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Topic: Global Assault: General / BEHOLD! A fan-trailer for Global Assault.

Originally posted by wigglesthemouse:

Don’t suppose you could make one of these for Tyrant Unleashed?

Probably not. The game made a strong first impression on me, and the card game itself was fun. But once I started getting into the game it was… Well…

Global assault gropes for my wallet. Tyrant Unleashed won’t be satisfied with what little I keep in my wallet… It wants blood…

And Pats133

I was blissfully unaware of the existence of CG care bears. Now every time I load up a CCG the image of my opponents being CG bears will haunt me!

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Topic: Elements / The Elements Login Database is down - For now

The accounts should now be restored to normal. If you have lost stuff, then its likely you were logged in when restore happened. For that, see

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Forum Game: Base Set Hurt/Heal (Day7)

Heal: Atomic Silo
Hurt: Draconean Sovereign

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Topic: Off-topic / What's your obesity level?

I just checked.

I am 2 pounds overweight.
That’s what happens when I eat non-stop rubbish and do no physical exercise. :(

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Topic: Might & Magic Heroes Online: Off-Topic / Council of OT2

The one who made this thread here.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [TO DEVS] Faction matter - diversity

I couldn’t care less about diversity in the game, but mono-faction specific bonus could be great…

Like Battle Fusion for example… Fusion but only when in-game… More like combo attack/skill or such…

Then again, being a mono player is about dedication… Who else can salvage the latest vindi (not his/her faction) which is booming in current meta without a second thought? Mono player does…

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Topic: Off-topic / Who thinks I am worthy to host a Kongregate Gaming tourney

Originally posted by Ruudiluca:

This is your tourney?

Is it even supposed to be in Forum Games? I don’t think so… I’m not sure, though.
Eh. Might join it later.

Think so. I remember Down to One, an unofficial tourney by Bluji, which was also on FGF.

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Topic: Ground War: Tanks / sparta corps cheating

Originally posted by Anima_13:
Originally posted by dedekkk:

It’s harsh and sad to read.

I understand your caring about grammar and the wish to prevent the decay of a language.
Yet when the only comment to such a severe misconduct is about grammar, I feel I have to ask you dedekkk:

Do you approve the behaviour of certain (not all, yet the correlation is pretty clear) sparta members to misuse their monopol of high lvl tanks to manipulate the games outcome, by letting the other members win, losing on purpose, simulating disconnection, not shotting or killing thier own members and sabotaging their own team?

Do you approve that that 2-4 people make 10-12 other players game time of up to 15 minutes + lots of silver totally waste and preventing them to actually play the game?

I think you should clarify your position.

Your post has one huge improvement from the OP – it’s readable.

No, if it’s true I don’t approve.

Now let me ask you one question:
Do you really think one should get banned, because someone said something on forum without any proof?

Let’s take it on deeper level:
1. If you want someone to get banned you need to indicate which point of game rules he’s broken. If he didn’t break any rule he can’t be punished.
2. When you’ve already found out that his actions were illegall you must prove somehow your accusation. Post some screenshots or videos.
3. When you’ve already proved that someone did something against game rules, you need to post your complaints in the proper place. Do you really think devs look in this forum? Even if they come here sometimes do they read every topic and every post on here, including those written with dramatic punctuation? Even if they read , would they care? My suggestion is to folloe all previous steps and write an email to devs in russian for the best effect :>

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Assistant Frenzy Build Calculator (Specific Mercenary Build)

How do the assistants work? I’m not using a greed build, but I noticed my assistants are 99.9% of my income. Is a smaller boost to assistants (say a flat 500%) better than a larger boost to buildings (say, 1000-1500%?) Do Assistants get anything from clicking upgrades?

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Topic: Ground War: Tanks / sparta corps cheating

Originally posted by farcylickraw:

lol , got to love a grammar nazi ! cheating is the important bit , not grammar @#$% lmao

Originally posted by Anima_13:

I understand your caring about grammar and the wish to prevent the decay of a language.
Yet when the only comment to such a severe misconduct is about grammar


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Topic: Contract Wars: General / [DEV] Google Chrome doesn't support Unity at all

Google Chrome have been updated to the version 45, which doesn’t allow to start NPAPI plugins (including Unity, which game needs to run).
Contract Wars is not going to work with Google Chrome. Thanks Google and goodbye!

We recommend to use other browsers. Yandex Browser runs CW faster than others.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / CotLI Achievement of the Day!

Beat area 100 in Darkness. ^_^

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Report Hackers

Originally posted by TurkeyPie:
Originally posted by NonGreyElephant:

This LFT.BRYANFOGO guy, hacked the gunner so he can spam the rail gun at an ultra fast rate.

This is actually a common visual bug. It appears as if the player is shooting the Rail Gun at an abnormal rate, but he’s really just using Assault Rifle.

Originally posted by NonGreyElephant:

How do you post a picture onto the forums? My one just turns up as text. Pls help i want to report this guy. :(

Check out Kong’s formatting page

The easiest way to do it is by putting exclamation marks around the direct link.

I don’t think so… the damage is the same as a railgun’s. Thanks for the picture tho :)

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Light Tread for FREE!

Light Tread for FREE! Use this promo-code to get it! To activate the promo-code, enter it in the game chat (“Events” tab). Don’t forget to put slash “/” before the actual promo-code and write in capital letters!

✔ Browser: /PR-L8J-J1F-K11-E54
✔ Mobile devices: /PR-VCA-5VF-NJZ-FVP
✔ Mac: /PR-LVK-2WN-L41-CQ7

This promo-code will be active till 6 p.m. CET (11 a.m. CST/9 a.m. PST), September 4, 2015 – so you better hurry up! Please note that this promo-code can be activated once per account.

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Topic: Mecha Galaxy / HONOR GUARDS

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Absolutely Needed Fix

I also think that if you pay (a lot) or use a large amount of feez collected season after season you should have the chance to pick the card you want or need (no matter before or after your registration). I never had problems spending some money for this game, afterall it’s like any other game, if you want an “expansion” you have to pay sometime because devs are not working for free….Still, if i decide to do that, you can’t give me a random card! I have been playing almost everyday since May 2014 but i also have a job and a life so, if i can’t or don’t wanna play for weekend or a month i should be allowed to retrieve what i missed via packs; and i’m not talking about forgotten ex packs, i’m saying regular ex packs. If devs care about having people playing (and feeding the game) constantly, they should modify this thing imo. Besides, when you spend 499 feez for a card you completely missed i guess is enough…..
I might still understand the random factor when someone ends the season in Master league but not when you spend feez that took you months to collect or real money….

So please Pep, even though it’s not part of your job, could you please report our thoughts to whom it may concern?

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / FGF Gaming Tournament

lol Pel

You might want to make your OP a bit more attractive. Logo/header (an actual name for the tourney?), example pic, paragraph division, time zone used for deadline, hyperlink to game etc.

If someone is last in both, It is 2nd last in the 2nd game.

What determines which of the games is the ‘2nd’?

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / FGF Gaming Tournament

I think you forgot the R4L post.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: Guild Recruitment / Spanked 6/5/5/5/6 anyone active welcome 9/16 public guild need players

so far 5 new players have joined, but most old members left so there’s still tons of room

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [TO Devs] Snipe for GW

I have been toying with a similar idea, but x2 and of course with scaled win/loss point (no all or nothing). It would allow the people thinking 20 attacks is too much to spend only 10 – while the rest still have their preferred 20 attacks to play out – and the results would be fairly similar. It could be a nice solution keeping both parties happy.

So, a partial: +1

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / If you lock it, It will go away!

Well, silver-linings an all, at least this gives me the heads up to make sure a similar occurence doesn’t appear on Kings and Legends. We also spoke with devs and yeah, Wingy consumes those creatures which aren’t ‘ownable’, perhaps this is done in order to preserve gamelogic that wingy doesn’t have an accident eating normally summoned creatures.

I think in K&L, we will change Wingy’s loca, or the loca of the cards that get eaten, maybe try to add a blank, non-acting ability like ‘Prey: This creature can be eaten by creatures with ability: Predation’

Then change Wingy’s text to say ‘Predation: Kill any newly summoned creature with the Prey ability’

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Loading Screen

Originally posted by Theeyk:
Originally posted by simulcrash:
Originally posted by Theeyk:

The one holding the chains looks more like a raider unit to me.

My guess

Looks closer to Egilio the Traitor to me

My guess was Kor Ragetrooper.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Lag

I’m playing this game on a 7-year-old pc with 2 GB RAM. The only issue I have is a slight flickering for about 1 second after I enter a new area. As soon as the graphics for opponents and drops are loaded, there are no issues at all. This is how I play:

- FF 40.0.3
- I allowed the game to save the graphics on my pc rather than loading it each time from the web
- Low quality mode (make sure, you see the Q in white!)
- No other games, no other sites that use Flash
- If I play for a longer time, say more than 1 hour, I restart the browser. I’m under the impression that there is a memory leak issue, but I couldn’t prove it. However, it is guaranteeing me a smooth game, so I don’t mind that short break.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Actually Has A Treasure Chest Full of Kreds

I don’t have those stuff, but I have a Ring of EXPerience. Heh, good that…

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Topic: Off-topic / What would your last words be?

“Delete my browser history”