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Topic: Era of Empire / Add me thread.

City: Heaven (black flag, white cross), Area: 1, Location: Bottom left. Add me and request anything. Also I’m in kong chat constantly, I can answer questions if you have any.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Community] Sign this if you want the ToS enforced [Anti-Cheater]

++++++++ 1

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zaba84 autoaim, 1 kill shot…another kid cheating

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Topic: Off-topic / How do you compare?

Haha, I get to live one year longer than you guys! (I know it’s an average)

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Petition to make WC less grinding


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Topic: Off-topic / I'm the king of OT

Look around yourself. Your kingdom is a pile of shit. You are the king of nothing.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Toadfish ;'(

Originally posted by abraaz:

You know the rules

What rules silly boy!?

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Topic: Holyday City / why?

why does this game run my processor hard like i’m playing crysis whenever i go into the office screen?

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Topic: Global Assault: Guild Recruitment / The Coalition is Recruiting - Eclipse and Umbra

Come join us :)

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Topic: Off-topic / I'm the king of OT

y’all know it

whenever u come on OT y’all come on just for me not nobody else just me cause I’m cool as shit and you’re all my fucking slaves bow down 2 me niggas ima feed u a mean spaghetti sauce ass ravioli ok

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Topic: Kongregate / Ask an Admin: Emily Greer, co-founder of Kongregate

Originally posted by VforVendetta:

You’ll want to email them at or via the contact form. Every time I’ve sent an email in they’ve responded very quickly. Always had a good experience too.*

* Adjust times accordingly if you’re not a K+ member.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / LiveToBattle(powered by "The Syndicate") is looking for active members!!!

Come join us! We have diving bell doggies!

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Topic: Game Programming / How to access code in a main swf from a loaded external swf

I have a main swf with code that holds an empty movieclip that will have an external swf loaded into it via a proloader.
The external swf has a button (btn_exit) that I want to fire that will instruct the external swf to unload.
The main swf has the code to load the external swf and to unload the external swf.

function playGame(event:Event)
	var Game:URLRequest = new URLRequest("flying_carpet.swf");
	loaderGame.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, onLoadedGameSwf);


function onLoadedGameSwf(){
mc_screen.btn_exit.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, exitGame);

This causes the error message : A term is undefined and has no properties, at the line where I create the event listener for btn_exit.

It seems the btn_exit isn’t in scope after I load the external swf, but I do have it in the swf and instance is properly named.

In the past I was able to use AS2 to find a function in the main swf that would get trigged by a button on an external swf but can’t seem to do the same in AS3.

Any help is appreciated.

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Topic: Ballistic / Ballistic on Steam

curse you page glitch

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Topic: Forum Games / Cards Against FGF

I’m looking forward to this.

Good luck, all.

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Topic: Forum Games / That's not a _____!

That’s not licorice
That’s a churro

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Topic: Off-topic / The Introduction Thread

Time to make it official. I’m new to OT and I’m gonna rule it. So bow down now bitches.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs] Clearer Card Quantities!


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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] The Diamond 17

Originally posted by estereth

i sncerely wish you from the bottom of my heart that you gonna be among the lucky 5
but fret not my friend, time is money!

Thanx buddy. Ill let you know how it goes

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Crate Luck!!

Yeah it’s cool, have units for 2 or 3 crushers already thou. Such a burden.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist Mobile: General / After Completion

I bought the last upgrade at 48 untrigintillion angels. Since then I’ve earned about 32 untrigintillion more. I haven’t really been keeping up with the ads much because there is little point. I login usually once or twice a day, watch an ad, even out my businesses with my spare cash (like you’re doing) and hope the moon upgrade comes eventually.

I did however, start playing the steam version of the game recently. It’s the same as the mobile one without the ads and without the 5% bonus. I generally only play it during the day though.

I might try out the kongregate version which does have the moon.

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Topic: Off-topic / OK, WTF?

Help it become its own nation!


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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] 4/28 Developer Update

Can we expect an SP cap to be implemented? No matter how good the calculation is, i wont be able to beat someone 40-60 SP higher than me. And in Bounties it would be a waste to fight people much much lower than you.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Lets talk Venom

venom will act as counter, but will cause poison insted of damage

by the way, best will be disease, but , dont think that will show up if no cleanse some where

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Topic: Off-topic / why im superior to everyone

nigga gucci mane sucks donkey dick

id listen to the fat ass mixtape instead that nigga look hilarious