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PowerUp Rewards memberships are currently only available for U.S. residents.
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PowerUp Rewards

What is PowerUp Rewards?

PowerUp Rewards is a multi-tiered GameStop rewards program that gives its best gaming customers exclusive access to score points and get extra discounts on games, trade-ins and pre-owned products. Plus, it gives its members unique perks such as a Game Informer magazine subscription, a birthday gift, member-only events and more!

How can I score PowerUp Rewards Points on Kongregate?

There are 3 ways you can score PowerUp Points:

  • Link Kongregate and PowerUp Rewards accounts

    Link your accounts

    Automatically score 250 PowerUp Rewards Points just for linking your Kongregate and PowerUp Rewards accounts.

  • Badge of the Day

    Badge of the Day

    Every day, we select one badge to be the “Badge of the Day.” If you complete that badge by the end of the day, you'll earn extra Kongregate points based on the difficulty of the badge, plus the same number of PowerUp Rewards Points.

  • Kreds Purchases

    Kreds Purchases

    Purchase Kreds on our site and you'll automatically score PowerUp Rewards Points as well! The more Kreds you buy, the more PowerUp Rewards Points you'll score!

What can I get with my PowerUp Rewards Points?

Redeem points at PowerUpRewards.com for rewards such as GameStop exclusives, sweepstakes, in-store reward certificates, and gaming currency including PlayStation Network Credit or Xbox Live Currency!

How do I get a PowerUp Rewards Membership?

  1. Visit your nearest GameStop to sign up.
  2. Complete your profile at https://login.gamestop.com/ProfileSetup/Resend
  3. Enjoy all the benefits of being a PowerUp Rewards Member and start racking up points!