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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [MK] Tabitha's Exile Week 3 Spoiler (Update with Steel Outfitter)

Originally posted by jabalaba (undefined):

absolutely no reason to play BT anymore. The only faction without armor, the faction that depends on pierce as well. But how do you compete against guys who will have 9-10 armor now with this enhance all? I’m sure many BT players will quit now

Just wait for enhance pierce a bit ;-)

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Topic: Contract Wars: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / GP Giveaway is gone ...

it was just a temporary bonus for ~25 days, 10 GP each day, because of 600k likes on facebook. The next bonus will probably be given at 700k, or at seasonal holidays like christmas or eastern ;)

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Cull Nerf Compensation

Now you’re just gonna get cries of nerf chosen one after everyone gets that because of this. This wasn’t a great idea – should only be option 1 not option 2.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Monster Talk]12.17 Update Part 2 Load up for da Christmas!

really thx for have merging some server …that a so bad idea…

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [DEV] Double Gold Day Tomorrow


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Topic: Forum Games / Triple Word Choice

The first poster posts 3 words, like Eating Lemon Icecream. Then the second poster takes either the 2nd word or the 3rd word to start with, and make another 3 words. Continuous

POSTER1: Funny Jumping Cows
POSTER2: Jumping Alien Guns
POSTER3: Guns Flying Everywhere

I’ll start:
Farting Smelly Rainbows

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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / Pineapple Express (PE) Position 218

All of us are assault-class except Daddy’sHome! I’ll buy what the majority needs ,so the next perk will be assault 1

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Topic: Berserk: The Cataclysm / Bug reports

Originally posted by bytex (undefined):
Originally posted by Ul0r (undefined):

ok thats it .. i spended 100 oz to redericting to get a good Kyor quest … and i got ALWAYS the same 2 !!! …

this is realy not GOOD !!!!!! …. it´s like a silent cheat … its a bit expensiv for 5 oz to redericting to get another quest for IMPS .. what is this ?? …

can you explain you system here ??? you never talk to me for that .. sometimes it works sometimes not .. and you go away with that bad luck !!! ….

Unfortunately, we cannot say anything new – there are many types for Koyar quests, and they are available for you.

nothing new … can you explain the “old” ones than ?? what quests are there ?
isn´t there a list of them that you can show us ?? and all quests are random frequent or are there quest witch are more often than others ?

Thx for answers !

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Community] How to IMP?

Originally posted by wawarox:
Originally posted by bigdestruxtion (undefined):

Tabitha offers nothing of use meanwhile hal has heal all 2 and increase all armor that’s 2 universal attributes Tab has only 1 rally and it’s only one

This is so wrong… Pretty sure you don’t play imp at all if you can’t find the awesomeness that is protect imp + enhance evade

My deck has protect all 9 already don’t need Tabitha protect 2 on 1 card it’s not even protect all she’s useless the evade only helps 1 card hal effects ALLLL CARDS NOT JUST ONE OR 2 see the difference?

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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / CLAN n00b - Discussion and recruitment thread

Originally posted by hodor12345 (undefined):

IGN: Prollydrunk
Favourite animal: Honey Badger

No way! That’s one of my favourite animals too! :D Second only to the elephant! :)

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Topic: Global Assault / [Petition] Grinder

Hmm, so everyone wants to beat Grinder so they can get the one and only unit CERBE-f@&king-RUS. Since Cerberus can be later replaced with some 5* to 7* units, I suggest something else:
make Grinder a re-playable mission, but Cerberus will be a temporary unit.
I mean after ~40 days or so it will suddenly disappear.

So the idea is that you will get the Cerberus, but it will only help you settle yourself. After a while you will be able to have strong units so Cerberus won’t be so vital.
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Topic: Global Assault / [Petition] Grinder

Quills_On_Wheels said well.

What the point to get something, if this is like free for all now? Mby someone enjoy just looking at his cerberus 24h per day, dunno.

How can anyone proud of himself now? I was love the way i need to plan my upgrades for grinder, how i calculate time and SP..
Now the game is truly broing grind, grind without goal. Good job, i hope you like your results.

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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / [Bug] Z-mas Bug

Started with the Z-mas update:

Leader no longer appears when defending.
Cannot be assigned to defensive position.
No longer wanders the compound.

Can be assigned to a mission/Raid.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Protomech insight anyone?

Originally posted by darkshark2000 (undefined):

Im on 9 protomech and on 3 seraphus , dont know how you can say proto is harder

Same here.

I use Halcyon, Dune Runner, Dream Haunter, Dune Runner, Auger Ream, Octane’s Bastion, Elite Brigade and Bane of truth for Protomech.

My Plan for Serapherus involves something like Daedalus, Dune Runner, Octane’s Bulwark, Dreamhaunter, Dune Runner, Auger Ream, Baughe #2. That is the best i can do for now.

Best TUSim (on Iphone) i could produce for proto was Halcyon, Dune Runner #3, Ezamit Serene, Baughe #2, Dreamhaunter, Bane of Truth

Of course all my sims involve only cards i have. I am sure there are better sims available.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / 10 Gp Gift

It is not denied that his fault and that it is not until 25 December!

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Topic: Off-topic / Minecraft

Originally posted by Gabidou99 (undefined):
Originally posted by melbourneboy (undefined):

No. Minecraft people doesn’t looks like Lego, Most of the block doesn’t looks like Lego and the mobs doesn’t looks like Lego.

No. Minecraft people doesn’t looks like Lego, Most of the block

Most of the block


Blocks mate, blocks. Lego is all blocks, Minecraft is all blocks. It is all a lot like Lego!

Again, just because it’s block doesn’t mean it’s Lego. Space Invaders is all block, so it’s Lego? No! Dig Dug is blocky, so it’s Lego? No, and so on!

Dig Dug and Space Invaders had those graphics because of the limitations of the era. Besides, he said “It is all a lot like Lego!”, not that it actually is lego.

You REALLY don’t understand how literality works, do you, considering how you don’t get metaphors, didn’t get that he said " a lot like Lego" and how you said that you have to add “in my opinion” to every single thing you say that is just your opinion.

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Topic: Time World / It's time for a round of bannings.

When reported and verified, we usually clear the ranking and remove any reward won for arena collusion as a first warning. On second offense colluding accounts will be suspended.

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Topic: Mecha Galaxy / HONOR GUARDS

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [TO DEVS AND COMMUNITY] BT needs to find identity and cohesion

I played a pure BT deck for about 16 months now and it was a real pain.
I stacked 850K gold and about 600 cards, cause nothing simmed in my BT deck for months.

Yesterday I got bored and switched to xeno. Pretty easy with that stack of cards and SP. Suddenly i am winning battles and winning against mutants.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Achievement glich?

Also when loosing at the gallery of them i can’t scroll down as it springs back to the top meaning i can only look at the lemons >.>

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Topic: Global Assault / Guide: Beat various Timed Mission & other challenges Started on Account Age 9 Days Old

Well then guess there’s only one question I have for Jane…

…Is that Windows XP?!

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Topic: The King of Towers / glitch at the very beginning

I’ve noticed some layout issues when i resize my window. The game expands as window get wider and when it is not at its maximum some things overlap. That screenshot image is 1366×768 and I know for a fact the iframe the game is in (not including chat) can expand as wide as 1300px. This might be the issue with the tutorial highlighting the wrong areas. Not sure, just a guess, but if so then try raising your display resolution to allow a wider window. Or if you are already at max resolution, and if you are knowledgeable with html/css you can use chrome or firefox built in dev tools to manually hide the chat area, and manually expand the necessary elements to make the game fill more of the screen. I’m not going to go into explaining how to do all that though.

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Topic: Knight's Fable / Escapist...

Seems to me that the percentage for a goddess to escape is slightly untrue. Have you seen a goddess get to 60%? 70%… even 50%??? How about that being explained please.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Hero Overview: Ica-Rusty

I just noticed… this guy is like Asajiro but better!

A stronger shield that is neutral, lighting damage that just gets better against marauders (making him not only a better damage dealer because hit<lighting but also a better marauder counter) and strenght buff that changes yellow to a sword, something Asajiro BEGS to get!!

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Can anyone fill me in?

It’s simply like this: if you run avalonians you win, if you don’t you lose.
Some of them, especially saethwir, are very Op cause they have all the abilities you may want to see in a single hero. Even with a huge party effort you’ll have several problem beating them. They are the reason why this game is getting boring day after day, since almost every one at high ranks throws in at least one or two avalonians.
Half the decks you’ll face in champion/master uses Great Duke&Saethwir + other heroes like ogmor gem nethjim cark/koria other avalonians (myrie/queen) or buffers like telendar/artrezil.
I hope they’ll release a counter very soon or nerf them, cause other than that the game is slowly going to die.
Ice elves are ok, not good enough to make an entire deck around them though.