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Topic: General Gaming / Best and Worst Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters

I would say that my best character is Meta Knight. I swear by him and his abilities. He’s gotten me through so many tournaments. I recommend him to any newbie in the game since he is such a good character to work with.
My second best character is either Marth or Zelda. I go crazy with the c-stick function every time I play them because I can pretty much get a KO in seconds with them using that. Ike is also pretty awesome and so is Samus. I have to put Pit on here because his move that recovers you from falling is a TRUE lifesaver.
I love playing Squirtle when it comes to the Pokemon Trainer, but don’t get me wrong that Charizard and Ivysaur are good play, too. However, out of all the Pokemon in the game, you want to choose Lucario when fighting because just trust me on that. His Final Smash is just incredible! Pikachu would be great if he didn’t make noise all the time, and I won’t give an explanation for why Jiggypuff is terrible since most people on here will understand.
Speaking of final smashes, I hate Peach’s. All it seems to do is put people to sleep and drop peaches LOL. I can only hit someone else one time before they wake up.
Fox and Falco is pretty good to work with. I like including either of them when in boss battles and such.
I think Ganandorf has potential to being a best character. I have KO’d tons of people just using him. He can really shell out damage, but he is just too slow. Me, being the impatient person I am, do not have the time to deal with how slow he is.
My worst character is indeed Olimar, but I think that’s all due to that it takes some serious strategy in order to play him and manage over the Pikmin. I salute any player who is fantastic with him.
My second worst characters are the Ice Climbers. That’s all I have to say, and 99% of the people on this forum will understand. Again, those who are good with them get my respect.
I absolutely hate playing with Yoshi and Sonic because when you get Yoshi in his egg to roll around and Sonic to do his rolls, they often end in me falling off the stage. I also hate playing Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong and try to avoid playing them unless it’s inevitable.
The PK Thunder move on Ness makes him a bad character since it never seems to help me whenever I’m falling.
Snake sets up way too slow. He would be more effective if he was faster.
I haven’t tried to unlock Wolf or Toon Link yet, but I’ve pretty much heard that those two are pretty good to maneuver with in the game.
Of course, these thoughts are all based on how I play the game and my experiences. Everyone will have different characters that they are good at and not so good at. For any person good at all the character, you amaze me.