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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [DEV] 6/15/2012 Create your own Tyrant Card Contest

Name: Momus
Card Type: Assault
Faction: Bloodthirsty
Delay: 2
Attack: 2
Health: 5
Skill 1: Mimic
Skill 2: Enfeeble 2
Skill 3: Weaken 2
Backstory/Description: In Greek mythology, Momus is the god of mockery, satire, and unfair blame and criticism. So too with this Bloodthirsty, who mocks by perverse imitation and finds weak points in his opponent’s strategy where none should exist.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Counter Cards

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Topic: Call of Gods / plundering

Originally posted by RaceBandit:

Sure, you only get a total of ten army saves…

Per day. ;)
And as Jiwai said, you get honor even for a loss, and your army stays full-strength regardless.
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Topic: Call of Gods / arena with lvl 20??? ROFL

Yes, the lowest-level ranked players are in the 50-60 range (at least in S4, possibly higher for the others). However, note that honor is gained in the arena whether you win or lose, and it scales to the level of the person you fight. A level 20 can quickly build up several thousand honor by spending his daily attacks on the highest-leveled player he can see in the Arena — by the time he reaches Level 40, he could well have enough to build a Vicious set, and then again to buy enough lizards and/or black deaths to staff a full arena team by Level 50.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Binds when equipped?

It’s like the “soulbound” effect in WoW — you (and your heroes) are now the only person (digital constructs) who can use that instance of that item. While it was still unbound, you had the chance to sell it in the auction house.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Red Hero Card --- Libra

Originally posted by Melzas:

it’s not a 1/16 chance however. With enough spins on each wheel the items weighted higher become obvious. On the free wheel the rank 1 book and white gems will always be the most common item you win. The same will be true of the advanced wheel, probably with diagram packs and other stupid stuff you cant resell for enough to spin again.

Also true. Hence elsaltenio’s “Assuming the wheel is not rigged” and my “(hypothetically).” And also why every person on CoG’s staff who thought this was a good idea needs to click this link.
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Topic: Call of Gods / Red Hero Card --- Libra

Originally posted by RicardoTA:

There are 16 slots on the wheel.

While true, elsaltenio’s statement is still (mostly) true (he’s only off by one spin). With 16 slots, there is (hypothetically) a 1/16 chance of rolling Libra (when she appears). Thus there is a 15/16 chance of not getting her, so the spinning X times when Libra is available and not getting her has a probability of (15/16)^X. When X=11, this probability is 49.17%, so (on average), 50.83% of players will have Libra after 11 attempts. When X=22, the probability of not having Libra is 24.18%, i.e. 75.82% of players will acquire Libra on or before their 22nd attempt.
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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] if this was real who would win?

The word “yay.”

Because Fluttershy winding up for a massive cheer and then letting it loose at just barely above a whisper is only one of the twenty-four thousand things that make My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic about 20% cooler than everything else you can imagine.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Is the angering system broken?

Summoning does not decrease your mana per kill. Mana/kill is only affected by wave number and the base number of monsters in that wave.

IIRC, the summon multiplier is roughly ((summons)/(kills-summons))^0.53, floored at 1x and capped at 50x — it’s meant to be a small boost that scales according to how many extra monsters you summoned percentage-wise, with quickly diminishing returns. Keep in mind that on “normal” levels, you have to kill every monster you summon, so the denominator of that fraction never ends up smaller than the base number of monsters in the level. With a 2:1 kill:summon ratio, you get a 1.44 multiplier. If you summon enough on a “normal” level that each wave is 20 times its normal size, your multiplier would instead be 4.76. To get the full 50x on a “normal” map, you’d need to summon 1606 times the number of monsters that usually appear on that map, since there’s no way to summon monsters without killing them and still win (which is why the mass-pylon-summon tactic works). By getting one less summon than kills on a pylon level, you set the fraction equal to your summons (since the denominator is 1). If your summon count is coincidentally 1606 (or higher), you’ll cap the multiplier.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Best skills for Endurance?

Though you might not be able to afford all of these at the moment, these are my personal skill priorities:
-Wild Gem. It’s another 8000+ starting mana to work with, once you manapool enough to hold it all (move mouse over it and hit X).
-Forge. Helps so much when you can be spending a half-trillion mana on gems in one endurance battle.
-Flexibility. 20% less mana per manapool times thousands of manapools = faster buildup.
-Recharge. 40% firerate boost is made of win.
-Chain hit and Critical hit masteries. Maxed Critical mastery gives a damage boost on par with 50+ ranks of Resonance, and is a heckuvalot cheaper. With enemies bunched up, maxed Chain mastery is slightly better than maxed Recharge. (But hey! You can have both.)
-Focus. High focus helps you start with a stronger gem and increase your pool size faster later.
-Others. Ritual is good once you have a thousand or so battle amulets and 70+ ranks of Focus. Dual and/or Triple mastery are nice albeit smaller bonuses. Mana gain mastery is really the only other “mastery” skill worth having in Endurance (for the manafarm trap). Resonance and Replenish are a little less critical than some other skills, but still a good buy (especially once Focus starts costing 20+ points per rank). The other Endurance-helping Premium skills (violent explosion, magnify, deadly traps, maybe powerful shrines) can wait until you’re level 250+.

Beyond that, this thread by Gremlion on the AG forums is a nice introduction to Endurance runs. (tl;dr: start with 4xGiants and banishment settings on an even easier map like H13, build up to a G12 lime-yellow ASAP, then set up a lime-orange mana trap so you can clone enough G22s to make a G30+ and some G28s or G29s for amps. Angering to the limit of what you can keep contained FTW.)

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Tell me if I have this correct

Eh, almost. The post-G7 Chronicle pages indicate that the gem you make isn’t stronger than Chapter Zero’s Gem of Eternity, it is the Gem of Eternity. It’s only “stronger” by virtue of the Chapter Zero Gem is now a powerless chunk of gray crystal, since there can only be one Gem of Eternity at a time. This is also why the Labyrinth wizard spent decades in that one village before the game started waiting for the Labyrinth to appear — if he (or another wizard) had entered before the Chapter Zero wizard dislodged the Gem, crafting a new Gem at the Labyrinth’s G7 map would have released the Forgotten anyway.

I feel like it’s not so much that the Gem of Eternity “drives away” the shadows as the one that was about to ambush you (perhaps the Forgotten herself) at the end of G7 was startled by the Gem’s sudden appearance and show of power. Otherwise there wouldn’t be much point to Shadow Clash mode — i.e. Shadows only start attacking you outside of D4 after you have the Gem of Eternity. (In the postgame, the Forgotten sends the Shadows after Premium players to try and take back the Gem of Eternity before it can be delivered to the Spiritforge to start the resealing process.)

Finally, the last few Chronicle pages imply less that we’re going to be chasing the Forgotten than that we’ll be racing her to the Spiritforge (in classic Gemcraft map-by-monster-infested-map style, of course). We win, she gets resealed. She wins, rocks shadows fall everyone dies. The Chapter 1 wizard was then apparently one of the “other wizards” mentioned on the last page, “chasing her and hunting down her shadows to slow her down.” (Killing Shadows stalls the Forgotten’s ability to claim the Spiritforge for herself — she needs some critical mass of the things in order to corrupt it and start mass-producing even more Shadows.)

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Exp Farming?

Originally posted by superxchloe:

That would work… if the endurance multiplier weren’t 0.

Overlooked the part in the “how-to” YouTube vid where he cracked open 4 demon tombs for +0.40 Endurance multiplier and picked up a some easy battle amulets for another x1.6 multiplier before bomb-suicide (summon 50 in 1 wave, summon 60, never reach orb).
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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Exp Farming?

Once you reach D10 (and later J10, J4, D4, and G7), even non-premium leveling becomes (relatively) easy. Just before your gems finish charging the pylon, hover your mouse over the stats dropdown in the upper-left of the screen. Add up the number of kills you’ve gotten, subtract the number of monsters you’ve summoned, and then bomb the upcoming waves enough to summon almost enough monsters to make up the difference. Ideally, summon one less monster than you’ve killed, then remove all gems that aren’t in range of the pylon and set what’s left to attack Structures. Doing this — having exactly one less summon than you do kills — adds a huge multiplier to your XP (up to x50, applied after difficulty modifiers and battle amulets), and you can only do it on the pylon levels (D10, J10, J4, D4, and G7). I’m only halfway through the game and I’ve got 1 million XP from the first three pylons alone, and I know I can go back to earn three times as much once I’ve “won.”

Premium leveling is even more ridiculously fast — enter any non-pylon map you’ve already beaten, raise the difficulty settings to the maximum (x4 monsters, x10 HP, giants only, endurance, shadow clash, harder/better/faster/stronger, banish healing, and banish cost increase), then intentionally die on Wave 1. Look Ma, I just got 76-ish times the field’s base XP, and it only took 30 seconds! =P

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Autoplay using EMP on first turn

It is 10%, actually. Fun fact: When you shuffle a pack of cards, draw some number of them, and play one of the cards you drew completely at random, then the odds of playing one specific card is 1 divided by the number of cards in the deck. Because of how the fractions cancel out, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking at your one EMP in a deck of 10 Tyrant cards, or the lone A♠ in a standard deck of playing cards. It also doesn’t matter if you’re drawing one card, three cards, half the deck or all of them. So long as the shuffle and the play are random, the probability stays the same.

The 11.2% that elfsmaster gave is (1/10 + 1/9 + 1/8)/3, which doesn’t take into account that the second two cards in your hand can only be EMP if the first card … isn’t. So the second card only has a possibility of being the EMP 9/10 of the time (the other 1/10, it’s the first card), and the third card only has a possibility of being the EMP 8/9 of the times that it’s not the first. The full formula is (1/10 + (9/10)x(1/9) + (9/10)x(8/9)x(1/8))/3, which simplifies down to 1/10, or 10%.

To see that it clearly can’t be 11.2%, consider a deck of 10 different Tyrant cards. If the probability of Autoplay playing any specific card on the first turn is 11.2%, then you have a 112% chance of playing a card on the first turn. In mathematical terms, this is known as “complete nonsense.” (By definition, probabilities can’t go above 100%.)

(<<< Going to be teaching highschool math this time next year) =P

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Card "Blacklist?"

But hey, to reword Magenta’s analysis, if the odds of receiving each card is equal, then roughly 14 people in 10000 “should” be missing Atlas, Tiamat, and the EMP after opening 60 packs, regardless of what’s waiting in pack 61. Given that Tyrant’s got 2.6 million plays just on Kongregate and probably many times that on Facebook, Icrine’s “bad luck” frankly doesn’t surprise me at all. Heck, millions of people in the USA spend billions of dollars a year hoping that odds far worse than 0.14% will turn up in their favor: it’s called the lottery. =P

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Topic: General Gaming / What's the deal with Prince of Persia?

Originally posted by ivod:

while the badge of bloon tower defence 4 is impossible without kreds

No, no it’s not. As you would know if you watched the YouTube hard-mode perfect-win no-Kred/MochiCoins vids.
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Topic: General Gaming / What's the deal with Prince of Persia?

Originally posted by Ace_Blue:

Is there another badged game with a comparable rating?

Parachute Retrospect has a 2.92, Snowman Attack has a 2.90, Dog Eat Dog has a 2.89, Bible Fight has a 2.82, and … Huh. Can’t think of/find any others with a rating below 3.00, barring the ones I personally hated but that still cling to their 3.50+ ratings. The fact that PoP: We Obviously Got Kong To Sell Out has a 2.57 (and is apparently still falling) is … troubling.
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Topic: Elements / Help me defeat Rainbow in under $1000

The deck, as posted, cannot work. Having no source of Earth quanta, the Enchants are worse than worthless.
Now, if you pulled 9k electrum from someplace, upgraded Dissipation Shields can pull from any flavor of quantum. Combined with the triple output of quantum pillars … Nah. You’d die before you could get enough pillars up to fuel the shield, guaranteed.
You’re better off running SG’s unupped deck or some variant of a Mono-Aether Godslayer and farming the easier FGs:
Aether Pillar x15
Parallel Universe x3
Phase Dragon x5
Dimensional Shield x6
Lobotomizer (or Short Sword) x1
Aether Mark
… Which performs very well against Incarnate, Destiny, Paradox, and Miracle, particularly once you learn how to bypass the latter two’s Improved Miracle spam. (Namely, play two Phase Dragons and hide behind DimShields until it’s down to 50ish health, then drop all of your remaining dragons at once and Parallel Universe its strongest critter multiple times. All in the same turn, of course, or it won’t work.) It’ll utterly ruin your win ratio (since you’ll have to forfeit matches against the other FGs), but the profit from cards won off of those four is more than sufficient to continue clicking those “Upgrade Card” and “Level 6” buttons. At which point you go back to the Elements forums, pick one of the Quantum-Tower based “Anti-FG Rainbow” decks, and go to town. =P

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Zening] Beta Round 2 Open!

Count me in and sign me up, please. =)