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Topic: Wartune / quitting i guess

hi im mariko from S9.

just wanna say goodbye to all the oldbies whom have played with me and quarreled with me for around 10-11 months.

anyway posting this in a way just to notify those higher key players.

if you lend your account to your friend, be careful.

i kinda got backstabbed with my account details being changed and account leaving my hands.

had a lengthy chat with support before i could get it back.

so just be careful guys :)

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Topic: Kongregate / Official Kong Plus Thread

hmm i got a free kong+ account for being one of the most dedicated player o.O

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Topic: Wartune / Unhappy Paying Customer due to lag

hmm a little laggy at times though

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] New Years - Recharge Gift Extended

1000 is too high alr >.>

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Topic: Wartune / Suggestions post 2.1

Have 2 slots in timing for gold rush for double rewards, the 1 slot in timing is making gold rush laggier than gb.

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Topic: Wartune / Honor System in BG

perhaps counting the br via rankings might be possible, no matter how much gear is removed, its still there.

anyway the bad thing is that noob high levels will still own pro high levels

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Topic: Wartune / possible checkbox for high level gem merging?

personally for me, the lvl 5 crit gems were used just for wb.

other than that they have no uses.

plus recently, with the huge increase of gems we get e.g. the lvl 1-2 gem boxes

i just hope to click until i hopefully see it ;x

anyway like what hydron says, i’ll just hopefully put them in the vault first

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Mount Training Pack

i meant held together with the consume events >.>

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Mount Training Pack

would be nice if those spending events were concurent with the promotion packs.

will definitely buy loads of these if it was held then

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Topic: Wartune / possible checkbox for high level gem merging?

just accidentially merged 8 lvl 5 crit gems into 2 lvl 6 crit gems.

would be nice if theres a checkbox asking if we’re sure we wanna merge it ;x

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Topic: Wartune / BATLLE GROUND lvls

Originally posted by KS23:

In addition, if you get stuck in a bg that is bad for you (like a lvl 36 in a 35-44 bg), you can leave the bg without losing your attempt. You get a 5 minute penalty and then can enter bg (hopefully one that works better for you). I’ve had some days where my luck is really bad and I’m stuck in a bg that puts me at a disadvantage, but usually random luck will put you into a better one with 1-2 tries.
If you need to check which bg you are in, you can use the rankings button and click on the people’s names. That lets you check level and BR of the other players.

But if you’re too op, If for example, you have 70k BR at level 59 and in a 55-64 bg…I’ll say it’s hardly a sweat for you even if you enter the 55-64 bg.

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] Wings Pack

Click on shop > HOT section

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Topic: Wartune / wildfire steed

just consider the mount to cost around 12k balens and you might get it by then.

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Topic: Wartune / Crypt item purchased in accident

by right, they wont give a refund cause its a error made by the player

so i suggest you just wait it out again >.>

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Topic: Wartune / Bugs post 2.1

login load stuck at 49%

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Topic: Wartune / Managing damage from following sylphs

in my server there’s a lvl 64 mage with 4 star purple apollo.

at 50% extra damage timing, his sylph deals me 18k per hit.

somehow i got a feeling the % dmg reduction works, but just not on sylph

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Topic: Wartune / Suggestions post 2.1

buying of bigger carts with balen

cutting cart current load by 50% when you exit the area with your cart still attached

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Topic: Wartune / Removed

there is a guild recruitment thread pinned at the top lol

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Topic: Wartune / personal thoughts regarding wartune

Originally posted by Greenfireflygirl:

If you’re asking for things you can do to improve your own gameplay, so that you spend less time in the game waiting and more time playing, thus freeing up some time for other things, here’s a few suggestions:

Find a regular team to run with, that is similar level to you, and a good mix of classes. Run arena, mp, tok and spire with them all immediately after first world boss, or another time when you’ll all be in the game anyway. (you’ll have to share out the arena to get all 4 done) As soon as you are done with this, do your solo arena and sylph arena, jewel hunt and fishing. If you care to farm in sylph atoll, it’s again a good time to do that. Set yourself to blitz cata, and go do something for the time it takes to finish, come back and set to blitz campaign, and again set a timer. When all that is done, it may be close to time for your guild to run DA and Tree. (this is the way I was doing the game until recently, as we’ve lost some of the team because not all of us are available at the same time anymore.) Stick around past tree for guild battle, then farm in the atoll again for a while waiting for tanks and 2nd wb. You can also, (and I used to) start your day earlier and run your battle grounds with more farming in between, or sitting in enoblement waiting for 1st wb.

But yeah, a set team and a timer are key.

i already have a regular party for spire, tok nm, LL nm :P

so its sorta like other things to do in game as well.

the fishing thingy i can cancel the cooldown so it only takes a few mins at most to finish it.

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Topic: Wartune / personal thoughts regarding wartune

hi everyone,

im mariko from server 9 and im the top knight of the server.

recently i kinda felt that the recent events are kinda money absorbing and meaningless in a way.

until i even considered quitting.

but as there’s a few events that caught my eye in the future e.g. the wedding system, i’ll just stay and hope it’ll be better in the future ._.

anyone have any thoughts on how to “better improve” the gameplay while not increasing the time spent in the game?

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Topic: Wartune / Bugs post 2.1

Originally posted by WhakyWhaku:

^ Logged in after a refresh to be greeted by this

Well they do look more fearsome when it’s that color :x

And tekka. Don’t put random posts like that just to raise post count lol.

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Topic: Wartune / [POLL] How much people spend?

I’m currently at the 300-500 monthly category.

Most in the top 20 usually spend around that much from what I see

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Topic: Wartune / new server

On average it takes a few months for 2 new servers to come out lol.

S9/10 was opened late feb.

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Topic: Wartune / [Event] Piles of Stinky Socks

Personally it’s still worth opening.

I’m mainly eyeing the selp, mahra and the kyanite.

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Topic: Wartune / Amethyst Mine

Just my personal opinion after seeing people get hit so often(hitting them as well).

The one with the faster computer will run first.

E.g. I often load much earlier as compared to my opponents, hence I tend to run ahead first and catch them again.

So maybe changing the mines map to more than 1 exit towards the deposit might be better.

And the future 10 second rule does shit if you think about it.

I can always run beside them until they’re attackable again.

Instead, why not give those that have been attacked once a movement speed boost?