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Topic: The Arts / George's Art/Writing v0.0.4 (Final Draw)

George has been arrested for copyright

Originally posted by GeorGeKiLLeRx:

Rule 1: Do not post images here unless you quote mine.


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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Team formations

Originally posted by a_nothing:

To hot for us:blazers


Check me out
I broke up with my ex girl, here’s her number
Sike, thats the wrong number!

Sweet dolla tea from McDonalds, I drink that
Super Hot Fire, I spit that
2 and a half men, I watch that! (I’m not a rapper)

Aight check me out
Glasses, jacket, shirt
Call me glasses, jacket shirt-man
Or call me Supa Hot boy, hundred degrees, leather jacket
Cause I’m Supa Hot boy! (I’m not a rapper)

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Topic: I AM PLAYR / Game not loading


I reported this as a bug a few days back and haven’t got any response back in 3-4 days.

I started playing the game, and after the 3rd. match i clicked on the newspaper after this match. The video crashed and now i can’t load the game.
I’ve cleared cache and using Firefox ver. 35.0.1.
The game start loading but i only receive a message it takes to long to load. Do i want to reload or wait.
What ever i do i can’t get into this game again.

Game data was sent with bug reporting.

Hoping for a quick response.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist Mobile: General / Screw the math v1.1

Originally posted by Greg1920:

Where he didn’t give a number of angels at which he’d reset.

I need this number to answer his question about proving the benefit

That wasn’t the initial question given.

You asked when I will reset for my final upgrade- I said a couple of days probably.

You said why – I said because it’s the objective of the game, obviously.

Now you are saying that I am avoiding a question that wasn’t asked until AFTER I answered your question.

I will buy my last angel upgrade when I have over 30 untrigintillion.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / [Tourney] GUILDS WAR #3 - Start!

Originally posted by mairos75:
Originally posted by Seffen7:

Mairos I will be available later tomorrow, hope to see you then !
PS. I added you.

Gotcha. I saw we have almost the same zone time, so i will be on in my later afternoon till night looking for the souls of your knights ;)

Hey buddy, I’ve been online but didn’t see you. Tell me a more specific time when you could log. Thanks.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Weapons / AKMS and attachments

First of all, i wanna ask if how do you guys unlocked your attachments to your favourite gun. Do you grind to earn it or use in game currency to get it?

Second is about the AKMS, is it still worth it to grind the gun for attachments?
if you will compare the AKMS to the AK-105 and the M4 which is the one that is worth grinding for attachments for the long run?

I need your help guys.

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Topic: The Arts / Some new weapon sprites. :)

Originally posted by cabbawargod:

Wow why bump this ancient thread? :o

@aguspal I dont think they would, I have made some sprites in Terraria format though, here they are:

@DarkFungus You have paint don’t ya? :)

Yeah, he does that a lot.. :I
I like them a lot. But are you serious? All you need is paint?
Well, see you guys in… A while.

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Topic: The King of Towers / Cake - what is this for?

Old event item, you can sell them without problems.

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: General / Tough decision: promote huntress or RB to champ? Only have 1 m beast stone

The r.b. helps at champ because the enemy generally attacks your lowest overall allies first so you want to make sure the runebinder has a higher overall than the rune hes summoning :)

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Topic: Eredan Arena / Amnezy?

Originally posted by ArmandStar:

let’s wait till this year’s anniversary, maybe they release her again. they did it with Akra after all

Well… Still no level 1 Akra :/

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Topic: The Arts / Shy Guy & Gardevoir: The Cyclop World: Chapter 17-20, FINAL! (A Fanfic By Gabidou99)

Omg George you meanie.
Good job Gabidou, it’s a pretty decent story

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Cheating

Also this logic is flawed as these multi’s avoid 2’s with anyone other than themself

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Dev] Guild Account Concerns

Originally posted by JaceMogar:
Originally posted by Syrialia:

People (or mob?), can we tone down on the bloodlust a little and increase the amount of sanity regarding this issue?

You want most players in the top 20 guilds to be banned? Well, that would be a spectacle, wouldn’t it. And they deserve it too.
I’m sure the gawking masses would burst from excitement. But the game would die.
For some, the entertainment this fiasco provides might be worth it I guess.

You want to see the few poor sobs whose account sharing and botting backfired on them, and allows the malicious people that can now access their accounts to mess with them, to bleed some more, while a few thousand other cheaters continue to run free, like what happened with the puppykicker scandal? What good would that do?

Since cheating is so wide spread, especially amongst whales, the only way for this game to move forward is the approach the devs want to take (and hopefully are able to follow through with it):

1. Allow everyone to come clean and secure their accounts again.
2. Crack down on any further account sharing and botting/cheating. Hard.

This is what we should demand from them and pressure them to follow through, to crack down hard on all the cheating after a grace period.
Not cries for public executions and rolling heads.

Syri, the approach devs are taking is just to keep earning easier money than having to develope a better system. If we accept this it will surely happen again and again, just like it has been for months.

The real solution for them to not lose their incomes and make justice at the same time, is redesign their game system, including activity format and prices so they don’t need whales but have a lot more “customers” who would be buying their stuff, also making a more fair game than this insanity of some people paying a lot of money to see their names in the top of a list, instead of using their brain to win a game

This is a nice game, but is a real mistake to believe it cannot live without whales. A lot of better games and other bussines have done just using better markentig approachs.

+1 Well said, Jace, on the first part. But, War Metal Tyrant fell victim to cheaters, and there were MANY bans, so, expect them here, but if we don’t stand up for what is right, and continue to let this happen: we will keep going in circles and then we’ll be left with a game that is no longer supported, and left with cards that make ya cry to look at. Same thing happened to WMT, and veterans are having a familiar sense of deja vu, let me tell ya. We don’t seem to have the devs on the side of fair, honorable players, and instead they are “fixing”, “rewarding” and “mitigating” cheaters. It all makes ya wonder, and should make people very suspicious as to why. Is there more the devs aren’t telling us, and that TU is already shot, by the cheaters (small cadre compared to the honorable players, make no mistake, and stop saying the TOP so and so guilds will be banned and the game will die…most of these cheating guilds are not even full of real people…the numbers are much less inflated than they show on paper and the game would be better off without them)?

And NO, the code is NOT partially to blame. Even MTGO, WoW, etc…these games have cheaters, and code can’t possibly account for every winfall…it’s a deep flaw inside oneself — if not altogether insane to think one is “winning” by using these cheats and exploits. That’s not winning, that’s just exploiting. Most all of this indeed, it rests squarely on the players’ shoulders.

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Topic: Off-topic / Have you seen SECRET pages on Kongregate?

Originally posted by abraaz:
Originally posted by legendarypb2:
Originally posted by Mafefe_Classic:
Originally posted by legendarypb2:
Originally posted by oOTrentOo:

Click this and you’ll get banned lol

Damn lol I don’t know what is it or not ;p

lol ur too scared

Yeah I’am scared..tell me what you see if you press it (if you don’t get banned instantly)

I pressed it and I’m now banned :(

Same. :(((((

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Topic: General Gaming / Mutilate-a-Doll 2 Official Thread

Originally posted by AERUNNALLADO:

Do you want to know that I did one side and used the flip and duplicate buttons to do the other side? It’s just that I’ve noticed that when you flip it kinda messes up the original shape sometimes.

Huh, that’s weird. I used to have these problems on MaD lab 8, but since MaD lab 9 came out I haven’t been having that problem. Or I have, but I just haven’t noticed it.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Team formations

To hot for us:blazers

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Well, GG

At last we can change that horrid mepro sights

I wonder if IWI x95 can still reach 100 accuracy

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist Mobile: General / Separate games on 2 devices

I play on my iPhone and my iPad and get 5 ads each. Must be an Android thing.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: Guild Recruitment / Join the fight in Ascendancy

Bump.. Always looking for good people :)

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Topic: Forum Games / [Mafia] Haunted Forest [Day 4 Deadline: 02.05.2015. 09:00 GMT +2] [Reserve needed!]


Helltank: 1 (Pulsaris)

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [To Community] Leagues are annoying

Originally posted by Pats133:

LINE? LINE is AWFUL and a serious security risk

B-but….I like LINE

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / To Nqss and the community

how about a calm down for everyone? for example, the thread stated some usefull info, because it all depends of the keyboard setting
Now i would rather need a confirmation of MAC users that it does open console with £ key

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Topic: Off-topic / Gabidou99's 10000th Post Special Thread!

Originally posted by Meistheman:

Meistheman: Pretty good I guess, but I don’t know a lot about you

My history in OT in a nutshell


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Topic: Curio Quest / Official Referral Code Thread


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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Late-game hero power

Originally posted by Daviator:

This is all you heed :D :

But that help doesn’t include the new heroes. Not helpful for late game.