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Topic: Esgrima 2 / Fire Mages?

Mage is far from being strong, yes, but he really has most AOE by lvl 50..(4 AOE)
And mobs don’t die from 1 AOE at war factory for example, so he is good there… he has high mana too, which makes him good for making it through stages with multiple levels(like chateau and war factory)

Overall that’s not a class I would suggest someone to start with, and it may not be as awesome as officer or warrior, but you can still play it more or less fine. Mages AOE surprass the berserk/guardian/musket/warrior AOE dmg and is on par with officer, which takes quite an effort to unlock.

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Topic: Esgrima 2 / bugs

Google chrome loading stuck at 0%, other browsers are doing fine..
That since 30 mins or so

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Topic: Esgrima 2 / Esgrima2 Upcoming Updates

Are you gonna fix the warrior damage buff bug?

Gives 25% at all levels, not what is written..