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Topic: Off-topic / Are you aware that 2007 was over 7 years ago

Originally posted by SpearDudezor:

Maybe “Over 9000” and “This is Sparta” will become retro soon

all your base are belong to us

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / Some quick notes to the update

Quick coz I See the Argument coming give it some Time do some testing.

(Wished Really ECG Would exactly this Way before Update released related to the bugs, KEVIN ;()

But simple thinking about the consequences will Do the Trick sometimes (the pen is mightier than the sword).

So One of the Strange effects of the changes is that You can’t attack a sniper with a Ranger without being counterattacked anymore. Thought of this before, no, I guess.

Another is that the Rogue has a 2 range only attack now.

So example 1 disqualisfies your give Arguments about counterattack possibilities (I do notice that You related to melee/range and I do to range/range Here, but a change Here has its results there as well).

And example 2 Shows that there consequences to the attacking moves as well (all Rangers Range is changed from 1 – xxx to 2 – xxx) which Leads to AI forced/autocorrected Moves of These toons. What will Happen when there is no free tile left where the AI will move my toon Onto. No attack possible at all? This result Would be related to the semi Rangers like Rogue, halb, Palm and guard a absurdity (I couldn’t create the needed Formation on the dancefloor during testing the Update)

Next to this examples (there Are more) which I have verified via testing, I have to say oops, You did it again

You nerfed toons without asking the Community before doing it. That is your GAME and You can do to it whatever You like doesn’t mean You Should it that Way.

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Topic: Inferno Legend / Game won't start

game works absolutely fine. i have no idea what you guys are talking about….

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / [Suggestion]Option for scientific notation

I would really like this

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Topic: Contract Wars: Skills / Should i buff up my nade if i only have 1?

Originally posted by AgentFurqan7:
Originally posted by FoxyLady93:

No! Never, ever do that!!

Grenades ruins this game.

Nothing is more annoying than a coward with this stupid OP nades.

huh!thats why all pros have 3 fully buffed nades and 5+ k/d huh!that means all players in the rating are coward huh!dont think like that,you are a coward not them!

Nades are for cowards and p90 noobbru too, if you are do it.

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Topic: Off-topic / Are you aware that 2007 was over 7 years ago

I fucking hope not

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / We are the Sons Of Guns!!!!!

One free spot! Join the family!

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Topic: Off-topic / Are you aware that 2007 was over 7 years ago

Maybe “Over 9000” and “This is Sparta” will become retro soon

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Spammers

Everybody hates these spammers. There are 3 scenarios.

1. Kabam removes spammers.
2. Kabam sells spamming rights and gets so much money that they don’t need Realm Gold anymore.
3. Kabam does nothing. (most accurate)

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Topic: Forum Games / [Always open][LABYRINTHIUM] Heroes - Day 8: Tree-sure

To Woofy/Aya:

[Woofy ~ Fail] You recast spell on your spider. Bubble gradually shrinks, then suddenly pops in half of the way. You’re forced to grab your pet. It’s going to slow down your progress.

[2x Success] Woofy and Aya swim through.

You emerge from water and reach the beach. You quiver with cold, due to wet and nighttime. There’re no visible signs of goblin patrols.

To Leto:

“What do we do if one of us is shot? Or if a trap is activated?”

“We stop the bleeding and keep moving. I… we’ll carry the wounded, once necessary. Someone dies – we keep moving.”

[Insert Leto here]

I nodded nervously. “Yeah, I’m in.”

“Good! We’ll be in the same squad, when siege begins. All we have to do is wait. We might be able to persuade other groups and few mercenaries. That way, we will have to split, but killing labyrinth abominations should be easier! Let us know, If you find someone trustworthy.”

To Dathen/Ark:

You enter the main hall. Floor and walls are covered by thick layer of dust, any rapid movement causes it to float and makes you cough. Light reveals six human statues, two on each side of the room, except for the rear wall. There’re significant differences between each sculpture.

At the end of the room, you find a small platform with large, stone slab. Something seems to be written on it.

On your left and right, there’re closed, wooden doors. It’s hard to guess, which hallway leads to goblin cave.

To Urzog:

You receive outworn soldier armor ~ 50% chance to reduce dmg by 1.

“Pickles? We’ve found their mine, at the foot of this mountain.”

Orc draws a map and shows location.

“Liquidate them all. They’re unarmed.”

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Change of artwork in Sylvi Cards

Originally posted by blindlight36:

It looks like the German art. It is much worse art :P
should be back to original art now

Originally posted by selenaelvira:

Honestley Yumi was the Only one that looked good cx

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / PRICE GUIDE december 2014

If this forum regulars approve, you’re allowed to make this an official price guide. Otherwise, this is not going to work. I am not a regular here.

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Topic: Time World / It's time for a round of bannings.

ya u know what mean fuking may be u know then what mean suck ??

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Over 2 months since we were promised the option to mute fellow players; no sign of it

Why are you complaining, they’ve made two minute bug fixes in the last two months. That’s huge for Edgebee.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / resource regeneration bug?

Well since the timers may be different on the three resources I would venture a guess that they are changed in 3 separate calls. If this is the case it will explain what is seen, since the follow flow will give exactly that:


This is multi-threaded so I do not mean that they are run in order, the above is more an illustration for how the updates hit the database (doSomeCrafting does no updates just a place holder to show it happens). Doing crafting is not a huge computation so it’s fast so it makes sense that it can affect only 1 resource if the timing is right, but most times won’t do it.

Another possible explanation could also just be that addResources calls may fail silently thus loosing the update for various reasons.

I think these two options are the the simplest explanation (and thus given Ockham’s razor the most likely), except maybe bad programming.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / FFT Gif scenes :P

Originally posted by Blade_477:
Originally posted by UM_a:

For Blade47 who asked for some awesome shots in a lft+ in US. Here you are mate, have fun.

P.S. In 60% of the cases, this lag is noticable in EU servers(my server) as well

<p /

thnx :D

Gonna oost some soon Xd
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Topic: Technical Support / LCN Kong half loading

Just before I shoot off, McAfee has just finished it’s scan it staretd while I was out & 0 (Zero) Threats were found.

I’m still going to put your answer to the test @some point today/tonight…see I’m big into PC’s I’ve worked in the industry in both the hardware side of things putting together PC’s, fixing & installing whatever OS you want or if you want to dual boot I’ve done that too, along with worked in the Tech Support for software side of things too & that’s why I don’t believe in the first answer that anybody can give you!

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Bugs Megathread

I just cant get to my city. It always stops while “securing the perimeter” and doesn`t go further.
Thats not funny…

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / Activ player is looking for a new guild

Hi all! My previous guild was disbanded inventory counts more 230 cards, play for very long time quad cards I have:
1) dreamhaunter
2) Gehenna cursed
3) Erebus city sector
4) auger ream
5) ANA
6) inferno deamon
7) irrian grafter
8) ezamit tranq
9) sanctuary quad
10) xillanail
11) stad.assailant

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Topic: Forum Games / [Game-Related] The "Choose My Next Game!" Thread

Originally posted by developous31:
Originally posted by Gonkeymonkey:

Whoever removed my post, why did you remove my post! It had appropriate things in it! You could have just snipped it! Now I have to write that again.

I’m planning it to have 12 players, with a secret role if I manage to get it to 13 players.

Don’t bother. The mods/admins are Nazi’s lately.

They are not nazis. You’re just a bad game creator and you have made many pointless threads about the nexus. I’m sure I will be accepted.

Could I please get approval?

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / The Intrepid

heres my 2 cents as well:
ordered 50,33%: Barracus, Dreamhaunter, Xillanail, Dune Runner, Spiteful Raptor, Ezamit Serene, Deserted Baughe

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Best Gun Per Category

Weapon sets:
Weapon set 1: Shpagina
Weapon set 2: SR3M
Weapon set 3: PDR
Weapon set 4: AK74
Weapon set 5: P90
Weapon set 6: noveske (never tried it though)

Gun Types:
Pistol group: glock18
SMG group: P90 (cr version)
Assault Rifle group: mod3
Sniper Rifle group: TKPD-Sniper
Shotgun group: spas12
Machine Gun group: RPKT

Gun Monetary Type:
CR Weapon group: P90
GP Weapon group: SR3M
Spec. Gun group: mod3

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / "Bird Brain" Badge; how do I get the bird costume?

Judgements always judge

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Topic: Off-topic / OT's Official AdVenture Capitalist Thread!

day 1361: still waiting for new update

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Best Gun Per Category

set 1: mpk5 silent or AKMS silent
set 2: sr3m
set 3: hk416d or Dt srs mk2, my favorite gun Veresk
set 4: g36c or ak 74, my favorite gun is Scorpio spec
set 5: DT MDR, ak 105, Aek, my favorite is tasked 9a-91 (and unbroken)
set 6: Every noobs wet dream: DEVGRU or my favorite x95r silent and unbroken which is my top gun in CW
Spec: Probably Saiga Fa (if ur not embaressed to use it) or Vityaz (best SMG)

Guns: Glock 18, Deagle, Pernach, Enforcer, S&W hunter, TT and GRach, Sphinx or whatever!