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As per the spammers they are really a nuisance. Sometimes I’d like to read the comments to see what others think about the game, or to maybe find a tip about a certain level, et cetera; however it seems now that whenever I go down to read the comments they are filled with nothing but spam. I thought I was through with that when I deleted my myspace.

Another issue is that when these comments are deleted they are still left there. Perhaps a change could be made to enable the admins to remove the entire box.

Solutions…maybe a box at the top of the site explaining the consequences of spamming. Some consequences could include temporary bans and permanent bans, or loss of comment privilege.

Prevention…perhaps a requirement of either a certain amount of points or a certain amount of time before the account is allowed to comment. This may not be the best idea. Or perhaps a requirement for mods to look at all comments made by new users before they appear. Again this may not be the best idea.