mawmon:

How about this for a combo?
Pikamon+forums= spamthread.

This is the first reasonable combo on this thread.
I wonder why the Pikamon is doing that. If he is trying to be a troll, then it’s really low. He can barely insult somebody + not funny at all.

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Topic: Game Design / Constructive crit please

Map generation can get you stuck sometimes by having a block on the position you’ll spawn, crafting system is kinda confusing I try to make a sharp stone but always get the message “you already have that weapon equipped”, the inventory desperately needs a tooltip and I’m unsure about this one but it felt like opening the character screen caused frames to drop. I do like the crafting system as is though where you go step by step to craft the item, keep up the good work!

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Topic: Contract Wars / [Can't Play Contract Wars]

i already ask Nqss to put up a technical support thread with the link i put above.

that way, everyone can view the thread and don’t even need to make new threads about unable to play CW because of this problem, that problem.

in the link i provided, there is an info that is very important.

some add-ons for web browsers prevented you from playing online games, so it is best to uninstall such add-ons permanently and see whether you can play the game without it.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Bugs and glitches

Hey guys.

I keep having this problem with maps that tell me connection failed. After I joined them there is this weird intense lagging, which I have never experienced in the 2 years that I have been playing, and after I exited the match, because I can’t play, it says connection failed. I did clear my cache also, and the problem is growing. In the beginning it was only 1 or 2 maps, now it is almost every map, on any server..

Thanks for reading.

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Topic: Contract Wars / My art has potential? -2-

I’d say your art seems like a hobby instead of a passion with potential.

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Topic: Wartune / Which is most boring...and why?

circuit quests-after third day from the day it was introduced, got tired of killing sylphs over and over haven’t done one since then.

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Topic: Contract Wars / [Can't Play Contract Wars]

i agree but it worth a shot for the op as for second guy it is the answer,

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Topic: Rise of Champions / ArchAngels Guild waiting list

ID: kong5586074
Level: 10
Activity: High (Daily)

Want to join so much! =D

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / Days of Thunder - disbanding

Props to DoT for forcing us to improve our cq skills :D

Sorry to see you go- I was hoping for a merge and renewed madness! So many good people in this faction- I hope most of you stay in the game and help take another faction to the top.

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Topic: War of Omens / Endazu are bullies

I tried to understand and make work all factions. With recent changes Endazu is my strongest play.

What you sometimes don’t see when playing against Endazu that they are a little luck depended to draw a combo that works, while most other factions can go well without combo. An Endazu combo is something that shields well with something that generates magic or hits well. With recent changes this combo dependency went down.

Recently gilded warriors can stand on their own. Yes it takes a little to get them up to 5, but previously they hittet hard but went down fast without proper shielding. Now they got 5 lives as well, so they can stand for themselves well.

I don’t have Golem yet, but seriously 4 coins (fully upgraded) for 6 intercepting health points? Which faction has something similar cost effective? And it heals even, and is unkillable, and is upgradable with seal. The only thing that can counter that well (cost effictive) is Metris with seduce/wench or mayham. But what can you do against a Golem with Vesptole or Daramek? Except being just way more ahead to get enough skulls or attacks, far less cost effective tough.

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Topic: Off-topic / I randombly got the urge to try to make a flash game

Considering how flash is stagnating, I’m not sure why you’d want to learn AS3. Better to learn C++ to target computers, or Java to target mobile.