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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / frustrating

Read the Bugs sticky.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / ### METAL NEEDS YOU###


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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Increasing prices?

Originally posted by Torsteinkulmann:


Wow helpful…

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / [DEV]700k likes, second present

Fourth present:

Spartacus will be unbanned!

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / LDV = STD

Originally posted by Sighaknight:

LDV is the best mod ever. By far. Just way too soft.

I also take full credit for getting her that M.

Shoulda gave that D

Aw fuk bye

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / After 30 years of gaming, my conclusion is that: Lionheart tactics is the buggiest game i've played in my life, or at least Top 10 in the BUGSVille Hall of Fame

I couldnt disagree more. I have played games since the commodore, intellivision and atari. Nearly every game that came out until 2000s had significant bugs that werent addressed. This large, general bashing with absolutely no support serves no constructive purpose.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / Active 155k+ Player

Hi longcutt I sent you a pm. Contact me if you are interested. Id Metalfistmaniac

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Topic: Ninja Warz 2 / clan weaknesses

Huyeez that does not help me at all. I understand what is weak vs what. What I want to know is HOW this weakness hurts the loser of the “rock paper scissors” in the case of clans[fire lotus shadow]

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Topic: Technical Support / Problem with payment

How are you trying to buy kreds? What payment method are you using? That will determine who you contact for support (the contact info for support will be in the fine print of each payment method as you pay).

Or you could just wait and see if it fixes itself in a little while.


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Topic: Serious Discussion / people are mucking up my life

If expressing your concerns is an issue, perhaps consider getting some 3rd party representation (Perhaps a parent or one of your girlfriend’s parents, or maybe a friend who’s a good negotiator?) and bring them along when you talk to the HR department / whoever’s in charge of the staff, you may also want ‘your backup’ to help you write out a compelling formal complaint as well. A written document of complaint is usually helpful if you’re dealing with a bureaucracy.

Make sure you keep that “document of formal complaint” saved on your computer, it’s possible you may have to submit it to an even higher authority (possibly a lawyer if there’s a case for ‘disability discrimination’ that can be made) , or you may have to show it to other people to help you rally public support if it becomes necessary.
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Topic: Card Hunter / Sorcererers Guild: Recruiting!

Actually NVM Me and some of my friends are making a guild

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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / CLAN n00b - Discussion and recruitment thread

Originally posted by Kanav94:

i like cake ….cake is love, cake is life….. – invite me please!!
ign: Kanav94


The cake is a lie, man! Wake up, sheeple!

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [to DEV] timestamps on chat

Can you please add this function to the guild chat. :)

It would be interesting and useful to know when someone posted a message in the chat.
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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / why should silencers reduce damage?

Originally posted by da_reaper121:
Originally posted by xzr25:

Probably because the “hearing safe” effect appears only with subsonic ammunition.
Then instead of a complex choice of ammunition type, they chose:
Without silencer = supersonic ammunition → more velocity → more damage
With silencer = subsonic ammunition → less velocity → less damage

Btw it’s a game ;)

This poster is the closest to why guns do less damage. When silencers are used, the round usually comes out of the barrel subsonic. Subsonic rounds have a lower velocity and sound, and thus has a lower effective range and do less damage.

Not a rule. You can use supersonic ammo with a silencer.

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Topic: Technical Support / double payment

Sounds like you took the right action already. You just need to wait for the TU devs to respond and correct the mistake.


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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Banned for no Reason

Originally posted by DeTrace:

Did you get banned instantly? Happens when you make a dev rage. Killed a dev throught the barn in OSM by accident. Banned

I laughed at this harder than I should have.

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Topic: The Gate / Share IGN (In game name) here!

In game name —> pitonische
Full Agrestes 25 lvl fully busted with devil blood (exept HP) and can be Nightmare evolved in anytime!

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Increasing prices?


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Topic: Off-topic / How much you pay for internet per month?

Originally posted by aguspal:
Originally posted by Mikkmar:

I, personally, don’t pay a dime.

This is the. Valid awnser.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / frustrating

Many bugs, keep waiting until they release a new update

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / End Game & Player Retention

I really like the idea of true PvP, even if it isnt always in real time, thus the Words with Friends concept.

I have a few other thoughts that might make the game more fun.

1 – Unbalanced teams in Arena: The game random chooses team size and a post match bonus is given based on your disadvantage.

2 – Mini tournaments: This would be great once PvP is enabled. 8 teams enter, only one team wins. We could even add in where a unit can only be used once in the tournament which would make each match more strategic.

3 – Alternating turns: Keep everything the same as it is now, but alternate turns between heroes instead of having all within a team go at once. Maybe the order is random or maybe its a combination of skill plus movement to determine order (or a new attribute to be added).

4 – Replay the story mode after beating it at a higher difficulty and better rewards.

5 – Interactive stages: Random trees falling over, bridges breaking, volcanoes exploding, etc. that affect game play. Or allow a stage event to be triggered by the first team to complete a task (like standing on 3 squares allows you to fire a cannon

6 – Random heroes showing up to assist: Randomly (either one team, both teams, or no teams) have a random hero from their guild show up to assist in battle

7 – Stage treasure: allow a hero to spend a turn or turns looting rather than attacking (but defense is down while doing this)

8 – Allow us to designate which unit is shared with the guild

9 – Use guild members in arena battles

10 – 3 teams in an arena battle, all against each other

11 – Survival – one team takes on waves of defending teams as long as they can hold out

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Topic: Legend Knight / Disconnection

Please, take care about it, I’m getting something like 1 or 2 dcds per each 10 minutes played. I can’t resist it anymore! I liked too much this game to leave, so please take care of it.

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / After 30 years of gaming, my conclusion is that: Lionheart tactics is the buggiest game i've played in my life, or at least Top 10 in the BUGSVille Hall of Fame

Originally posted by robost:
Originally posted by Rumblefisher:
Originally posted by robost:

Instead of strictly complaining, go here add your bugs and I’m sure they will be fixed. All the ones labeled fixed has been done in the last month alone so they are fixing stuff all the time

There are ome year old bugs still existing.
And skills are simply changed coz they can’t Code them as they are announced, being for me still existing bugs. New ones do always Appear like Units can Jump on Tiles they Could never reach before.

It’s no real Bug fixing, it’s more like Messing around with the Master Codes.

Please name one bug that has been on that list for longer than 3 months other than the extremely minor bug with regal manteau description. Saying that some have been there for over a year is pure bullshit since that list and it’s predecessors didn’t exist at all until 10 months ago.

First I don’t refer to your List. I use the ingame forum to Report bugs. That Would be enough. Nothing Said against your efforts.

As One example guard’s GB isn’t working. It shields Noone. The guard is One of the initial toons.

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Honestly, I don’t think EBF2 warrants an impossible. While Boss 20 is very, very difficult without the correct equipment, it’s much more reasonable with an extreme defensive set-up. I would think that a single hard for finishing either hard or insane mode, or hards for finishing both would be ideal.

I also liked the previously mentioned idea of beating a boss without equipment—it’s a departure from the usual badge criteria, which is nice to see once in a while.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / reset questions

I reset every time I double my AI so in my opinion yes