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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / years later and the game is still broken

i finally pinpointed the problem thanks to the update log for chasing shadows.

“Fixed: Possibly fatal lag (timeout) when trying to load saved games with astronomical wizard levels”

THAT is why this game always made a lag spike and proceeded to not bring up the file screen. its because 1 of my files had an “astronomical wizard level” and thus the game times out.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / years later and the game is still broken

to those of you telling me to downgrade my flash or change browsers, uh, if thats the case then why is this the ONLY flash game that doesn’t work for me on firefox? seriously, no other game on this or any other site does this so enough giving me generic advice.

why don’t i go and change my antivirus too? (as if that’d ever help >.>)

edit:downgrade my flash you say? sure, why don’t i go do that? oh, maybe because doing so will probably break or render unusable anything that requires the latest version (the majority of things across the internet)

as for changing browsers to chrome, sorry but i don’t support google outside using the search engine/email. adblock plus user here so they can take the ads elsewhere to someone who cares for that.

sheesh, maybe i shouldn’t have even made this thread. >.>

OH and did i mention that this game does work on other websites? yes, first post, so that somewhat rules out my flash version.

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Topic: Kongregate / cyber bully is wrong

“like telling an adult”

oh, like how bullying in schools can be stopped by telling teachers? no offense but spare everyone here the bs advice that everyone knows never works. as randomboy839 said, mute, report, and ignore.

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Topic: Kongregate / [Feature] Kongbot Gameplay Service - Feedback Appreciated!

hope this is a joke. if it turns out to be true then congrats kong devs, you’ve officially made the entire site pay-to-win, please look forward to the potential rage and hate.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / years later and the game is still broken

- _ – i use firefox and this is the only flash game thats ever done this.

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / years later and the game is still broken

for me at least

as always the game loads up fine and goes to the title screen but as soon as i click the start game button it makes a massive lag spike for at least 10 seconds then nothing. the background clouds keep moving but no save menu comes up.

i’ve brought this up at least 1-3 times over the years but theres never been a solution AND the worst part is this only seems to ever affect me and i paid for premium on this game. (i’ll likely get premium again if the dev ever decides to release gemcraft chapter 2 but for that one i’m getting it on steam.

so, anyone else have this problem with gemcraft labyrinth and if so, any ideas on how to fix the game? it works on other sites aside from kong and AG (won’t name them >.>) but those are older versions of the game i think and thus not up to date with the last update.

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Topic: Kongregate / accounts made for mass uploading

i know i’ve mentioned such accounts in the past but… do accounts like game4joy (googling that account name revealed its actually a different flash arcade site like kongregate. i’d post the link but i’m not sure if linking to other arcade sites like that is allowed or if it’d be seen as advertising them.) have permission to mass upload the games from other sites like that to kong? i’m just curious and not going to name off the 1st 10-20 i can find within minutes of going through the adventure & rpg section for example (after setting it to sort by newest) unless someone asks me to or i need to >.>

so tired of this coming up when i sort by new games only to find these ‘dumping ground’ accounts (thats the best way i can think to describe them at the moment).

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Topic: Ashtaria / loading screen grammar...

not to go all grammar nazi on you guys (thedevs) but seeing this “health bar indicates how many damage you can take before being defeated” on the initial loading screen caught my attention and got me thinking of a couple alternatives that would sound better.

The health bar indicates how “many damage” you can take before being defeated.

“many hits” or “much damage” would sound more fitting.

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Topic: Astroflux / ever present lag

i was just in a pvp zone (peaceful mode) and got killed 3 different times to this freaking lag.

i’m done with this game until the lag is fixed. theres no point in playing when your constantly being jerked around and firing randomly due to lag, and no this is not graphics related lag i’m talking about since as far as thats concerned the game plays great. this is also not something new, iirc this game has always had lag issues to varying degrees.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Infinite Tactics] Bug Report

uh, dev(s), your game seems to be suffering technical difficulties. tried to play but got the following error instead of the game loading:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
NoSuchKeyThe specified key does not exist.infinite_tactics/kongregate/kongregate.html7415F20BD97E1CD5KDQ28Q5JEnnAEnm3rlWfTgVwszy0XNduvyvDB3DWE67cISnkuAF7Ci3HWjqWjU26

not a problem i can solve, so good luck with whatever the problem is.

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Topic: Technical Support / annoing ads

sorry for pointing out something helpful. i’ll just leave the topic now _

edit: and neither are you paying Deadmano…

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Topic: Technical Support / annoing ads

or if your using firefox (might have the equivalent for other browsers, don’t know), try getting adblock plus. problem solved and no more ads anywhere unless you disable adblock for the page/site.

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Topic: Technical Support / inappropriate games courtesy of g2rgames

wasn’t sure where this should go but should a dev see this…

does kong honestly need 333+ games that are obviously made for kids under the age of 13+ and from 1 profile no less? iirc this site had that as a minimal age requirement and yet this is the 2nd time i’ve come across a profile of someone uploading little kids games.

i mean, i could see the escape, hidden objects and maybe the fishing games getting by but why so many dress-up/stylist games like that? and the guy uploads them so fast its comparable to chat spam (see his activity feed) >.>

i was actually looking for a new game or 2 to play when i got sidetracked by the sight of this obvious spam profile.

edit: UGH, add the following to the list of profiles similar/same as the above one:

games2girls, oyunlaroynama, funnypeppygames, gamesforgirlz, GirlGamesMix… and so on and so on…i’m seeing a flood in the new games and its not a flood of quality but rather copy/paste crap >:( i bet a ton of the games these people are spamming kong with would get blammed to heck on newgrounds. (though i could be mistaken as i don’t visit NG all that often, not nearas often as kong)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Texas HoldEm Poker Deluxe] Poker Deluxe comes to Kongregate! $300,000 Free Chips!

IGG Games…this is blatant bribery (buying high ratings much?). if they can even hold up they’re end of this “deal” at all that is and i kinda doubt that.

…pathetic… i’m with Karasu on this matter.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Kongregate's Cancer: Ugly Pay-to-Win games

Originally posted by Karasu:

If their devs talks are focusing on ‘hooking the whales’; on making a game addictive and generating the most money without looking at the content or quality of the content.. I am very disappointed in the Kongregate I once knew

Watch this and be disgusted:

that link looks like something i read not too long ago about these “whales” and yes, its pretty sickening to see devs create games focused on leeching $ from said “whales” primarily. its no wonder i despise that type of game so much.

pay-to-win or pay-to-play, either way its a crap setup and guess what, now this filth is spreading to armor games which i originally moved to after seeing they didn’t have many games like this…yeah, so much for that glimmer of hope >.> i really do, honestly, HATE this type of game setup. currently theres around 5-10+ mmo’s on AG that are blatantly obvious pay to win.

oh and it seems games that look like crystal saga set off a red flag to me as being trash so i now tend to avoid those by default.

…where are the good games these days? i left console gaming due to things getting too easy/predictable/crappy and now i’m being driven away from mmo’s due to the pay-to-win designs. are people trying to kill off good games and leave nothing but crap behind?

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Topic: Kongregate / game4joy's games...

happened across one of this guys games while digging through the Music & More category for a decent game to try and well… 1-3 uploads a day, currently 124 games with most being aimed at little kids obviously :/ i doubt kong needs a lot of games aimed at users under the age of 13 (hence the 13+ requirement >.>).

i flagged a few but seeing as theres so many, i didn’t want to go through the whole list picking out the inappropriate ones. games like dora the explorer (seriously? who over the age of 13 would even like that let alone play it?), sponge bob, and games like this:

not saying all the games are like that but a good number are. sorry if i’m wasting anyones time with this. i just thought it’d be easier than going through game by game and flagging them :/

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Topic: GemCraft Labyrinth / these advertisers have a deadly case of stupid

get adblock plus, problem solved ;)

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Town recruitment thread

well, seeing as i got kicked from the last town i was in (i have no idea why, no message in-game or anything just suddenly kicked). lvl 16 focusing mainly on druid/blacksmith currently looking for active town.

edit: joined to song9834’s town

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Topic: General Gaming / feudalism 3

Originally posted by Vitaly:

We’re going to port it at both Android and iOS, with both free and paid versions.

just came across this topic and… free and paid versions…if that implies a demo and full version then i won’t go anywhere near it. (the whole free demo, paid full version flash game thing is what gets people like fizzy games mainly pure hate for doing that.)

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Suggestions and Ideas

maybe show achievement progress by % completed as in the original game. would make it easier to track your progress with them.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [FreeSky Online 2] Quality Gifts for a Quality Game!

bribing players to get a higher rating… i’m sorry but honestly i’d prefer it if you went back to buying reviews on game review websites. bribing like this is a new low imho.

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Topic: General Gaming / rpg games with no level cap

i have a few such games bookmarked actually and none of which are tick based (energy bar type waiting games). (theres multiple servers and a .net version of it) (can lvl up super fast here at the start if you get a low lvl quest worth a few million exp ;) )

don’t think theres a game with truly infinite lvling but these go up to..i think its E+59 or some such. they’re all text based and easy to get into if thats to your liking. but yeah, no real lvl cap anywhere on these.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [DarkOrbit] Ooops, we ran into an Error here. Please try again later.

hah, fail, looks like this problem persists to 2013 lol

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Topic: Kongregate / kong devs please read: rating system stagnation/complaints

@bobby71983: um, no, it isn’t. i like that series so i’m not complaining about it. in fact, the only complaint i did have was a minor one with the music seeming to feel less epic than in EBF3 but whatever.

hmmm… i guess you have a point there 123aaa789.

sometimes it just feels like the highest rating list never changes.

far as the recommended game list goes… the oldest currently showing for me is from ‘09 but overall its nothing except those i’ve already played/beaten so thats not much help to me. the thing seems to go off of what you rate highly >.> maybe if i rated like 3 dozen random zombie games it would recommend more of that genre or something, i dunno. could be nice to narrow down or expand what gets recommended though.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

i, like many others, just want to see some change in the way the rating system works so we don’t have to go digging through the lists or wait forever for a miracle and see for only a few days, a new game in the highest rating range and otherwise always see the exact same games day after day, month after month, year after year, etc. long LONG after we may’ve beaten it well beyond submission.