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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Yum or Yuk

vegetable soup

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Topic: Tap Cats - Idle Warfare / Bug Reporting - Please replay to this thread!

Is norse cats limited to one per type? I have a 4* friggs but baldur doesnt make her go 5*

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Topic: Chess Evolved Online / Daily Challenge help

For today’s challenge,

I used the fireballs to kill some skeletons (switch with magetower if neccessary). I sacrificed my MT to kill the paladin and then used my lifestone to revive it. Use the MT to clear a path for militias++. I used the militia and RG to protect king. I eventually won by trapping their king with my knights++ and my MT.

Hope this helps.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Share a one sentence tip or trick for new or veteran players!

If a card is extremely colourful and you can’t tell immediately what it represents, then it’s a p2w card.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / new clan n00b recruitment page

Originally posted by Lag_4_The_Win:

IGN: Painkill3rZ
applied in game


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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Compound Guide to Discussing

It works well in speeches, MLK for example. For a more approachable example, Stephen Lewis a UN flunky employed it quite well in Race Against Time in describing the AIDS pandemic in the early 2000s. But I concede your point about the ineffectiveness of using it for online discussions. In most such venues pathos [all rhetoric, really] is used offensively to stir up outrage against a subject.

Another rhetoric site I use a lot is this one, which you might find useful.

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Topic: Off-topic / i just bought beer flavored jelly bellys

tastes accurate, but way worse because it doesnt have alchohol
discuss odd flavors of jelly bellys
there was also a champagne version but im too poor for that shit

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Topic: Zombidle / Monster upgrades - all at once

That is what the MAX setting on the button does (x1,x10,x25,x100,MAX)
P.S. Don’t leave the button on MAX, because it slows the game down

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Topic: The Arts / Artwork Feedback

Those pictures look beautiful 10/10 keep up the good work m8!

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Spawning choice

Originally posted by onemorepenny:

It is not predictable per se, but after playing long enough, you get a general idea of where the spawns are and can deduce that if they are not in one location, they must be in another, etc. Usually spawns take place close to the enemy team to keep the battle flow moving at a fast phase and further encourage continuous spawn killing.

Not really close on Evac i see many Times if my Team have a Camper over the Building near the Start spawn we spawn the entire time under him even the Enemy and fight is on the other side of the Map.That make the Fight real difficult as for that camper all must make a long way to fight and help the others.Most of my Deaths and from other Players is why a Camper block a Spawn so we can not fight as Team but every one must fight alone
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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Modesty Sucks

Plenty of useful and strategic $200 cards. Modesty is a crutch that stifles strategy. This entire game is strategy and modesty requires none. I’m a whale who owns modesty and I think it sucks. This was the best strategy I’ve played in years, which is why I’ve stayed so long.

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Topic: Star Era / The winners of vote about Fun in summer

thanks !

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist Mobile: General / Flux capacitor worth it?

I am stuck at the treoctogintillion wall. I have 27 earth multipliers and all platinum upgrades, but I have never spent gold on flux capacitors. I was considering getting the 3 flux capacitor pack, but am so confused by the math of this game. I never know which multipliers are additive and how they combine with all my other upgrades.

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Topic: Transport Defender / White screen and can't play

I’m getting the same, a white screen

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Topic: Off-topic / Daily Reminder: OT is not Egypt

meme is pointless

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Topic: Mecha Galaxy / HONOR GUARDS

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Topic: Serious Discussion / A Compound Guide to Discussing

Thanks for pointing this out. @"Panthos"

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Topic: Contract Wars: Creations / Contract Wars Memes

Originally posted by beta_rho_iota:

Aint nobody got time for any contracts. :/

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Topic: Tinker Island Mobile / bean

Originally posted by MarkKervinS:

i dont get a goose. fall from it. goose important or just forage for food?

Just forage for food. Forgot the value. It’s 1k if I’m not mistaken. I could be wrong though :D

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Topic: kira / >Cant get any gold coins

Originally posted by hihihihello123:

Town of Salem costs money to play at all, this game is just a free kong game… If you like Town of Salem more then go play it and save you’re complaints for someone who cares.

Correction, the steam version costs money. Apparently the browser version is free?

“Town of salem costs money to play at all” wait, are you blabbing before studying bout the game m8?

Originally posted by Gameguy33:

Yeah, the browser version of the game is free, but purchasing the steam version gives you a few benefits browser players wouldn’t have, and if I’m correct, either sooner or later, a mobile version of the game will be out.

It has benefits, but doesnt make you auto-win at games. It may give you higher chances to roles you want and some money for the shop, so you buy them quicker. It still doesnt change the situation.

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Topic: Off-topic / Daily Reminder: OT is not Egypt

Originally posted by Pipipipipi314:



Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / (salution) LOVe VAshikaran +91-7742622169 Specialist molvi jiii

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Topic: Off-topic / Youtube/Video Links Masterthread

pretty funny cartoon.

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Topic: Off-topic / Have you ever seen someone who bragged about their penis size and wasn't severely insecure?

I ride a unicycle instead of driving a pickup.

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Topic: Pocket Politics / Game doesn't start!!!

“browser could not allocate memory …” – that wasn’t the 1. time!!!