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Topic: Wartune / April Rune Exchange & Rune Promotion

Originally posted by alveolate:

is it too much for a knight to aspire to challenge the archers at wb?

i also think it’s unfair that knights have no way to slow at all unless they luck out with a mire rune from mystery shop. even if knights and mages all get mire runes, it is still only 30% chance to slow (even worse chance than thunderer). both mire and thunderer pale dramatically in comparison to the 35 rage DF with 100% chance to slow (and DF even has decent damage as well).

either make mire rune much more available for mages and knights, or reinstate WB’s immunity to slow. we archers have more than enough advantages already.

I admire your fair play, a lot of archers seem to consider WB is only for them…

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Wrongly Accused of Glitching

wenzz, ur not the only one who got accused of glitching becoz of our abnormally fast speeds.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed / Daily Login Bonus - What Did You Get?

14. rare
total : 13 rares , 1 epic

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Topic: Wartune / April Rune Exchange & Rune Promotion

is it too much for a knight to aspire to challenge the archers at wb?

i also think it’s unfair that knights have no way to slow at all unless they luck out with a mire rune from mystery shop. even if knights and mages all get mire runes, it is still only 30% chance to slow @lv1 (even worse chance than thunderer). both mire and thunderer pale dramatically in comparison to the 35 rage DF with 100% chance to slow (and DF even has decent damage as well).

either make mire rune much more available for mages and knights, or reinstate WB’s immunity to slow. we archers have more than enough advantages already.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed / [Recruitment] Decepticon #22 wants you !

And another Bump, we have only few places we already have really strong players, just need to replace 2 or 3 of them :)

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Weekly Maintenance 4/17 @ 2:30 AM EDT

Pretty please, tell us as soon as you know…

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Topic: Pirates: Tides of Fortune / Foul Deeds

Ahoy, Captains!

Are ye bored of yer already existing Foul Deeds? Do ye need more interesting achievements?
Let us push the envelope and see where we shall sail next in our little adventure together!
Ye think of something quaint and new that is going to curl some toes as ye sail the Seven seas, then I be wanting to hear from ye forthwith!

Speak up if ye like to have a chin-wag and wish to be developin’ our much loved game!

Yer Piratin’ Queen
Captain “Bonnie” Anne O’Malley

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Hezbollah: Resistance movement or terrorists?

Originally posted by Jantonaitis:

I’ve never been called that before, and I don’t know why a Lebanese movement would care about an American gaming site.

I’d assume you care for it the same way most zealots ‘care’ for this site, by stumbling across it and immediately realizing that it hasn’t seen enough pro-hezbollah lebanese action!

The anti-Israel movement isn’t some palestinian frankenstein, it’s gone global. I see no reason why lebanon – or whoever claims to speak for lebanon – wouldn’t want to get in on the bandwagon.

I have, at times, contributed something to these threads. At the moment, broad skepticism in the views of arabs – and their sycophants in pakistan – do me quite well, but if you prefer, I hate Johnnybegood’s posts least of all.

If you are too high and mighty for this humble site, don’t bother coming, nobody is forcing your hand.

My complete contempt for you does, though.

YES, if you say something good about the Taliban, you ARE a shill for them. If you pointed out that dealing with the Taliban is probably Afghanistan’s only chance for survival from civil war, I’d agree.

But slobbering all over their collective cock, as you’ve done so repeatedly, is not the answer. I don’t particularly care how violent you are, or what violent actions you’re willing to go to take your goal. Your bluster is quite irrelevant to me, although I do find it enjoyable to read, so by all means keep going, but you have as much depth as Sacha Baron Cohen. When will morons like you learn, that westernizers are not persuaded by garbage? We don’t care how much you threaten, or boast, or whatever. We care what you can bring to the table. If you can’t bring solid facts, then you’re a worthless sycophant for dictators. That’s all.

This Hezbollah shill, for all his faults, is a serious speaker. When he writes, I listen, even if it’s more of the same garbage, because at least it’s palatable garbage, and not the same old ‘attack us and we’ll destroy you’ riff that I’ve long grown tired of. As far as i’m concerned, the Pakistanis can roast. And I don’t much care if they say the same about us. They’ll radiate long before we will, if only because of their own idiotic stubbornness.

So in tour opinion, stating some positive fact about someone, makes you their “shill”?
You, see I think that a positive attitude or an act committed by some one you don’t like, must not be dicounted just because you dislike the person committing the act.
Also, once, I was just like Labayka, then I learned no matter what, You can not change the opinion of most of the people online.
So why bother, its much more fun to just frighten or enrage people than researching hard facts and giving online links and such.
You may have grown tired of this ‘attack us and we’ll destroy you’ but that is the truth.
You mate seem to have a superiority complex, not unlike hipsters. You seem to see the world with a special glass, which shows you every one smaller than they really are.
I still stand by my statement that

Seriously, for many of these westerners, any one talking in contrast to what their media portrays is a goon of the related organisation.

Also you seem to attack the person rather than argument.
What is this talk about Radiation?

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Glitch-Busters

Originally posted by PIS_DarkBeat:
Originally posted by sze_andras:

17NPouros and searingmage were abnormally fast
(17N certainly gliched)

He’s not glitching, He is just abusing slide.

I really hate slide abusers in the sliding… Just sliding fast in the middle of the shuttlebay and waiting for a lone prey to kill. Mostly, high rank blasters and gunners do this noobish tactic.


Originally posted by searingmage:

VectorEvil is not a glitcher, that’s normally fast for a tank. I can do that and I’m not very good with Tank.

Ernestio, on the other hand, is a malicious glitcher who hunted me. He’s not a very good player and I killed him quite a few times. He just kept relogging every time, though. He’s as bad as David.

Also, Sze, you obviously don’t know how to slide. I play Scout because it’s fun, but I haven’t glitched except to kill glitchers, and I haven’t done that for at least a month. As a gunner I can hit very high speeds using momentum and timing.

I’m getting so sick of glitchers that I may just end up quitting. This game isn’t worth playing when every room has a glitcher.

Glitching or not, Ernestio is a noob.

I know what is slideing I do – did that too.

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Topic: CS Portable / CS Portable~ElG16 vs Dr4.

Dr4 will win for sure.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Question regarding Assassin and Blazer

Originally posted by JPaps1:
Originally posted by cowpole:
Originally posted by JPaps1:

I see, thanks for the replies. I hope the admins fix this soon.

Fix? lolno

Originally posted by FunnyaxeRealm:


What’s so funny?……

There hasn’t been an update for a long time. The devs don’t even come to the forums anymore…

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed / [Recruitment] EquilibriuM - High and Medium BR members

Done :)

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed / [Siberia recruitment] Rank #30 guild


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Topic: Elements / Parallel Pegasus Deck

use the PU after you dive the wyrm. it keeps the same attack until you use dive next. keep up the chain. thats what the deck is about

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Topic: Pirates: Tides of Fortune / Happy April Fools' Day!

Captains, I always keep my word. Every Captain, who took part in this little contest, receive 1000 Rubies each! Let me know the coordinates of your havens.

Your reward is waiting for you!

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Topic: Game Programming / Creating Games

How to make Flash games

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Game news

Dear players!

The 20th Era of Clan Wars is about to start tomorrow, where clans from Silver and Platinum leagues are going to fight for glory and authority. Are you ready to show yourself and get the deserved reward? Let’s go into action!

By the end of the Global Era of Clan Wars the clans of Platinum are fully updated. Clans from Platinum League will go back to Silver Leagues of their social networks. By the results of the Era 3-top clans will move to Platinum League.

Features of the upcoming era:
- Start of the era – 4:00 AM GMT April 17th, end – 4:00 AM GMT May 14th.
- 2 battle and attack declaration phases. Attack declaration phases are from 4:00 AM to 4:59 AM GMT and from 4:00 PM to 4:59 PM GMT. Battle phases are from 5:00 AM to 3:59 PM GMT and from 5:00 PM to 3:59 AM GMT.
- During the era it is prohibited to join Platinum league clans.
- The increasing price of try again option is the same as in the previous era.
- Mechanics of partial repairing rule remains to be actual.
- Cooldown – period of time when a player cannot join another clan or come back to the previous one – is 7 days.
- At the beginning of each attack declaration phase in Platinum League servers are synchronizing for 10 minutes. During this time Clan Wars will be inaccessible for participants of PL.
- Battles in Platinum league are not counted in Achievements.
ATTENTION! The principle of splitting defenders is not effective for the Platinum League.

All other rules are the same as in previous era, which you can find in help on clan-war map screen.

Platinum League:
1 place – 50000 ounces + unique card
2 place – 25000 ounces + unique card
3 place – 15000 ounces + unique card
4 place – 10000 ounces
5 place – 7500 ounces
6-15 places – 3000 ounces

In addition to ounces all Platinum League participants will receive a unique reward card which will be given in Golden League, and apart from that card top-3 clans will also get a unique for Platinum League card, that is to say two cards for 3 winning clans.

Silver League:
1 place – 6750 ounces + unique card
2 place – 3750 ounces + unique card
3 place – 2250 ounces + unique card
4 place – 1500 ounces + unique card
5 place – 750 ounces + unique card
6 place – 1800000 imperials
7 place – 1500000 imperials
8 place – 1350000 imperials
9 place – 900000 imperials
10 place – 450000 imperials

Please, pay special attention that only those players that had at least one win during the Era will receive their part of the clan reward as well as the unique card.
Good luck in battles!

Silver League map

Platinum League map

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Topic: Tyrant / Snake Order VS Legion Of Doom

Originally posted by Aenarion:

I strongly doubt SO would be so dumb to use snake-named alts if they wanted to win wars with them.

If anything those are chief_keef’s or whoever’s alts created for a situation like this.

Then again I also doubt SO would not see though this, so if they accepted them in their faction they might have just pretended not to realize those were alts :/ unless they joined in much different periods and stayed there as “sleeper agents” for a while until the time was right for this? Sounds crazy…

Chief_keef is a well-known jose alt. You can tell by the similar writing styles and jose’s obsession with the rapper Chief Keef (inb4 jose denies being Chief_keef)

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed / [Recruitment] TyrantLegends! 1 SPOT OPEN

Im very interested in joining puppy.
128k br
VERY active – including wars.
Add me on Line (Strateken) and i’ll answer any questions you may have and show you my deck.

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Accepted Players


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Topic: Game Programming / .bat file from swf

Why not use a language that’s better suited to the task? It wouldn’t be that hard. For instance, Python is designed to be easy to learn, and Haxe is directly based on AS3.

The best Flash has to offer is the File class, and that’s only available in AIR.

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Topic: Brave Tales / The Add Me Thread

Hello. :D

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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Lost Treasure wording issue

i think we need a separate thread for people to document the REAL stories of how they got scammed by R2’s typos.

can someone among the cashers start it? i have never cashed cos i’m aware of just how scammy the game is, so i’ve thankfully avoided the heartache.

but this is more than just heartache, i believe. when the scale of the “mistakenly lost balens” are added up, i believe there may even be criminal damages liable. there has to be some legal recourse if the company is repeatedly negligent with its clients’ accounts.

start a thread somewhere (if kong does not allow it, make a separate board elsewhere) and start collecting evidence. screenshots, emails, details… anything you can to help the playerbase get a sense of just how humongous is the malpractice of R2/7road.

are they really just idiots at typing stuff? or are they deliberately s.crewing us over? how many balens have been lost so far? how many genuine cases ignored by the customer service?

to aid the case, i can do some research into the currency-balen conversion rates and shop prices on chinese servers, just for comparison.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed / [Recruitment] SithLords Instant Recruiting (Ranked 7-13-8)

Complimentary bump to a great bunch of…siths . Couldn’t recommend them too highly

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons / Post your Raid URLs here

NM Valanazes the Gold 126h and 4.2B left