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Topic: Off-topic / so ive set a goal for myslef

Don’t starve yourself because A) You’ll just gain all the weight back and more when you eat again, and B) It’s incredibly taxing on your body.

Just eat healthier.
Have one serving of lasagna instead of two. Eat a salad. Have an apple.


Topic: Serious Discussion / 9914703222 DIVORCE PROBLEM solution aghori baba ji Nizamabad

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Topic: Tap Adventure / Looking for friends, post here

Boom, Add Me Suckas

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is eating meat moral?

Originally posted by Bobneson:
Originally posted by bacontradr21:

When the SHTF, Vegans will be the first group to die off due to their specialized fad diet that is only sustainable because of current, modern day conveniences. The hemp wearing hippie who smokes weed and only shops at Trader Joe’s or her local CO-OP has zero clue how to live off the land will die within weeks – or days, if they don’t know how to purify water. Once the bottled water runs out for the liberal hippies, and the tap stops flowing, they will be dead within 3 days.

There were no Vegans years ago, for a reason.

You sure we’ll after three days without water? I believe it’s supposed to be a week.
Supposed to be …. eh?
This is pretty much the problem w/ most of the “data” most ppl possess and seem to “believe” to be the utter “truth” … and THEN, start passing that “error” around to all that will listen. Ever heard of the fascination with urban myths?

There is NO “supposed to be”.
There is a range of 3 days to a week “or so”.
All of this depends upon several factors …. mostly heat, both external and internal (exercise).
Some of the environment can be such a huge factor that our desert troops were ordered to drink X amount of water a day …. ORDERED to do it. In a very DRY heat, one just simply doesn’t realize how much water they are losing via sweat.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [to devs] few suggestions about bounty (cause you dont read all the complains it seems]

1)mm rigged to push sales
2)it’s call bounty hunter with names, not fog hunter
4)devs dont care, they only use my formulas to control powercreep for sales
2,3,5)can be solved by bounty lock which I suggested long time ago, devs won’t do it because they knew GloAss is a dead meat like wmt was so why bother

most/all of your ideas have already been mentioned before by others, u can repost them every day/week/month, they dont care, it’s wmt all over again lol

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Topic: Off-topic / so ive set a goal for myslef

One of the goals should’ve been “learn how to spell”.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Leaderboard

What for, so it will be full with cheaters and people showing off their e-peen?

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Topic: Spellstone / Spellstone same and same cards

I love this game. But when I m buying cards I see the same cards that I have vaporized ma ny many times. Always the same cards. I think the drop rate of special cards decreased very very much with the last version.

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Topic: Astroflux / Suggestion about "Sorting"

indeed would be nice

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Topic: Realm Grinder / My good good build for reaching Re16. Minimum 2 days run time

Gotta tell that instruction from 1st post in this thread is quite long and difficult to understand for a man who doesn’t speak English as his primary language (for me). Is it possible to make some “summary” or short version of this instruction? I’m going for 15th Reinc and I would really like to use this build, but it’s difficult for me to even establish at what range of gems should I start…. :)

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Guild Recruitment / Soviet Union [] New & steady, no level req.

Bumping. :)


Topic: Off-topic / The best ways to take Pills of Pure Muscle Gain!

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs] Two wildly different ideas for GW matchmaking: ELO rating, Swiss Tournament

There’s been a lot of discussion of Guild War matchmaking. It seems like the last few matches have a huge, perhaps disproportionate effect on final placement. It’s neat that the war stays exciting to the end. But compared to Conquest, it feels like not much you do matters except for the last few rounds. Conquest is very different. It feels like what you do matters the whole time. Even though Conquest has its own problems, that seems more fun and fair to me.

I’d like to throw out two other ideas for consideration. These are systems that also get used where power disparity is significant, but matchmaking needs to be fair.

== ELO ==

ELO Rating is a system where each player or team is assigned a number that predicts the outcome of a match. Each time a game happens (a single war battle), ELO is adjusted. You gain more ELO for beating a higher-ELO opponent than a lower-ELO opponent. Likewise, you lose less ELO for losing to a higher-ELO opponent. Matchmaking would try to place you against an opponent with similar ELO but there would be some randomness.

War rankings would depend on ELO. Final standings would be based on the ELO rating. Other card games use an ELO-based system for their top player or top team rankings. For example, Hearthstone uses ELO to rate the top Legendary ranked players.

ELO is known to be a reasonably fair system, and it is much more likely to make the whole war matter, not just the last two fights.

One possible downside of an ELO Rating system is that it might make the last few fights not matter for reward bracket for many guilds. I am not sure because I haven’t tested. But I bet for many guilds it will matter.

An ELO Rating based system might also still need rematch frequency limits, since the guilds closest in ELO will stay pretty consistent.

== Swiss Tournament ==

A Swiss Tournament is a way of running a tournament without elimination. Competitors are initially paired randomly, or possibly based on some other criterion, such as BR. After that, competitors are matched purely based on win-loss record so far. Everybody gets to play every round, and each round opponents are matched with the closest possible pairing in win-loss record (there is a specific system for this). Other card games use the Swiss format for both minor and major tournaments. For example, Magic The Gathering uses Swiss even for giant tournaments (both real-world and online). It does not take a whole lot of rounds. The Might & Magic online card game also features swiss tournament.

One tricky aspect is that you may need some way of breaking ties if many teams end with the same record. But perhaps reward brackets could be based on swiss win-loss results, and then it would not matter.

I’d like to ask the devs to seriously consider one of these two models to replace guild war. Guild War points are an ad-hoc design, and they have a significant flaw in that the last few fights matter too much. Swiss or ELO would be a much fairer model, where performance throughout the whole war would matter. They also line up with what is done in many other card games. And they are proven approaches

Thank you for your consideration.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Glock 18 Weapon Customization Review

i dont have the w-task done for the g18 but i do have tier 1,2,and 3 unlocked, but i can only choose to unlock the muzzle breaks, the camo and the sight are not able to unlock for some reason.. help me out would like to silence it and put on a red dot

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Topic: Kongregate / Why do topics get deleted?

Bump..Never got a solid answer to my question. Still wondering about this. Or if maybe someone can confirm Advo’s post.

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Topic: Tap Adventure / Looking for friends, post here

wouldn’t mind a friend to tap with :)

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / {BrotherHood} Now Recruiting, #34 Heresy War, #26 Harbinger Conquest!!!


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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Which players always hunt you?

Originally posted by SupersSonics:
Originally posted by UM_a:

nvan < “my granma trying to click a folder”

That was cruel. Not even I can be that cruel with rja.

I am asking you nicely to Refrain from using my username please. Pretend I don’t exist.

Originally posted by K1NGS_2:
Originally posted by nvan7102:

think im wrong feel free to challenge me any time im always ready to fight and i don’t talk for that shit i talk to piss them off during the batte*

1. who the fuck are you?

2. why are you bragging about your skills?

3. i have never heard of you before so that means you’re not the best player of fft.

4. can you put all your words in 1 sentence?

5. please do not be a dumbass like ninjachameleon, do you want to be disliked by everybody who uses this forum? if you don’t then stop bragging about your skills because it’s really annoying.

Ninjachameleon is actually not a bad person at all despite what he posts. Pretty cool guy

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Tetrapede Volt

Berry The Dick

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Clan Recruitment Thread

Looking for wicked ones to join Wicked Ones, no requirements so far, but several members in the HZE 1000+, LVL 21 immortal atm, going higher at any moment…..

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Bug Bounty Program

i would call the entire bounty event a huge bug.
please fix it, especially the MM.
maybe you can look here and find some ideas:

also about the bug people reported here,
when playing raids with my phone in shadow fortress, there are units that the raid place, and are invisiable.
i dont know how to take prnt scrn in phone, but it just look like an empty space that attack you…
cant even know which unit it is


Topic: Serious Discussion / 9914703222 DIVORCE PROBLEM solution baba ji Kochi

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Topic: Tap Adventure / Looking for friends, post here

add me

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Full Kotoba team?

Originally posted by Gen5:

You should wait for next month….probably it will be Kotoba’s turn for being patched….

BOOYAH Im gonna love that!

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist Mobile: General / I've lost my launch time, plus I can't buy Mega bucks... Arrrrrrgh!!! Help please

I’ve just crumbled and bought some gold, I’d already started the countdown for the moon and Mars launch…. I had about 170hrs on both but no I cannot find it, I have the money to buy mega bucks but no option.
Anybody having the same issue?