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Topic: Kongregate / commenting on dead games

interesting…i had no idea you could do this.

the game is nowhere to be seen and yet…the comments are still there and can be added to.

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Topic: Reactor idle / loading screen progress bar

maybe add a progress bar or something? cause i just rebooted firefox (having a bunch of tabs open was making a bit of lag) and had no way of knowing if it was loading or had gotten stuck or something.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Farewell, Tyrant

so…the game gets deleted yet the publish date says: Published Oct. 16, 2015 and it’s now listed as a new game in the mmo tag.

seems something weird has happened regarding the publish date since this game is at least 4 years old.

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Topic: Kongregate / so do we have rating botters?

Originally posted by KLouD_KoNNeCteD:

You don’t know what you’re talking about, just because some game you don’t like gets voted up doesn’t mean there is some conspiracy going on. lmao can’t believe you actually buy into that crap.

i hope you’re trolling. if you’re not then all i can say to you is ignorance is bliss.

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Topic: Kongregate / so do we have rating botters?

Originally posted by Holy2334:
Originally posted by neo32x:

similarly i wonder why people throw cash at turds, like zeus age as mentioned here. 10 kreds…100 kreds…oo or how about a whopping 1000 kreds hmmm?

Linky Linky Link Link

man, i hate clicking “quote post” here on kong. all it does is spit out an unreadable wall of text salad.

on topic… facepalm you know why some F2P game devs are referred to as whale hunters? because some F2P games (not all but some definitely are) are aimed at getting money out of such people (who some refer to as “whales” aka big spenders) specifically.

i’m not going be a sissy and sugar-coat things when i see something bad happening in the world of gaming. right offhand i could look through and count off no less than 10-20+ different F2P games here on kong alone that are bug ridden, 100% cash grab material, or flat out broken with little to no game balance at all and every one of them would have something in common: cash shop, VIP/Premium status, exclusive content (items/dungeons/etc.), and so on all available if you cough up the $$$ for it.

oh and as i said in my thread earlier, in some cases it looks like tech support might be the next thing to be made usable only if you pay enough $$$ (so now we have to BUY tech support. SPLENDID >.>).

i’ve been sick of that micro-transaction garbage since day one and it hasn’t done anything good for gaming since though it certainly made a number of problems a lot worse over time.

pfft >.> and some people still dislike hearing the whole “greedy devs” thing. too darn bad.

sorry for derailing you’re topic there, OP, but i’m not going to let anyone tell me what i can or can’t say. if i see someone (or people) spending huge money on a broken game, i’m going to call it what it obviously is. i really think we both raised good points. mine being “Why the heck are you throwing $$$ at a broken/defective product the devs of said product won’t fix and likely don’t even care about aside from the cash you throw at it.” and yours was probably something along the lines of “why is such a bad game getting a high rating?”

on you’re point…i honestly don’t know. partly depends on if you mean bad mmo’s or the ever growing quagmire of bad games you see when viewing “newest, all games” and i’ve definitely seen my fair share of that terrifying region of kong. i advise against exploring that region less you find countless things in the wrong genre section, horrible, countless rehashes, or dare i say a rare high quality crystal (i’d say diamond but that’s largely wishful thinking) in the mud.

OH, while i’m talking of ratings (partly on topic as such things also tend to get abnormally high ratings). what’s with the crazy amount of games clearly aimed at little kids under the age of 13+ (that IS still kong’s minimum age requirement…right?)? i’m not going to waste time with silly questions such as say “how many sites dump they’re games here at kong?” since i’ve long since learned that kong is the internets dumping ground. (shame that. i still remember when the average quality lvl was decent…it’s more diluted nowadays overall)

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Topic: Kongregate / so do we have rating botters?

similarly i wonder why people throw cash at turds, like zeus age as mentioned here. 10 kreds…100 kreds…oo or how about a whopping 1000 kreds hmmm?

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Topic: Kongregate / why do you throw money at broken games?

Zeus Age, pretty much anything made by R2 Games (don’t even try to defend them. everyone knows anything from R2 sucks, without fail.) to name a few of many.

i’m just curious. why throw money at a game that is broken in a number of ways, no real help from the devs, and…oh and this is a good one.

kixeye no longer offers premium tech support to any players who haven’t spent a minimum of $50 on they’re games according to this:

yep, free-to-play just got even better. now theres broken games made only to get people to empty they’re wallets, devs who show no regards for the problems/bugs/etc. in they’re games regardless of player complaints, and NOW we have the option of buying tech support or merely posting in tech support while being left to HOPE they’ll help or respond if we don’t pay.

oh and let’s not forget the “whale hunting” aspect of the micro-transaction business model. now, i’m not calling out anyone in particular or anything but… first, note all the complaint threads of bugs and stuff here: next, note how much some people are willing to spend on a defective product: yep, over 1k kreds.

so i have to ask: why? why throw money at what you know is a broken product that likely may never be fixed.

to free-to-play game devs who like and use the micro-transaction business model: it’s not that i don’t trust or like you it’s just…i REALLY don’t like or trust you at ALL.

before i end this little rant, one more question. numbers! i know of Path of exile and maybe one or two others that DO have micro-transactions but NOT in a way that gives an unfair advantage or otherwise breaks the game balance entirely. so…how many do you, the people of kong, know of like that? games that are free-to-play and DO have micro-transaction BUT not any that break the game in some way or give an unfair advantage. all PoE has is storage tabs and cosmetic stuff unless that changed at some point (doubt it).

and to end this post, a reminder: greed…greed makes the world go ’round. yes it most certainly does.

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Topic: Zeus Age / Customer service

Originally posted by Oz2313:

I just paid 1000 kreds for 10000 balens and i get nothing! Where are my balens? My kreds are gone!


congrats, ProficientCity, you just caught yourself a “whale”. a whale who threw money at a broken game. Oz2313, you should feel ashamed of yourself.

the comments and the forums threads (this one included) all scream: THIS GAME IS FUBAR! and yet you throw 1k kreds at it. why throw that much money at what you know (or darn well SHOULD know) is a broken product? WHY?! why is anyone throwing money at this? you’re not helping anything at all.

i truly wish the micro-transaction business model would die off already but people like you “whales” are the very reason it exists in the first place and one of the biggest reasons it continues to survive.

for the love of all that is merciful, stop throwing money at broken and/or bad products people. if the devs and they’re tech support aren’t doing anything to help fix the game regardless of however many complaints there are then it’s a safe bet that the game only exists so you people will sit around throwing money at it for who knows what reason.

theres just no excuse for it. there really isn’t.

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Topic: Chrono Wars / K+ Still?

no offense to the devs but i’d be kinda surprised if refunds were given for anything. usually i hear about browsed based game devs never giving refunds and people complaining about it so that’d be a fairly surprising sight imo.

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Topic: Zeus Age / Fixed version of Zeus Age

:/ i think i’ve stumbled upon a very dark and very creepy place if people are spending actual irl $ on a game like this… i’m gonna slowly back away from this topic and try to forget i read through it now.

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Topic: Menkar Online: Alpha 1: Feedback, Suggestions, and Ideas / very bad delay times

i was just playing and the game runs fine, no frame rate issues or anything BUT there seems to be some very bad connection delay or something.

like, i could click to move or start shooting a target and it’d take 3-5+ seconds before anything would happen.

nothing else on my laptop is lagging/delayed and the internet is working fine so i dunno what the problem could be. maybe server side issues?

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / [Lag so bad]...

“How basic are you? Everything is cranked down to the minimum. I have been hearing “its not the game, its your connection!” for decades and it is getting stale. The weak spot is not my connection, or this computer, they have run many more taxing programs with much less effort or issue.

I can’t move my sprite halfway across the screen in 30 seconds. I think a healthy framerate is what 45 frames per second? some games, my framerate drops to what looks like 1 frame every 45 seconds, that is unplayable."

pretty much what i’ve said before but with less text.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / [LAG] Issues during events

this might prove useful…until 5 or so zombies/players are on the screen.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / need help making "sweeney todd:DEMON BARBER" meme viral

Originally posted by Dathara:
Originally posted by neo32x:

memes are dumb.

Do you really just go around on the forum and hate on people, the game, NK, and other forum posts? That’s about all I see from you.

i haven’t done anything in regards to hating.

i said memes are dumb, not “you are dumb” so i was hating on anyone.

in regards to the game, i don’t need to hate on a game if it’s barely functioning most of the time. it takes care of that itself.

as for ninjakiwi…only thing about them i don’t like in regards to this particular game is they’re inability to fix the game and make it playable.

and before you go and try to defend them on those last 2 points, don’t, just don’t. i’m far from the only person who has pointed out this games problems. it’s a known fact that with each new update or content addition this game gets increasingly unstable.

sure it was laggy when it was first released but it wasn’t near the extent that it is now. i could finish the first and 2nd set of single player maps and even do some multiplayer when SAS4 first came out. now? it pretty much kills itself with 5 zombies on the screen in single player mode. and yes, that’s with all settings set to minimal and right click > quality > low. don’t you dare try to pin that on me having a crappy computer as that is nothing but a lie. (in the case of this particular game anyway)

so yeah, if my pointing out problems a game has that go unresolved and even worsen over time and the devs who made said game’s inability to resolve said known issues is hating on it then yes, i guess that is all i do about SAS4. i go around pointing out the problems that render this game borderline inoperable.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / need help making "sweeney todd:DEMON BARBER" meme viral

memes are dumb.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / another championship...

Originally posted by Dathara:

People bitch about the lag. It’s not entirely the damn game’s fault, you unintelligent twats. Part of it is the game, sure. But most of it is your shitty ass PC/Mac/whatever, and your bad Internet connection. I have a good computer and a decent connection, and I only start having lag issues after a few hours of not refreshing. I don’t have problems loading or having a lot of lag or anything. So get your shit together and fix your shit before you start blaming the game and NK.

Love, Dath.

are you kidding me? i can run Frigging RIFT at relatively decent graphics on this laptop. this laptop is crappy, i sure as heck know that, but this particular game isn’t remotely as advanced as RIFT (graphics or otherwise) yet it buckles under itself in single player with 4-6+ zeds on the screen at once (if that much strain).

take you’re blame shifting and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

i know darn well that it’s not ALWAYS the games fault but when you’re computer can run pretty much anything else without any problems at all and the one game buckles under idle conditions, it’s the games fault.

(since i don’t know how this mess of a quote system works…and don’t really care to bother. DText: far simpler and easier to use.) “Jornac: said stuff”

ty and agreed.

Originally posted by pridewinner:

I’ve got a good quality laptop with a decent internet connection and never have any problems in multiplayer. The only problem I have ever had a lot of is my flash player crashing& the lag I experience is so minimal that is doesn’t affect playability in the slightest. And I also do all this on the good old out dated piece of garbage….Internet explorer, the hate of every gamer out there.

why not try firefox?

@tutu2you: i have an example for you.

buggy game: elder scolls (any from morrowind onwards)

who usually ends up fixing said game: the players and/or modders and even then they usually improve on the base game in the process.

with a flash game like this players can’t do that. only the DEVS who MADE the game in question can. i didn’t make this thread to argue but you certainly came here to do just that as is evident from you’re post. all i want is an actual solution to the problems at hand, not arguments and blame shifting.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / another championship...

ok, i’m going to try and be real nice about this.

Ninjakiwi, I am not returning to you’re game until you fix all the lag issues that have existed since Day ONE of this games release. i don’t care what kind of reward you offer. the lag makes the game nigh unplayable for many people.

if you, one day go, and make a SAS 5 game…please, PLEASE, don’t even release it until all the performance issues are resolved so it’s at least somewhat playable.

i’ve played bigger and/or more resource intensive flash games (RPGS even) that lag far less than this over the years. there is no excuse for it.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Failed to update Unity Web Player?

i have no idea why (is it possible flash was affecting it somehow and the latest update has remedied whatever the problem was?) but it seems that now unity loads for me better than ever. example: i got shonen idle to load almost instantly earlier and before i would’ve had to refresh numerous times for it to load correctly (no errors).

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Topic: The Money Makers / Energy?

Originally posted by belgarionriva:

Sadly, the game is trying to follow the current model of mobile games with their energy… It sucks…

you mean the freemium/pay-to-win business model? i wish the freemium/pay-to-win business model would go die in a fire hotter than the sun’s core.

video games used to be made and were fun to play (well, i suppose we do still have all those older games that are/were fun thanks to emulation.). now, with that business model ruining things it’s all greed and hardly any fun. just browsing countless crap games to find the few good ones that aren’t pay-to-win or have any number of other means of squeezing cash out of players pockets.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / halp...dying...lag..too much...

Originally posted by skywoulker:

2 words: FLASH SUCKS

Thats your answer. Flash games aren’t meant to be this complex :D

well, they could always switch to unity except…oh yeah, unity has had loading problems/errors for the past 4-5 years now so just getting a unity game of any kind to load and start a game properly is mostly a matter of luck. i doubt theres a single unity game here on kong that i could load without hitting errors and having to refresh the page multiple times.

so yeah, unity sucks just as bad, if ot worse, and is typically a big resource hog. for example: to browse WHILE running that game i have to leave the game switched to AFK mode so it uses FAR less resources. if you don’t switch it to AFK mode beforehand then you’re whole computer may start lagging. most unity devs don’t provide an afk mode like that in they’re games so imo that quite nice of ryu82

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / halp...dying...lag..too much...

wow, so much get a better this or that, disable this or that, don’t use this browser, use that browser.

_ i see nothing that i haven’t tried before or hasn’t been suggested before.

pardon my rage but:

my flash is up to date, i use firefox, my laptop can run emulated PSfreaking2 games without too much trouble (depends on the ps2 game in question), and…oh, right, i ALWAYS right click and set flash…ANYTHING to use full memory access. you people making pointless suggestions should know that in some cases, the game or something related to it really is at fault.

and to you, dias17se: why don’t you come to where i live in southeast oklahoma and bring your magical tech with you because where i live the fastest freaking internet connection available is either the wifi i’m using now (max download speed of 180kb) or a gosh darn WORTHLESS RIPOFF sattelite ISP which comes with a 12gb monthly bandwidth cap (that is NOTHING nowadays. i could go through that in under 3 days some times. after which the sattelite ISP would be all too happy to charge for extra bandwidth OR throttle the speed to below dial-up speed) that should be banned! if there was ANY better connection available here we would’ve tried it already.

i never run flash in safe mode. don’t even know what this pepperflash people keep talking about is (if it’s a chrome thing then it’s of no concern to me as i use firefox primarily).

@Tsukiyomarau0: (joke is noted) i’ll finally have this worthless pile of crap, excuse of a piece of tech known as a laptop replaced with a REAL computer, a desktop the FIRST chance i get. this piece of crap is falling apart just sitting here. i have to use this old alienware keyboard which is 9 years old now plugged in because the “integrated” keyboard is broken. the S, spacebar, and 1-3 arrow keys on that keyboard are broken and act up all the time.

laptops, oh sure, they have portability going for them BUT nothing about them can be upgraded like a desktop and when they start falling apart from old age theres little that can be done.

all this advice is crap…at least…it is in this and some other cases here and there. i don’t think this is connection lag, since any other game would work fine. heck, i can run RIFT on this laptop (ty to the devs of Rift AND everquest for adding so many options to adjust and fine tune the in-game graphics and various effects so even a crappy laptop can run those huge MMO’s) without much lag and even then the lag is graphics related usually. in this game, it lags severely even with all graphics related settings turned down. i’d mention resource usage but compared to most unity games this game uses hardly any so i doubt it’s that.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / halp...dying...lag..too much...

i know the lag when i last played this game (think that was when the 2nd set of single player lvls were added) but COME ON! i can barely even move correctly while wielding a PISTOL with graphics and EVERYTHING set to low or disabled completely.

can’t even move properly for that matter. i tap a key to move and the game acts like i’m holding it for 3 seconds or longer, can’t aim my gun, shooting gets screwed up.

wth, people? this is almost completely unplayable. i mean, i know it’s been bad since the game was released but now it’s worse than ever. 1st map, single player, and no more than 5 zombies on the screen renders my starting assault rifle (heavy class btw) useless due to heavy lag.

i could understand it if the game was graphically or resource intensive but honestly, it’s far from that. with graphics set to low in this game everything aside from menu stuff is literally a blur so that’s off the list of possible excuses right off the bat.

i can run dead frontier with its 3d graphics on this laptop, have over 30 zombies on the screen at a time in that game still play it just fine. this is just stupid.

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Topic: Game Programming / What's with all the hate on Unity?

“failed to update unity web player” it’s the error just about everyone gets when trying to load ANY unity game here at kong and elsewhere. i even checked the unity forums to try and find a solution and people have been getting this problem since 2011 if not farther back and yet no one seems to have ever come up with a definite fix for the problem.

were it not for that ONE problem, i’d have no complaints but that one lone problem makes just loading games a matter of constant refreshing the page and hoping it loads after each refresh. well, that and it seems like unity never caches whatever happens to be loading at the time like flash would. example: if you load a flash game and it stops for whatever reason in the middle of the loading process, just refresh and it resumes from where it stopped at. with unity you have to restart the entire loading process from the very beginning after every time you refresh the page unless you get super lucky and it does resume from where it stopped or hit the error mentioned above.

it’d be nice if they could solve and fix an issue that’s been around for at least 4 years now. >.>

edit: actually, i’m trying to get the game, Shounen Idle, to load currently (it’s a unity game) and have already refreshed it several times yet the update error persists and is still refusing to let it load all the way.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Failed to update Unity Web Player?

i take back what i said before. this and NOTHING else has EVER fixed this problem. heck, you could look on the unity forums themselves and see that even on they’re own forums no one has been able to fix this problem. and no, despite what they suggest, redownloading and reinstalling doesn’t help anything. it’s STILL a buggy piece of software that has update issues even if you have the latest version installed (if i already have the latest version WHY IS IT TRYING TO UPDATE WHEN THERE IS NO NEW VERSION RELEASED YET?!).

oh and this happens in both firefox and IE as i have observed multiple times. the ONLY thing i and likely anyone is able to do is just keep refreshing the page whenever such an error appears and hope it loads which is quite unlikely to happen in any case.

would be nice if the devs making unity could fix they’re own problems but somehow, by now, i’m wondering if even they know whats wrong with it.

edit: also, after checking this problem on the unity forums, there have been threads about this update problem since 2011. WTF?! what, is it an impossible to fix error or something?

2012 thread:
2011 thread:

i bet it dates back even farther possibly.

edit2: after some forum searching around here it looks like no one here knows the exact cause of this problem either. yet some people around here seem to love giving generic tech support advice that never works. (hey, those of you who suggest uninstalling and redownloading/installing unity…SHUT UP! that DOESN’T work or help in the slightest so either give a real suggestion or just keep quiet and let people try to figure out the problem(s).)

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Topic: General Gaming / [Shonen Idle] Unity, oh, how you so VERY much SUCK!

i can get flash games to load faster than unity ever will (dunno this games file size but a flash game of the same size would likely load quicker for me). then theres the eternal “failed to update” error that EVERYONE gets all the time on just about any unity game. oh and then theres the fact that unlike flash, unity never seems to cache correctly (least not in firefox). a flash gets stuck or stops loading mid-way and i can refresh and it’ll pick up where it left off. unity? sorry, it hit an error so now the ENTIRE loading process has to start over FROM THE BEGINNING!

well, heres hoping i can get past the update error(s) and force it to load fully while avoiding that fatal content error which i hope has been solved.

i had to refresh transport defender the other night at least 10 different times due to update errors before it finally loaded all the way.

it’d be nice if the update problems could be fixed but after looking around on google for a bit it seems it’s one of those things where no one knows a definite fix for it.