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Topic: Off-topic / OT DEBATES #1: Does God Exist?

Originally posted by ConstantProgress:

I strongly believe yes. Don’t think of me as a fool, but I have proof. I was surfing the Web on my tablet, and it was at 45%. I thought to myself, if God is real, then let this tablet be at 58%. I then proceeded to shut off my tablet and then turned it on again. It was at 58%. It was not charging at the time. I wept in happiness and understanding.

wow if you’re telling the truth that’s amazing (i’m not being sarcastic right now)

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Topic: Global Assault / TrailerParkBoys recruiting

If u dont meet requirements join TrailerParkBoys new feeder guild DEATHCROW

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Topic: Red Crucible / Gaming Attraction?

I just played a round of TDM on Red Dawn, the first game I have played in over two weeks. It felt a little different from me playing games I have been for the past month a lot more than this (Cod, MC etc.) I felt no real attraction to the game as I did when I first got into playing. I don’t know if it is because I left for so long or just because my interest has focused on more strategic games (on a side not, fuck COD:AW sold that shit to get the new GTA:V) Anyway I just wanted to put my thoughts out there and hopefully they will change with the release of RCF.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / Top Tri-Guild Group(NovaSlayers, WarpHunters & VoidReapers) Recruitment Thread


contact LINE ID: ranthal

WH are looking for good candidates. We made raid lv22 in the last 2 raids and looking for ppl with brawl rank higher than 2500

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / I need Scout help.

Hazed enemies on the ground are good targets to slice up (Beware of their bombs though). I recommend using the Submachine Gun against classes CQ classes (Blazer, Blaster, Tank) and also Shocker. Or use it just to lower their health, then slice and chop.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / AS Val Mod. 3 problem...

Originally posted by Mati0127:

So I’m shit with pistols so I’ll get the Pernach (don’t tell me to get glock)…. And in a while I’ll get 15+ accuracy.
What else should I get? My IGN is – MateuszeG. So look on that and see what I should get.
I think I can motivate myself to do contracts now ;D

Originally posted by FoxyLady93:

Forget armor, HP is more important. Most of the time I die before spending all my armor.

No significant difference between 40 and 20 armor.

Just watch some videos and you can see what I m talking, even people with 60 or 100 armor ends up dying before using all the armor points.

So I’m shit with pistols so I’ll get the Pernach (don’t tell me to get glock)…. And in a while I’ll get 15+ accuracy.
What else should I get? My IGN is – MateuszeG. So look on that and see what I should get.
I think I can motivate myself to do contracts now ;D

Hello Mati0-

Looking at your tree, just do your contracts and save up to buy the extra SP. 6 SP isn’t that much, and your contracts are low, so just save up and buy the +15 accuracy!

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Topic: Off-topic / New OT's Official Tinychat Thread (NEWT)

Originally posted by oOTrentOo:

KongregationTC – Owned by Zam

Moderators: Zam, TheRoflWaffle, Caravine, braves055, superfastjelly, ReallyIntoBooks

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Topic: Off-topic / Any Job

A god.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / You managed to make these daily quests even more obnoxious and less rewarding than artifacts


Shut the hell up OP…you asswipe.



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Topic: Off-topic / Any Job

Doing nothing but making YouTube videos for a living. Those full-time YouTubers are so lucky cause they make money out of just playing video games and actually ENJOY what they do for a living.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Message to devs

I have nearly 3 million credits now and just hit level 62. I enjoy spraying with the RPD and Scar-H because no matter how much I do I will not run out of credits fast at all. Just wait to use the tier 6 guns until you stop buying guns. Also playing with GP guns helps. If you have bought some of those, use them so you don’t waste credits.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / New PvP Quests: Can TU players cooperate?

To Original POSTER

Can you please shut the fuck up!!!

Why the hell would you even come here posting that shit??? It is like you are saying “Hey cop, you see that nice Porsche over there, in about 5 minutes I am going to steal it, but you wont mind right?”

If there is a way to SCAM this new system why the fuck would you alert the DEVS to the idea or that your going to try!!!!

Wow…some people are just clueless!!!


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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / You managed to make these daily quests even more obnoxious and less rewarding than artifacts

Originally posted by OMGWTFFFS:

That is all.

For all those who love it, here’s something to keep in mind:

Originally posted by jinkles:

One more thing people forget, you need to take into account the decrease in winrate because of the restrictions on the deck. For a hard quest, if you need to substitute half of your deck with terrible cards that brings your winrate against the lowest BR available from 100% to 50%, if you need about 75 wins for the achievement, you would have effectively sacrificed 750 gold.

Effective SP gain from the quest will be less than 7.

Except since I definitely didn’t have a 100% winrate before this, and I still don’t have a 100% winrate, there is no loss for me at all. I used to just auto every single battle, not caring if I won or lost. Now at least I am playing my deck and having fun trying to beat the quests.

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Topic: General Gaming / The Ultimate Pokemon Thread: Kongregate Edition

It’s probably because the X/Y/ORAS aim to be friendly to New Players.

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Topic: Off-topic / Talk About the First 9 Games on Kongregate

Originally posted by niceman555:
Originally posted by aguspal:
Originally posted by niceman555:


since you stick up for Gaybidoof69 and you make retarded threads, i ask you to either start being an edgy dick or you wont fit in and no one will like you.

I like his posts actually he is hardcore gamer lolol

Dude, you like me and you think im not a shitposter.
Your opinions are incorrect because of that.

When did I say you were not a shitposter?

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Topic: Off-topic / Any Job

Composer for tv/film/video games.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / DOMINATION is recruiting! top tri-tier guild wants you!


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Topic: Global Assault / [To Community] Let's Promise To Keep The Environment Between Guilds Clean And Friendly (Be Aware That BlackLotus Is Going Around Stealing Players)!

Just look at his response guys, obviously this is the kind of person we don’t want in the community and the kinds of actions we don’t want to see. It would be hard to find someone who wouldn’t agree. Thank you for providing further incentive for all of us to play nicely by making an example out of yourself!

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Topic: General Gaming / ROBLOX sucks, here's why.

Originally posted by Morrowief:

That’s it, can’t take this flame war no more…

“Minecraft” and “Roblox” have nothing in the same order. Roblox is much of a building and social game where minecraft is more of a over-populated server builder where “Notch” is working 24/7 to maintain otherwise the people of Earth would burn his Head-quarters down and rob him stone cold of their money…

There is a few excellent games which make it on Roblox created by various users but you need to dig deeper, deeper and deeper until you find the treasure chest hiding beyond a cave and 200 Locks made of steel…It takes alot of time but i would suggest for Gabi to stop comparing! Mods aren’t anything like games/places on Roblox so there is no reason to compare them in any way…Just stop with this and let the people have peace and quiet on this little forum blaring sunlight into our eyes because “Notch” is falling down with a pair of angel wings on his back about to torture us until we post this: “MINECRAFT IS BETTER! OMG ROFL! Roblox? Never heard of it! LOLOLOLOLOLO ODERS SUCK! ROBLOX SUCKS!” That is litteraly what he wants us to say about other Games non-regardless of Roblox he thinks nothing can surpass Minecraft’s popularity but let’s just say a word that is describing this entire conversation “Hiperbola” a serbian word which means over-doing, over-writing and simmilar to that, I can’t make a list here…

Yes i am a Serbian, and yes i will shoot down Minecraft Head-quarters in 3 days…With a bazooka that is…

Goodbye, and let this be my last post here…

Lol, I played both Roblox and Minecraft for (over) a year. I have to right to compare the two. Also, Notch doesn’t works 24/7 on Minecraft, he even sells Minecraft to Microsoft a while ago.

Oh, and posts about complaining to me only feed up to my power.

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Topic: Forum Games / Picture Wars (6)

I insist.

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Topic: Off-topic / Official OT Flamewar Quarantine Initiative Thread



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Topic: Ballistic / Does anyone know why the event is still going on?

Originally posted by iwontforgetuser:
Originally posted by AlphaMaleUSA:
Originally posted by iwontforgetuser:

Anyone want to place bets on how quick Alphamale will be banned?

I say by the end of today

Why would I be banned? And even if I were banned, I will be right back after I make a new account. It’s impossible to “ban” someone like myself who knows how the internets work.


You know perfectly well why you’ll be banned.

AS for your second point, you’ll be back sure. But how many times?

You’ll eventually tire of it, as all kids seeking a quick amount of attention usually do.

Hey, guess who got banned on the same day he made his account?

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Is USP Match any good?

The USP Match isn’t the best pistol and it definitely isn’t the worse. I really like it. It’s very accurate and it’s sight is sweet. I like the glock 18 more though because the spend gives ways room for lack of accuracy.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / ★★★ Team Berserk: Recruitment & Discussion - Now with Thermal Vision Goggles & Enemy Recognition!

Originally posted by ArashiTatsu16:

Well everyone….here’s a totally non-clan related question…
Should I unbreak M4A1? or should I finish the AK 105 task that i’m 55% complete and unbreak that gun??


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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Dev] PvP Update Nov 26th

Not a good replacement for artifact system. It’s way harder to go mono factions now. It also limits the amount of SP you can earn every day.