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Topic: Off-topic / AMA: Went to a RiFF RAFF concert yesterday

Originally posted by sabercow:
Originally posted by Mikkmar:

Would you suck your own dick?

naa that aint me, i aint about dat lifestyle .

wut bout ya ass nigga

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Offline Progress

I’ve got the exact opposite issue – offline cash works great, but whenever I have the game open it doesn’t add any cash at all. WTF!?

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [MK] Progenitor's Continuum Week 1 Spoilers (+ Event Reward)

Basilisk is like noble defiance with +5hp. Has its uses but will die too quickly more often than not. Still good against slow high armor cards

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Topic: CS Portable / suggestions

Originally posted by DavidL109:

There will be a better clan system in the Sequel dw.

Why not Zoidberg?

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Which weapon should I buy?

Originally posted by luis7734superb:

I´ll become level 30 soon, and idk what gun to buy first. Please tell me what to buy, a cr tier 4 gun (say which one), or mp5 sd spec gun?

NOTE: I already got vector smg, idk how i got it at lvl 0.

I´m good at smg, shotguns and assault rifles

M4A1, task it, get the right skills, and it’s amazing.

Same with the MP7, but that has a more difficult task (40? triples) but it is 100% worth it.

If you’re a noob, get the saiga, but I wouldn’t really recommend it.

Every gun in set 4 is good, but get the M4A1 first.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Long Live MuhammoudA?

I apologize if I misspelled your name MuhammoudA but this thread is dedicated to you and I hope you enjoy it.

First of all, if you didn’t know, MA has reportedly left Freefall Tournament and will not pursue other goals. This heartbreaking news has shattered the hearts of millions but after we overcame our grief we relieved one important thing….it’s that this community is truly filled with hatred and negativity.

Whether you like it or not you cannot deny the amount of negative threads made in 2014 and the small portion of this year. You cannot deny the constant complaints about slow updates, afkers, hackers, and tanks/blasters. You cannot deny the facts.

Frankly the reason MA left is because he was tired of the constant whining, the constant flaming, and the numerous acts of “shit talking.”

So let’s carve this community into a beaming beacon of light, rather than a hate-filled canyon.

tl;dr: This community sucks when it comes to attitude and the negativity is to high. I gurantee the responses to this thread will be mindless insults rather than constructive comments.
Players are constantly vilified, it needs to stop.
Less negativity; more positivity

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Topic: Off-topic / How to kill a troll?

Originally posted by Toa_of_Pi:

Starvation really is the key.

Internet trolls thrive off of the ability to get a reaction out of people. Ignoring them creates one of two scenarios:

  • They realize that they have become ineffective, get bored, and move on
  • They continue their actions, but you don’t care because you’re ignoring them.

Either way, you win.

Real life trolls are a little different, but the same tactic works. Those trolls thrive off of charging you exorbitant amounts of money to cross their bridges. By ignoring those bridges (i.e. finding a different path), their income will decrease. If enough people ignore the bridges, one of two scenarios happens:

  • The troll realizes that it is dangerously low on money, and moves somewhere else to get more
  • The troll continues doing what it has been doing, and eventually starves to death

Once again, either way, you win.

wut if the troll moves to ennew path ur using

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Topic: Global Assault / [Dev] Client update v14

Thankyou for finally implementing bulk salvage.

In other news, Heroblddd removed from rankings for doping allegations:

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Beta access

OK. tell everyone else where to find it.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [MK] Progenitor's Continuum Week 1 Spoilers (+ Event Reward)

Originally posted by TheM4gn1ficen7:

You don’t get it. The bt devours sd. It’s a good card to have, that’s a lot of unimpeded damage very quickly.

It doesn’t devour SD quite that easily. It only has 20hp in a faction devoid of nearly all defensive skills, and overload stripping so much utility from evade.

BT has no good counter damage values, has no relevant poison damage values, it has only corrosive to truly rely on now. The only good healer it even has at the moment is a delay 4.

One of the ONLY things that can help BT if the devs refuse to give them cards with decent skillsets is to give them heaps of hp so they can at least survive to Activation.

But instead we get cards like basilisk, Flesh butcher, necropocalypse, indoctrinated, Revenant, and Gornivicous. Hell… Gorrus has 18 hp on a delay 1, and can at least survive because it has corrosive and inhibit.

20 hp on this strike and jam magnet just makes it hard to accept as relevant, especially with all the corrosive and counter out there.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Stacker To Anti-Stacker Convert

I agree with the original post and see a lot of k spammer groupies here. Hang in there steak you do have a good point. I actually like the k spammer groupie name as it seems to be right on for those peeps.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Skills / Hit markers

there is no hit markers in this game , But you could get hit confirmation skill . it’s on the sniper skill tree, its called hearing II when you hit an enemy with granade, mortals, bullets and even knife, you will hear the same sound as if you was hit. I think devs should make a different sound for it, since it sometimes confuse the player whether he is being hit or made contact to an anemy player. When i used this skill , it was pretty useful, when firing into bushes, if u hit or see the enemy armor shield , keep shooting until enemy is dead. But it’s expensive in SP , so i would only get it if i have over 120 SP, or if i am a full sniper, since sniper don’t require much SP to be invested into other skill trees.

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Topic: Off-topic / Mod logic

Originally posted by MmeBunneh:

Let me get this right, you’re blaming moderators for how non-moderators decide to post those “hundreds of posts” in the troll threads? That makes sense. That “actual quality discussion is in constant thread of being locked” is not being threatened, those “hundreds of posts” derailing threads are the reason those threads get locked.

I don’t want to lock threads, you guys are forcing me to when an actually good legitimate thread gets derailed 4-5 pages. I have tried to save threads, believe me, but if you truly cared you could have just private messaged me and been like, “Hey, I really liked this thread you locked. Is there any way you could possibly re-open it by removing the derailment?”

If you’re not even going to half [expletive] an attempt at fixing OT then I don’t see any reason or have any belief you legitimately care about OT.

cmin frm sum1 hoo jst strtd te bigst quote ziggurat evr seen by OT

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Topic: Red Crucible / One shot kills?

Do primary tank guns one hit kill infantry?

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent: General (Westeros Discussion) / RI on Jan 28 between 4 - 7 PM Eastern?

If you’ve Reincarnated in the past 3 hours and you’re missing items, please send a ticket to Share this with anyone in your alliance who may be affected. Thank you.

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Topic: General Gaming / Warrior, Mage, or Rogue?

When you play RPGs, are you a warrior, a mage, a rogue, or does it depend?
Also, which sub-class are you usually? (Berzerker, Red Mage, Pirate, etc.)

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Topic: Global Assault / [Dev] Client update v14

Originally posted by munchtime:

Did you fix the bug where you try to attack a PVP target, and the game gives you PVE instead?

We are constantly looking at this but still cannot find a reproduction of the bug. If you have any extra info please let us know!

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Topic: Rise of Champions / Join The Red Brotherhood!!!


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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Offline Progress

Yup, no offline earnings for me either. The ability of the devs to introduce new bugs with everything they do is astounding.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / My To Do List

Originally posted by HopShot:
Originally posted by andrugtsangk2:
Originally posted by D3KILL3R:

what should i do first
1.unbreak M4A1 gp until customization came out
3.get ak-105 w-task
4.get 10+ damage acr(i dont know if its bugged)
6.lvl up my M4A1 to lvl 6 ak-74
8.BUY THE SA-58 mp7 w-task
(im not so good at english)

for cuztomization, u don’t need gp. it is based on the lvl of your gun

Lol, you can prebuy with GP :v it’s a f2p shooter eh

The devs said it wasnt….

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Topic: Rise of Champions / A Formal Challenge to Craig Crew

Originally posted by bullton:

the issue there is, cc will stay ahead of hb regardless for a long time, assuming we stop, we’re still like 220 mil xp ahead of them…. it would take a long time for them to even default pass us…

The issue is that the ratings seems to calculate everything since the guild is created. So even if all of cc turns inactive they will still be considered “top” for a long time. The best guild in my opinion is the guild who is most active therefore the rating should calculate what is earned/donated within the last 7 days. CC will still remain the top guild thought but it would be more fair imo.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Tyrant Puns

Originally posted by Working_Boy_Pete:
Originally posted by skupper79:
Originally posted by Working_Boy_Pete:

#16. High Power? … not sure

16 – good guess, but I was thinking of a legendary assault…

So it’s Hijacker.

I feel like the guesses are as good as what I was thinking of. spoiler here

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [NEWS] 1.3x HP BUFF

Originally posted by DANzam111:
Originally posted by ThaHealer9:
Originally posted by DANzam111:

The amount of complaining here is staggering. I don’t know what to tell you guys without being rude, so I just won’t say anything other than suck it up. GF has been trying to help you guys but no matter what they do you just cry about it.

It’s because the ‘help’ isn’t helpful. We have pvp metas that are 90% saturated with rush. Many people, including myself, don’t have trouble beating rush, we simply don’t want to fight brainless rush match after brainless rush match so we’ve taken to logging in doing our 5 activity matches and logging out. A few new cards and a few extra hp may help some players struggling with rush, but they’re not going to change the makeup of the game’s entire meta.
Originally posted by krozman:

You don’t want rushers deterred… just needs to be hard enough to give a balanced deck a good enough shot at beating it.

Actually, at this point I DO want them deterred. After months of 90% rush matches in pvp I would welcome a season, hell I’d welcome a DAY, where I encountered 25% rush.

Actually, you don’t want rush deterred. If you’re on a newer server, I can understand the growing pains as rush is pretty viable for the baby months, but after that, rush is less of a factor. Rush still serves the purpose of being the deterrent for full whale decks in older servers. If rush were to be completely nullified, then the only realistic counterplay to whales for everyone else is nullified.

Meaning that instead of facing brainless rush every match you face brainless power in 40 minute stall matches in which you have a <.00001% chance of winning.

If you want to criticize GF’s attempts to balance the meta, offer some constructive criticism instead of puerile complaints.

Actually, “I” do want rush deterred, not obliterated, but deterred. “You” don’t apparently.

Full power decks already exist, regardless of rush. There’s also no guarantee these decks will beat well balanced decks anyway. While a full power meta may be largely p2w, a hand full of 7+ cds isn’t always the best way to go. Also, people always speak as if spike is a vip0 style. The most problematic spikers are high vip and would still be viable, keeping whales in check.

Regardless, if you’d read any of my other posts elsewhere you’d see I’ve offered plenty of suggestions to balance pvp and improve the game overall. Let’s start here:

1) Decrease the accessibility of rush- Take Mif out of soul summoner for one. She’s one of the biggest spike cards and anything with windwalk, particularly with ambush is problematic because it rquires no interaction with the opponent. The hero damage can’t be blocked if there is an open lane. Taking away crits on heros would help as well. As it is, spikers need only 15 cards while other players need to gather 30. Make it a bit tougher to gather those 15 so that you can’t build a winning rush deck in 3 weeks as you can now. Would mid tier rush decks with centaurs in them deter full power? I think so. Would they be so OP that every player went that route and every non spiker complained about them. I doubt it.

2) Rework 1.0-1.3 cards to bring them in line with more recent cards. Most of them are so outdated that they’re no longer usable. Many of them need small atk/health buffs and they would be usable again. Along with this, increase the accessibility and create new cards that buff specific races or groups. Play an EQ and you’re likely to see some mono race decks. Why don’t we see these in PVP? The key cards to making them work aren’t accessible and the decks probably wouldn’t fair well against all the OP cards that have been released. I don’t think I’ve seen a single Katherine or Grimbone on my server (~6 months old). Release more cards like these accessible to everyone and I think we’d start to see more diversity, and consequently, less rush. Of course, rush still needs to be less accessible or these decks need to be able to counter it or the rush meta will remain.

3) Get rid of rubies and allow the sale of cards for gold in the auction house. The problem here is that it opens the AH for abuse, but the point is it’s a TRADING card game and players need a way to rotate their cards. As it is now if you invested heavily in a particular deck, decided you no longer wanted to play that deck and sold those cards, you can buy packs, typically with dismal results compared to what you just sold. Perhaps have a ruby shop where players can directly purchase cards for rubies only. You’ve played mono human for a bit, and want to try mono elves…you’d have the ability to trade in those cards and go another route.

4) As for the overall health of the game and the general overload of whatever may be the complaint of the day….add more EQ type tournaments. They’re fun, offer additional rewards, and provide opportunities to break from your own deck, pressure of pvp scores, etc. Some ideas include a) Players use their own cardpool, but no elites allowed b)A draft where packs are opened, players choose a card and pass the others c)Players use their own cards but are limited to rares d)A current EQ style, but one with access to EVERY card in the game. Yes league exists, but these should be local, on a schedule, like the current EQs.

In my opinion for the game to truly be enjoyable we need a meta that is 10-25% rush, 10-25% raw power, and the rest “other,” be it some balanced deck or some mono race deck. At that point you may face 5 different deck styles in 10 different matches, each with their own challenges. We need to step outside of the simple rush v. power v. antirush dynamic that keeps matches utterly predictable and boring, particularly when, for a variety of reasons, one of those styles has become so dominant.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / Reminder From Lir


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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Which weapon should I buy?

Pm pistol is the best gun of the set 4.