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Topic: General Gaming / [Mu Complex] Help each other

Freenode IRC anyone?

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Topic: Kings Of The Realm / BUGS - Official Thread

In the last patch, you reduced healtimes. By attacking orc-camps I found, that a SL does now have about 20,4s.
So, my full SL lvl36 General in castle defence duty should have 2560*20,4s/2 = 26112s ~= 7h15m heal time. (no heal towers, healtime halfed because of castle defence)
But he has a healtime of about 22h30m!??? It looks like, this army gets the “old” healtime of 30+ seconds per SL and doesn’t get the bisection.

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you have a nickname?

Originally posted by HoleOfSpam:

Gabidou99 – Gaybidouche69

Making a random new name for gabidou doesn’t count as a nickname.
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Topic: General Gaming / [Mu Complex] Help each other

Originally posted by Arcanmster:

@uzzbuzz You may have a cache problem

So I did, now to solve riddles :3

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mu Complex] Help each other

@uzzbuzz You may have a cache problem

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Favorite set for Hard Core

Originally posted by Musicus:

Want to be a nub? Take SKS, MK2, SRS or M14s. For more professional experience you might try VSS, SVD or RFB.
For a legit challenge you might try Mod3 or maybe even AKMS. The HC recoil makes them only accurate for like 3 first shots.

AKMS and Mod3 are my favourite guns for evac HC… the AKMS is reliably powerful and can kill in literally two/three shots (works in evac due to small range mitigating the negative effect of visual recoil), and AS VAL MOD3 has a beautiful RDS and great firerate.

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Topic: Off-topic / 50,000 buckets of nails

Should be the new ice bucket challenge.

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Topic: Cloudstone / which the location of wilderburrs ?

Here’s how I got enuff stuff for the claws and the boots… go to the “Help Wanted” missions and keep completing the middle mission until it gives you the “Troubled Lands” mission and keep farming this. Make sure you quit before fulfilling the mission parameters so you can instantly replay it. There are two versions of this mission, the muddy one, and the sandy one. On the muddy one there is a fake treasure chest in the top left grassy area (worth killing for a power potion) and sometimes a wilderburr will spawn in the top right(ish) area. On the sandy map you want to run to the very bottom left, there is a cluster of three dried growths… break them… then run off the land! …here there is an invisible path to a hidden area with some Kalaboo Grass monsters and an EPIC chest! sweet :) After you open the chest and kill the grass go back over the invisible path to the main area… a Wilderburr will often spawn near the trees and grassy area if you hang around for a minute or two. Repeat until you have the resources you need :)

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / #60 & Lvl21 + Sista guild. Meow.

cod just brought Belgium chocolate,
if you want some, join us now

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mu Complex] Help each other

Still the same thing?

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Post Ideas And Glitchs!

Background blocks! For building backwalls in houses.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Daily card Boxes

Originally posted by andrewLe:

i still seen it.

hmm,well it vanished from eu server

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / Mp5SD Spec

mp5 spec vs mp5k

spec uses 4 sp, mp5k uses 0 sp, as sp is most limited resource and mp5k is cheap to unbreak, difference in performance is not large, mp5k is more efficient sp usage —> mp5k for most ppl, unless you got heaps of sp or you want to use mp5 spec to play hc evac or something

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Grenades vs Mortar

Originally posted by TheBurrito999:

I like mortars better, just because grenades aren’t rewarded or anything – you just spawn with a fully packed and buff grenade, chuck it in a spawn, get quadkill without doing anything. Mortars however, require a killstreak and placement, but still get kills.

Well I assume you mean purchasing the mortar skills, since mortars exist no matter what. Just because grenades frustrate me far more, I’d go with mortars, but from an SP standpoint, getting mortar skills aren’t worth it, and sadly would be better spent buffing grenades. :(

TLDR; I would get neither, rather sonar skills/primary gun skills – but I play on higher level servers (45-70, 59-70)

Long answer: In my opinion, SP should be spent on upgrading guns instead of getting either, since grenades are mostly luck (if you throw it right after spawn) and mortars require a lot of skill – if you play high leveled players, they are usually not together. Hence mortars aren’t very effective, in my humble opinion (this is from experience). I find sonar skills as well as other gunsmith skills benefit me a whole lot more in determining the positions of enemies (in 45-70 evac servers). Being gunsmith class is especially beneficial when in a clan.

Gunsmith class advantages with my build
- Clan skills (+10 damage, requires only 3 kills to get sonar and 5 kills to get mortar) – 69 damage AS VAL MOD3 is possible with 100 SP
- No damage loss to silencers (from the skill tree)
- Full buffed sonar, allowing me to ascertain the position of the enemy players
Note: don’t have mortar skills as I find sonar to be more useful buffed sonar in bay5 = gg wallhack

Destroyer class advantages with my build
- Clan skills (+30 health, +60 armour, less useful than it seems at higher levels 45-70)
- Fire stabilisation (which I have anyway with my gunsmith build)
- Full max nade (which I find to be rather nooby because of 0 skill required to get lucky quad kill)

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / ConArtist: I have some questions, please.

And the upgrade ability never came.

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Yeah, it definitely seems popular. Even almost an hour later, I’m still getting server crashes while navigating.

Edit: Also the time for turkey squees has arrived. I am going to try to make a crochet of Gobbler tomorrow since it’s so cute. ♥

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / Easier way to find new combos to research

Originally posted by TheMahavishnu:

I think you’re talking about the card archive. It tells you such things…

The card archive just tells you how many cards/combos you have discovered and how many there’s in total. We want something that will tell us if there’s any combos for us to research amongst the cards we actually own, and maybe even give us a hint on what cards can be combined.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Nerf Cull

Hi guys we are currently considering this, i will keep you guys updated on this matter. Please don’t worry, we will take care of it and try our best to keep the game fun.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / *-*Join The Lotus Family*-*

- / / -

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / looking for top 50 guild

Hello everyone that is looking for a really active player who is willing to help the guild out ;)
First of all my deck:
Arch nova
Inferno demon
Ezamit fusion
Jilted baughe
Gonna make sacred sanc before gwar

I am only playing via phone, i CANT use line because everytime i open the chat it crashes but i am like online all the time when im awake. I am from europe but on weekends im working 24h shifts so i can be online sometimes all day on raids and gwars.

Feel free to send me a pm if you need more info about me.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Not working while offline

Same boat. Sometimes it picks up exactly where I closed the game from. Other times it hangs for a second, and then updates – suddenly I’m much richer in two seconds. If only I could sustain that cash flow…

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Dev] WMT Update [Tyrant ending on August 15th 2015]

Originally posted by zivert:

Just give us all 10000Wb’s 10m Gold And 10000 Shards before this game shuts down so everyone can try out Most cards created n try them all out in battle so we all get a shot at trying out everything

Sandbox mode for short. Just let everyone have all the cards. :p

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / New Card Ideas

Originally posted by OMGArmageddon:
Originally posted by AmirM56:
Originally posted by gamesearching:

They are cool. I like their skills. I think for Queen Surika she make friendly people gain the ability: Fear . I mean Death March? IM outa here xD

lol I know right, undead race are mostly slow especially with long cd. so with Queen Surika it will be posible to play fast undead just like halfblood but with high cd hehehe. so what is your new card? :P

Dread Scout, Dread Knight, Dread Champion, Black Rider, Dark Rider, Tarus, The Death, etc etc….

ok thanks for the advice, I remake the card ability to make it more balance. I change to Shuddering Aura (all enemy creatures -1 attack) instead of Death March. I alse nerf the Vampiric aura description that it only effect friendly creatures in adjacent area, since vampirism can be very strong. XD

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Nerf Cull

Late to the party, but I finally logged in just to look up the stats of Cull, and all I can say is:
DEVS, whatever you were smoking when you decided to make this card, I WANT SOME OF IT TOO!!

Seriously though, the fact that you even allowed this card to pass beta testing is LAUGHABLE. Here, you have a card that can Single-handedly destroy ALL of your opponents and their creatures, and the only drawback you suffer is having to wait 4 turns?? The highest powered creature isn’t even sacrificed, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

Can you imagine if they released a card like this in Magic the Gathering? Their entire playerbase of nerds would rage so hard, it would make the Occupy movement look like a school assembly.

Speaking of MTG, this is how you “fix” Cull. In MTG, they had a pretty popular card awhile back called “Fling”. It was a 2 mana instant where you would sacrifice a creature you owned and it would deal damage to target(meaning ONLY ONE) creature or player in the amount of the sacrificed creature’s power(attack). And yes your creature would die, but even then, this card was incredibly powerful when put in the right combo decks (I would know because I pwned many other players with this combo in the past).

So in order to “fix” cull, make it similar to this, sacrifice the highest powered creature (meaning it dies as well), and have it deal damage equivalent to it’s attack power to only ONE target creature or player, NOT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. This card would still be very, very powerful, but not INSANELY RIDICULOUSLY OVERPOWERED like it is now.

I still can’t believe this card was even created let alone released.
I thought spike rush was bad in the past but this is some serious NEXT LEVEL ISH right here! REALLY DEVS? C’MON MAN!

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Topic: Contract Wars: Skills / +12 pen or +10 damage

Originally posted by x1mathematics:

Assault gives extra mag, +12 pen (with +pen skill), thermal (which I will never use).
Gunsmith gives +10 damage, buffed sonars (which I find to be more useful), early support acquisition.

Which one is better in terms of a CR gun like the AK105/M4A1?
I was going to ask about Mod3 but then again people will be like “Mod3 is already OP, etc”.

PS I’ve read all the other topics regarding pen/damage. They only compare +5pen and +10dmg however.

Assuming you’re shooting someone in their most armored portion, their chest. Current armor model is broken, it’s actually the old model: Damage*(penetration/100)= Health Lost
(Using M4A1 shooting someone with 80+ armor and 105 health)

+Assault penetration (12) +
48*(42/100)=20.16 Health lost = 6 shots to kill

Gunsmith Spec with penetration (5)
58*(35/100)=20.3 Health lost = 6 shots to kill

Gunsmith Spec without penetration
58*(30/100)=17.4 Health lost = 7 shots to kill

Of course this assuming that you’re hitting them every single time in the armor, excluding the limb shots which gunsmith would help with. But what I think this shows, is that the sacrifices that the average player has to make in order to invest enough SP in Gunsmith in order to maintain some type of armor, is huge. You might manage to have a Gunsmith spec, but someone with less than 115 SP is going to have a hard time because they’re going to have to remove either mobility, partial assault skills, recoil, or accuracy. Your decision is whether or not this sacrifice is worth it, because even me with my huge amount of SP, I don’t feel like Gunsmith would be worth it. I would lose out on thermal (and I don’t even use it much), I would lose out on mobility I would want, and I would lose out on my grenades, which I adore.

Best of luck :)