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Topic: Kongregate / the TRUTH about why there are suddenly more pay2win games on kong

i guess so and it’s not that i hate the mmorts genre itself, it’s just that it seems like, more often than not, those i do find are all pay-to-win. also, over at AG they have that game battle pirates (it actually has rts combat, REAL rts combat like in command & conquer among other games, that’s a big plus for me even if it is a base building game otherwise. it at least got part of the rts right.) and while it has the micro-transaction shop there is still plenty you can get for free if you’re patient and grind enough (it’s not broken). well…ok, maybe i do kinda hate the genre itself somewhat >.> but it’s a bit misleading when the genre is called “mmorts” yet the vast majority of games in said genre fall under the “base builder” category rather than actual RTS games.

but yeah, i see you’re point. it’s uncommon but there are still some good games out there you just have to look around enough.

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Topic: Kongregate / the TRUTH about why there are suddenly more pay2win games on kong

i miss the days when games (online or not, pc or console) were made to be fun.

oh and if you were trying to defend the freemium business model with that post (or so i’m assuming here), i’d hate to see what you’re opinion of a good free to play game is. cause it must REALLY suck, if the micro-transactions in said game goes beyond say…cosmetics and proceed to damage or completely destroy the gameplay balance between the free and paying players, it’s garbage. simple as that.

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Topic: Kongregate / the TRUTH about why there are suddenly more pay2win games on kong

Originally posted by Mafefe_Classic:

there aren’t.

Kong is just promoting them more so it seems like they are more common than they are.

u shouldnt b mad about kong promoting pay2win games bkuz thats where their money comes from

u shuld b mad at kong for not promoting free games as much as they used to.


might not be too many on kongregate alone but overall? please, these types of games are depressingly common. even the odd text based game you might come across while browsing the internet randomly is freemium if it uses any form of energy/stamina bar/turn based limitation.

oh and while i’m back here, it seems that even freaking console games aren’t safe from this scummy business practice. mortal kombat X seems to have a “easy fatality” micro-transaction thing in it (thanks for the head’s up, Angry Joe of youtube). i find it sickening how much the market now revolves around pure greed.

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Topic: Kongregate / the TRUTH about why there are suddenly more pay2win games on kong

pay-to-win = greed FAR more often than not (see R2games as an example). in the case of base builder games (or as some fools would have you wrongly believe, mmorts games) it’s usually a free-to-wait/pay-to-win combo and i rarely EVER see ANY redeeming qualities to such a setup. (base builder? sorry, the devs purposely broke the game/ruined any sense of balance for money)

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Failed to update Unity Web Player?

so freaking sick of this EXACT problem. i was going to try playing idling to rule the gods just now but after the “failed to update” (update WHAT?! i have the latest version of the plugin from the unity website, there is nothing TO update) problem and refreshing at least 6 times only for it to never load i’ll give this a try and see if it helps. certainly can’t make the problem worse, right?

oh and this update error happens with just about any unity game. period.

edit: oh sweet merciful relief! it worked, unity can finally load correctly. ty SO much.

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Topic: Kongregate / Obat aborsi penggugur kandungan asli 082243552644,pin;2947041C,obat aborsi terbaik

hmmm… foreign spam

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Topic: Kongregate / Why so much Idle?

Originally posted by Eketek:
Originally posted by bobby71983:

Lack of people making good non-idle games. Not much kong can do about it.

There are great non-idle games out there to be found. Even recent ones. Finding them, however, is likely a matter either of patience and frustration (if you do it yourself and don’t know where to look) or of randomness (if you’re instead counting on developers to have a strong following), since it takes far more time and effort to make a decent game than it does to spam the new games list with junk.

Take some time to wade through that new games list and see how long it takes before you give up (or at least feel like doing so). That should tell you pretty clearly what happens to developers to aim for quality (unless there are some significant changes forthcoming).

i wouldn’t mind digging through the “new game” listings so much if i were actually looking through new games. instead, what you’re digging through is the internet’s game listing since pretty much every flash game on the net dumps they’re own sites games here and probably 90%+ of them are under the 3 star rating. i could go through 100+ pages and find MAYBE 5-10 half decent games at best some times, less at other times.

i don’t want to play flappy bird clones by the millions. i don’t want to play dress-up games that somehow made it into the adventure & rpg game section (since when do dress-up games have ANYTHING to do with the rpg genre AT ALL?) by the millions. i don’t want to play enter X crappy name of Y crappy game from Z crappy website here by the freaking TRILLIONS! exaggeration, maybe, but i think you all see my point there.

as for setting the filter to highest rated…yeah, ok, thats fine but it has the flaw of having games from over 10 years ago still among the top rated so that causes its own set of problems when trying to find a new “good” game.

question is: do i want to risk googling for a game to play and hope something remotely relevant comes up in the results? or do i want to risk my life digging through the “newest” filter on kongregate’s game listings?

i’d try my luck over at AG but they’re definition of new is recently updated (hence why it’s never a good idea to go only by the front page over there) so that’s of little help too. there could be a 5 month old mmo at AG and if it at long last got an update? boom, front page.

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Topic: Kongregate / is the standard of games really going down at kongregate

Originally posted by ELBEASTADOR:

it’s all due to the idle madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

or it could be greed since that’s what makes the world go ’round

pay-to-win…pay-to-win EVERYWHERE!

one things for sure, in regards to free-to-play mmo’s (and mobile games) at least (not counting the base builders that are always mislabeled as mmorts but are actually free-to-wait games), nowadays almost every single free-to-play game you come across is pay-to-win thus it was made mainly to generate money for the dev.

i miss when games were made for people to have fun. with online and mobile games it’s pay-to-win (greed) and with console games it’s often graphics > everything else (why i rarely ever buy any NEW console games).

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Topic: Kongregate / Stop putting idle games on the front page.

Originally posted by Rychip:
Originally posted by greg:

I try to be impartial when updating Hot New Games

This picture is from September of 2014. Yet the game (Curl Up & Fly!) still made it to HNG when it was a few months old.

Here is an explanation for it (for Curl Up & Fly!):

So the criteria for HNG still befuddles me as due most systems (ratings, notable games, recommended games) on this site.

I know this post isn’t entirely relevant, but the Hot New Games section was brought up, and idle games are abundant in this section. I know you say you try to be impartial, but I’ve seen some situations where a game appears in HNG and is old or quite old instead of being a hot or new game. Would be nice if some better games could make it, instead of an old MMO or an idle game (this account is still suspicious).

hmmm… a quick google search of that account’s user name (something which typically reveals such an account to be made only to dump games onto kong from a different site and is a very VERY common sight here if you look through the 0-2 star rated games some time) shows the following:

yep, that is actually rockyou dot com and what a surprise, it is exactly the kind of site i mentioned so try not to be even the slightest bit surprised if the account starts dumping games on kong by the dozens at some point.

i’ve always wondered, why allow people to get away with that? if its crap on the other sites, why let said sites flood kong with said crap? there are thousand upon thousands upon thousands of games here in the 0-2 star range that are all uploaded by such accounts. google the username and if it comes up as a website which, like kong, hosts games then its a safe bet that those games are all being dumped onto kongregate. it’s like, why even make a website if your just going to dump you’re garbage here?

flappy bird, how many clones are here on kong, 100? 1k? 5k? dress-up games aimed at audiences under kong’s 13+ age requirement, 1k? 5? 10k+?

there is a DARN good reason i try to ALWAYS avoid ANY game under 3-3.5 stars on kong (anything lower is either a hidden gem…it can happen OR is a waste of existence). i don’t even have to browse the internet to find games to play with kong around since sooner or later they all wind up here.

edit: clicks all games then sets sort/filter to newest facepalm sunnuva… RIGHT THERE, the SECOND game listed is flappy burger (added April 14, 2015)! wth?

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version: New navigation changes

while i don’t particularly enjoy longer wait times for games to load (not my fault the internet sucks here >.< max download speed for me is an impressive 180kb. it sucks for big downloads/games.), the bigger file size cap is an improvement (bigger games). aside from that, i actually liked the fairly large drop down menu as i used the “my kong” to find this thread for the first time in…weeks? just now. thats how rarely i ever even touched it. well, goodbye to the drop down menu i guess. :/ also, yes, the new color up there does indeed stick out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the sites UI.

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Topic: Bionic Battle Mutants / [BBM] FAQ

the wiki button is in the lower left, user profile button is lower right.

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Topic: Bionic Battle Mutants / Mutonade is bad

well, now that i’ve seen it, i can safely say that no, that mutonade loading screen isn’t hentai. if anything the style strikes me as something from…the 70’s or older maybe? i certainly haven’t seen a pic like that in years at least but no, definately not hentai, though it could be taken as pin-up art at worst i suppose.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Endless Awakenings] Artwork

Originally posted by qwertyuiopazs:

Lol, all MMOs use the same crap artwork, style, ideas, systems, etc.

thats probably a big reason so many MMOs suck upon release. i can describe the vast majority of mmos everywhere with just 2 words: cookie cutter.

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Topic: Redshift / unplayable due to unity crashing...

hmmm…maybe its just not made for firefox after all. well thats annoying.

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Topic: Redshift / unplayable due to unity crashing...

other games work fine with unity and i don’t own a ipad or android (don’t really care about those things)

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Topic: Redshift / unplayable due to unity crashing...

once the game has finished the initial loading.

i use firefox, windows 7, and thats about it. i don’t have any virus/ad/mal/spyware or anything like that so unless this game is primarily supported on chrome and not firefox i fail to see how it could be a problem on my end.

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Topic: Technical Support / flash plugin issue

for some reason, starting several minutes ago, any page i open here such as (which as far as i can tell has nothing flash related on the page unless its a ad adblock plus has blocked for me) is causing the flash plugin to start and lockup firefox until i stop the plugin via either the popup that asks if i want to stop it or by task manager.

yes my flash is up to date. even opening this page to type this message caused the plugin to activate for no apparent reason and i had to close it twice to get the page to load. i’m not sure whats wrong but as is, i can hardly get any page anywhere to load so long as it has flash on it and thus i can get no flash games to work. heck, i closed out then tried opening this page and the whole browser locked up entirely until i closed it via task manager.

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Topic: Kongregate / Free Kreds? Free Kreds, and points too! (December 2014)

yeah, 1 kred…well, time to go spend it on nothing. >.> guess this wasn’t a complete waste of time.

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Topic: Kongregate / Brunei, Dubai and usa powerful lost love spells +27727030702

ad bot or just a random spammer (or idiot?)? either way, moderators? away with this trash please, this kind of post pollutes forums everywhere.

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Topic: Kongregate / Making new friends

Originally posted by Meistheman:

The Title should be changed to common sense.

agreed, 2 words along with common sense (if you have any >.>) are really the only advice needed obviously: be yourself.

of the 76 fans and… 33 “friends” on my main account (this one), i hardly know many of them that well. some are just people who’ve added me as a friend randomly (most actually, i think). i’d add some of those fans back as friends but i know nothing about them tbh and while its not always the case, there are a few “types” of accounts here on kong that i prefer to simply report/flag and/or simply avoid such as trolls and those accounts made by people from other flash sites who come to dump worthless excuses of games here (yeah…i ain’t messing with those guys short of flagging and/or reporting them) from other flash arcade sites, most of which i’d almost never even know of otherwise and judging from the games such accounts usually post, i don’t think those sites are in my interest to visit at all.

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Topic: Kongregate / Changing your sex with google chrome

nice wasted first post noob. moderators, if you would?

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Topic: Kongregate / The reason why Kongregate is bad has nothing to do with Kongregate, Gamestop or the Staff.

i just remembered something that may also affect the lvl of quality of games on this site overall. all those games aimed at audiences under the sites age requirement/limit. i think it was 14 years old as the minimum wasn’t it? those are a sizable portion of the countless games of varying quality that get dumped here and quite common too.



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Topic: Kongregate / sorry...what?

yeah…sorry, i guess >.> actually, my disliking of being trolled (i don’t mind it TOO much when its for fun/entertainment or as you said, a joke) was just part of it. part ly the reason i brought it up was, well, with a page set to continuously open new tabs like that you never know if there could be something else hidden there besides an annoying script and since i couldn’t report it otherwise…yeah :/ well, guess i’ll just start with a PM next time and tbh, as far as you saying i’m unworthy, nice joke but your far from the most stubborn troll i’ve come across :P but thats something for PM’s i believe. wouldn’t want to break any rules talking about that here. >.>

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Topic: Kongregate / The reason why Kongregate is bad has nothing to do with Kongregate, Gamestop or the Staff.

sadly, some of that is happening everywhere and not just kong. i speak of course of the whole pay2win type of MMO thats so popular these days. i’d gladly do a subscription based game or those like path of exile since the rich don’t get much advantage beyond being premium or no advantage at all in games like PoE (pay2win? nah, its all cosmetics around there :D good plan there, shows in part, the devs aren’t in it purely for the money.).

not going to rant about it (oh how i could…) but pay2win types are my most hated MMOs for 1 simple reason and its a good reason to complain: the rich ALWAYS get an unfair advantage over those who don’t or can’t cough up lots of money and that always causes problems while devs of such games sit back and keep getting richer.

:/ darn, lost my train of thought due to talking about that pay2win trash >.> oh well