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Topic: Time World / How do i reset and start over?

Ive been playing for about 17 days and I was given the wrong advice that i followed like the noob I was. I want to start over from scratch but I cannot get anyone to tell me how in game. They tell me not to do it, but its too late.
I dont want advice… I just want to know how to reset and start from scratch.

Ive been playing less than 3 weeks and did nearly everything wrong. I got great advice from upgrayeddd but I was too far beyond repair. Now that I learned the hard way through my errors I want to reset and start over. I will be able to to be doing things properly and be a better player in 3 weeks than I will be able to do with my current game in 2 months. Yet people dont understand when i ask them how to restart the game and tell me that it will somehow (I assume magically) be worse if I start over. I have not invested a lot of time compared to the amount of time I will be putting in. Plus I want to buy kreds and gold so i can get a few extra goodies, but I am not going to spend money on what my current setup is.

I really like playing this game, but if I cant reset then I can no longer play the game at all. And to show my resolve on wanting to start over I just wasted all my gold, fired all of my heroes and sold all of my items.

Please tell me how to reset my game or ill have to walk away and find a new game to play. Which is not what I want to do since I like this game now that i know how it basically works. Im not gonna spend a million bucks on the game if i restart but I will by gold. And if Im noot playing this game I will buy stuff I need from a different game.

Sorry if I came off harsh but Im so frustrated by everyone telling me that i shouldnt start over instead of just telling me how to restart. Im having a mini stroke once every 7 seconds lol. I have my big boy pants on and can make my own decisions in this matter…. I just need to know how to reset the game to start over. I do not care what consequences i will endure by starting over. But thank you for caring.

So please tell me how to reset the game and start over without having to create a new kong account because if I do that I will have to create a new dream world acct and im perfectly happy with what Ive done in that game. Please :) and thank you.

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Topic: Time World / Ultimate Question and Answer Guide

How do I reset the game and start over? I really messed up and want to start all over. Is there a way to do that? If there isnt im just going to have to quit playing and that sux cause I really like the game.

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Topic: Technical Support / Kong refreshes every second....

I go to the site here via different routes and it just sits there refreshing at least once a second and never displays the page. I got in the last few days with hours of patience and luck.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Berserk: The Cataclysm] Started at facebook and now here so....

…Is there a way to bring what Ive accomplished on fdacebook here to Kongregate? I signed up to Kongregate with my fbook page and when I went ant loaded cataclysm it was an empty tower and started me from square one.

Thanks and Im happy to be here,