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Topic: Tap Adventure / Bugs and issues in game

No offline gold income for me too…

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Delhi +91-9587549251 InterCast Love MaRRiage Specialist Baba Ji


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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / Lordsofgallifrey looking for meambers

Nice guild here :)


Topic: Kongregate-Published Games /

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Topic: Off-topic / what happen if i become cat

i will love you

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / New Event! Littlefoot's Big Adventure!

Strange, I though I got it yesterday, but now it’s not validate.
Is it really Broken?

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Topic: Off-topic / Question

We don’t need labels. We can see ourselves that you’re a troll.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Favorite hero & Monster

Samurai… (high DPS).. BUT Forest Seer has high DPS at 2x gilded and up.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / love vashikaran specialist baba 91-9914703222 kala jadu vashikaran in india


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Topic: Everybody Edits / The EE Story

Originally posted by Rixxi10:

I went into the room named ‘’Minis for pros’’. After a few seconds creator kicked me. The reason? Hacking.

Wrong thread, dummy.
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Topic: Off-topic / what happen if i become cat

You’ll never become a cat.

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Topic: Clash of Kings / sell wood and food

sell wood and food

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Biggest Accomplishment of the Day in Anti-Idle

I’d like to thank the academy. Teardrop

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / {dev} Comeback of 3 weapons

Originally posted by NQASS:
Originally posted by mejorqvos:

I love you

Flagged and reported


Oh wait, I am having fun on the forums! Please don’t ban me too, please, please ….

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Topic: Off-topic / Bye ,guys I`ll be leaving forever.This time , for good.

bye byeee lil sebastian

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [F2P] Gimme some Mono-RT advice!

Emrys spam won’t work against sunder, overload and the new BGE

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Topic: Off-topic / Bye ,guys I`ll be leaving forever.This time , for good.

i thought this was an aguspal thread from the title and i was pretty scared
i don’t want agus to leave but you can

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Topic: Chess Evolved Online / Trigger stuff.

If a Samurai is a vertical knightmove away of a Lust, it can capture it.
If a Hostage runs in front of a Samurai it’s an automatic loss in Morale.
Unblockable Trigger Attack was good, may be better for Plus1 or 2.
A repeated Freeze spends up morale with a Cost 1 Trigger cure.
Any Champions with Trigger attacks should be immune to Wisp when using these.
These may use Ranged or Melee hits, but on place, or a line.

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Remove fairies from PVP

Surprised faerie threads are still popping up, thought this issue had passed.

I have good news for you all: nothing will be done about them.

Move along, folks.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / A "Small" Adventure - The RP! - Signups and Discussion


Normally I wouldn’t do this, but can you specify what your character has been doing during its lifetime?


Duh, it would sound better, If I were given more time.
Duh x2, If I were given more time, I would most certainly write nothing and it DEFINITELY would sound better.

Personality: Silent Sage or Arrogant Figure?

You said that personality is optional, so I choose to not include it. It’s easier for me.

What is the most common specialization and combat style? Also how exactly does it carpet bomb? (I realize this can be some type of skill, but I just need to ask anyhow)

From now on, I’ll temporarily place answers here and transfer everything to CS later.
Most common specialization: Air magic
Carpet bomb – fix’d earlier

Is your character nocturnal or diurnal? Also what is a dirt mudborn? What is the main predator of your character?

Nocturnal, already included.
Idk what is dirt mudborn, probably lack of comma, I’ll look into it.
Main predator… uhm… it would be… uhh… (fast Yeasy, think of something random and big) FISH bird, bird of course. (What kind of bird?) Shut up inner thoughts Eeh, CROWS, crows of course! Moths hate crows :<<< (That doesn’t make any logical sense, did you ever see a moth being consumed by a crow) Shh, we’re done for now. Fun, no work.

By specialized traits, I just mean what is something that makes your character unique?

No, my character is extremely generic loser. Actually… there’s smth special in my biography. I can give birth to larvas with mental deficiency.

In case you can’t think of anything, those antennae of yours look really nice. Maybe you can channel magic through them?

Sounds fine.

The Combat Style “Fluff” is not really a combat style. That’s more of a passive ability. Try looking at my character’s combat style and try creating something like that.

Make larvas, not war. Can I has no combat styles? I’ll use (lack of) persuasion to deal with opponents. Are hypno-antennae okay?


Ok, mostly done. If there’s anything else to fix (or I forgot about something, as usually) – please let me know.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist Mobile: General / Achievements broken

In stuck with only 5 if the possible achievements even though I’ve gotten so far. Havnt even unlocked something as simple as “purchase 100 lemons” is anyone else experiencing issues with achievements being buggey

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Job & Love Problem Solution Baba Ji 91-9914703222 Black Magic Specialist Baba JI Aurangabad


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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Report a Bug v 2.0

More broken ads

Plenty of just blank screen ads and 7 second fails too.

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Are we really getting a content update while GUI is still a horrible mess as reported by most of the community of which some already left the game? I really hope that the game development is still like it used to be; meaning that someone is working on these graphics in the background.

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Topic: Off-topic / Bye ,guys I`ll be leaving forever.This time , for good.

Alright bro. I’ll see you later.