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Topic: Serious Discussion / What do you think of Reality TV Shows?

I was faced by a question by my teacher yesterday while I was studying in her classroom

She asked me this:
“What do you think of Reality TV Shows? Could it be harmful to society?”

I answered:
“I think Reality TV Shows are a bit awful. They are quite funny but my brother is acting stupid because of it.”

I forgot what she said about it but I remember her saying it was “making the society dumb”.

I want to know what you think of those types of shows.

(Sorry for using too much Reality TV Shows)

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Topic: Off-topic / Who Wants To Have Multiple Unceing With Me?

What is an UnCeing???
I honestly don’t know o.o

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Topic: Off-topic / What's your favorite flavor of gum?

I love Cherry-Flavored Gum
I also like Mint flavored gum