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Topic: Kongregate / Brainstorming thread: Ideas for trolling kong at their pax east booth (if ur going to be manning the booth do not enter this thread you will ruin the surprise)

Originally posted by adv0catus:

all of them are funny except the first one


ugh, when will this dumb crow meme finally die off already?

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Topic: Kongregate / How to promote a game?

“Maybe it’s because when you load it. You see an image of the portal that shall not be named.”

o_O dunno why you’d refer to newgrounds like that. nothing wrong with saying the site name.

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Topic: Kongregate / Tag Suggestions

Originally posted by adv0catus:
Originally posted by Ruudiluca:

Seriously, why isn’t there a ‘crow’ tag? The community needs it.

Bird is there, but it isn’t good enough.


i honestly don’t understand this strange obsession some users here seem to have with crows. is it a meme?

that aside, agreed.

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Topic: Kongregate / What are your favorite web games that are NOT on Kongregate?

Originally posted by NomuitJargon:

While they’re a bit cheesy as far as quality goes (and hardly my favourites) the first two that pop up mentally are Exmortis and Exmortis 2. While bringing them up, I must point out that the third game is “on” Kong, and I’m not too happy about it.

Exmortis 3

I say I’m not happy namely due to the fact that it’s not on Kong. That’s a shitty ad for the game, even if it does have a demo portion. Considering that I recently found out in-game advertisements aren’t allowed under the Uploader Agreement, it hardly seems fair there’s an advertisement inside the game.


5. … (vi) the Developer Materials do not accept payments from or display dynamically served advertisements to users, nor do they provide a premium service for payment accepted elsewhere, except as authorized or provided by Kongregate.

Seems to be breaking the rules. There’s also:

5. … (i) Developer has the right to grant the license described in this Agreement…

Which seems shady due to it being released by “Fizzy” and not the developer. Then again, considering his Newgrounds copy of this is under his name and is the same (so far as I know), it appears to be just a publisher (like ArmorGames), even if it’s just a mediocre one at that. So…shrugs

Still, considering the in-game ads, seems to be breaking the UA agreement as specified in the first excerpt. If you could get the full game that’d be great, but I’d be satisfied with just the first and second. Not sure if Fizzy has slave ownership distributing rights over them nowadays, though.

ah, fizzy games. never have i seen a more hated flash game developer (publisher?). iirc they started down the path of being hated when releasing demos of the swords & sandals games (or wasit even farther back than that?). shame they never learned: if your posting on kongregate, be prepared to become hated if you release so much as a single demo for any game at all.

pretty sure that demo hatred still persists even nowadays.

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Topic: Kongregate / You know you want to quit kongregate when

agreed but these dumb troll threads aren’t the worse use of that video i’ve seen.

i remember coming across a troll upload disguised as a game once. instead of a game what it would do is constantly open new tabs with that damnable video without end (iirc i had to kill flash via task manager then close all the video tabs to stop it.). sad part is, when confronted, the person who uploaded started damage control mode and furiously denied any trolling intent despite the blatantly obvious. plus, knowing kong, that garbage is likely still somewhere on this site and NOT deleted.

yeah, i get caught in a troll trap that was difficult to escape and by calling out said troll for what they really were and were doing, and suddenly, i’m the bad guy. sickening >:(

when do people ever link to that video without the intent of trolling? very VERY rarely i’d say.

edit: to this day i don’t think i’ve ever come across a troll who didn’t get off to the suffering of others. since, well, that’s what trolls do pretty much.

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Topic: Kongregate / What are your favorite web games that are NOT on Kongregate?

Originally posted by DarkRainyKnight:


i think they meant games you play in your browser.

Originally posted by Sythen2014:

Cookie Clicker got an update fairly recently. Although I doubt it would come to Kong it has a good following on it’s own site.

o.O that’s news to me. i’ll check it out.

edit: oh wow, did it ever. a lot of things look different…wonder what new content, if any, finally got added.

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Topic: Kongregate / What are your favorite web games that are NOT on Kongregate?

i’m pretty sure work on cookie clicker has long since stopped. feel free to correct me though.

not sure what those grow games are. may check them out.

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Topic: Kongregate / How many users does kongregate have?

Originally posted by fjpackard2:

Replying to see what number user I am…


1007272 here, your quite new in comparison.

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Topic: Kongregate / lag during chat reconnect

this is something i’ve been wondering about for a while now.

i can be playing a game like zombidle (as i am now) and everything will be just fine and running smooth. no lag or anything but…uh oh, the chat randomly disconnected (yet my connection is fine) then when it proceeds to start trying to re-establish the connection boom! everything slows to a crawl for several seconds until it’s finished reconnecting to the chat servers. the game, browser, everything.

why is that one simple function so resource intensive that it alone can bring everything else to a crawl?

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Topic: Kongregate / Yes!!!

shame free doesn’t mean free anymore in regards to online gaming. (micro-transactions)

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Topic: Kongregate / Can we have a site-wide moment of silence for the death of a major part of internet culture?

Originally posted by yeasy:

You’re a disgrace for all internet trolls.

That’s one poor attempt.

me? i’m not an internet troll.

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Topic: Kongregate / Can we have a site-wide moment of silence for the death of a major part of internet culture?

“Not sure if counter-trolling or just stupid.”

thanks, stupid troll bird. once again i have renewed cause to HATE this site and the community it plays host to.

what i said had nothing to do with religion or atheists, the dumb bird is to blame for that. i never said anything remotely related to religion in any way. aside from mocking religion.

so no, i am most certainly NOT stupid. i don’t go around posting idiotic memes for the intent of trolling. i don’t let myself sink to such depths of stupidity.

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Topic: Kongregate / Can we have a site-wide moment of silence for the death of a major part of internet culture?


ok, you can stop saying that since what your talking about has nothing at all to do with religion.

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Topic: Kongregate / Can we have a site-wide moment of silence for the death of a major part of internet culture?

“if digimon rnt real, how are they on TV?


so you believe anime is real like the fairy man in the sky people worship and the millennia old book people rely on for guidance on how you should live your life?

to any admin that sees this. this is as far as i intend on letting the religion talk go as nothing good EVER comes from those arguments. >.>

digimon are data much like reploids are androids. whether or not they eventually become a part of our reality depends entirely on whether or not we humans design and build them (in the case of reploids) or design and program them (in the case of digimon). and while both forms of life are indeed a possibility in the future, they’re creation outside the world of fiction has yet to occur so for the time being, no, they are not real living beings.

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Topic: Kongregate / Winter '15 Suggestion Thread

Originally posted by Battezu:

The ‘My Recommended’ list shouldn’t show games already rated/favorited, I clearly already know they’d be good for me.

welcome to the club. that’s been a major issue with that system since it was first implemented. instead of showing things you haven’t played before like it probably should, it typically just cycles through games you faved or rated highly. i made a post the other day (see link above) with some solutions that may help.

i’ve no idea if any will get implemented at all though.

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Topic: Kongregate / Look what I found

nothing special. iirc theres at least several other such chat rooms here. i’d call them games but really, a chat room is just a chat room in the end.

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Topic: Kongregate / Can we have a site-wide moment of silence for the death of a major part of internet culture?

an internet meme is a part of any form of culture? news to me. i always figured they were an annoying waste of time that occasionally leaked out into the real world to make even those who don’t see them online suffer they’re irritating presence.

that and how much of a kid and/or troll do you need to be to spread memes around anyway? grow up already.

edit: also, RollerCROWster, your obsession with crows reminds me of a troll i encountered on a different site a year or 2 back who thought digimon were real living creatures (of course they’re not. >.>). of course we all knew he was delusional and obsessive about it and he got banned countless times since then but it was fun to poke fun at his delusions for a while.

seems about the same lvl of obsession to me…more or less. no matter how much you may wish it to be so, the world does not revolve around you and your little bird friends.

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Topic: Kongregate / [Update] New Kong+ Features

“1. Customizable Avatars: Thats right, the ability to change your avatar will now be a K+ exclusive feature! Of course, all non-K+ users will have their avatars set back to default!

2. Unlimited Games Every Day: While non-paying users will only be able to play 5 games per day, K+ members will be able to play as many games as they want!!"

what the F? i guess greed wins, huh? why not just put up a big ol’ pay wall and start a subscription service just to access the site?

well, you’ve now killed any and ALL lingering interest i might have had for this site.

oh and regarding what Ruudiluca said about armorgames “ArmorGames Ad-Free Gaming+” subscription. i think i should point out that that subscription no longer blocks all ads iirc. so yeah, greed wins over there too even if you DO pay $. AG even goes so far as to bypass adblockers as well. must be pretty desperate for money, huh?

heck, i bet even newgrounds doesn’t hold to they’re word if they claim that paying will make the site ad-free.

@RollerCROWster: “If u dont have k+ gtfo freeloader scum” yeah, keep feeding that greed machine, you insert profanity here!

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Topic: Kongregate / Winter '15 Suggestion Thread

Originally posted by Ruudiluca:

Allow genuine age change requests to users who signed up underage.

I’m not 36. :c

so…you signed up before meeting kong’s minimum age requirement and are now older than the minimum?

tbh, that’s not all surprising. i wonder if theres a way to tell what the % of kong users who give false info like that is.

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Topic: Kongregate / Winter '15 Suggestion Thread

racefan12 said: "I definitely don’t disagree with the suggested improvements to the recommendation system; the reason that such threads get shot down is because we all know that a system that’s been broken for 4 years despite countless complaints isn’t ever going to be fixed.

(I speak harshly about this in the hopes that I might actually be proven wrong.)"

well, it’d be nice if it got fixed but i also realize that that’s fairly unlikely to happen. still, no harm in trying.

if nothing else, a fixed recommendations system would give an alternative to digging through each genre category. theres only just so much digging a person can handle when your main options are to either go by highest rating (which has remained largely unchanged over the years. how often is it that a new game reaches the 4.x star rating and manages to stay visible among the relics of the past?) or to sort by newest and dig through thousands upon thousands of 0-3 star games HOPING to find a decent one (the fact that other sites come here to dump they’re trash definitely does not help in this case at all. theres entire accounts devoted to specific flash game websites.).

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Topic: Kongregate / Winter '15 Suggestion Thread

some ideas i had for fixing/improving the recommendations system so it would actually show things people haven’t played before instead of almost always showing things people have already played before.

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Topic: Kongregate / some possible fixes to the horrible "recommendation" system kong uses

maybe add an invisible view count (or visible…maybe make it toggle able?) and have that work as a sort of filter so the more times you’ve viewed a certain post, the less often said post would get recommended. perhaps this might aid in maintaining a steady stream of fresh/new recommended content?

and have said view count unique to each user (this much should be obvious).

maybe that would make this craptastic system actually recommend things to people that they haven’t already played a million times so they’d actually see something new or different for a change.

in my case, i think its only very RARELY that i see something i haven’t played before in my recommendations.

another thing that would help might be a secondary rating system exclusive to the recommended system. a like/dislike vote system so if you like what it recommends it might show that again, whereas a dislike could blacklist said content or something so it wouldn’t be recommended.

yet another thing might be to filter by star rating. have it recommend things based on a star rating range each user could set. for example: don’t want to see anything rated 0-3 stars recommended? set it to only show things with a 4-5 star rating.

and now i watch and wait to see if anyone agrees with any of these ideas or if this thread gets gunned down like threads that suggest improvements or changes to the ancient 5-star rating system (which is OLD and easily abused. it is crappy).

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Scrying Issues

Originally posted by MooseBearGod:

This is making me want to stop playing. Ok fine I’ll watch the ads in order to get the boost - but now that they’re requiring 2:30+ of time plus the fact that they wont’ even work after that are making me lose interest in this game. I get it, you need to monetize everything and you have every right to do so, but don’t make it unbearable. Even the most addicted players will walk away once you cross that line.

agreed and let me guess. that 2:31 length youtube video that consistently fails for you too is the one about music in the home or whatever the title is, right?

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Scrying Issues

a while back, back before this valentines event began, i was getting ads like forge of empires and big farm 30 second videos to watch to get rewards. now? now it seems like that scrying function gives me nothing but youtube videos which don’t work and all give failure to scry errors.

i watch one for 30 seconds and it says i can claim my reward. i close it out and oops, failure to scry properly (wtf? i DID do as it said to do.).

i watch another entire video and what a surprise, 2.5 minutes later it fails again.

i watch a 3rd asking me to click a tweet button that isn’t there. well, that one was a fail be default then.

and lately it just keeps rotating these same 3 or that one about music at home or something.

unlike the forge of empires, big farm, and other ads, these are youtube videos and not ads. they don’t autoplay like the game related ones and typically fail to give the reward even if you do as theysay to do.

Originally posted by Astralite:

Oreo ad was stopping with 7 seconds left and then playing a blank 7 second video and not paying out on Internet Explorer. I switched to Chrome and it played all the way through to showing a banner at the end. Didn’t say I completed the task, but I closed it and it worked for my scrying, so I chose production, saved and switched back to IE and I still have it.

that reminds me. i was getting that ad for a while too but it seems to have vanished and been replaced with the 3 i’m currently having trouble with.

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Topic: Kongregate / commenting on dead games

interesting…i had no idea you could do this.

the game is nowhere to be seen and yet…the comments are still there and can be added to.