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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Perfect Faerie deck

Originally posted by MOS2:

Everyone’s bashing on plan B but if you’ve got a rune and pan it’s absolutely beastly.

still slows you down, you cant match rune so perfectly every time. and if deck short you will quickly draw all cards and then cant use it anymore. you can only use it as a dead card perhaps for thoth to redraw it maybe, or somehow utilize pan-true shots full of deck and do rapid inspires when redraw. but nothing of that seems very effective to me.

as for tomdo setup yes you can experiment with gates and stuff. but one thing always keep in mind which to me it seem most people go wrong. no deck is about spam. not even rush. it’s always about control. if you dont control situation no deck will work. rush or power it doesnt really matter. if enemy throw soneto you wont be able to use either premed, plan b, or whatever else. you dead. thats why need sorann to clean it (gl true shot can be blocked). if drop linus they all dead on enemy’s turn cant do nothing to prevent it. then nukes of all kind. things like queen, redmaw, sorann, are actually vital part of faerie deck and every other deck. they gives you control, faeries are just finishers. when have control you can use any finishers it will be effective. faeries are only best because fly, holy, and stats grow most of all. but you can use werewolves too it will not change much (except it will take 1-2 turns more to reduce enemy hero life to 0).

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Ban the user above you.

Banned for encouraging foul play.

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Topic: Off-topic / Canadians of OT: How do I send a letter to you?

Originally posted by Holy2334:

Why are you guys so concerned with who I’m sending a letter to? Its none of you guys on here.

>bumping this thread

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Between the above 2 avatars, which do you prefer?


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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [to devs/community] Whens the next ozone reward?

You got it mostly right

All raid vindis are released as fixed rewards ONCE for regular raid and once for retro raid,no more no less but they can be found in vindi packs in the event immediately succeeding when they are set as the fixed reward


Topic: Off-topic /

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Who will post next?



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Topic: Spellstone: General / Freebie Friday! Reply for a chance to win Bounty Refill (5)!

jacob1000is my fav is natrix dragon lord. It even waves at you in your card collection.


Topic: General Gaming /

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Rate the song above you, v3

6/10 – Kind of fun! Reminds me of some of the mid-2000s The Prodigy stuff quite a bit, but maybe almost to a point that is odd?? I’m not sure how to describe it fully! Enjoyable, but I don’t think I would give it too many repeat listenings.

Arcade Fire ~ Sprawl II


Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / mantra for love get back +91-9983046183 usa

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Topic: Little Alchemist Mobile / New Arena

Please fix. Since yesterday I always have to fight the same 3-4 players in Arena and can gain only 5 stars per for a victory. So I really can not hold or defend my rank against other players who gain about 10 – 13 stars within a winning Streak. Please help Chin.

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Topic: Off-topic / itt: Fightbeetle gibes everyone a LoL-style background, style, and four abilities (one passive, three actives)

oh boy why cant we get to the interesting people already

The sword’s bane

Heroicdude is a unique case compared to other champions considering that instead of using normal swords, he uses the Gallaway, a uniquely crafted sword that breaks most other types of weapon. His minimal defenses make disarming his opponent a top priority before he can start slaying.

Heroic perk:
Sword’s bane

This is literally his weapon of choice. Has base 10% armor pierce translated into 10% weapon damage reducing when he hits an enemy. All armor piercing items add to damage reducing. Note that this dissapears after 5 seconds, and hits up to 50%

Ability 1:

Unleashes a deadly combo of three basic attacks that push both the champion and the target 10 meters in any direction. Does up to 25% bonus damage based on how low the target’s attack is.

Ability 2:

His sword’s blade detaches into a chain with a sword on the other side of it basically. If he hits another champ in the next 6 meter radius in the next 3 secs, the target gains full stacks of the debuff. If he doesn’t, the champion loses 25% of his total hp


Gains fortified health and starts spinning, applying lots of damage based on stacks of his debuff. Loses movement speed.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [to devs/community] Whens the next ozone reward?

Im writing this because i think ozone has only been released once, and was wondering if itll be released again.

Is there a cycle for these rewards or will we need to wait for like a retro raid for it to come again?
(Or should i hope for one in random vindi packs)

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Bug/Issue Report

I have a white screen and cannot play its been doing this for 3 weeks already. Please fix it.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Season 42 End Update

I disagree with most of guys here.

And I really don’t like the Hate nerf. Of course, for all of guys who do not own Hate – it’s good news. But I spent so many fcking Feez to obtain her.. and now what? C’mon! You really think that Hate deserves nerf RIGHT NOW, when pretty imbalanced Ziya and Tryx have come to the Arena? So, u really don’t understand, what happens in metagame. I really disappointed. Hate was just 1 good debuffer, now you will get billion teams a-la Tryx and many strengh buffers. So boring.

So, If all past good cards will be nerfed like this way, I really don’t see the point in any Feez investments in this game.

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Topic: Idle Online Universe: News / Codes


(immediate use map reset codes, only use when you want to reset):

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Khnum or Sun?

depends on what rest of ur deck is already i has both and run both…if u find u need faster stuff go sun. khumm is kinda a suto beef cake tht heals if u need tht get him first def get both if can

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [Mafia] Remnants of Skystone Second Annual Memorial Mafia (Day 5: A Precarious Predicament)

mendel’s vote switch was technically a minute after the posted deadline. It’s only dumb luck it was counted in the first place.

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Topic: Tap Cats - Idle Warfare / prestige box

Originally posted by crazy_hellige:
Originally posted by crazy_hellige:

So I keep hitting a wall around stage 1500 on my iOS version of Tap Cats. My tag multiplier doesn’t increase after stage 1500 so it stays at 8.5 and I’m not getting any rewards for progressing further (other than more tags). The first time I hit stage 1500 I got around 20 basic cat boxes and a couple of the uncommon boxes. Now when I got to stage 1600 today all I get as a reward is 11 basic cat boxes for a couple of days’ worth of grinding. This game is getting tedious and unrewarding and I’m not sure what I should be aiming to progress to, since there are no more rewards at this point. Is this a bug? Or is this currently the upper limit of rewards? The diminished boxes feels like a punishment at this point and there’s no way for me to progress. It also seems silly to put a cap on the tag multiplier if you won’t put a cap on tag reward costs. Again, it limits what players can do.

Update: I’m on my 28th prestige. I’ve pushed up to stage 1800, and the only rewards I get for prestiging is a bunch of tags and 5 basic cat boxes. Why do rewards stop happening when you need them the most?

i’m on my 45th lol i’m at 1800 and can go more but always prestige there since the bug still there (the max lv 1500 multiplier) so not worth it to keep going :v

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Topic: Chess Evolved Online / Funny things from today's challenge

I didn’t get results as epic as qwerty’s, but I don’t see the harm in sharing the following anyways:

I did not even threaten the King. There goes the AI blasting off again…

There’s probably an immature thing a person in the AI’s shoes could’ve said anyways.

(Also, that Dragon+3 wasn’t free; I got a Basilisk+3 and had to manually promote it. I got an auto-promoted Guardian+2, but that’s not as epic.)


Topic: Off-topic / Tata Sky??91-9636393153~Black Magic Specialsit Baba Ji

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist Mobile: General / Flux Capitalor? More like Sux Capitalor am I right??

I know. I read about how the flux doesn’t change your readout of $$/sec. But that’s shitty. I don’t want to just KNOW that I’m making more money. I want to SEE that I’m making more money. Why would multipliers change the readout but not the capitalors?

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Topic: Chess Evolved Online / Should the Chaos Portal Be adapted for normal Gameplay?

Originally posted by ThatMasterChief:

As the title said,

Should the chaos portal be adapted as a champion? maybe as a legendary for around 80 points. It would limit your options, probably only taking wisps as your only other champion

How useful is the Chaos Portal, though? It could potentially teleport your pieces into a position where they can checkmate your opponent or take valuable pieces, but it’s far more likely to move them into positions where they’ll be vulnerable and can be picked off by minions. Its most useful ability would be to upgrade your minions. Having your pawns turn into a Royal Guard+++, for example, could be a bit broken. The simplest solution to this would be to make transformed pieces turn into minions of the same level. You could still turn them into something different, but any boost wouldn’t be as significant. It would also discourage people from camping out, constantly trying to upgrade minions (as happened with the old Necromancer).

Fix this issue, and how much is the piece really worth? Is it better than a Queen+++ or Dragon+++? If not, then I don’t think it would need a value of 70 or 80.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / {rich} Brawl Matchmaking Rant

Yeh. Was supprised to lose the first 4 battles. Normally it evens out so you get an easy one after a loss. Though the increased number of emrys and vets may have played a factor as well.

I suspect BR is a factor in matchmaking. Which is silly because a long time f2p will suck due to powercreep against a low BR whale. Or really any deck. I think level should play a higher factor, but i doubt the devs put heaps of attention to it.