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Topic: General / Ayrkrane Synapticon

Originally posted by bunky_luv_luv:

Ha. Sounds like that corrupted fortifier I nearly built before I gave up.

Still at least they told us what was going to happen once ZH spam was unbeatable. Yup, bring out the next RT unkillable

Psalm 91:4 (English Standard Version…. of course)

“He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler.”

Nice find, Bunky

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Topic: Off-topic / High-stakes dice game

“Normal” people are repelled by the idea of the cessation of all life because they have deep within them the will to live. This breaks through the humdrum notion of the dice roll and the money, and forces the decision.

(A couple of things. The dice isn’t biased. And you can’t go into Heaven or any other afterlife after rolling a 1 because such places would’ve just been erased.)

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Topic: Off-topic / Which starter do you choose?

Porygon has always been my starter

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Bug] Need help? Find a bug? This is the place.

Originally posted by qyayqi:

sorry, i cannot. i am done my dungeons for today. but i told you the exact dungeon to check.

it has only 49 squares – but you “need” a 50th square that dont exists for full clear → what do you expect CoG → a screenshoot of a none-existing square?

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Topic: Forum Games / Coming For You

I am Hitman silly! The terminator is coming after you!

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Topic: Heroes / How to use Halberdier or Huntress

Trap skill is Limited to 2 Turms, did I miss something?

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Topic: Kongregate / Best/Worst/Most Missed Mod of the Month

Kinda meh idea, would recommend to remove the whole ‘worst’ mod thing, since being a mod is a voluntary service it may make them feel unappreciated, being a moderator is kinda hard work.

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Topic: Wartune / R2 vs KONG - Imbalance - Seps Event

the other issue that goes along with this Green is that players that are invested on Kong are unable to move to R2 servers. Is there any chance that the could happen?

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Goal] 1500 tournament rating

Originally posted by koeniewoenie:
Originally posted by CapdriveR:
Originally posted by koeniewoenie:

Lost a lot of rating. I was 10/0 at some point, but I guess I still need to learn when to stop..

Uhm… i’d have played it without the Battery and the wall, not adding cards.

Really? Battery seems pretty good to me (I always hate it when the opponent plays it), and it’s a great card to play on turn 1.

I think battery is worthy as a first drop only, but again, if you run a 10 cards deck, the odds are not that high.
If your opponent has a corilane, jagatai, disposer, quadrishot, etc, its effect is even less. I prefer not to play that card in my deck the most of the times.

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Topic: Off-topic / Kids

You mean COD fanboys? Sure.

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Topic: General / Design your dream cache box

New Imperial legend/Haven bearer

Long live the slow roll

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Topic: General / [MK] Spoilers for Rise of the Imperials War

Thanks Devs! :)

Originally posted by FrOzEnSoLiD:

+2 attack? That seems not balanced haha. I mean shit devs, u buff all these new cards and dont even compare it to older, outdated cards.

Also, might as well buff that arrogoth while your throwing buffs out like candy. And ospry.

With all the OP shit flying around, the only hope to achieve balance one day (or at least shift the favor more towards the disadvantaged parties) is power creep, they can’t just stop now and start releasing balanced cards.

I’m happy that they release reward cards that are worth competing for.
I just wish they would also release more base fusions that are able to compete in their respective meta, but that’s another topic :)

Once the impact of OP, dominating cards and strategies is lessened, then it would be great if power creep would slow down again, but for now, full speed ahead!

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Topic: Forum Games / Coming For You

I don’t care if Chuck Norris is coming after you, let him catch you.
Hitman is coming after you.

I kind of feel like this is a lot like the other continuous games on this forum. We really don’t need more of them, but whatever.

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Topic: Forum Games / Corrupt-a-Wish

Granted, but they kill you first.
I wish for a tsunami

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Topic: General / [MK] Spoilers for Rise of the Imperials War

Originally posted by FPConDelta:
Originally posted by anarchychild666:

Damn can we push little more make inhibit 4 :-)

dont push it to far. be happy with the changes devs have made.
say thanks and be happy that they have had an open ear for the community. (f2p)

exactly..remember the trench incident..

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Topic: General / [Aleye] Xillatalon - Updated

Should be XillaTUSK!!!

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Topic: Heroes / is the thief nefted ??.

You Attack, be counterattacked, what Set the clock to Zero, etc.

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Topic: Forum Games / Master Thread

Since their are 75 regulars, i think 5 isn’t a bad number. 3 seems pretty shallow. Since only about 15 people actually post on this thread, 5 seems pretty reasonable to me.

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Topic: Off-topic / What is kongregates future

Downloadable EXE games!

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Topic: Forum Games / Live, Die, Die Live and Die.

Your space suit protects you.
I, however, am not wearing a space suit.

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Topic: Weapons / w task g36

Originally posted by enemy_fire:
Originally posted by GadCelavi:

Tell me about it. It was my first GP gun, I love to play it, but I can’t make trips with it, I just can’t. I’m not good enough player to do it.

^ This. Well I couldn’t do either my friend, but guess what? They have buffed the gun to oblivion. I went from 1% to 37% and suddenly I’m at 51%. This is proof the task is possible.

After the buff, G36 is OP, I’m doing better with it now. Getting good scores, nice streaks like storms and even already prokilled it 3 times. The first shot is so damn accurate and heavy, that most of times is just hip firing poping the flying olive on enemy head and here you go, they are statistics now.

I’m getting like 1 to 3 triples a match. Sometimes I can’t triple at all, but I’ve made 7 triples on that server that does not record any progress.

1 more SP and I’ll get firestab, it’ll be piece of cake.

Good luck……..

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Topic: Weapons / Glock 17 Devgru

You need to buy GP,not something for GP.
Ask in chat next time.

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Topic: Forum Games / [Competition] Badge Bonanza Day 15: Last New Badge Day: Vector Stunt

I think a better idea than 2 seperate sequels to this game would be to continue this current game (after it’s over and a winner declared) as a continuous game, with multiple hosts.

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Topic: Forum Games / The List(current round: Characters from the US Office)

Apollo Astronauts

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Topic: Weapons / Go-To Gun for OSM

Originally posted by jackhornblower3:
Originally posted by KillerElite68:
Originally posted by jackhornblower3:
Originally posted by KillerElite68:
Originally posted by shockshell2:
Originally posted by KillerElite68:

A pretty original choice here,AKMS PBS.

Does it need firestab?

It can do fine without it,if you want to stay dedicated to this gun,no need for Firestab since you can get other skills for it’s SP.You only need to fire it in about 2-5 round bursts for the enemy to drop.But i already had Firestab when i bought the AKMS,with it,the AKMS has a very controllable hipfire despite it’s high recoil.
My first prokill was with the AKMS untasked,and the next was with AKMS tasked,i had no “essential” skills back then.

Tips on using it? Does it shoot high, low? Should I hipfire? I have no recoil or firestab skills in this account? Honestly it doesn’t seem to do much, it’s like the second shot always misses hipfiring, and the sights are pretty bad.

Without recoil skills it is absolutely necessary to ADS.
The iron sights are fairly comfortable once you get used to them,from my experience it shoots just where you aim the tip of the sights.
Shoot enemies in 2-5 round bursts depending on range,which is easy because of it’s low firerate.Since i play more with higher levels lately,i like to fire 3-6 to make sure they’re dead.
This gun requires some getting used to,but when you do get used to it,you have a gun that can compete with the end-game rifles like ACR or Noveske on med-long range.I bought it for around 160 GP on discount.
You will need at least -15 recoil if you want to hipfire it,and if you also add firestab,you’ll have no problems with it,though it doesn’t really matter for me,since i take it to OSM where i always ADS on med-long ranges,sometimes i hipfire at medium range but mostly only on short.
Because of it’s low firerate and extremely high power,it is really easy to get multikills with this weapon.
Give it a shot if you have enough GP,once you get used to it,you will be unbeatable on OSM.
Keep in mind though,that it’s about personal preference,you might not do as well with it or like it as much as i do.

Actually I bought it a while ago, on your recommendation. Started using it, instantly tasked it to 70%, totally rocked with it.

Came back to CW today(life happens), started playing, couldn’t do anything with it, struggled to maintain a 2.0 KD. It never seems to kill at anything other than point blank. The sights I tend to shoot the legs with(crappy AK sights block vision, just like real life), I’m working on that, but even when I do my part it doesn’t seem to do much. For comparison, I got so pissed of with AKMS, that I took out KAC PDW and instantly went 15-0 in evac, on a losing team, and only died because I ran out of ammo(I didn’t have the +2 mags skill). I used to love AKMS on this account. Now it feels like crap and I have no idea why.

I don’t know,for me it seems almost the exact opposite of what you’re telling.
The combined stats of highest penetration of any Assault Rifle,second highest damage and low firerate make ammo conservation easy even for sprayers.
Practise with it,learn it,use it more often.