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Topic: Forum Games / Nightmare Mansion RPG

 photo Mansion.png
The only real violation with the laws I have made is #9. It’s Halloween for pete’s sake. Cut some slack!

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Topic: Red Crucible / Damage is wrong, mobility is wrong!

This game:
Fun > realism

This is not a realistic FPS game but a fun one
If you really want a realistic game then isn’t the game for you

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Topic: Dragons and Titans / Guild!

And for Eclipse, the text went so big that I decided just to link it, because some people maybe won’t like to see a huge text in their screen…
Text here
^open in another tab to better results :)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Individuality - What makes you so special?

Originally posted by onlineidiot1994:

Alright, so I’m curious. I am a person who only sees the value of people based on their usefulness to their society. I believe that respect should be awarded to those who perform duties that are a benefit to those around them, and that acts of self advancement are ultimately not something that one should be proud of. This being said, I want to hear why people feel that individualism and personal worth are valuable attributes. Why do you think that someone being a special snowflake is a good thing?

go to school

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / [SAS4] Bug Reporting Thread

Yeah, stats are all weird. Example: My gloves have + reload speed, but my nimble augments are displayed as – reload speed.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Ebola

Originally posted by MarkNutt2012:

Personally from what I’m led to believe is my cold, calculating point of view, I’m not fussed about people that either cannot or refuse to get themselves innoculated… natural selection at play. Let the conspiracy guys be, they can fall victim to the conspiracy conspiracy and be too distracted by things that aren’t actually happening, to worry about themselves; the closest form of “population control” itself haha.


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Topic: Global Assault / [Dev] Economy update today

Not to be a party pooper but my morale is not improving with the beatings, it might not be enough yet – maybe when the raid comes out and the “special crate” + buy scrap package for a low mortgage payment gets promoted might do.

Kind of feels like this pic, I am the horse that really wants to like your game (and spends), but at every corner I feel that i am being beaten to death to cough more coins and more coins, until there is no more, yet you keep beating me…

On all seriousness, really enjoy the raids and stuff but there is a point where is just not worth it anymore. The day a competitor comes out with the same type of gameplay/quality with way more serious pricing and healthy revenue/satisfaction balance you guys are going to be in trouble.

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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Planet Shield turning into a Planet Shield II?

it a feature that can be upgrade it

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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / Please make the game faster

On occasion, the game will start to go slower – animations move slower, AI roll dice slower, etc, everything is just “slightly slower”.

Why does this happen? If I check CPU usage, unity is maxing it out. There are almost no animations in the first place, and the ones that there are, are simplistic – the game should not be running slow, regardless of the computer quality (my laptop should be mid/low tier nowadays imo, 4GB ram, 2.5ghz x2 cores, Intel HD 3000 graphics card).

Moreover… I think even the usual speed of gameplay is too slow. Waiting for coins to be collected, waiting for animations to happen, waiting for your own dice to reset and let you roll again, players probably spend 20%+ of their time already prepared for their next action, and just waiting to be allowed to do it. I’m not saying that those things I listed should not have wait times – but the current amount is too much.

Ex: Your char’s animations currently go:
- choose to commit an attack
- zoom in on your attacking char
- bullet shoots, goes offscreen
- zoom out
- bullet hits or has already hit
- chunks fly out of monster
- next chars turn

I think a lot of those actions, while currently non-overlapping, should be overlapping or removed. i.e., No zoom in on your character + delay times before shooting. When you say “attack”, the animation should begin almost immediately. And, say, the chunks could be flying out of a monster at the same time it moves the focus to the next char to prep an attack.

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Topic: Ballistic / Ballistic Release Notes 10/30/14 (New map, new Halloween event)

Originally posted by Ratonhake:
Originally posted by ShadowsQ_:

4 new shotguns were mentioned, but none of them are avaliable to be bought in the shop. Why is this? How can we get them?(Other than the haunted ones, but those are still only 2)

They’re in the Legendary tab on the shop.

I don’t have them at all in the legendary tab, the only shotguns there are the mohawk and mongoose. (I’ll check tomorrow and see if it’s changed)

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / I rember wen i met jose tacoeater

Originally posted by ladolcevita:


aded fance so u no wer 2 do loookings

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Celebrate Halloween with us!

Nival, I also wonder : in the dead man’s chest, what kind of creature we’re supposed to have ? New creatures or ‘’halloween type’’ creature we can already have ?
I decided to give it a try, so I spent 20 gems to have one, and I got a few candies, 1 evil eye and 1 star fabric. Was I unlucky? Because…bleh…

Can you tell ?

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Topic: Dragons and Titans / Guild!

As for the guild name, Kong’s Riders is pretty phonetic, but IF we are going to do something like that Disease clan/guild did, we will need a shorter name. (they did like this to everyone’s ign that was inside the guild: PutOneDiseaseHere [Disease], which I think is a good idea, but that would imply that everyone needs to change his/her ign, and if we would put igns that had a relation to the guild name it would be hard – I think – to do to everyone, but that is just an idea). Aaand I think a funny name would be good – just an idea – like, everyone can have a “Soul rippers” or “Dragon Slayers” as a guild, but imagine the shame on the guy who die to “FluffyBunny”… xD

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Topic: Off-topic / What are your favorite words?

Originally posted by aguspal:

Noob, LOL, FAIL, Owned, Pwned, WIN, LMAO, ROFL, etc.

I love most internet slang. Mainly the old and classic ones (Swag and the like can fuck off)

Call of Duty furfag

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Topic: Off-topic / How Many Posts Do You Make Daily?

That doesn’t answer the question, though. Also, when you say (type) something… the general assumption is that you mean it.

What is that supposed to mean? I made a post that goes towards the thread, and when you look at it, the OP didn’t describe on what. All he did was told his. And when you also look at it, there is only 24 hours in a day, and I do post only about 3-5 times in a day here on the forums, but not every day as of recently where I have been on and off for about for 2 months now. But the thread clearly states: How Many Posts Do You Make Daily? and daily is “a day” or “24 hours!”

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / What is your best free item?

I was with someone alone in the nexus in a corner and I said “Gimme me bacon.” He drops 2 life pots and a T13 robe. He then leaves and I pick up the stuff. “Wat.”

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Topic: Off-topic / What's with all the whiny randoms coming to OT today

Originally posted by TommyTheKiddy:
Originally posted by cesarcurado:

its just a couple 12 year old fags, looking for the attention their parents dont give them.

like you

Originally posted by TommyTheKiddy:
Originally posted by cesarcurado:

its just a couple 12 year old fags, looking for the attention their parents dont give them.

like you

Originally posted by Ganthro:

Does anyone remember that “Dashnet” guy (who was probably somebody’s alt, as well)? I kind of feel like these just his accounts. He got bored and decided to troll us some more, I guess.

No it’s not me you mofo

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Reply on Patch From Feerik

Azalys is fine. On her lonesome her RRRYYY does a staggering 2340 damage, and even that much damage is fragile and drops rapidly. Azalys at this point is like a scrubbier Kotori: she desperately needs outside buffs and can be put down rather easily with a handful of readily available skills (shields, dodge, backstabs if shielded/no rage, purify, -80 dmg).

If anything she could use a mild strength buff, to 150 perhaps.

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Topic: Technical Support / My game data has been cleared.

Game : Sky Quest

My game data has been cleared.
I’ve played the game on different PC each other.
The first PC can save the data well.
Today in the PC the first time that the data was not saved.
Please help.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / CLAN SAO

Well heaters & fans, we are just searching war :)

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / Lionheart Dungeons

Yep same bugs here

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Add Friends!!

Feel free to add me


Topic: Off-topic / Tell Me About Yourselves

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Halloween Rip-Off

Originally posted by ThomasL8:

I don’t think you understood the point of this post. You said you put prices on values of cards but 30 dollars for a CHANCE at that card you “assigned” a value is not a fair deal! And like the creator of this topic I will not spend a penny more for this load of bull! Lower the prices and I’ll consider! I assume many people feel the same way.

I’m failing to understand the point of your hostility here. I fully understand trying to advise them to lower their prices, but why are you so angry about it? Just like you said, you have the ability to determine whether you’re going to buy their products or not, so they could set the price to $1000 dollars a card and I wouldn’t care because I just wouldn’t buy it.

If their prices are too high, then they are the ones losing out the most because they’re pricing themselves out of their own market. So, even though you may feel the price is too high, clearly someone is paying it or else they would be lowering their prices immediately to increase the demand. Don’t get all worked up about it, they’re a business and this is simple economics.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [GUIDE] Awakened cards

Originally posted by SockMonster:
Originally posted by kaiba987978:

yeah, but oh well, just get free vip1, support the game with a bit of your time, and get permanent access to the vip boss.

What do you mean “free vip1” it’s possible?

there is some survey which gives you free kreds,I have only 6,but 50 is minimum needed.