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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [MK] Asphodel's End Week 2 Spoilers

Originally posted by ManimalG:
Originally posted by Syrus1996:

@ Syrialia

Against what did you sim please? I can’t get these results in my sim. Did you sim against GTD or what did you do?

Says in the post. Last sim in the list was against deieros 200k GT

Ok, last sim, what about the rest?

Phantom does not sim in for my more endgameish f2p raider deck.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / [Guide] What to do, and what not to do.

Well, as if this is not common knowledge, but:
DO NOT AFK IN GODLANDS as that’s how many top characters ie GEEOH died

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / RoM Sequel has been made and released

Originally posted by tamojit:

@sei152,I know which company owner of which game,but I just made the post just bcoz I see this post for few days in forum and when you compare,that must be dont between same ability ,I just want ot say you can compare a game which is 2 yrs younger than other and if you play RoM then its not a problem for you to understand my post if not play then ask someone who play from starting and ask him/her about the starting became easy for you to understand my post.

im sorry but gillt is right, slightly hard to read that. anyhow, your still failing to recognize my point, the way GF/Gb does things will be diffrent then the way R2 develops games. going with R2’s track record its going to be bloated with VIP things covering most of the screen lol.

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Topic: Off-topic / OTer Profiles (work in progress)

Originally posted by FrostyGhosts:
Originally posted by nikolas10161:

Looks gay

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Topic: The King of Towers / Bugs

Odd “bug”..!
I’ve only sent for supplies from ElvenForest 4 quite a while since I’ve got an abundance of EarthEss, but today the chest I got from SupStation contained Earth Ess & RainbOre..???
And YES, I’m sure I didn’t send from the BlueCanyon!

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sercan400 has one shoot kill

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Please adjust Glock 18's 1 day rent price or Gold Contract - Make 20 Double Kills with Glock 18 Pistols reward.

Originally posted by Nokks:
Originally posted by bruceha2000:
Originally posted by Bascule2000:
Originally posted by GreekRage:

Funny though…that when this thread was orginaly started he says that the glock was 60 a day and now its 80….

When this thread was started the reward was 60GP, now it’s 110.

The reward is 100 GP, contract 10 double kills, buyout is 175 GP as of July 3. Glock costs 80 for 1 day, 125 for 5, 275 for 30, 445 forever.

I agree with the original post. If a gold gun required, it should be discounted or loaned by the client that wants the contract done ;). I rented for a day when I first hit the contract. Only 2 double headshots, 80 GP down the tubes. I can’t play all day long so even 10 doubles will be hard for me.

It’s only 60 to rent now, which is kinda nice.

Mother of necros….

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / I'll never pay for events

waits for this too be removed by the moderator

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Topic: Kongregate / Petition to bring back old Kongregate.

Don’t bring it.
HalfCutHenry (AKA RevenShire) is just jealous the new kongregate.
Administrators, ignore him.
None will bring the old Kongregate.

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Topic: Curio Quest / Official Referral Code Thread

I play multiple times/day so feel free to add me! Always looking for more friends :)

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [MK] Asphodel's End Week 2 Spoilers

Originally posted by bennymiser:

I remember back when people were all up in arms because “the meta is too fast, slow the meta down!” then the devs started slowing it down with the release of Demi and now people are like “OH MY GOD IT’S TOO SLOW!”

Fuck being a game dev, it must be a never ending headache.

Yep, most players are kids, so usually they don’t even understand what they ask for … what an irony ;-)

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muhammedamed is a hacker. unlimited ammo.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tutorial Beta Test (ITS OVER)

why do you guys have to do it when Im not around :(

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Topic: Global Assault: Guild Recruitment / Attention Guild Leaders, Dark Phoenix [#4] Is Looking For At Least Three Guilds To Merge With Us And Form A Multi-Guild Coalition

See you didn’t deny your score :P? Also that is definitely a lie, no one bragged in chat about scoring something low. People almost exclusively sent all pictures of scores through PMs to me like I asked. Thank you for derailing the thread though, I would think if you had this much free time you could have done better in the event :/. Sigh. Anyway guild leaders keep sending PMs, thank you. And LFire

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Same questions over and over

i have got other problems than being upset because of the same topics :)

and if people wanna post, let them post
live and let live ;)

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [SIM] Tyrant Unleashed Optimizer

Originally posted by BLevelR:

is there a flag to change the number of turns? Instead of sim being based on 50 turns is there a way to force it to sim for a faster deck or higher win rate say between 18 and 22? Reason is for brawls that is when you get max points so if I can get it to stop at turn 22 instead of 50 that would be great.


Use the command “turnlimit xx” where xx is the number of turns max you want

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / What is your biggest 'stuck point' in the game so far?

Originally posted by JoeMoney28:

Throughout the entire game I could basically reset every 15 minutes to half hour or so with 5-10x Angels but all day today I haven’t been able to move up that much, I’m at about 2600 with most except the news paper and car wash that are at 2300. I have just over a septillion Angels. Can only make like 30 octriginillion in cash every half hour and my next upgrade costs about 400. And I can barely make enough Angels to reset with 1x Angels. I feel like I’m missing something now, unless I was just able to reset extremely fast up until this point

I’m basically at the same point, just a bit behind you. Sounds like this is a massive hump to clear, I’ve been on it for a while, and judging from what you said, I’ll be here longer still. Apparently it is possible to at least double your angels in under 24 hours, try waiting offline a bit longer, then reset with a lot more angels to try to zoom past this.

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Topic: Collaborations / Joint Project

I can help you LeadTurtle :)

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Topic: Curio Quest / Best Skillsets for Curios

Power of Earth, Living Spirit, Bramlbe, Roll n Rock

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Buffs to the Standard Set

YWNM I Must Say you are one of my favorite members in the forum community, the amount of time and effort you put in, without whining and begging people to like your youtube page is unprecedented, also you have good well thought out ideas and think about implementation by devs as well, Kudos to you Mate, much obliged

on another note, I don’t think devs will give us the buffs however badly we might want them, I think we will get monthly/2nd monthly new fusions (new content means new skills meaning new synergy meaning new styles, I am all for diversity), devs know the old cards are obsolete, I assume devs know a player can judge a cards worth and will not build outdated cards, my best solution will be to allow players to “break down” fusions into base cards, (for implementation I suggest it gives no sp return and breaks them down to maxed base fusions, For example Noble Defiance will become 2X Benediction (6), 2X Vigil (6), 2X Indebted Veteran (4) this will give outdated fusions value as materials and also not be the end of the world if you fuse a card that is only meta relevant for a month or 2, SP is still a huge grind but atleast you don’t need to wait months to pull that one last card you need for new fusions…)

YWNM, please could you tell me if the above seems reasonable to you? Buff require a whole base set revamp, break-down needs only a new button (and some script to reverse fusion)

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Stop making fnaf worlds!!!

Originally posted by DAS_VIRTUOSO:
Originally posted by Battleship203:
Originally posted by DAS_VIRTUOSO:
Originally posted by JosefEliasson_17:
Originally posted by Laderw:

still not locked…

I can change that…

Wait, don’t say that now, that’s just tempting fate! There’s still something that someone on this thread needs to explain to me!

Didn’t I already do that?

Well, now that I think about it, there was nothing to explain to me anyways about the first post I did on this thread. It seems that it can all be explained with “because people are stupid”. It all makes sense now. For example, why do people apparently like popular LPers such as PDP to the point where they just make shrines out of the games they play, even if the quality of the LPer in question makes you wanna just jump off a cliff because of their existence? Because people are stupid. Why are people so scared of cheap jumpscares and trips to Chuck E’ Cheese’s? Because people are stupid.

See, I understand everything now. Thanks, man!

This thread is about FNAF worlds, Not about people being stupid.
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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Petition to remove Profile Blocking

+add me

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / RoM Sequel has been made and released

if easy to understand ur post is possible

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Topic: Forge of Gods / Add Friends (ID ingame)


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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Average Delay by Faction

Actually good analysis, pretty much explains why Xeno get slow roll base set fusions.

I guess they need one more slow roll in March … with siege like they wanted ;-)