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Topic: Clicker Heroes / When to buy upgrades

Hello there,

since there was a heated discussion in the chat today, I thought I’d reel your opinions in.

Are there drawbacks in buying the upgrades for the heroes immediately, especially the “+x% to all heroes” upgrades.

Proofs including maths are very much appreciated.



Edit: So I just did the following

I started to new games, with my old save
In game 1 I bought Treebeast lvl 2
In game 2 I didn’t.

Then for both games I bought the first Betty upgrade and then upgraded both to lvl 4

Results were the same, so it doesn’t make a difference

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Topic: War of Omens / Tournaments!!

Can Shrine of Rebirth even be gotten in the tournament?! Sure, you can get cards from all factions, but Shrine of Rebirth is a hero card. As far as I know, the heroes used in the tournaments are not the same ones you use out of them, though that’s actually besides the point…

What is the point is that it cannot be gotten through packs. If the tournament is based on the standard packs system, as in, it will use packs that will not have cards unlocked through heroes…then Shrine of Rebirth (as well as Stampede, Lead the Charge, Sacrificial Lamb and a bunch of others) will not be available.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Ask darkfag

Originally posted by TOPcrus:

Why doesn’t pats know what a “soggy biscuit” is.

he just doesnt want you to know that he loves licking them soaking wet digestives

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Bugs and Glitches

Fragsworth. He’s not increasing click damage, instead, he’s decreasing both click damage and dps.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / Issue with Evac not caching.

The title. Everytime I want to play evac I have to load it from 11%, or 5500 kb. That means about 5 minutes of loading with my internet connection. Even when I get out mid-load it resets to 11% again the next time. Evac2 and most of the other maps cache normally, haven’t tried every map yet. I don’t know if this is a specific Unity issue but since it’s affecting only 1 map it might be an issue from CW. Also tried Chrome and Firefox, still not caching.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Fragsworth - Please fix!

Fragsworth continues to reduce click damage and dps instead of increasing click damage. Please fix asap, not sure where to report bugs!

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Topic: Kongregate / The TriKongregator Tournament - Pre-Round

Enough for a pre-round.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Best pack drops so far?

If no one got 4 legends you win.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Siyalatas is good?

Thanks for the quick responses.

Guess it is good even though it just got nerfed to only take effect after 60 seconds of no clicking.

Can someone confirm that both this and Libertas work when offline?

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Deal with it


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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Reasons P. Rex wont get rank 1

There’s too many of them!

Only an implosion can stop Prex.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / HEY ALL

Floppy and many other ppl know me very well dude might wanna watch who ya talk about ? Im kinda feeling popular??

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / X-mas event specail idea

Originally posted by leimiwerke:
Originally posted by RudolfK6:

Old idea i allready poster something like that

Sorry but i dont care if you postet somethin like that cause i al not playing so long about half a year and i know that there is forum about 1 month so please g away

The fun part here is that everybody can see you have 2 accounts and you still didn’t get kicked out, also we know you are a game hacker and now you also a thief pffff and I need to go away. Ho

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / "plus % more treasure chests"

It might be, more than anything else, just an issue I have with human nature. Academics are often ripping on pop news articles with “percent more or less” style comparisons when no frame of reference is given. “1600% more likely to develop cancer” makes something sound really dangerous until you find out the original chance was negligible.
To the point that when I hear that sentence pattern, I assume it’s 500% more likely that I’m being deliberately misinformed.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Rotmg Corrupt-a-Wish

Granted, two minutes later you tele to someone in the godlands and get shotgunned by 12 Leviathans.
I wish for a genie that could tell if your gear is strong enough for a dungeon. (He doesn’t lie either.)

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Topic: Card Monsters / Forum Activity

Originally posted by EdgebeeStudios:

EdgeBee team is active on the forums everyday.

To get a good idea of what people are thinking about the game, you might dump the chat log to a text file and briefly read the text file every day. That would not only let you get a jump which bugs bother people the most, but you’d have an idea what pains people and what they really enjoy about Card Monsters.


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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / HEY ALL

Lol they are mad bc I left their guild and BTW ur buddies agreed with me m8 never harmed nor was mean or malicious to anyone

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To DaWayne, Blurrr, Rudgutter] Wheres the support?

Originally posted by Bluurrr:
Originally posted by Brett_Olaf:
Originally posted by Bluurrr:

We have also taken extensive measures to make sure a player’s card will never “disappear”. These types of claims are due to salvaging. We have set up several measures to prevent accidental salvaging and plan no further action at this time. 

Well that is certainly disheartening, since there are numerous reports of cards disappearing that were not actually salvaged. There is likely some glitch or bug that salvages them, and thus reports to your servers that they have been salvaged.

I know this isn’t a pressing matter for you, but it’s happening frequently enough that it really should be taken more seriously than to simply say that you “plan no further action at this time.” Denial of a problem does not mean there actually is no problem. It’s fine if you don’t have a solution to the problem at this time, as I understand it takes time to figure out the cause, but to say that you will not take any further action is disrespectful.

To clarify we have no plans to implement any further safe guards for accidental salvaging. We have spent a lot of time looking through/trying to break the code to make sure disappearing cards will never happen. We still do tests based on player reports to try and replicate the error, but we have never been successful. Looking into these claims further shows that these issues are a result of salvaging. Though we are still testing to be safe, this is a bug that does not exist.

I suspect it is web based client, i encountered some really strange gliches there – or maybe it is when You SWITCHED clients?

Simple question – is blocking done on client or do You double check it server-side? I remember some bugs when cards entered inventory blocked for example… If its only client side I wouldn’t bet it is safe.

Also – do You log blocking/unblocking action or only salvage action?


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Topic: Off-topic / Official OTer contact information

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Patch 0.12

Originally posted by RRRCCC:

This whole patch was just a “spend 500 souls to get exactly what you had yesterday” patch, won’t even bother with this game anymore.

Pancakes. It’s more like “Spend 200 souls to get exactly what you had before. Then spend any additional souls to get 200 times more than before”

I can’t understand the whining of people who always want to put as less effort as possible, certainly less than before. If you spend only a fraction of the time you already spend here and make a few smart decisions (export, do stuff, import after mistake helps with that) you’d come to the point where you’ll feel like you Energize+DR for a month.

Edit: Must admit though if you just recently started, I totally understand. It’s certainly time for the devs to put a little effort into re-balancing early-game.

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Topic: The King of Towers / Absurdly annoying game.

“If I’m only allowed to do something 10 times a day, then there is absolutely no need for a cooldown as well (Monster den, PVP fights.)”


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Topic: Clicker Heroes / This game is hack2win

it shouldn’t take long for this post to be deleted.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [HOT EVENT] ROM Masters Tournament North America Trial Run

The following cases are grounds for disqualification:
3. IP address of player is different from IP used to register on tournament server

Thats a huge problem for some parts of the world with dynamic IP adresses. At least here in Germany, like 90% of the population have a dynamic IP that gets a forced reset every 24hours. There has to be a way to insure that participants are the same w/o shutting out huge clusters of players.


Topic: Clicker Heroes / This game is hack2win

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / How dmg is calculated

I dont know which is the exact formula but you have to count on defense, magic defense and skill.

I would like to know The exact formula because it would help !