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Topic: General Gaming / [The End] New update released

We have released an update to The End which hopefully fixes some common problems players have experienced.

Fixed game hanging after level completion before Guardian battle.

Fixed the Guardian rematch bug. This was caused if you drew a match in which you’d used the diffuser power.

Fixed the Death Dial blank panel display.

Right click option to force local save. This allows players who have created a save code on to reinstate their game back at Kong and continue playing.

We can’t replicate the excessive load times reported. To play the game through the introduction, a level and a deathcards battle should take no longer than 1-2 minutes to load at most.

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Topic: General Gaming / [The End] Please Read: Update from Preloaded

@oddish – yes sorry. Your game isn’t lost but getting it back to Kong isn’t possible.

@dooceman69 – It depends on the browser you are using. Most browsers won’t clear the LSO when you clear the cache but on Chrome for instance there’s an option to clear the LSO as part of the cache.