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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Yay or Nay (throwback) Quadra Threat

i think its a pretty bad card.. those skills wont do anything against OL decks

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Topic: Cardinal Quest 2 / Is the game supposed to save my progress?

Hi, I’ve been playing CQ2 for several days now and like it a lot. However, if I play it for a while, then close the browser and play again later, none of my morale or unlocked classed/items/perks have saved and it’s as if I’ve started the game for the very first time. I am logged in while playing.

Is that the way it’s intended to be or is something wrong at my end?

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Topic: Technical Support / Exclamation mark during play

Thank you I will try these

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: Guild Recruitment / ** Magyarország ** (LVL 8 Guild, LVL 800+)

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HaVo_AsRyAn is hacking. His character is just staying in one place while he moves through walls while invisible and knifes everyone. Even in safe area.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Corrupt a wish FFT

I wish all blasters dissapear.


Topic: Kongregate / Get Skin That Glows

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Catyrant (1 of the best tyrant thread ever according OOHnubrav®)

DEVS presenting TU to community :

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Topic: Coraabia / F.A.Q. - CORAABIA


• Is this game worth my time/ Is this game fun???
…. If you have experience in many TCG , yes it is. This game have unique system of battle, card and lores. Also it is long time investment game together with having NO ENERGY SYSTEM.

• Which factions should I choose?
….You don’t have to worry about which factions you want, you get all starter decks and you can change it any time.

• Is is possible to build one more deck?
…. Yes, look at top left corner and click on the point down arrow, you can build as many deck as you like to.

• Can I change in game name?
….Currently, no, but in the future may be

• Which factions is strongest?
….Well, all of them have strength and weakness and meta change constantly so, no strongest faction.

• Which factions is the easiest to learn then?
…. I would say it is depend on how much experience you have with these kind of TCG, Xenno (Green) and Guardian (Blue) are the easiest. Unliving (Yellow) is pretty hard if you got no experience. Outlaws (Red) and Mercenaries (Grey) are kinda so so, because you can either play it simple like Xenno or be tricky like Unliving.

• What should I spend Trins on?
….Currently, the use for Trins are for buying card on Bazaar, make sure any card you want to buy is worth.

• What card is worth buying then?
….Usually buy those cards which help you do your current activities at low price or any card that can improve your main PVP deck.

• What about Xot?
…. There are three main choices to spend Xot. You either buy booster packs, connections, or player avatars.

• What booster packs should I buy?
….If you are new player and never get any packs before, you should buy a single FAT PACK because it helps a lot and it give you the most number of cards (15). Then you can focus on either COLLECTOR packs or CENTROPOLIS. Collector packs are quite risky all of your card might be just common and uncommon, but there also many nice rare and gurus. While Centropolis card is a little less useful it still guarantee a rare.

• Can we get all connections in game for free?
…. Almost all, there are only few multiverse connections that only avaliable by Xot such as KO-MAG.

• Is this game P2W?
….Defenitely not, paying only make you gain things faster and it not like the most rare card always make you win.

• How do I sell card on Bazaar?
….You gain the connections that make you be able to sell cards on Bazaar at level 20 or when you buy some Xot.

• My game freezed, what should I do?
….Try to refresh couple times if it doesn’t work try asking people in chat. There usually have some game admin around.

• Does it take long to load this game/ I get black screen?
…. For the first time, yes it quite long, and if it black screen changing from chrome to other browser might work.

• Why can’t I use this Trick/this ability/card??
…. It might because of ability prohibition or isolation, when something happen and you don’t know why try to read all connections and ability first.

• Are there any way to earn Xot?
….Yes, by completing PvP grinds, event grinds, PvE activities and PvE events also, in chat room sometimes admins will held event.

• What about best way to earn Trins?
….Win a lot game in row, either Bot or PvP, Bot is easier to do thought, the higher points difference earn more trins.

• What about best way to earn experience?
….Keep playing PvE on Coraab, PvP on Khoptid or get KO-MAG connection, which doubles your experience rate.

• How can I participate into event?
….Usually, any missions that related to event will be on the fourth row from the left side of faction trees, or you can check in the Grind trees. The home page usually tell you about lore of this game.

• What are the language use in cinematic?
….Coraabish, language of this world, ARK8 spend a lot of time creating the whole multiverse, its history, language, creatures. So everything is uniquely for this game.

• When you get Exp is it you or card that get it?
…. You get the Exp and card only get its own type of Exp by so-called Duel Win (DW), when card levels up it unlocks the lore of that card. 300 Duel Wins will unlock you its player avatar picture.

• My game got laggy what should I do?
…. Refresh it once or try to reduce FPS in the options.

Important things:

- This game have really amazing lore, if you like to read novels or some things like this, You should read Home page.

- Please don’t mind things too much in PvP, Win and lose to somekind of deck is very common. The meta constant change like many games.

- This game is still developing so you should not expect it to be completely perfect.

If there is anything you want to know more, you can ask people in chat!

visit: – Coraabia wiki – official forum – follow us!

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Topic: Off-topic / A Crow descends the skies, offering you... THIRTY PILLS.

The ninth pill is shaped like a dildo, it turns your entire world into a porn movie! You’ll find yourself in sexy situations like no tomorrow!


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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Corrupt a wish FFT

granted but you might blast off and penetrate to the sky

I wish FRG add a Wayne Skin (I’m 100% serious)

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Topic: Galaxy Online / boson & nano bp


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Topic: Gravitee Wars Online / Amazing Shots!

Welcome! Here you post replays of EPIC shots! Like this one for example:

I got sniped by a MEGA Longshot! By a bot! Now that’s hardcore!

Rules of Posting are:

1. Must be a shot that hit you, or one that you hit another player

2. Must be pretty sweet.

That’s essentially it. Have fun everyone!


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Topic: General Gaming / Mutilate-a-Doll 2 Official Thread


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Topic: Technical Support / Exclamation mark during play

This usually means Flash has crashed.

I would do the following things (in order):

  1. Play in private/incognito mode (this disables any extensions/plug-ins/add-ons). If the game works now it is one of those that is causing the problem. Turn them off one by one to see which it is specifically.
  2. Re-install Flash
  3. Change browsers to see if your issue is browser specific.
  4. If nothing resolves the issue, then report the issue to the developer, as they need to resolve any in game issues.

Good luck,

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Topic: Forum Games / The Never Ending Sentence [Continuous]

noses of

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist Mobile: General / Isn't moon what we wanted?

Well, at present, after a reset I can be effectively back to where I was in roughly 10-15 mins.

Only thing I buy is the first ai boost for 111,111, which isn’t really that much.

Loose 111k to gain 20M, and have my Income go up like 1-2%.

Also… Skipping years into the future really doesn’t prove much of anything imo. Skipping time when your income is super low is basically waste.

Let me ask this, who’s savings account do you think had more in it, the guy who makes regular deposits, or the guy who almost never makes deposits?

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Topic: Off-topic / Got a date with a teacher....

I even have a gf….well….not sure if anymore…’s kinda complicated…..and i hope she doesn’t see what i am saying now……because she will think i am overreacting..

See, she says that she still loves me, but when I said goodnight, i love you, she just said goodnight.

Not sure what she thinks about me….we were going to get married…..and then i started worrying that we wouldn’t be together because i would loose her….then she kinda got annoyed because i worried about that…

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Prove City defense also play arma

Originally posted by FIGHTER_TAMOJIT:
look at the log and able to see that that city defense also play arma and its a lvl 16 defense,already some ppl said it already so now I give a photo,so all easily understand

yeah it’s indeed possible(like in certain map/tower levels with arma), funniest is that arma damages creatures in the fog, so it destroys own defences ^^

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Research Priorities - Thoughts looking back

Originally posted by Cisz:

Perfect question Deathbot – here we are, writing guides for beginners, and forget to explain the notation. :)

Towers in BMC (and other bloon td games) have two groups of upgrades, left and right. The numbers indicate the level in the left and right path. So 4/2 means 4 left and 2 right.

… and x means anything so when someone says 4/x that means 4 on the left path and anything on the right path (0, 1, or 2). For example, a 3/x ice tower is an arctic wind that could have anything on the right side of the upgrades but a 3/2 ice tower is an arctic wind with deep freeze.

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Topic: Technical Support / Exclamation mark during play

Why when playing monkey city is it that during game play I keep getting a white screen with an exclamation mark and lose my game or after completing a level it dosent happen with any other games thanks

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Topic: Ballistic / Uh-Oh No Game Servers Found

Anyone can help ???? Please

On Asian server !

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / overpas

Originally posted by vitalykolobkov:
Originally posted by AndrewLyssunov:
Originally posted by vitalykolobkov:

This is the first map where you actually need double zoom clan perk, so do not go there if you are not a true sniper.

I got prokill with Orsis first match without double zoom so I have no clue what you are talking about :/

You did prokill against noobs who do not know the map yet. That is not the problem, I got prokill too. Return in one month and play against top clan snipers – you will see what will happen then.

Top clan snipers won’t be there.

Anyone who calls them self a real sniper will be on LH or OSM where tactic and skill is necessary, and where every single round isn’t like the round before it.

I don’t mean to shit on overpass, i think it’s a good concept and the map is very well done, i just think that the order in which the devs think is backwards.
BEFORE making any map (be it site, or overpass), they need to think about what kind of maps players will want to play, and i personally cant imagine any type of rational thought that would allow the devs to think that players enjoy head glitching behind rocks 500m away to only get 15 kills over 15 minutes.

IMO, this map would make the best TDS map ever, but other than that, I predict it’ll share the same fate as site.

With that being said, I think considerable balance needs to go into the xp rates of all maps, for the sake of balance. IE: the best sniper should get the best xp on overpass, and the best smger should get the best xp on bay5. In both cases, the top players should get approximately about the same xp/min ratio.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Challenge for Newcomers on May 27!

Challenge for newcomers starts today at 6 p.m. CET (11 a.m. CST/9 a.m. PST)! Prepare for the challenge: you’ll get gems as a reward!

Requirements: players with 900+ rating points are welcome to take part. Your clan must score 50 wins using any creatures you like. 5+ level creatures are required.
This challenge will end at 5 p.m. CET (10 a.m. CST/8 a.m. PST) on May 28, 2015, don’t miss it!

Hurry to the game!

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Topic: Off-topic / A Crow descends the skies, offering you... THIRTY PILLS.

Oh dearie.

That said Azn you know I have a preference for prime numbers gosh darn it. I do like 7 as I’d make only blue things have colour and it’d be lovely. 23 would be interesting but at the same time I’d rather not have to live in the chaos of all governments at once being collapsed.

Also did you change 27? Wait nevermind that.

The twenty seventh pill will make you forever sad, in exchange for everyone else always being happy.

It’s not prime but I’ll take it, 27 it is.