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Topic: General Gaming / [Mu Complex] Help each other

I doubt it will be useful (most likely someone noticed it so far), but any ideas why telnet strings from #2 (for those who forgot) end with “=[lower-case letter]”? It’s like characters before that make up for some code.

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Topic: Swords & Potions / Visitors in shop

Seriously, this is getting annoying. Day 147, got 7 or 8 points in popularity, few upgrades such as flooring bought and done by guild… and I got 11 visitors. It’d be OK, if all of them wanted to buy stuff from me. Unfortunately, only 3 of them asked to buy something… 8 visitors went around my shop and left, one of them with #$ in the bubble. How the hell am I supposed to get aprox. 1k cash per day to get on 0 balance, if I am able to sell 1 vial of healing (since most ppl ask for clothing I can’t make)?

Just change something that people who wander around store will try to buy something anyway…