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Topic: Off-topic / Okey, so...

It’s a continuation of this thread discussing Frosty’s personal relationship problems. After that thread was locked he’s started it again. All the OP is saying, is that if he ever speaks positively about his long-distance girlfriend, call him on it.

It doesn’t belong in SD; he’s basically asking for help from his friends on a personal issue.

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Topic: Curio Quest / Referral Code Thread


my code

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / CT round 40 from level 9: Hack?

most forum post about hacks get some one saying the level woint update, this is true, but still of no importance to the fact that they ARE hacking…
as earler posts say a lvl 5 wil not be lvl 20 in 1 week and at lvl 20 wave 50 + wil stil be hard to reach. its simple to see the game is being hacked and that a fact.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / What rank do I need to have for the brawl to get the quad Xeno Reward?

If you have to ask, you probably can’t get there.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Prokill With Mortar

My prokill with a knife didn’t count for achievements either.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Cull Nerf Compensation

And because of cull u guys raise the hp in 2s and 4s, will u remove the hp buff now? ( i hope so!)

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Topic: Off-topic / Favourite Bible Verses

Originally posted by inmonkeyness:

smoke weed evry day
jesus 4:20
The only bible verse that should matter.

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Topic: Kongregate / Badge of the Day Discussion

Hands of War 2 Walkthrough

Other walkthroughs may be found here

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Queen A

Been playing with the Queen and she seems okay except for her 2nd skill with +30 str. In general this just puts the team more at risk vs all the smiters and doesn’t really help with dmg. I would gladly trade that +str for some +damage which would really help! Hell, I’d rather have +15 dmg than +30 str.

Any thoughts on why +str vs +dmg?

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Topic: Ballistic / Rumble Games Ballistic Forums: Can't Read

Am I the only one that is presented with a screen that has a light brown background with even lighter brown text when visiting Rumble Games forums? It’s horrid.

With that being said, where the compendium on classes, weapons, etc? Some things don’t seem self explanatory for someone who’s not a hard core gamer or play every fps out there (think of someone who played doom, and unreal jumping into this game).

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Change of artwork in Sylvi Cards

Originally posted by Stratocumulus:

I consider the “new artwork” (they just zoomed out btw), much better. I can’t count the pixels anymore from 1,5m distance, which is a huge plus, and it also no longer feels as if their breasts are pushed in your face (especially Yumi suffered from that).

Umm, no. The Sylvi cards I’m seeing are definitely new artwork. And IMHO it’s ugly as shit. Doesn’t fit the common anime-style theme at all. Dunno why it has updated for some people and not for others though.

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Topic: General Gaming / Mutilate-a-Doll 2 Official Thread

Originally posted by idklol1337:

Goddamnit. I forgot to set the scale before. This version has the right scale.

wat do
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Topic: Off-topic / Minecraft

People refer to the building aspect of the game when they say it’s like doing legos.

Yes, building is a bit similar to Lego, but the game isn’t Lego overral.

But what is the point of doing so? All you get is a bunch of experience and a useless egg. After that it’s just doing infinite digging and building and fighting mobs that are easily exploited.

Well, it’s like, the final boss.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Is SPRIGAN the best tank?

Originally posted by freerangegames:

I caught Sprigan AFKing. I took his Tank away from him.


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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Maintainence after World Boss, didnt recieve the reward :(

I was in the damage race too, and didn’t receive the rewards, I could finish other quests instead but they didn’t inform us that the rewards wont be delivered. very unfair actually.

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Topic: The King of Towers / 12 and done posts


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Topic: Off-topic / Minecraft

Just because a game is blocky doesn’t mean it’s Lego. It’s not hard to understand unless you’re stupid!

BoxHead character are blocky, so they are Lego? No!

Tetris is blocky, so it’s Lego? No!

Block N’ Roll is all Block, so it’s Lego? No!

Minecraft is all block and doesn’t have anything to do with Lego beside the building style, so it’s Lego? No!

Roblox is all blocky, with similar block like Legos, Players looks like Lego and players detach their body part when they dies, so it’s like Lego? Yes!

People refer to the building aspect of the game when they say it’s like doing legos.

You still need to beats Ender Dragon.

But what is the point of doing so? All you get is a bunch of experience and a useless egg. After that it’s just doing infinite digging and building and fighting mobs that are easily exploited.

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Topic: Ballistic / Losing Tickets to BS Vote Kicks

I’m confused as to why Rumble Games doesn’t implement a system to match up by ranking. I can only assume it is because there are not enough players. It would be easy enough to have a join-fallback mechanism where if there are not enough people to match ranks, then you can present to press a button that says “join ANY ranked game”.

Doesn’t the WoW card game do this?

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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / Think of a good clan name and win 10 Kreds!

Originally posted by Iago_Santos (undefined):
Originally posted by KillTheVanity (undefined):

Hey everyone,

Imma start a clan and but I can’t think of a good clan name. I want something that’s sleek and shows the idea of quick, clean and stealthiness. I loves the ones like 1337 or Spetz. I also want something that has something to do with the night or darkness in general. I understand this is a longshot but I will pay someone 10 Kreds if they can think of the one I decide to use!


XxxXXxxxxFalcon Lovers 1337XxxxxxxXXxXXxXxXxxxxxxxxx

hahahaha, someone should seriously start a clan with that name!

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Cull Nerf Compensation

This sucks really bad!


How long time we have to decide? is their a deadline?

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Topic: Forum Games / The Kongregate Game, User, and Forum Trivia Game! [Open Tomorrow Morning!]

Originally posted by ConstantProgress:

Ok, so here is how Friday will go: I start out by editing the title to “Game Open” and post the easy question in the morning. I will then go to school, and post the medium question as soon as I get back. After it is answered, I post the hard question. This is how it goes ok?
Oh, and andyb. I am seriously considering him to be a QA, but we would not have enough players. If more come I will let him be a QA.

I can get more people to play
that is because I like this game and there would be more challenge if more p.p.l playid. U edited your post with the 1st 3 qwestions. Can I go on Google for this

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Regarding saint

Originally posted by Gynecomastia:
Originally posted by bluefanglord (undefined):


what he said!

. Xd i jsu put that dot there to read the thread xD and had nothing to post
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Topic: The Arts / Chatroom: W.W.C

What chatroom? Is this is supposed to be the chatroom? Please just make an actual chatroom.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Vote VIP System

The old VIP system was so much worse..
You had Vips at a big disadvantage to the point where its almost an instant death after spawning+shown on the map 24\7.

Yes, the current Vip system has a flaw, one flaw(How can this happen?! aw ma gawd).
Old one was just so bad to the point where it actually is almost broken.
Old VIP was basically a beacon of spawn trapping, grenade spamming, blind spraying. Everything we hate in CW just in one life.
Fix the whole Shooting at someone not knowing he is a vip issue that everyone seems to have and you have a 10x better system…

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^This is supposed to be quoted

Yes, we all know more or less all the opinions on both sides now. The new VIP system would definitely be better if VIP’s could be identifiable at close range, but the point a lot of us are trying to make is: keep one or two systems in the old mode. Why can’t CW settle for that? (I’m still asking people to vote) So far it is clear that most players prefer the new mode, but why not also please those who prefer the old mode? If you don’t like the mode, don’t join it. (and that will count for both sides)

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Topic: Ballistic / Glitch?

Originally posted by DestroKUS33:

When I start to open ballistic, it says: We are currently undergoing maintenance.
… but fear not! Our engineers are vigilant and hard at work to make our games better.

Follow @RumbleStatus for up to minute status updates.

I experienced a similar problem. I check in at about 5:30 pm Eastern, and I get the Daily Bonus. I then close Ballistic and surf the forums here, and when I go back I get the message that you got.