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Topic: Serious Discussion / Girl Falls In Open Manhole While Texting - Que the Lawsuit!

It was an accident waiting to happen — an open sewer and a 15-year-old girl who was texting while she walked.

Alexa Longueira, a high school sophomore, was walking along Victory Boulevard near Travis Avenue on Staten Island Wednesday evening when she felt the earth move and was plunged into smelly darkness. She said the manhole she fell in to was left open and unattended with no warning signs or orange cones. She said two workers with the New York City Department of Environmental Protection failed to secure the area as they prepared to flush the sewer. “It was just really gross and it was shocking and scary,” she said. “Because of their careless mistake I got hurt.” Longueira has deep cuts and bruises and said she now has nightmares about falling, But she also did admit she was texting at the time. “Regardless of whether I’m texting or not if there was a cone there I’m going to see a big orange cone,” she said. “I walk that sidewalk every day, I don’t expect a big hole there.” Longueira said she was helped out of the five-foot deep sewer by an apologetic DEP worker. She went to the hospital and the city opened an investigation, issuing the following statement: “We regret that this happened and wish the young woman a speedy recovery.” The Longueira family wants more than get well wishes. They may sue. Alexa’s mother, Kim, said: “It could have been an elderly person, a mother pushing a stroller. It could have been anyone.” Alexa lost one of her sneakers in the sewer. She does not want it back. The girl’s mother said Alexa will see more doctors next week to get an MRI and check for damage to her spine.

While it was stupid of these guys to leave the manhole open (even for a minute or two) I think this is a great example of how people don’t bother looking where they are going because they have to update their twitter. I doubt she would have even noticed the cones. Anything short of a full barricade wouldn’t work either, or maybe a car hitting her as she crossed the street. According to the young lady here, being a visually capable person and not looking at where you are going is everyone else’s fault. I could understand if she was actually blind and not e-blinded.

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Topic: Off-topic / Let's offer advice

Kongregate is comprised of a huge plethora of people. We have programmers, college kids, high schoolers, designers, magicians, engineers, clowns, and everything in between; it’s doubtful that we all haven’t been taught some of life’s little lessons along the way. Some of us are good with money, with language, with art, and with science. Others are good at codeine extractions, at winning fights, dumping a girlfriend without too much trouble, or getting the best bang for their buck.

Whatever our skills and knowledge are, I’m sure many of us have some things we’d like to tell people. I’ll start:
- If foxes are going through your binbags ripping them up, spray them with detergent spray after putting them out, the smell will put them off.

- When cooking baked beans, don’t just heat them until the sauce starts bubbling, all your heating is the sauce. If you cook for say 30 secs, then stir and repeat this then you’ll heat the beans and they wont get cold 1 min after being served.

- If using a paint roller and tray combo, stick a bin bag over the tray, then apply the paint. you can then remove the bag and not have to clean up the tray.
That’s all I can think for now, please, share your wisdom with Kongregate.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Furries

Originally posted by tyralpha:
Originally posted by SithDoughnut:
Originally posted by tyralpha:
Originally posted by SithDoughnut:
Originally posted by tyralpha:
Originally posted by Sobersnowman:

Not as bad as clowns.

I am a professional clown, now, which do you think is more disturbing, seeing a professional entertainer at some form of event, or as the guy on the first page stated, somebody walking around randomly in a giant animal suit as a means to “sexpress” themselves?

The clown. Every time.

Have you not seen the Dark Knight?

No, I suppose it’s a shame that clowns are misrepresented in the media. Perhaps I should create a thread on this subject?

EDIT: Perhaps on media misrepresentation in general?

Oh no, I meant drawn clown porn.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / 2nd Korean War??

You really shouldn’t be afraid, NK is like a angst-filled teenager.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What's your opinion on Furries

Furrys like to have * as animals. I personally think that’s ** up but to each his own.

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Topic: Off-topic / _Sexy_ Girls Playing Dungeons And Dragons?

Originally posted by Jabor:

Hello, and welcome to the interwebs.

We don’t know you, we can’t see you. We can’t know and don’t care if you know a girl who is hot, or even if you are a girl who is hot. Members of this community will grow to respect you (or not) based on the content of your posts, not on how badly we want to “do” you or your friend.

Maybe you do know a girl, and maybe she is hot. Maybe this gets you lots of envy and “respect” in the real world, but it’s not worth a wooden nickel in a text-based forum such as this. We honestly don’t care.

Enjoy your stay.

Welcome to the real interwebs. Where if you claim your a girl, even without proof, nerds and middle aged men will flock around you and give you everything. Now there will be a point where some demand proof, but if you refuse to give proof some will leave. However, there will be the ones who stay. Now in the real world being “hot” or “pretty” will gain you admirers and jealous people. In the interwebs, it will get you the world on a silver platter. (But only for a little bit)

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Topic: Off-topic / Sentence at a time story

The finished story you bunch of ******.

The boy sat staring out his bedroom window. Then a man shot him. The end.

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Topic: Off-topic / Sentence at a time story

Ok… Let’s do this. Post your sentence to progress the story.

The boy sat staring out his bedroom window.

The story will not be ended by anyone until we come to a agreed conclusion. I will also be updating this post with the whole story as we progress.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Tesla: The Man Your Teachers Were Afraid to Tell You About

Originally posted by pmr0078:
Originally posted by unproductive:

You could always have just posted a link to it in the thread where people were talking about Tesla.

Hey now, Tesla deserves his own thread ;D

Yes, he does.

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Topic: Off-topic / Parents are so crazy!!!!!!

Every ritzy subdivision has one. That one house that looks different from the rest. In this case, that house was built by my grandfather, out in the middle of nowhere. My father, though just a tot at the time, calloused his hands and broke his first sweat with that house, and to this day insists that he learned two years worth of carpentry school in those few months working with my grandfather.

As with all neighborhood though, they grow. By the new century’s dawn, that house, although grand in its construction and even more so in the love its inhabitants had for it, became dwarfed on all sides by the cookie cutter upper-middle class McMansions that were developed. Not an ounce of pride in any of them. While my grandfather would brag about the long days he put into his home, the blood, the tears, the appreciation for every second of labor, the surrounding families instead had pride only in their department store general manager jobs, middle management at some no-name firm that would go under in a year.

Fortunately, my grandfather died before these changes happened, but as almost if his spirit lingered on, I watched over the months, years as my father became more and more unsympathetic toward our neighbors, who complained that the driveway wasn’t paved to their liking, the bedroom walls were one half of a shade the wrong color, the ceiling fan design didn’t suit them. My father would brush of these comments of those who craved perfection but offered no effort.

His first retaliation was that of simple indifference. He would have before full-heartedly attended all neighborhood barbecues or pool parties for the sake of community togetherness, but that quickly stopped, and while the neighbors jokingly referred to him as the neighborhood hermit, they soon forgot about him, the person, and instead turned their needlessly vengeful eye toward his beloved home. The brick exterior didn’t match their color-coordinated vinyl siding, and for this they wanted him gone.

How dare he, in his pitiful little home, not even a thousand square feet, think he his can shrug off his neighbors? Who in the hell did he think he was?

I remember the day the first letter came in the mailbox. It was an address he recognized, but a name he did not. Not from our street, but one that ran parallel, it’s only exit to the mail highway was past our home. The neighborhood had petitioned for the house to be bought out and bulldozed, replaced with another twin of its neighbor, the ugly, heartless, gingerbread monstrosity.

Weeks passed, months, more and more letters every day. I could tell he became angry when I brought in the mail, at this time too young to understand the significance of these events and the turmoil it caused him. He’d make a habit of leaving the mail in the box for days, as long as he could before the delivery man, who happened to live two houses up, began bringing it to our front door, hand delivering the fake notices of eviction, the angry community who wanted our home, and us, gone from sight. We were a stain on their lives, they insisted, and while they tolerated us when we were friendly, they wouldn’t allow it to continue this “charade” they called it. We couldn’t afford houses like theirs. They couldn’t afford houses like theirs, realistically, but they felt they had the income to justify them, while my father, a butcher, who had legally owned his residence since the day he turned nineteen, “couldn’t afford this neighborhood.”

The final straw came when a certified mailed envelope arrived. One neighbor, one we had never met, never spoken to, never driven by his house, had just enough sway in local politics to put an end to us and our “vagrancy” they called it. I didn’t see my father much that evening, I had learned by that time to leave him alone, play quietly by myself, when he was in these moods. He never took his frustrations out on me, or on anyone but himself, and I respected him for that, respected him enough to allow a man to suffer in peace. I played in my room, on my floor, hearing him stand from his recliner, his footsteps as he entered the kitchen, the clinking of ice into his glass. The bottle of scotch, growing lighter and emptier each time he picked it up and set it down.

I had fallen asleep by the time he had left the house that evening, and, however long later, woke by him opening the door. Sleep had nearly consumed me before I saw him standing in my doorway, the light of the moon gleaming off the patches of liquid spotting his overalls. He must have forgotten to place the axe back in the garage, I shot out of bed as its metal head hit the hardwood floor.

“Dad?” I asked, my bottom lip quivering in fear. The smell of blood overpowered the, emanating from him with each panting, open-mouthed breath he took.

“Find your suitcase” he told me. He didn’t sound stern, he wasn’t ordering me, he wasn’t panicked or angry. “Find your suitcase.” It wasn’t direction, it was a fact stated.

I rubbed my eyes. “What happened?”

“Find your suitcase.”


“We’re moving to Gullah Gullah Island.”

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Tesla: The Man Your Teachers Were Afraid to Tell You About

Originally posted by unproductive:
Originally posted by zamininc:

What’s the topic of discussion?

‘Look at this cool article I copied from Cracked’

Yep, you want me to post the link to the article? I think some people would be more comfortable just reading it from the forums but I’ll post it anyways.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Tesla: The Man Your Teachers Were Afraid to Tell You About

Tesla held around 700 patents in 26 countries. These include:

  • Tesla Coil.
  • Alternating currents.
  • Robots
  • Spark plugs
  • Electric Arc Lamp
  • Devices for X-Ray
  • Bifilar coil
  • Bladeless turbine
And that’s not all. In 1943, the Supreme Court invalided Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi’s patents for the radio and radio equipment and giving credit to Tesla based on his patents that predated Marconi’s. But, by that time, Tesla was—dead. Tesla once predicted, “The household’s daily newspaper will be printed ‘wirelessly’ in the home during the night”. Hey! That sounds like the Internet!Tesla was the first to harness the power of Niagara Falls into a hydroelectric power plant, constructed a bath designed to cleanse the human body of germs using nothing but electricity, and created a 130-foot long bolt of lightning from one of his massive coils (which remains the world record for man-made lightning). In addition he, once, caused an earthquake in New York City that was so powerful that it almost destroyed 5th Avenue (where his lab was at.)
Link to the article from cracked.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Tesla: The Man Your Teachers Were Afraid to Tell You About

Nikola Tesla came to America from Croatia (but was ethnically Serbian) with four pennies, a few poems and a blueprint for a flying machine (that was never built) in 1884. However, by 1900, he’d just about single-handedly harnessed the power of electricity. Tesla renovated electronic technology, inventing things such as the electrical generator, FM radio, remote control, robots, spark plugs, fluorescent lights and the “Tesla Coil” which is used in TV and radio transmissions. You may recognize a few things on that list as being directly responsible for everything that was awesome about life in the 20th Century.

Showing an uncommon commitment to the whole “mad scientist” thing, he was celibate, afraid of round things (that’s probably why he was celibate!) and hated human hair, jewelry and anything that wasn’t divisible by three. Also, he claimed to have built a “death ray” that could blow things up and some (nutty) people believe that he may have been responsible for the 1908 Tunguska Event, an explosion in Russia that was 1,000 times as powerful as the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

In 1884, Tesla got a job with Edison, and in many of their arguments, Tesla said that he could improve Edison’s electricity and save him money. Edison said there was $50,000 in it for Tesla if he could do it. After months of slaving over Edison’s horrible excuses for electronics, Tesla made huge improvements. When Tesla told Edison to pay up, Edison response was: “You don’t understand American humor.” Tesla got pissed and got a job working for Westinghouse (Edison’s rival). Soon after, the three men got into “THE WAR OF CURRENTS!!!” enter lightning and blazing metal music with Westinghouse, Tesla and his Alternating Current against Edison with his Direct Currents. Of course, Tesla was right, but because he was a terrible businessman, it didn’t matter. His inventions are still being used to funnel screw you money into the pockets of Edison’s descendants. His legacy has experienced a popular resurgence in recent years, mostly by people who know him as “the guy who enabled Hugh Jackman to be killed hundreds of times in a single movie.”
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Topic: Off-topic / If you could go anywhere in the world, or in the universe, where would you go?

To god and ask him “What’s the big joke?”

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Dream Your Utopia

Everyone would agree with me and follow my decisions.
Happy Hour:All Day
Happy Hour:All Day
Happy Hour:All Day
Happy Hour:All Day
Happy Hour:All Day
Happy Hour:N/a
Happy Hour:N/A
Praising the Glorious Leader: 7-9
Party Time:7-End of Day
The schedule would then repeat and all the holidays would remain the same except they would be changed from whatever they were called to: The day of praise for the Glorious Leader.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Kongregate Forum Freedom Alliance! Join us!

No thanks, but I hate everyone equally so no worries.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / You've been given an opportunity to delete one thing from life.

Using magical technology – probably something God or Stephen Hawking created – you’ve been given control over some aspects of life, the universe and everything in it.

You are given the chance to “delete” one thing from existence. There is a caveat, though. Whatever you remove will also mean everything that item/person/concept has caused, will be undone from history.

For example: Terrible dictator dies of AIDS. Your choice is to remove AIDS (thereby undoing all death and other effects), meaning the dictator would still be alive.

Yes it’s all hypothetical, but I guess the point is to try and find some things that are, within reason, completely useless. For bonus points, it might be fun to speculate on the way things might have been, whether it’s for better or worse.

My choice? It would be Capitalism.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Soldiers killing puppies?

I laughed at the first videos.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Furries

Not as bad as clowns.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Sex (i.e. Man/Woman) Equality?

Men have bigger brains. Scientifically proven.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Racism comes in many shades


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Topic: Serious Discussion / Wooo let's learn about Sleep paralysis

Originally posted by cuffofizz:

Who holds a rock in there sleep? @Topic: I have not experienced sleep paralysis, but I have experienced sleep walking. I got out of my bed and walked into the hallway of a hotel I was staying at. When the door closed, I woke up and was locked out of the room. Luckily I woke up, I don’t know what I would have done had I not woken up. I’ve heard stories where people do things while sleepwalking that puts them in danger and sometimes kills them. It can be kind of scary sometimes, although I’m sure it isn’t as scary as sleep paralysis.

That does sound scary, and during sleep you might panic and grip a rock and end up swinging in the direction your face, but I digress.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Wooo let's learn about Sleep paralysis

Originally posted by sonicp2sucks:

I kind of skipped a lot of what you said… but this happened to me once a some years ago i woke up and could only move my eyes I was also around 8-11 in age at that time. It scared the shit out of me but its only happened once and when i closed my eyes i went immediately back to sleep. I think i might of had a Dream that made me do this or maybe i just opened my eyes while i was sleeping if thats possible.

It’s due to when you wake up during REM sleep, REM sleep is when you most commonly dream. Therefore your brain paralysis your muscles to prevent you injuring yourself during a dream, so you dont hurt yourself by swinging your hand and hitting your self in the face with a rock.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Veteran Air Force Pilot to be discharged. Why? No gays allowed.....WHAT?!

Originally posted by SaintAjora:

The question here should be – is it ok to give differential treatment based on sexual orientation? Why?

I want to say not but them I’ll seem like the picky * that I seem to be. I just can’t believe they would not care about anything he has done for them and just say “**** you get out.”

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Wooo let's learn about Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is a condition that may occur in normal subjects or be associated with narcolepsy, cataplexy, and hypnagogic hallucinations. The pathophysiology of this condition is closely related to the normal hypotonia that occur during REM sleep. Some evidence suggests that it can also, in some cases, be a symptom of migraine.
( wiki for greater knowledge!)

I suffer from this and so do many other people, I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their experiences. I personally suffer from this almost every night, which in turn has lead to my insomnia. I used to constantly stay up because I didn’t want to risk having another episode. Eventually I learned how if I sleep a certain way, I’m less likely to have them. Usually in my episodes I remain there stiff, lucky I don’t see any hallucinations. I just lay there without being able to move anything, I still see though.

I have however suffered from a really bad episode. I used to lay back and sleep staring up, once I’m guessing it was around 2am I awoke in sleep paralysis once more. Being a victim of these episodes, I had build up and immunity. I however, was in for a big surprise. Also when I’m in sleep paralysis I have to manually breathe or my body won’t for some obscene reason. So I was calm, I was beginning to take my first breath, when it happened.

I felt my breathing was a bit slowed and seemed blocked. I began to wonder what was happening? I opened my eyes and saw blackness, I was extremely bewildered. I decided to try a new technique I had picked up which involved batting my eyes from side to side to try to gain greater control of my eyes and mouth on some occasions. Every time I did it everything was black, I then realized my breathing was indeed blocked. It felt like I was breathing through cloth, because I was.

Apparently at some time during my sleep I had decided to turn over onto my stomach. Now the main problem being that most of my episodes occur when I’m laying down, but I always turned my head to the side during my sleep. Now this time my body decided it would be fun to face directly into the pillow. I was beginning to panic now, I couldn’t see anything because I was staring at the pillow and I was rapidly loosing air because I couldn’t breathe through the pillow.

Now, I decided to try to wait it out. Most of the times my episodes last about 10-20 seconds. So I decided to keep breathing and I can never focus on anything else when I’m in an episode, its always either breathing or stop breathing and think. So now I’m starting to get really worried, its been more than 40 seconds. I can hold my breath for 2 minutes and I can feel when I hit the 1 minute mark. Things are getting bad, very bad.

I continued my struggled effort to breathe and to contain myself. However, this is also another battle I’m loosing. Now its been 5 minutes, and I’m now crying inside. Keep in mind I was 10 at the time and did not know that my body would have instincts that would make me go unconscious and make me turn over and breath. So I though if I stopped breathing I would die.

So its been for what I can guess 10 more minutes. Now I am crying inside and wishing that I could see my family one more time. I feel like I’m lightheaded and I am thoroughly breaking down emotionally. I felt what can only be described as staring into a gun barrel and seeing the bullet coming for you in slow motion.

Now its been 30 minutes, how do I know? Because the sprinklers turn on at 2:30. So now I am running out of will to keep breathing, I cant keep myself in one piece, and I feel like the grim reaper is waiting for me just a few minutes away. 5 minutes later, I begin to make peace with the fact that I, am, going, to die.

Then, I send my love to my family members and wish them well. I stop breathing, I lay there. It’s unusually quiet for a summer night, there’s no crickets. I cant hear the sprinklers anymore, I’m guessing they turned off. I can feel the warm summer breeze, I enjoy it for what feels like forever, knowing its the last one I’ll feel. I enjoy the calmness, it brings me peace, I feel serenity as I can sense myself slipping into unconsciousness.

I can’t tell if I’m convulsing or not, all I know is that my body wants something I can no longer give it. I felt like I was going home, after a long trip away, I feel the breeze hitting me, my dog jumping up for me to carry it. My brother making a inappropriate joke, my dad smiling at my mom, and my mother, my dear, dear mother. She has her arms open and she is telling me to come inside and eat lunch outside on the patio in the sun, with the birds, butterflies and hummingbirds.

Oh, it feels so good, I walk through the door. I feel like I’m home again, I’m so happy it’s all over. I walk into my mothers arms and then I see myself hugging her. Then it zooms out and I’m looking in through the doorway, the door slowly closes, and I feel like I’m home. I decide to take one last small breath, I breath in, and breathe out.

Everything is quiet
I’m home

Then I shoot up from my bed and its 9:00, I had apparently turned over at the last second and began breathing again. I wake up and I go to my mom’s and dad’s room. Their getting ready to go walk the dog, I hug them both. Telling them I love them.

I feel like I’m home again.