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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Hijacker caught

How would CW devs know who he is?


Topic: Off-topic / Man Of Steel Metropolis Mayhem

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / [ZergReborn] - Come Join the Swarm - Top 50

40k BR with only 20 members! This is a serious guild about to make a splash in the top tier of Tyrant Unleashed!


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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Need supply crates?

add me

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / (To devs and community) January's Guildwar

Originally posted by MarshalKylen:
Originally posted by PlebAtk90 (undefined):

Would this be the 1st war with no bge? That’d be cool. I loved the brawl with no bge few weeks ago

Well, technically the Splinter War, the first Guild War, would be the first without a BGE.

The splinter war ran from 1/10/2014 – 1/13/2014 with no bge. An anniversary guild war with no battle ground effects only seems fitting to kick start another amazing year.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / ***New*** ~Breezy HaVoC~ ***NEW*** Recruitment and Community Discussion (Updated 12/14/2014)

Originally posted by unlucky_god:
Originally posted by EkoArt:

I been one of the winners for the 24h christmas picture edit contest. 100 GP reward will be donated in time to the clan. :D

Nice man! How’d player _5 do? >:)

I never entered. Even if I had it was not my creation. Even if I had made a creation it was already too late.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / Think of a good clan name and win 10 Kreds!

How about… “Get Rekt” or “Wreckers”… Or you can do “SoulBound” I dont know.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs] Can we get a 20 hour reset or a standardized reset time for daily tasks

Standard reset would be just as good. Updated the title.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / The Intrepid

Originally posted by HPCaeser:
Originally posted by copy145:
Originally posted by arkandia99:

Yay! More Fun! But seriously, thank god; its been too long since event bosses were a challenge. Both PvE and PvP should be interesting and engaging, all forms. Including missions, event or otherwise.

You have mutants for “fun”. What exactly is fun when you have to beat this boss 50 times? Im sure the lvl 10 win is a nice achievment for everybody who has low winrates but then you still have to grind the boss another 40 times. Event bosses should be hard but if you compare this whole Imperial Event to the recent events you see much lower winrates for everybody. That´s not fair at all for newer players. Not everybody is a veteran player but devs seem to design stuff only for veteran players.

With all due respect, do you expect meh bosses giving away legendaries?? The game is designed in such a way the new player is supposed to play event 1 for the whole duration, a mid level player until event 2 and high level player for the whole event..

You simply cannot match up ppl who have played for more than a year and half in 8 weeks…
I remember when I stated this game I was not able to get 2 tazeroks due to the difficulty of the event and tazerecca was all the rage.. (Eventually got it by beating a much tougher Excelistus awakened)

Be patient and grind your way through..

With all due respect for you, you are very good at overstateing what I said. Nobody wants free rewards. Here are some stats for you.

Swarm of the Forsaken 4th (last)Boss Pandemonium: 53.1% on best 3 order

Dimensional Terror 3th (last) Boss Arachis: 99.9% on best 3 order

Alpha Rebirth 3th (last) Boss Alpha: 98.5% on best 3 order

After playing 5 months now I finally thought I would be able to 50/50 the last boss but I have under 10%. This boss is way harder than every other last boss and the fact that this is the first good Imp reward in a long time sucks a lot… from my point of view devs fucked this up.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / A Tier List For All F2P Card Fusions And Tips For New Players

Evade is great to let it survive till it activates. Probably not a good first drop but it is a great option as a second or third drop to give xeno decks some more heal. However, a second Taz probably would be a better option. There is also the issue of the meta shifting away from strike to direct attack, but that is dependent on the devs plans.

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: Events / Phalanx helping Killers to keep in #3 position

Originally posted by shinsofsteel:

Perhaps we can move the festive spirit to a new thread rather than bump one with a title that inaccurately alleges collusion in an event that ended 3 days ago? Thanks for your understanding.

Totally agree with shins, lets stop bumping this thread lol, the title/topic is way off the bat for a Xmas thread.

Glad u like to cookies Sacred.

thx :)

This is gonna be my ‘last post’.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Queen A

I honestly think the all str buff is just a nerf for higher levels of play (due to smiters). Since she is so good, and amazing with Avalons, it’s a passive vulnerability.

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Topic: Ballistic / Grow balls Rumble

Why cant you stop making us sad?
for christmas, why cant you make us happy with an event similar to the halloween? all perma?

Why did you turn this game ape-shit on us? why did you make it P2W?
Why, didnt you see this, when ratonhake left. you know its all gone wrong when Ratonhake, an active player, probably one of the best leaves? its all turned crap on you hasnt it rumble?


Topic: Off-topic / Man Of Steel Metropolis Mayhem

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Massive Holiday Sale: Dec 19 - Jan 5

Originally posted by freerangegames:

These prices are more ridiculous than a tank with a beard and a bag of toys

Please help get the word out and schedule posts for us:

FRG, how come you never discount Z-Cash prices?” Well, happy holidays to you too! Look in the store for a special surprise.

You GOT to love this new guy ._.

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / 1.28.0 Update Notes

Small question… The online requirement was invoked because of the ‘ILLEGAL TIME ALCHEMY’, but what I want to know is, wasn’t the portal events and arena battles already internet reliant? What were these cheaters trying to obtain? Energy is one theory I had, but this only becomes a serious problem in events. Which require internet. Later masteries of the game have high costs in energy, but it doesn’t take too long for energy to restore by then, plus you can still grind at lower levels for dust…

Another small question… I have finished the Evil AI event now, and my worry is the rewards list for the next event, and whether or not it will be more than the last reward list. Every event after the first event I partook in, had no gems to obtain at all. Is this going to be the new norm? And was this supposed to be the actual plan, to just give coins, with 3 boosts of bronze, silver, and gold at tiers 5, 15, and 25 respectively, a gold at tier 10, a combo card at tier 20, and a chance at a diamond at tier 30? This sounds good on paper, but it actually is harsh on the players when energy costs are considered. When the event portal is reached, new players barely have enough energy to make it to tier ten, with this new setup… and that is when they get a gold final card. Why would they be forced to start the events so early, if they can’t get halfway through yet? The only way to survive would be to grind on every Boss up to, but not including, King Lyle. This would mean they would have had to know about the strategies of the event portal beforehand. How can we get diamond cards to survive later sections of the arena, if we have to have diamond cards to get diamond cards? I would not be this far in the game, if I had not received the Zombie Bear card from Anna the Huntress’ event, and I am really wanting some new combos to research. But the time-limit for these events is too short for me to get all the way to tier twenty at the level I am at. I have not defeated the first map, but I did not have this much trouble in the Anna event, and I would like to know if my deck is just not good enough, or if there has been a difficulty spike in the event Boss’s AI. With the infinite decks gone, maybe there is a higher chance for elementalists and healers to win rounds, but this is not made obvious to the player— oh my god I sound like a newb. Wow.

TL; DR: I just wanted to know if the rewards list is going to have earlier chances at diamond cards, or if it will ever contain gems, or if we can get the combo card sooner. Right now, I feel cheated by the game since I seem to be getting nothing but coins during events. It’s not that helpful to me to face a challenging foe 5 times and win… a dust. Not helpful at all….

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [MK] Tabitha's Exile Week 3 Spoiler (Update with Brawl Reward)

All.That evade all you need is a sacred sanc and keep itv from poison its wonderful I love it

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Topic: Mecha Galaxy / Bug Reports and Suggestions

Help! I moved my mechs around in my formation and I lost all the weapons in my Zadok. When I went into my hanger, the weapons were not there. After it happened, the game froze. It seems to correspond to the end of the KOFM and the new posting on the home page for new sale. When I came back, the weapons were still gone. Please help, I had to re arm my mech since the clan war is starting but I lost a lot of good weapons.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Ex this week?

It should be Ashtra :

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Topic: Ballistic / Holiday event is same as Fall event

i just got new years ironhand for 6 hrs. im leaving. and others should too. i think this game has turned to shit.

Im happy i got the santa hat, but any more ripoffs? i just want them to have another halloween style event. all perms.

i mean, i get how the fall one wasnt perma, most people would get every single thing, seeing as there were only 18 to collect. that was good. this? aint no way to get all of these. i hate this now, it turned all ape-shit on us.

Female skins? why not a customizable character screen?
holiday event? why cant we be happy for christmas?
why cant rumble grow balls?

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Topic: Global Assault / [Dev] Bug/Issue Report

At least 90% of the time I try to enter a pvp match it get thrown into a pve match that is unwinable at my current level, if my squad bar is full I will get 2 pvp opponents and spend the rest of my squad health retreating from the pve missions. This is especially frustrating when I am unable to advance my army enough to win timed quests like grinder. Players shouldn’t miss out on rewards because of a bug.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Efficiency] Best use of double gold

And I’m sitting here just 3 starring the event because I can’t beat the bosses past 2 stars and I haven’t unlocked mission 106 yet.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Game Bugs

Hadn’t reloaded yet, so I ran through typing on v1664. Seems like that line used to say “upon, so you shouldn’t hack. It takes the fun out” instead of what it says there.

Probably checking vs the old line instead of the changed one.

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Topic: KingsRoad / KingsRoad Release Notes 12/18/14 -- “Winterstone Tournament” Edition

The latest KingsRoad update is now live. Among the highlights: Enjoy the holidays with the Winterstone tournament, daily deals, and special achievements!

//New Features and Updates:

Winterstone Tournament:
- The Winterstone Tournament runs December 16 through January 12!
- Defeat the frigid beasts that threaten Alderstone.
- Unlock brand-new earrings (Winter’s Eye Cluster, Winter’s Eye Chandelier) and a brand-new belt (Winter’s Eye Belt).
- Collect limited-time consumables like the Gingerbread Man, Egg Nog, and the Polar Bear Potion!

Holiday Countdown:
- 12 days of 99-gem deals (through December 25).
- 19 days of special achievement challenges (through January 1).
- Collect all achievements for a special prize!
- Complete an achievement on the first day it’s available for extra rewards.

- Starting with the event on December 24, we’re adding new Mythic quality items!
- Mythic items will be available in the Platinum tier. Relic items will be available in Gold tier, and Artifact items in Silver. Artifact Elite items are being removed from events.
- Event tier will now be gated by Power. If you don’t have the requisite Power for an event tier, you will still be able to play the event, but you will not be charged tokens and you will not be able to collect rewards.
- Standardized costs for all events to 6/9/12/15. That means that equipment events and clothing events will overall be slightly cheaper, while trinket events will be slightly more expensive.

- Added winter to the town hub. =)
- Item Power is now displayed on item tooltips.
- Increased max inventory and vault sizes by 32 slots each.
- Like events, dungeons are now gated by Power.
- Gold earned in Champion maps now scales to Power for players using a character at level 60.
- XP when fusing old score jewels into other jewels has been greatly increased to reflect effort spent fusing them.
- Numerous bug fixes and performance improvements to prepare for the tablet release of KingsRoad.

//Major Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a bug where the gold Apprentice quest would not grant gold.
- Players who have maxed inventory/vault space will no longer see Apprentice quests rewarding inventory/vault slots.
- Fixed an issue where players would sometimes be charged twice in the Arenas.

//Current Known Issues:

- Players can sometimes die without seeing a revive option. Refreshing the browser window will fix the issue while we continue to work on a solution.
- Event achievement counters may occasionally be reset. We’re looking into this issue now, but we think it may have to do with changing your character class.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / sas 4 pc is better than mobile

You guys have to remember that the coding for sas 4 on pc is worthless for the mobile version,meaning that the team has to build the new items,maps,etc from scratch and that they have to work harder to put something as simple as a gun because of the phones’ software.