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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Top 3 Favorite Classes (So Far)

I want to ask this question…

1st thing….. I’m actually Rocket907 and I’m playing on my bros computer and he made a new account on kong. I’m just 2 lazy to switch back :P

and 2, how is scout good? I know I’m a noob with scout but how is it good? Usually, People are in the air using there jetpack. How to kill them? Like lets asy for instance a gunner is flying in mid-air. How to kill. He’ll just keep jetpacking backwards and pwning me with ar and If I try to saber chop +kick, he might use grenade (That shatter bomb). I’m just saying this becuz that’s what I would do and I’m a pro sniper (not the best sniper but still :P). So can u guys give me tips on scout. I’m just saying mostly, people are in the air. And how to deal with the heavy classes plus blazer, there a pain as scout. I know rja you helped me but its hard coming close to the tank without geting hit from my combo (e rush plus concussion bomb). Also, can you guys tell me how to utilize my q, e ,f bomb saber and submachine gun? I boght scout perm and I want to know how to use. And BTW, My fav clases is gunner tank and blazer as of right now but blazer might change to scout once someone helps me out :P