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Topic: Game Programming / PHP and AS2

Yes i still need it. Add my in skype my nick is guntiskrasts

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Topic: Guild Recruitment / Overload is seeking new members

Originally posted by blikemike2013:

Good luck in GW

Thanks :)

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Topic: Forum Games / COKE MACHINE

You get scissors.
I insert a rock.

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Topic: Forum Games / That's not a _____!

Not public embarrassment, public execution.

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Topic: Duty Of Heroes / lots of bugs

kristie was naked when i played silent plain V

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Topic: Forum Games / Last 3 Letters into 3 New Words

Ugh, generous sheep.

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Topic: General / Reaver++: what would make it useable?

To answer the original question of this post, I believe it could be playable with something along the lines of these stats (although it’s way too large of an upgrade to be reasonably expected)…

Jam every 2
Siege all 5.

But that would be 11 upgrade points, so that’s not likely to happen. Although Ayrkrane Syn got 10 or 11 upgrade points over the dual so who knows. It’s biggest flaw is just a very poor combination of skills. Evade and jam are great but they need to be included with another useful skill, and siege all is just one of those things that A.) isn’t required to be competitive and B.) requires 3-4 other high siege cards to actually be efficient at taking down structures.

Anyways, it is only an epic so I don’t think it will be too surprising when it’s simply not very good.

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Choose a Team

X_Lightning_III: The most badass chracter of Final Fantasy, she has a lot of skills and she is tah best person in da worldz. She deserves to be here :D

cris98: I need a good friend & toilet pwner in my team, so I bet cris is the best one here :3

nukegirl: We all knew I was choosing her even knowin’ that she hates me :"(

jimmy: That secsi boy is mine, y lo sabes :3

Dragonio: He may be an asshole, but he is my pro asshole and he knows I luv him xD

FunnyaxeRealm: HE is my daughter and he is joining in my team bcuz his level of swag is over 1337. (9000 was too mainstream, dats no swag).

BrainsOptional: Probably one of the most mature person over here and he is also a good olddieh friend, I need him D:<

ScPowah: Magic is the answer to every question in your life. And we are the only magic beings able to bring rainbows just by thinking about it c:

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Topic: Forum Games / The Sandwich Game.

15. A sign saying “AndreiTan has ALL of the world’s cookies.”
(Note: I won last sandwich’s bet.)

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Topic: Off-topic / How many of us actually have a diverse taste in music?

Lemme list a few things I get by shuffling my MP3 player:

Rammstein – Amerika
Edgen – K&K Dragons
Juno Reactor – Navras (credits music from >le Matrix)
Evard Grieg – In the Hall of the Mountain King
Enemy Assault (from a Final Fantasy game)
Super Mario World Castle Music Orchestrated
Skyrim theme
Julien-K – This Machine (from Sonic Heroes)
Fine Layers of Slaysenflite (from Age of Mythology)
Daniel Ingram – Find A Pet (from >le FiM)
Antonin Dvorak – New World Symphony 4th Movement
Recordare Jesu Pie (from Mozart’s Requiem, which I have separated into different files)

I listen both to popular music and to music few people have heard of. I have Swiggity Swag and Show Me Your Genitals, and I have a Requiem. Like my personality, my musical tastes attempt to be like a rainbow, to see and understand different aspects and genres, discover how I can “connect” with them in order to enjoy them, and so, like plenty of other people in this thread, my tastes are diverse. Should you care about all this? Actually, maybe you should, if only because I am magnificent.

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Topic: General / [Dev] Counter pack

Imperial piercer

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Topic: Off-topic / 10 Pokemon Being Publicly Shamed By Their Trainers


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Topic: Guild Recruitment / SlowlyDownward #46BR Typhons Downfall #59 - Top 50 in 2/3 Previous Wars

Space for 2 new members…

As a guide BR of 100k – but exceptions made for those with strong decks and or hyper active so will catch up quick!

If you are interested drop me a PM or post your username/deck here

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Topic: Forum Games / The Never Ending Sentence [Continuous]

one of the

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Topic: Ballistic / Vangaurd: grenade launcher

How is it that I can get hurt or killed by a grenade that doesn’t hit me directly. I am not talking about the explosion. the grenade hits the floor or wall in front of me; it does not come in contact with me, and I take damage. Then it explodes.

And no it is not a Grenadier.

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Topic: Kongregate / Rage & Grace, 42nd Kongregate Tournament. 300 Kreds Prize Pool, thanks to IAmTheCandyman. Round 3 is up ( Edmus, SCGMD4)

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Arena

if you want to know how strong your arena opponent is add them as a friend then do a friend duel with them

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Tyrant Card Contest] R1-6: Frost Bite vs Thule Hound

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Topic: General Tyrant Discussion / [Tyrant Card Contest] R1-6: Frost Bite vs Thule Hound


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Topic: General / Update: Weapons buffed!

Just tried KAC after a long time, I don’t see why should people buy GP guns any more.
KAC, Scorpion, M4, AK-105, 9A-91.. just unbroke it, task it, pick the assault skills and you need nothing else.
I’m a little disapointed now cause of GP guns, but nevermind.. I play all the guns anyway, its all fun, like different styles.

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Topic: Wartune / Sign The Petition For a Chance At A More Lively Server.

this is starting to get on my nerves now…. you people on server 11 realise you arnt the only ones right??
why would the rest of the kong or wartune community want to help you with this when you guys are so clearly self centred around the issue?

make posts and petitons for fairer reasoning and better communication between players and DEVS on the issue of mergers

cause when you specificly say server 11 wants this compensation or that explanation. with no regard for the game as a whole…

well I for one am inclined to not give a dam.

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Topic: Off-topic / 10 Pokemon Being Publicly Shamed By Their Trainers

Originally posted by aguspal:

Jeez, why do you always have to be like this?

Because I’m an asshole.

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Topic: Kongregate APIs / Am I allowed to put links to my own other Kongregate games in my Kongregate game?

I plan on making a Game Series.
Each game will consist of different chapters of the same storyline.
It will be meant to be played in series.

Supposing a user tries to play Chapter 2 game without playing Chapter 1 game, I would like to put a message in my game directing him to play Chapter 1 game before playing Chapter 2 game along with a link to Chapter 1 game.

All Chapters will be Kongregate games.
So my question is, whether putting such a link allowed?

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Topic: Wartune / Server 11 "Unfairly Treated"

again oceanic doesent even have another server to merge with…. is this about the disparity in mergers around here.
or specifically people from server 11 having a mount or an event less than others?…

server 1, 2 and 4 need a merge because there isn’t enough people to play the game…. THATS a real issue…
not people wanting tidbits of BR to improve their rank from 12 to 11….

so basicly this post is just about server 11? well then your on your own…. “only us east server not merged” you should try joining a non US server… 90% of the world doesent exisist to these people.

can we reopen the “genrel” merger discussion, now that the old excuses we were given for being ignored, are clearly invalid?

im talking to you mods. you all were happy to say nothing but “this is not even being discussed because kong wont allow it”
well now without warning that’s proven to not be an issue.

so can we please have some official feedback on the issue??

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Topic: Rise of Champions / ArchAngels recruiting

kong4020913. Lv13, can contribute.