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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / The Battle Between Combat Extreme and TDP4 Team Battle

I just went over to play combat extreme and I have to say… it kind of sucks at the moment. They went the 3D route but all the menus look horrible, and they aren’t really intuitive. Also… I have yet to be put in a room with any people, so I don’t even know how the combat stacks up. Maybe if more than five people actually played it, and it fixed the menus, then it might be really good.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Nigglets read


Seriously though… the internet isn’t America. I would tell anyone this bothers to simply learn another language, but I’m legitimately afraid of giving you all another entire vocabulary of words to convey your stupidity.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Got an idea for a new gun? Share it here!

Name: The Painkiller
Type: Metal Monster breathing smoke and fire
Damage: 1,000,000
Ammo: Bolts of Metal
Fire rate: Faster than a lazer bullet
Noise When Fired: Louder than an atom bomb
Cost: One thousand suns
Requirements: Chromium plated boiling metal artifact.

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Here is the thing though…

This game has done something rather extraordinary. It developed a system in which currency takes a long time to earn, even at high levels getting cash is tedious. Tedium is not something that people like to deal with in multiplayer shooting games. In an rpg, sure, we expect and sometimes crave a grind… but in this game it drives us to a point of irritation, mainly due to futility. You jump straight into a world where you see AND compete against the players who have all the cool stuff, and you want it.

These are the perfect conditions to make someone want to spend money on extra things. I have never before bought ANY of the extra things in free flash games… yet I have spent probably 45 dollars on this game. A pittance, in the grand scheme, for sure; for a flash game that will probably fade away in a few months from now, though, it’s far too much. It’s all because of the multiplayer, the air of competition. They aren’t seeling a game, they aren’t even selling us fun. Rather, they are selling superiority; a thing that nearly everyone craves, especially on internet.

Any measures to make the game more fair would be completely counterproductive to this money making machine. This game is generic, it is pure multiplayer action, with levels added because, as every Kongregate user can tell you, levels are like crack. Even if they mean nothing. The darkness project staff appears to have far more interest in money than making a balanced game. That is not an accusation, just an observation. I don’t find it to be bad or unfair, they are just two different goals.

Ideas much like the one the OP suggests have been around for a long time. The darkness staff will not make any changes. More likely, TDP5 will come out and all of these ideas will be integrated in. It will be very balanced and fair just to bait everyone for more… then more purchasable advantages will creep in, because that was the plan from the start. And it’s a good one.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / TDP4 Guide To Effective Combo Smashing

Originally posted by HeManhandled:

Watch OP get to lvl 40 and resort to comboing only to find out dat erry single one gets smashed thnx to dis guide 8)

I sincerely hope that happens. I’m not immune to the charm of poetic justice, even when it is against myself :)

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Combo Problems

Originally posted by xco2000:

I get 2:1 kdr just by being normal…. Stop being a buzzkill gene. Some people actually earn their kills

I’m aware. I’m talking about some very specific people, not everyone with a 2:1 KD. I would have specified that, but I thought it was apparent.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / TDP4 Guide To Effective Combo Smashing

lol, it would for the lvl 50’s. It’s their only chance to get more than 10xp from multipliers.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / TDP4 Guide To Effective Combo Smashing

The Focus of This Guide

This guide is for the purpose of spreading effective ways to smash combos. I call it smashing, but the more generally accepted term is trolling1. Of course, I find that word to be a misnomer.

Trolling implies that it is purely inflammatory, with no other reason than to enrage others. This may be a side effect… but there are other good reasons to smash up a combo, and those are the ones we will be concentrating on. They include:

  • Gaining Easy Exp/kills
  • Keeping player ranks from rising unfairly
  • Making spammers ragequit and go play other games

I realize that last one is a bit unlike the others, and I should take this time to clear something up. Combo makers are the bad guys here. Comboing is taking a game mechanic (combo multipliers) and exploiting it with other players to boost exp, rank, and currency. This used to be cute, I even did one or two and found it sort of fun in it’s own way, but now it’s a bit of an epidemic. I log onto American and European servers only to find that the populated rooms are sometimes all combos. Even when normal rooms are being played in, combos still outweigh them 3 to 1, sometimes even 5 to 1. There is nothing wrong with smashing them. In fact, it’s sometimes the only way to actually play. Plus, recruiters for the combos fill the chat rooms with spam galore. Following one player to every combo he/she makes is a good way to get them to give up. Now, that the obligatory justifications are out of the way, lets move on.

Getting the Password

This is the most important part of smashing combos. Nearly every combo has a pass, and they are nearly always easy to get. Even “clan combos” usually give their pass out because not enough clan members are online at once. The easiest way to get passwords is just to watch. People will get fed up with recruiting by PM and will just post the password everywhere. Some rooms are even made with the password in the title (for some reason). For the passes that are actually still secret, if you ask for it you usually get it. Here is what you do in the cases that problems arise:

What is your lvl?: Tell them your level. Honesty is the best policy in game chat, but if you need to lie, do so to players recruiting in Kong chat. The players who use Kong chat to recruit are likely already in the combo room, not the lobby. This means they won’t be able to check your actual level. You can make the gamble of lying in game chat… but be warned that if they see you are lying, they won’t let you in. They will know what you are up too.

No u r TROLL: People will start to know you. You can slow this process by jumping servers, but eventually it will start getting difficult. Spectate the combo and use the tab key. Spectating is wonderful tool. First of all, see which ones are Kongregate players. Then see if one of them doesn’t know you. Even if the maker knows you, not all the members necessarily do. Sometimes this will not work. They may ask the others about letting you in, or they may already know you as well. It’s hard to remember everyone who has been in a combo you smashed. Don’t dispair, there are so many other ways to get in. While spectating, look for someone in the combo who is unhappy or being pushed around, PM in kong and offer your services. Look for another smasher in the combo, ask your unspoken colleague for the pass. Find a friendly person in chat that may not appreciate all the spam from the combo maker, ask them to get the pass for you. And, if all else fails… log out, and log in under another account. With your new level 0 newbie account of a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NAME, just ask them for the pass. No one wants a level zero with glock in a combo, but fortunately we already covered lying :) Then remember the pass, log back in to your main, and let loose.

Smashing for Exp

Combos are made to take advantage of the game for exp and rank. They are made by recruiting a group of players to a locked room by spamming chat with advertisements for said combo. But this is what I see: A whole group of easy prey gathered in one locked room… screaming out invitations to come and kill them. I’d like to say it makes the hunt easy, but I suppose it really makes it non-existent.

To do this, you will need be leveled, and to have arts if necessary. The trick is to own the room completely, making it a combo for no one but you. Look at everyone’s stats beforehand, and decide if you can take them or not. If you are exp-hunting, there is no use in charging a room that won’t be profitable.

The biggest trick is this: Do not leave last. They will stay and fight for a while, yell at you to stop with grammar and spelling resembling that of the incoherent rantings of a toddler, then they will start to leave. When that happens, you leave too. When the “Troll” leaves, people may start coming back. In fact, they usually do. You already have the pass to the room, the longer it stays open, the better for you. It won’t last forever, maybe two or three passes max, but it’s still preferable to closing down the room.

Smashing for the Principle

If you are just trying to prevent people from using combos as an unfair advantage, then you don’t really need to be that leveled. As long as you can hold your own enough to throw a monkey wrench into the combo works, your goal is in reach. Close the combo down. Move on to a new one. It is a mission of eradication. When someone creates two or three combos that die, they begin to get frustrated and move on with their lives.

Those are my suggestions. I hope that at least some of you take this to heart and give those combos what-for.

1 It may be worth mentioning that “Trolling” is not an offense of any sort. There may even be nothing the mods care less about. Combos are not an actual game type and are, in fact, a cheat. I’m constantly surprised that they are not banned.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Combo Problems

This is my first post of this nature, and I really hate to be a buzzkill, but…

Does anybody else think combo rooms should be banned?

I understand the implementation of such a ban would be a daunting task for moderators, what with all the whistle-blowing already going on with hackers, multi-loggers, farmers, and whatnot. Here is my case though:

Comboing was cute at first, I think. When I was new to the game, I thought it was kind of a cool little idea, and they are sometimes fun in their own ways. But I logged on today and saw the only player-made rooms were combos. And that is not an exaggeration. Most days I find 2, 3, sometimes as much as 5:1 combo room to regular room ratios populated by players. Fewer and fewer people are actually even playing this game anymore. I’ve seen players with 2:1 KD ratios just because they only combo.

I’ve heard of other games with possible boosting like this, and those games have it banned. I’m beginning to think it should be banned here as well.

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Topic: Kongregate / If you woke up tommorow and Kongregate took over the world...

Wait… are you telling me that Kongregate doesn’t own the world? O.o

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Artifact Question

lulz, if I hacked I wouldn’t be poor enough to care about reselling them.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Artifact Question

Out of curiosity, if I have a barret, but I sell the arts that gave me enough accuracy to buy it… what will happen? Will it sit in my inventory unusable?