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Topic: Zombies Ate My Pizza / Zombies Ate My Pizza - Halloween Events

Halloween Exchange

Duration: 10/27 – 11/03 23:59 (server time)

Server: Kongregate S1

Description: Complete the required tasks to earn Halloween Candy, and exchange it for some nice items.
Exchange Halloween Candy x1,000 for Wizard Hat x1.
Exchange Halloween Candy x1,000 for Wizard Robe x1.

  • Exchange Halloween Candy x1,000 for Wizard Pants x1.
  • Exchange Halloween Candy x1,000 for Wizard Staff x1.
  • Exchange Halloween Candy x3,000 for Angelic Wings Diagram (Grade A) x1.
  • Exchange Halloween Candy x200 for Fashion Essence x1.
  • Exchange Halloween Candy x100 for Morph Ore x50.
  • Exchange Halloween Candy x100 for Universal Alloy x50.
  • Exchange Halloween Candy x630 for Gem Shard x10.
  • Exchange Halloween Candy x240 for Wizard Lockbox x1.
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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent: General (Westeros Discussion) / Sworn Sword "Training" (Stat Distribution)

It looks like they are going to introduce a way to sort this out.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / Looking for a Fresh Start

Hey there, I see your looking for a good family, a dedicated family… Get ahold of me because we have something to talk about. Line chat id isenbart10

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Topic: Prime World: Defenders / Shrines after you beat a level


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Topic: Red Crucible / Ebola Everywhere

I vote: no ban

even troll posts are better than QQ for coins, lower prices, game changes, guides that guide u to nervous breakdown with stupidity inside included ect

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Class Ideas / Boss Ideas / Dungeon Ideas / Item Ideas

the guardian dragon gate
this is oryx most versatile dragon has been keep
the fused dragons of the korean destined herald dragons
HP:100.000 !!
phase 1
“i am the lord of the skies,oceans,and mountains !!”
shooting clouds that deals 100 damage and slows down in a circular motion
phase 2
“you maybe hurt me, but i will never die !!”
shooting ocean tears that deals 10 damage and paralyze in an X motion
phase 3
“you make me angry !! mountains of destructions !!”
shoots mountains that deals 500 damage that cluster when hit in a firework motion in random position
phase 4
“let me destroy you !!”
shoots all the bullet in circular,X,firework motion and dance in a square movement
phase 5
“i have failed….”
shoots 1000 small clouds that deals 1 damage
phase 6
“i still have power !!”
spawns guardian artifacts that shoots beam that deals 50 damage
phase 7
“let me use the ultimate power !!”
shoots beams that deals 100 damage in a circling X motion and be immuned
phase 8
“i will never fail !!”
shoots 10 candy bomb that deals 800 damage
phase 9
“my last power will be summoned !!”
shoots 4 rangs that insta-dead when hit. also shoots cluster confusarangs that deals 500 damage
phase 10/death
“i failed my master…..”
shoots 25 death cluster bombs that insta-dead when hit

loot drops
dex pot 10%
speed pot 10%
def pot 10%
attack pot 10%
mana pot 10%
life pot 10%
UT sword of skies 20%
shoots clouds
boost:10 speed
UT bow of oceans 20%
shoots ocean tears
800 mana
UT dagger of mountains
shoots mountains
boost:+10 attack
drops from:oryx 2
key price:100 RG

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Topic: Zombies Ate My Pizza / Zombies Ate My Pizza - Halloween Events

Energy Stone Bonus

Duration: 10/25 – 10/27 23:59 (server time)

Server: Kongregate S1

Description: Now’s a great time to charge your ride — every Energy Stone x5 you use gets you a bonus Energy Stone x1!

• Use Energy Stone x5 and get Energy Stone x1 back as a bonus.
• This bonus must be collected within 48 hours after the end of the event.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / JUDGMENT looking for Judges - #64 / #80 / lvl18 last Raid

What you gon’ do with all that bump? All that bump inside your thread?

Still some open spots, If you’re looking for a fun guild who are active but know that people actually have a life as well, join us!

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Topic: Red Crucible / RCF Pushback

Originally posted by TylerWieland:
Originally posted by Snoopydogg911:
Originally posted by TylerWieland:
Originally posted by ebola17:
Originally posted by topthem:

For those of you who were here when RC was updated to RC2, did they push that update back as far as they are pushing RCF back? I started playing about three months after the RC2 update.

i start a long time ago to on different accounts. The changes are better but my boyfriend and I play together

Dude you are so gay


Why question marks?

I didn’t understand s***. :)

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Topic: Red Crucible / Helping new players

I see you are enjoying it :P

With they`d bring some simple red dot sight like the one on Groza-M

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Dev] PvP/Artifact revamp proposal

I’d appreciate if you can answer this:
Will you increase stamina cap to 10?

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / With the new treasure design instead of diamond spins...

Idk hopefully. I used one accidentally :/ got a raging bird card

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Booster Bonanza! Time for you to decide the card you want!

To be truly fair you guys should really update the card browser. I think a lot of these choices are being made because those are all the cards that everyone can see or remember from the battles they’ve been in. Lettice Twinstrike for example isn’t in card browser or she should really be much more popular choice having the forestall ability like achilles.

Here are my favorite epic only cards for a bonanza, though:


Reason I like her: She deals 3 ranged damaged to creatures newly summoned by heroes. She will make defeating boss maps like Desert Fortress much easier for players since the enemy archers and hero bane elves that are summoned she will kill them all instantly. They won’t get one chance to attack you. The moment they are summoned they will die. She is truly a game changer and an awesome character. You will not regret having her in your deck.


Reason I like him: For his forestall ability. He will strike first if attacked by any creature in range. If the Retaliate deals damage, it will interrupt the enemy attack. He can even stop enemies with +2 defense. Besides beasts, not many characters have 3 defense or more so this is very nice. One downside to this character is he has very low health so an enemy summoner can easily one-hit kill him with a skill shot.


Reason I like her: For her forestall ability. She will strike first if attacked by any creature in range. If the Retaliate deals damage, it will interrupt the enemy attack. No matter how much strength her opponent might have as long as they don’t have 2 or more defense or can’t fly over her and they are within her attack range she will stop them in their tracks with her forestall ability even if it’s 2vs1. Such a great character but seems like she is not appreciated very much, though since very few votes for her. My guess is people just are not aware of her because she is not in the card browser yet.


Reason I like him: He has sunder armor and repeating crossbow ability. He can also double hit two enemies at one time. As an epic that would be 4 damage to each enemy for a total of 8 damage each round. As a legendary it will be 6 damage to each enemy for a total of 12 damage each round. He is truly a powerful card. Great for anyone’s deck. :)


Reason i like her: When the summoner’s life is half or more, she gains 5 attack and for her high health that makes her impossible to kill from just one skill shot from an enemy summoner.


The reason I like him is for his skeletal and vengeful curse abilities. Damaged creature will be cursed for next attack, any damage it deals, it will also receive. After being killed he will turn into a bone heap and if that is not destroyed also he will resurrect. Holy damage can counter this though. He is very useful in maps like Sanguine Bay where ogres can get very high attack. He can 1vs1 any ogre there indefinitely no matter how high their attack strength is.

I think maybe for this booster bonanza you can put all the best epic cards from every race in each pack and allow us to choose which ones we want. We choose by buying from the packs we want and clicking accept reward. Can only do it once or twice maybe. For example if we choose to get Cain from undead packs then we couldn’t get Yumi Swiftshot also from halfbreeds. Or let us buy as many as we can afford with the silver we saved up. Your choice. I’m just afraid that you guys will do something like only Cain and since I already have a Cain it really wont be much of an event for those who own him already. This way if a free player already has one of these cards he can still benefit from this event somehow by just choosing a different pack. I already have a Cain for example so getting a second Cain isn’t really that exciting for me. I’m a vip 0. I just got lucky in AH. I bought him for 155 gold. I don’t regret it but I don’t really need two, though. So a variety of prizes would be nice if that’s possible. Thanks :)

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Topic: Zombies Ate My Pizza / Zombies Ate My Pizza - Halloween Events

Special Events
Halloween Exchange

Online Events
Gem Socketing Bonus
Gem Synthesis Bonus
Retrofit Bonus
Online Reward
World BOSS Bonus
Battlefield Bonus
Elite BOSS Bonus

Energy Stone Bonus
Halloween Flash Sale

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Anyone Still buying WBs?

the one year of pre announcement was only to draw as many people as possible away from WMT and into TU, where the real spending is going on.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Blasters...

Bomber and Gunner are the most easy to kill for me as Scout. \:

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Topic: Wartune / FATE STONE EVENT(contain event chests)

Originally posted by notfromearth:

That’s actually a horrible event since a lot of players have maxed their fate stone skills already

like who? you speak about cashers ,that dont care about this kind of low rewards
im currently 20/9 on fate , that high only cuz of few arena shopping to rise my fate

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / New Classes


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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [to Dev] Bug: PvP, now even more broken!

you don’t have to go out of your way to get them, but when you can get a few extra sp and are unfairly denied them it is a minor annoyance. and there are enough minor annoyances in this game that we don’t need more

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Report AFK

Originally posted by Dotaman:

Cpt. dadid2002

I 2nd, 3rd this.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs]New pvp matchmaking hotfix


Regarding the 100 gold/win thing: since the previous update noone can control his/her BR. What you are complaining about is a temporary thing. In order to get 100 gold you need to beat opponents with like 4x times higher BR than yours. Yes, its so damn easy at 15-35k BR, but try it when you passed 50K, I’m deadly sure you wont farm thoose 200k BR decks. In this game after a point overall deckstrenght increases exponentially. And since you are attacking for 50BR each time you will tank up your BR extremely fast. So how long will this 100 gold/win thing hold? Like for a damn week?

On the other hand this update ensures tighter MM brackets. Most of the ppl thought (and I’m pretty sure still thinks) that low BR arti farming was because thoose ppl loved to screw newcomers. Let me tell you it was not because of that. It was because the arena MM screwed you after crossing certain breakpoints in the old system. Like when you crossed 35k BR the majority of the playerbase saw you (like 30k ppl) and stealing attempt was so frequent that noone had real chance of reinforcing frequently (or at all) with an ordinary deck. The new tightened brackets ensures a good chance to reinforce like 4-8 times/day if someone is active (I’m talkin about ppl between 10k and 100k Br). Thats like 20-40SP/day, and if this system stands for a time – aka devs wont implement phase2 stuff erasing artifacts – its a win for every active player.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [to Dev] Bug: PvP, now even more broken!

Well ‘care’ is a big word. I stopped refreshing as the returns started to dwindle.

Still, this is a bug that might also impact other parts of the game. It’s probably nice to know about it.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Blaster isn’t that OP

Originally posted by SupersSonics:
Originally posted by FunnyaxeRealm:
Originally posted by freerangegames:
Originally posted by TurkeyPie:

Please continue to ignore these posts and instead, remove somewhat normal posts.


Stop using bad language and your posts won’t be hidden.

Stop being a bitch and we wouldn’t have this problem.

inb4 funny gets perma’d.

FunnyaxeRealm has been permanently banned. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!;~;

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Topic: Aviator / Some ideas for changes

Similar feelings, similar conclusions. Losing money was especially painful since it undermines a reason to be effective.

Unfortunately, i don’t see how the flaws number 1 and 2 you mentioned could be fixed with keeping the current game mechanics. The gradual progress between continents could’ve been possible only by constantly upping the stakes, i.e. increasing the market stock amounts, passenger and cargo count, plane capacities etc. Which the current game mechanics simply cannot afford.

Finally, i don’t see a major point in separating continents into isolated zones. The concept of plane’s max distance is a great way of controlling the area a user can access. And it worked excellent in Africa (a very balanced zone i believe). So when we get to Europe and everything’s within range from the square one, it doesn’t feel like you’re exploring something new anymore.

And one more thing. The visual part of the game. Why are all the cities the same? The whole gaming experience could be so much richer if the cities were actually having some visual traits of their real-life namesakes. Like, on Cairo’s background you could see the pyramids, or in Paris you’d be seeing the Eiffel tower, etc. And i’m not even talking about the customization of the interactive buildings.
So while the basic concept of the game is indeed thrilling, its implementation still has a lot to wish for after the initial enthusiasm dissolves.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / Winged Migration #91 Interstellar War, #128 Reaping War recruiting